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To Whom It May Concern, January 20

I am Lindsey Mann’s mentor site teacher. I first met Mrs. Mann as a
student teacher participant in August of 2016. She came every Monday and
Tuesday. This is where I first became aware of her initiative and motivation.
It was in January of 2017 that Mrs. Mann came to my room as a permanent
student teacher. She is to end this experience at the end of March, 2017.
I highly recommend Lindsey as a very qualified and capable Elementary
Teacher. She is enthusiastic and eager to meet each student every morning.
Lindsey relates well with the students. She is always well prepared. She
studies the concepts she is to teach well in advance of the actual day of
Lindsey uses a variety of teaching methods to reach all learning styles
and diversity of all learners. She is constantly assessing data. She also
takes into account the “whole” child. She forms her ability groups
accordingly and is flexible and comfortable in making changes as the needs
Her management skills in controlling the whole and small group activities
are commendable. She easily transitions from group to group.
Mrs. Mann works well with the grade level team, staff, and other faculty
She would be an excellent asset to any school and staff. Her abilities far
exceed expectations one might have for a student teacher and even
surpassing that of an experienced two- year teacher.
Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.
Dayna Madsen
Taylorsville Elementary
5th Grade
Work Number: #385-646-5038
Home Number: #801-860-0292
E-mail address is: