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Lesson Plan

Date :

Time : 30 minutes

Pupils’ age : 6 years old

Number of pupils : 27

Title : My Shining Star

Theme/Module : Basic module (communication), thematic module
(physical and aesthetical

Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. (BI 1.5.2) Listen to, recite and act out nursery rhymes and
action songs.

Multiple Intelligences : Interpersonal, kinaesthetic intelligent

Vocabulary : Star, world, sky

Moral Value : Grateful

Set induction:

1. Teacher enters the class bringing the realia and asks the students to guess
what she brings.
2. Teacher shows the realia to the students.
3. Teacher introduces the topic.

Content Development

Pre Lesson:

1. Teacher shows the video to the students.
2. Teacher shows some movements according to the song.
3. Teacher introduces the vocabularies to the students.

While Lesson

1. Teacher teaches the students about the lyrics.
2. Teacher asked the students to stand up and sing the song.
3. Teacher asked the students to act out action according to the song.

Post Lesson

1. Students are given a colour pencil and a picture of star.
2. Students are asked to colour the star.
3. Teacher asks the students to sing the song again while act out action
according to the song.

Closure: Teacher talks about the moral value which is grateful. .