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Lesson 1: Act

Complete the following activities. Be sure to save your progress as you
work. Turn off any layers and remove anything you may have created during
your “Explore” time.

❏ Create a map note for each of the following locations.
❏ Add a photo to each map note.
❏ Add information from the text that may support your
understanding of each physical feature.
❏ Note: You will need to choose the design of your map note
carefully. (ex: choose if you want to define with a pushpin,
freeform line, freeform area, certain shape, etc.)

● Amazon ● Andes ● Amazon ● Sierra Madre
River Mountains River Basin Oriental

● Pampas ● Rio Grande ● Sierra Madre ● Lake Titicaca

● Moreno ● Angel Falls ● Orinoco ● Atacama
Glacier River Desert

❏ Turn on the Global Biomes layer in the Contents menu.
❏ Draw a red line highlighting where the Equator is located.
❏ Note the Biomes present along the Equator, and how it changes
as you travel North or South of the Equator.
❏ Measure the distance around the Amazon River Basin. Copy this
information down into the description on the Amazon River Basin
Map Note. Also answer: What biome is located here?
❏ What biome is in the pampas region? Add this information to your
Pampas map note description.

❏ Research a location you would like to visit in Latin America.
❏ Create a map note. Choose a unique color so it stands out.
❏ Add a picture.
❏ In the description box, tell me a few fun facts about why you
chose this spot.