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1 2

Silently go around
Color a picture
and watch everyone
with the crayons in
like you are the
box 2.

3 4

Write in box 3 what Go to the door, touch
your favorite shape is it and walk back.
and draw that shape. Color in box 4.
5 6
Write your favorite
animal down then don’t Relax! Just relax
make any sounds just until you hear
act like your favorite “Scoot”.
animal until you hear

7 8
Look around the room
and find who is looking Solve:
into space with a 2+9+7+1=
confused look on their Write answer in box
face. Write down their 8
name in box 7.
9 10
High five yourself
Stretch out your because you are half
arms and take a way through! Pose like
few deep breaths. you are a statue after
you give yourself a high

11 12

Write in box 11 your Blow some
favorite book. bubbles that are
on the table.
13 14

Count all the blue
Hum your favorite
things you see in the
song or a song that
classroom and write
is in your head.
the number in box 13.

15 16
Write down your favorite
Think of your favorite color then look off into the
food and write it in distance like you are
box 15. thinking really hard until
you hear “Scoot”.
17 18

Say excuse me to the
Play with the play-
person beside you
and then write two
Enjoy! J
stars in box 17.

19 20

Go around a quietly
Think of everything
say good job to 3
you are thankful for!
people you see. Put a
check mark in box 20.
1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16

17 18 19 20

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