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Cassandra M.

600 Kanawha Ave
Nitro, WV 12345

I plan to attend West Virginia University in the fall of 2017; I will major in Fashion, Dress, and Merchandising and minor
in Entrepreneurship. I plan to pursue a career as a fashion designer or buyer.
Full-time student (2013-Present)
Nitro High School, Nitro, WV
AP Courses: Chemistry and Literature

Part-time student (2015-Present)
West Virginia State University, Institute, WV.
College Courses: Sociology and Psychology (2015-2016)
Algebra and Communications (2016-2017)

  Related Coursework 
Administration Support (2015-2016)
● Accounting I
● Computer Applications I
● Computer Applications II
● Introduction to Business and Marketing
Accounting (2016-2017)
● Accounting I
● Accounting II
● Computer Applications I
● Introduction to Business and Marketing
Information Management (2016-2017)
● Computer Applications I
● Digital Imaging I
● Digital Imaging II
● Web Page Publishing

        Work Experience 
Jefferson Whitney Foundation; July 2013-2015
- Took photos at special needs events
- Member of the foundation

    Extracurricular Activities 
National Society of High School Scholars: Member​ ​(2016)
Nitro High School: Dance Team (2015-present)
Nitro High School: DECA (2013-present)
Nitro High School: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (2013-2015)
Nitro High School: Honor Society (2015-present)
Nitro High School: Rho Kappa (2016-present)
Nitro High School: Student Council (2013-present)
Nitro High School: Tennis (2014-2015)
Nitro High School: Youth Alive (2013-2015)
       Volunteer Experience 
Agee’s Angels (2009-2011)
Compassion: Sponsor ​(2015-present)
Down Syndrome Network of West Virginia: Photographer​ (2015-present)
MDA: Sent a Child to Camp ​(2016)
Mission of Peace: Nicaragua ​(2017)
Nitro Mission Team​ (2005-present)
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church: Nursery ​(2010-present)

      Awards Received 
DECA ICDC: Award of Excellence ​(2016)
DECA ICDC: Community Service Project ​(2016)
DECA ICDC: Entrepreneurship Independent Business Participating Event Participant​ (2015)
DECA ICDC: Top 20 Innovation Plan​ (2014)
Digital Literacy Achievement ​(2016)
Harvard Book Award ​(2016)
Nitro High School: Top 25 Semester Placement​ (2015)
Nitro High School: Top 25 Semester Placement​ (2016)
Nitro High School: Top 25 Semester Placement​ (2016)
Nitro High School Shark Tank Competition: 1st place overall ​(2016)
REAL Business Competition: 1st place ​(2016)
UC Ethics Competition: 3​rd​ Place ​(2014)
WV DECA: 1​st​ place Community Service Project ​(2016)
WV DECA: 1​st​ Place Innovation Plan​ (2014)
WV DECA: 2​nd​ place Entrepreneurship Independent Business Participating Event​ (2015)

  Leadership Positions 
Conference Council of Youth Ministries: General Member (2012-2017)
DECA: Chapter President (2015-2016)
DECA: Chapter Secretary (2014-2015)
DECA: Chapter Treasurer (2013-2014)
DECA: Power Trip Power Team Member (2016)
DECA: WV DECA State Vice President (2016-2017)
Honor Society: President (2016-2017)
Student Council: Freshman Class Vice-President (2013-14)
Student Council: Junior Class President (2015-2016)
Student Council: Photographer (2013-2017)
Student Council: Senior Class President (2016-2017)
Student Council: Sophomore Class Vice-President (2014-2015)
Youth Alive: General Member (2013-2014)
Youth Alive: Underclassmen Representative (2014-2015)

      Community Activities 
Fall Workshop (Ripley, WV): Church Camp​ (2010-present)
Kelly’s Dance Studio (Cross Lanes, WV):​ D​ ancer​ (2006-present)
Mission of Peace (Nicaragua):​ ​Two Week Mission Trip​ (2016)
Rally on the Mountain (Elkins, WV): Church Camp​ (2016-present)
Spring Heights​ ​(Spencer, WV):​ ​Church Camp​ (2007-2012; 2014)
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (Nitro, WV): Member​ (2001-present)
Summer Youth Celebration (Buckhannon, WV): Church Camp​ (2010-2014)
Youth 2015 (Orlando, FL):​ ​Church Camp​ (2015)

      Software Education 
Microsoft Office Specialist- Office Word 2016