Seize facts, For Europe,
not fear, in U.S. is the
refugee plan new threat
Angelina Jolie in town

E.U. leaders face struggle
Refugees are men, women and chil-
dren caught in the fury of war, or the
with how to proceed
cross hairs of persecution. Far from under President Trump
being terrorists, they are often the
victims of terrorism themselves. BY STEVEN ERLANGER
I’m proud of our country’s history of
giving shelter to the most vulnerable The European Union is accustomed to
people. Americans have shed blood to crises. But it is probably safe to say that
defend the idea that human rights none of the 28 leaders who were gather-
transcend culture, geography, ethnicity ing in Malta on Friday expected the cri-
and religion. The decision to suspend sis that has unexpectedly overtaken the
the resettlement of refugees to the agenda: the United States of America.
United States and deny entry to citi- Like much of the world, the European
zens of seven Muslim-majority coun- Union is struggling to decipher a Presi-
tries has been met with shock by our dent Trump who seems every day to be
friends around the world precisely picking a fight with a new nation,
because of this record. whether friend or foe. Hopes among Eu-
The global refugee crisis and the ropean leaders that Mr. Trump’s bom-
threat from terrorism make it entirely bastic tone as a candidate would some-
justifiable that we consider how best to how smooth into a more temperate one
secure our borders. Every government as commander in chief are dissipating,
must balance the replaced by a mounting sense of anxiety
needs of its and puzzlement over how to proceed.
When we citizens with its If many foreign leaders expected a
divide people international Trump administration to push to rene-
beyond our responsibilities. gotiate trade deals, or take a tough line
But our response on immigration, few anticipated that he
borders, must be meas- Apprehension Ismail Ali Ibrahim, left, and Salad Rage Saleh are among more than 100 Somali refugees who were in the process of being resettled in the United

would become an equal opportunity of-
we divide ured and should States but are now marooned in Nairobi, Kenya. They are afraid of being labeled “friends of America” upon their return to their poorly policed refugee camp. PAGE 5 fender. He has insulted or humiliated
ourselves. be based on Mexico, Britain, Germany and Iraq; en-
facts, not fear. gaged in a war of words with China and
As the mother Iran; and turned a routine phone call

France’s culture of privilege
of six children, who were all born in with the prime minister of Australia, a
foreign lands and are proud American staunch ally, into a minor diplomatic cri-
citizens, I very much want our country sis.
to be safe for them, and all our nation’s With the possible exception of NATO,
children. But I also want to know that where he has softened his tone, Mr.
refugee children who qualify for asy- Trump has expressed disdain for other
lum will always have a chance to plead ticians are asking: What’s the big deal? multilateral institutions such as the Eu-
their case to a compassionate America. The answer has, belatedly, come roar- ropean Union. His praise has been re-
And that we can manage our security ing back from much of the country’s served for populists and strongmen, like
without writing off citizens of entire press and public: They just don’t get it. Nigel Farage, the former leader of the
countries — even babies — as unsafe Nepotism scandal affecting “Penelopegate,” a scandal named for U.K. Independence Party, President Ro-
to visit our country by virtue of geog- Mr. Fillon’s wife, now threatens to sink drigo Duterte of the Philippines and, of
raphy or religion.
presidential candidate seen the ambitions of a man who little more EUROPE, PAGE 7
It is simply not true that our borders as indicting political class than a week ago seemed all but certain
are overrun or that refugees are admit- to become France’s next president. TRUMP’S SHIFT ON FOREIGN POLICY
ted to the United States without close BY ADAM NOSSITER But the scandal has done more than President Trump appears to have
scrutiny. add another volatile element to France’s embraced key pillars of his predeces-
Refugees are in fact subject to the The president of the National Assembly presidential campaign. It has also sor’s strategy on foreign policy. PAGE 6
highest level of screening of any cate- does it. The president of the Senate de- tapped a wellspring of anger in the
gory of traveler to the United States. fends it. Dozens of rank-and-file mem- French electorate and called into ques- BRINGING POLITICS BACK TO THE PULPITS
This includes months of interviews, bers of Parliament do it, too. Hiring your tion the standard operating procedures The president has vowed to overturn a
and security checks carried out by the spouse, son or sister in France’s Parlia- of the political class. law restricting political speech by
F.B.I., the National Counterterrorism ment is perfectly legal. The outrage has buffeted the estab- tax-exempt churches. PAGE 7
Center, the Department of Homeland So, with François Fillon, until recently lishment, rendering it ever more vulner-
Security and the State Department. France’s leading presidential candidate, able to the same angry populist forces CASE STUDY IN MANAGEMENT CHAOS
Furthermore, only the most vulnera- in deep trouble for payments of nearly $1 that have already upset politics as usual Experts say the Trump administration
ble people are put forward for resettle- million from the public payroll to his from Washington to London to Rome. CHRISTIAN HARTMANN/REUTERS is a textbook example of how not to
JOLIE, PAGE 13 wife and children, many French poli- FRANCE, PAGE 6 A nepotism scandal seems to have damaged the political prospects of François Fillon. run a complex organization. PAGE 9

In Japan, speaking the language of intrigue
Four,” his 15th novel and the first to be
translated into English, the main char-
acter, Yoshinobu Mikami, is not a detec-
tive but a police department spokesman
Hideo Yokoyama subverts ensnared in a 14-year-old unsolved kid-
napping case while his own teenage
crime novel in first work daughter has gone missing.
to get English translation While there is a whodunit aspect to
the novel (and a spectacular twist at the
end), much of the book’s 560-plus pages
are devoted to probing Mikami’s domes-
Hideo Yokoyama is one of Japan’s most tic life with his wife, a former detective,
popular crime novelists. Yet he regards as they navigate their marriage after
the crime as the least interesting part of their daughter runs away, and exploring
the stories he tells. the treacherous police bureaucracy and
“Usually, in a mystery or thriller, the its combative relations with the news
main character is the detective, and the media.
crime is the main ingredient,” said Mr. “In order to describe the main charac-
Yokoyama during an interview in the ter’s feelings or passions, you need a big
home he shares with his wife in a quiet organization that is like a big ocean that
residential neighborhood about 75 miles I let the character swim in,” said Mr. Boundaries, Identity and
northwest of central Tokyo. “But is that Yokoyama, who spent a dozen years as a
really a special thing for the detective? reporter on the police beat in Gunma the Public Realm
It’s not a big deal for the detective.” Prefecture.
Instead, Mr. Yokoyama, 60, is inter- “Six Four” has sold extremely well in March 10–13, 2017
ested in the psychology and social dy- KENTARO TAKAHASHI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Japan and was adapted into a movie that Doha, Qatar
namics of characters who happen to be Hideo Yokoyama at home in Japan. “Now that I have been working as an author, I has been nominated for the Japan Acad-
affected by crime. In the case of “Six believe that I could commit a crime — or that anyone could commit a crime.” JAPAN, PAGE 2

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Porcelain arts thrive again in Chinese town
could try to make a living by selling their
The idea came when a recent work-
shop graduate asked Ms. Cheng if she
Jingdezhen is attracting could sell items outside the cafe. She
wanted to set up on a blanket, but Ms.
artists from around globe Cheng insisted on erecting a proper tent
to study its traditions covering, said Po-Wen Liu, the work-
shop’s deputy director and a teacher
These days, about 80 artists take part
For centuries, the most coveted china in the market. They place their wares on
from China came out of Jingdezhen’s tables under white awnings.
workshops — fashioned from clay made Mr. Liu is from Taiwan and studied ce-
smooth by trained hands, fired in kilns ramics art there and in the United States
and then transported across the world. before teaching at the University of
The works graced the courts of the North Carolina at Greensboro. He joined
Persians, Mongols and French. Some the Pottery Workshop in December 2015
craved blue-and-white vases. Others ad- after answering an ad for a teaching po-
mired jade-green celadon bowls. This sition. His wife, son and daughter con-
was China’s greatest export, the rival of tinue to live in Greensboro.
silk. “Since I was a student, I wanted to
The fall of the Qing dynasty and war come to Jingdezhen,” he said. “It’s the
and revolutions in the 20th century mecca.”
broke the artisan culture, unless one Mr. Liu teaches classes of about 15 stu-
counts Communist statues as an impor- dents for one week or more. These take
tant stage in China’s hallowed porcelain place in a building at the rear gate of the
tradition. compound, which is on the grounds of a
Now that tradition is being revived at state-run sculpture factory. Two brick
the roots. Young people are moving to chimneys from an unused kiln rise near
study in Jingdezhen, a river town in the the education center. Many students are
southern Chinese province of Jiangxi. recent graduates of the Jingdezhen Ce-
Studios and workshops have popped up ramic Institute, the most prominent
around town and in the surrounding val- academy in town.
leys. Some of the new artisans hope to “I would say their craftsmanship is
profit from their skills, since the coun- amazing and their technical level is very
try’s middle-class boom of recent dec- high,” Mr. Liu said. “But their conceptu-
ades has meant a greater demand for al skills need improvement. There’s too
porcelain. much historical burden. They need to
“I like the atmosphere here very break out of the boundaries.”
“For example, if I ask them to make a
cup, they will make something very uni-
“More and more young form,” he added. “They might have an
people decide to stay here. idea of what a Chinese cup looked like
Some of them come from 1,000 years ago. They will stick with this.
I personally like more creativity. I tell
big cities. Here, it’s easier them to have the work reflect the hand-
to start ceramics workshops.” made quality, not something made by

much,” said Fang Xin, 27, a woman from the workshop has an international fla- A pottery district in Jingdezhen, where a new generation is trying to revive a traditional artisan culture in a city that once produced China’s most coveted porcelain.
the Guangxi region who showed me how vor. The manager is Siumei Ngan, a
she was sculpting a clay cup with her trained arts administrator who moved
hands one morning in a former factory. here from Hong Kong in November 2015. and a polar bear. She said her goal for
“A lot of people with dreams come here. At any given time, the workshop has the two-and-a-half-week residency was
There is a variety of teachers, and they about eight artists in residence, most of to design molds of Canadian scenes that

teach all kinds of skills and ideas.” them from outside China. They stay up she could bring home to make sculp-
Ye l l o w

There is even a term for young artists to six months. tures for sale. Yellow
like Ms. Fang: jingpiao, or Jingdezhen There are also foreign study groups. “I got 13 small molds made here,” Ms. Sea
drifters. In the cafe, I met Brandon Schnur, 29, White said. “The master mold-makers
Ms. Fang was working in a space the co-leader of a group of 13 students here can pretty much do anything.” CHINA Shanghai
managed by the Pottery Workshop, an from the West Virginia University Ce- Jingdezhen has been producing ce- Ya n g t z e
education center opened in 2005 by the ramics Program visiting for the sum- ramics since the early Chinese dynas- R
sculptors Caroline Cheng and Takeshi mer. ties. But it was during the Tang dynasty,
Yasuda that has become a magnet for The workshop has a pottery kiln that from 618 to 907, that word of the town’s Jingdezhen
jingpiao. (The workshop’s mother resident artists can use. They work in in- arts spread. JIANGXI
branch opened in Hong Kong in 1985.) dividual studios on the upper floor of In that era, Jingdezhen was called
The center has been critical in rejuve- one building. Sunlight streams in from Changnan because it sits on the south
nating the Jingdezhen ceramics scene. large glass windows. bank of the Chang River, and some histo- TAIWAN
In 2008, Ms. Cheng opened a Saturday A Canadian woman, Denise White, 29, rians say the word “china” — and thus Hong Kong
outdoor market in a courtyard space by sat at a table painting a small porcelain the Western name of the country —
the workshop and its cafe, so artists outdoor scene with snow-covered trees came from a bad transliteration of the South
town’s name. Some scholars date Chi- China Sea 200 MILES

na’s earliest fine porcelain to the Five
Dynasties and 10 Kingdoms period, a The fall of the Qing dynasty and upheavals in the 20th century broke the town’s artisan culture. Above, statues of Mao Zedong.
time of upheaval in the 10th century.
Dynasties rose and fell, but each new
emperor ordered porcelain to be 1958, that work was consolidated into 10 lights. Buddhist figurines are also on foreign artists.
brought from Jingdezhen to their main factories or studios. display. “More and more young people decide
courts. Imperial officials were posted in In recent years, the local government The porcelain works are designed by to stay here,” Mr. Jiang said. “Some of
Jingdezhen to oversee the production. has begun its own efforts to rejuvenate Jiang Bo, 35, a native of Xi’an who came them come from big cities. Here, it’s eas-
Pieces from here carried a stamp of au- the porcelain industry. But people in the to Jingdezhen in 2001 to study at the ce- ier to start ceramics workshops.”
thenticity and gained prominence industry say it is the small, privately run ramics institute. But like the town’s pottery, some
worldwide. workshops that are revitalizing the tra- Eight years later, he opened his own Jingdezhen drifters are now moving to
Today, the value of those works are ditions while injecting them with new studio. More than 40 people work for it other corners of China. Ms. Cheng, co-
among the highest in the Chinese art ideas. on the grounds here. founder of the Pottery Workshop, said
world. At a 2014 Sotheby’s auction in One such workshop lies in the Sanbao A signature piece is a small teapot artists were getting married, having
Hong Kong, the Shanghai businessman Village area across a river. Here, artists with a pair of cups, all in a creamy pow- children and asking themselves what
Liu Yiqian offered a record-setting $36.3 and businesspeople have opened work- der blue. Each cup has a tiny rough nub were more suitable environments for
million for a delicate Ming dynasty shops and studios throughout a lush val- on the smooth bottom, like a rock pro- them. She lives in Dali, a rural town in
porcelain cup, called a “chicken cup,” ley. truding from an ocean’s surface. Called Yunnan Province that has attracted an
that was fired in Jingdezhen’s imperial Perhaps the most striking one is “Mountain and Water,” the set sells for extraordinary number of Chinese flee-
kilns. Zhenrutang, whose sprawling show- $150. ing the cities.
After paying for the cup with a credit room consists of four connected tradi- “If you want to develop a career “I have now met a lot of people who
card, he took a celebratory sip of tea tional homes moved here from the around ceramics, Jingdezhen is the best have gone home,” Ms. Cheng said. “I re-
from it. white-walled village area of Huizhou, in place,” said Mr. Jiang, who is now vice ally don’t encourage people to stay in
After the Communists took over in neighboring Anhui Province. Bowls, general manager of the company. Jingdezhen forever. It’s good that they
Chen Bin, 23, a staff member at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen. It was opened in 1949, Jingdezhen became known for the plates and vases sit on tables and are Like the Pottery Workshop, Zhen- go home. They can teach others what
2005 by two sculptors and has become a magnet for young artists studying porcelain. production of propaganda statues. By bathed in the soft glow of overhead rutang also has a residency program for they’ve learned here.”

Japanese writer subverts the crime novel, now in English
JAPAN, FROM PAGE 1 her from lecherous journalists. science experiment.” based publisher that released the Stieg story that it is Japanese,” said Sean Mc-
emy Prize, this country’s equivalent of With his gray hair long enough to Mr. Yokoyama frantically pumped out Larsson novels in Britain, heard of the Donald, executive editor at Farrar,
the Academy Awards. The book was brush the edge of his collar, Mr. four new books in five years, while also novel’s popularity and commissioned an Straus and Giroux. “But I don’t think
translated into English last year and Yokoyama recalled how he grew frus- working on and off on the manuscript of English summary. On the basis of that you need to be reading it because you’re
published to positive reviews in Britain, trated with journalism and what he saw “Six Four.” It takes its title from the reign report, Quercus bought the rights to interested in Japan.”
where it was a best seller, and will go on as its absolutist lens. of Emperor Hirohito, the father of the translate “Six Four” into English, and David Peace, the Tokyo-based author
sale in the United States on Tuesday. “When I was a reporter, I was very current Japanese emperor, Akihito, and hired Jonathan Lloyd-Davies, an accom- of the crime novels “Tokyo Year Zero”
Mr. Yokoyama follows other Japanese confident that I was not the kind of per- denotes the year in which the cold kid- plished translator of Japanese fiction. and “Occupied City,” who was an early
crime writers whose work has been son who could ever commit a crime,” he napping case at the center of the novel champion of the novel, argues that more
translated into English, including Sei- said. “But now that I have been working took place. (The Japanese count the such translations are vital, and not just
cho Matsumoto, Natsuo Kirino and as an author, I believe that I could com- years of each emperor’s reign sepa- “I just stayed in that apartment, for literary reasons.
Keigo Higashino, though he is currently mit a crime — or that anyone could com- rately from the Gregorian calendar year, writing on three hours of sleep a At a time when the United States and
assigned to a marketing pigeonhole that mit a crime.” and the year of the emperor’s death was night. It was a big science Britain are becoming “more inward-
compares “Six Four” to Stieg Larsson’s Toward the end of his reporting ca- known as “64.”) looking than they already are,” Mr.
“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” reer, Mr. Yokoyama started writing fic- The punishing schedule caught up
experiment.” Peace said, “our need for translated lit-
Where Mr. Larsson’s series was pro- tion. He submitted a short story for a lit- with him, and Mr. Yokoyama had a heart erature and to try to understand other
pelled by violence, sex and its char- erary prize and won third place; by attack. As he gradually recovered and Writing in The Guardian last year, Ali- cultures and countries is greater than
ismatic heroine, Lisbeth Salander, “Six then, he had decided to quit his job. returned to writing, he could not even son Flood described “Six Four” as a ever.”
Four” features a stodgy protagonist He was 34 and married, with two remember Mikami’s name. But long “slow burn” crime novel that provided a Mr. Yokoyama continues to work
who is called a “gargoyle” by the press young children at home, so he worked bouts tending his garden helped refresh “layered insight into internal police poli- what he describes as “irregular hours”
and is haunted by the fact that his odd jobs at moving and security compa- SONNY FIGUEROA/THE NEW YORK TIMES him, and three years later, he finished tics.” It was shortlisted for an Interna- on a 15-year-old Mitsubishi computer in
daughter ran away because she “de- nies while writing in his spare time. “Six Four” has sold extremely well in the novel. tional Dagger Award for crime fiction. a narrow room in his home that smells of
spised the face she inherited.” It took seven years for him to sell his Japan and was adapted into a movie. The publisher Bungeishunju released In the United States, where “Six Four” tobacco and overflows with books,
In his descriptions of interactions be- first novel, “Kage no Kisetsu,” or “Sea- “Six Four” in 2012, and Japanese critics will be released by Farrar, Straus and newspaper clippings, postcards and ink
tween the police and the news media, son of Shadows,” which was published in praised it for subverting the traditional Giroux in Mr. Lloyd-Davies’s transla- bottles. He proudly displays a baseball
Mr. Yokoyama captures their everyday 1998 and won a prestigious prize for apartment and wrote for more than 20 police procedural. In a culture where an tion, the publisher is planning an initial bat autographed by the Japanese base-
sexism: One of the junior press officers, mystery writers. hours a day, imbibing energy drinks to increasing number of workers are frus- print run of 11,000 hardcover copies and ball player Hideki Matsui.
a young woman, repeatedly asks Publishers began clamoring for more, keep awake and popping sleeping pills trated by hierarchical bureaucracy, the hopes American audiences will be He said he was working on four or five
Mikami to let her attend after-hours and Mr. Yokoyama buried himself in when he needed to nap. “I just stayed in novel was a big hit. drawn to the discursive police drama. projects. “I’m trying to finish them,” he
drinking sessions with reporters. He re- writing. that apartment, writing on three hours At a dinner party in Tokyo, Jon Riley, “Yes, it’s about a Japanese police de- said, “so they will be presentable to soci-
fuses, in a paternalistic effort to protect He rented a 110-square-foot studio of sleep a night,” he said. “It was a big editor in chief of Quercus, a London- partment, and clearly it’s central to the ety.”

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pre. VADIM GHIRDA/ASSOCIATED PRESS sues emergency ordinances at 9 p. Andras Racz. more like a modernist flower box than a can be used for public gardens and tions placed on Russia for its land grab tions to support them. Trump’s stated desire for better rela. “We ended impunity. ficers to try to prevent bad behavior. cars. Or. You can even grow flowers in its com. ANDREI PUNGOVSCHI/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES est in a series of protests at which he Protesters being detained near government headquarters in Bucharest. Orban and his governing right-wing necessity and Hungary’s dependence had “very mixed feelings about Donald doubles as an attractive flower or plant terrible smell.” gression are well buried. who runs a website A few demonstrators clashed with riot police.” said conditions for stronger Russian-Hun. an indication the need for international cooperation. gated for abuse of power. right. urging the protesters to read the placed those people behave similarly. denouncing the government and corruption.000 Romanians took to the streets. which has graffiti. The measure had been debated for several weeks. Orban is also planning a visit to vility brigade” of truncheon-wielding of. whose role as head of state is largely ceremonial but who commands respect in many parts of the country. Russian energy deals. were un- day a “day of mourning for the rule of the governing Social Democratic Juncker and Frans Timmermans. The new “I don’t understand what the pro. In cities the world over.” Mr.000 lei. Kremlin are highly uncertain. President Klaus Iohannis. said Balazs prime minister intends to cash those And dozens of surfaces are splattered by he said the SNCF paid about $9. for the bloc’s executives in Brussels. including Mr. concerning. lenge felt more keenly than in Central are injecting a note of caution about the The warmer relations of recent years. Fines for public urination are Maxime Bourette. such as Racz said. stand to benefit. and produces compost that was talk of lifting the economic sanc. Putin’s visit He said he would wait “to see what works by storing urine on a bed of dry wastes water. in Ukraine. vises the Fidesz party. the 1. bik Party. will be unfurled. an industrial engineer who rope have been forced to recalculate the Many here. because it produces uum cleaner. ropean Commission. Raluca Sandor. tion workers still has to scrub about He said it remained to be seen of the uncertainty surrounding the new “I provided information in great detail said. Moni.” pected to be fairly low-key. Putin’s maneu. holder. The Hungarian prime minister’s chief French newspaper. Nowhere is that chal. in western East and West. in the air. said. eco-friendly public toilet. “He understands geopolitics is chang.800 square miles of sidewalk each day. Putin and populist leaders Catholic University in Budapest. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION World Protests erupt in Romania over corruption law Demonstrators say measure would allow official wrongdoing BY PALKO KARASZ Huge protests. Officials. sociate professor at Pazmany Peter spokesman. about half of them in the capital.” from prosecution. Zoltan Kovacs. The country’s president has called for a and publishes it in the middle of the progress.” reach. sawdust or wood chips.” with energy pol. creasingly autocratic leader. phone interview. “Thieves. “Everyone is tired of the strain of uneasiness. was seen as making slow but text of the decree themselves. beneath the triumph lies a focused on economic issues. Paris has a new weapon against the subject. is investigating over Another demonstrator in Cluj. stand to benefit from the measure. said in Designed by Faltazi. which helps oversee the court system. “I’m pro.000. “I am very impressed by the scale of demonstrations that took place last night in the entire country.” straw. including the leader of be advanced. There vering to remove the sanctions.” Mr. stunning observers. Orban’s hosting of Mr.800. Romania’s top judicial watchdog. has ordered two of the toilets. the minister of justice. we talk about corruption. the Superior Magistrates’ Council. As for Hungary. where it is Russia last paid a visit to Hungary. along with page. Putin of sia and the West — the sanctions im. “The Social Demo. Dragnea of those arrests. Its leader. Putin is the post. the researcher. an engineer who is isolated for its seizure of Crimea. The Parisian innovation was spurred the capital’s war against public urina- There was a note of triumphalism. said in an interview that talk. The country’s anticorruption pros- ment to resign and these decrees to be steady progress on corruption. the Higher Judicial Council. he Now. shouting.” growth among the countries that use the the decrees “gave people the impression cree was passed on Tuesday. So far.730 for President Trump’s intentions remain in eastern Ukraine and what. the SNFC mainte- garian relations. what the French call “les pipis sau. a 30-year-old pharma. 30.. withdrawing from the bloc. said Nantes. “They er automatically accepted. President Vladimir V. would result in “a brief honeymoon. the has also invented an eco-friendly vac- best way to balance pressures in the cans and Russians will actually bridge don’t think they are friends of Hungary. it was a different most susceptible to Mr. director of research for the Sza. ington to balance the one in Moscow. J. the known in the French media as “Mon- both men were called xenophobes for sanctions lifted. KAROLY ARVAI/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES Mr. Bucharest. about half of them in the cap- ital. called Tues. ference is any indication. Befitting the “Its greatest virtue is that it doesn’t story. had more to do with economic an interview in the past week that he dustrial design firm. And. as Mr. nothing else. tion to fight terrorism. a think tank that ad. the international sphere. they want to stand its ground.” Jean-Claude figures. pollutes the Seine and undermines They are looking for hints of how ag. Romania. Russia was Crimea — would play in the meeting. court to strike down the law. the European Union on that policy and Now. it’s in the air. Enter the boxy Uritrottoir — a combi. says it realignment. weakening European Union unity.000 Romanians took to the streets. BY DAN BILEFSKY tored remotely by a “urine attendant” BY RICK LYMAN It was not clear how significant a role. A protester said it would “drag Romania back in time. who can see on a computer when the toi- if any.” officials say. Officials including Liviu Dragnea. receptacle for human waste. “thieves. ment on Wednesday. he added. France’s world is in the process of a substantial this new international climate and on tween the United States and Russia and Mr. . Paris’s Gare de Lyon. Glen Johnson contributed reporting. But the problem is that corrup- cratic Party is the most corrupt party. not related to the prime minister.m. the chasm of interests dividing them. “Romania is far from being a success cist. mess. one of many euro currency and Britain’s plans for that the government is legislating in its said it would benefit both future infrac- young protesters in Bucharest. Fidesz.000 euros. Orban. nance official who ordered the toilets for Even so.” Balazs Orban said: The notion that nation of the French words for “urinal” clean the toilets. costing millions of dollars for used in public gardens or parks. braved cold weather to take part in night?” She added. have rocked Ro- mania after the government passed a law that would effectively allow official corruption. any hints of ag.000-strong “inci. ecution service. the thorniest issue between Rus.” Ms. 4 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. to a let is full. siege for his autocratic style. FEBRUARY 4-5. Their brand of nationalism darity.” whose portfolio the measures belong to. and detergents are dam- like Mr. credits.” said Mr. rope in the Trump era. as a “friend of flowers” by Le Figaro. flicting interests. Trump’s The Uritrottoir.” Mr. and it would cost about $865 a unclear. In a statement before the de- on the judiciary and the rule of law. said before the decree was passed on 2. More than 250. the der investigation and likely to be con- law. “there is no trust on “Orban has collected some credits in butts. and But Mr. Iohannis. a Russia expert and as. zadveg Foundation. and the SNCF. himself has turned up. necessarily. “The world is in the process of a substantial realignment. but Beijing and a meeting with Turkey’s in. Mr. The visit is ex.” Mr. soon overwritten by con. according to City Hall. praising the lat. in our Orban. Until recently. It warned Alexandrin Pop. the station. under. posed by the European Union and the the street — al fresco — are a scourge of turned into compost that can later be Prime Minister Viktor Orban was under United States after the seizure of urban life. both nations would treat Mr. Another body. a Nantes-based in. the service Alexandra Zaraf. victed under the rules the decree was In the northwestern city of Cluj. a professor at Hertie School of Gov. who was elected in 2014 as the first president from the country’s “The fight against corruption needs to In fact. but the government de- cided to adopt it abruptly late on Tues- day night. as a show of soli. with Prime Minister Viktor Orban of first part of a busy year of global out. proof paint and does not use water. Laurent In the meantime. center. Analysts feared that the government pidi. Putin is clearly eager to have the public infrastructure.” Mr. Orban said in a news Mr. Trump’s election. I want the govern. a railway has moved from the fringe to the main. On Wednesday night. seeing a potential ally in Wash. damages leaders are closely scrutinizing the visit. Putin of Russia. “Public urination is a huge problem in and Eastern Europe. go easy on punishing it. more eco-friendly than the dozens of ex- on Thursday for his first foray into Eu. “In a world where But the government appeared to story. urine degrades lamp That means European and global party. the leader of the governing Social Democratic Party. thieves. or about $25. the urinal looks use water. on Russian energy. plans to roll out more across the capital conference after Thursday’s meeting. which was behind many canceled. analysts say. “This decree will drag Romania back change legislation and encourage it or Florin Iordache. Viktor Orban’s sure how seriously to take Mr. who said. that monitors corruption in the country. Both leaders the Russian side towards Orban. Lebot said. The Hungarian leader has Orban.” law threatens to create a new problem testers are upset about. which joined published a message on his Facebook tion has not gone down — people who re- and they are trying to save themselves the European Union in 2007. A small brigade of sanita. 45. “Fidesz doesn’t feel chemistry with all nations need to embrace globalism and “pavement” — which has grabbed A designer of the Uritrottoir. sluggish What infuriated the crowds was that regulation. “Beyond the between Russia and the West.” Tayyip Erdogan. tions with Moscow.” . had ordered three. on Wednesday issued a constitutional court challenge to the decree. on the street and littering cigarette “I am optimistic it will work. and to sow divisions in stench. asked. Putin landed others. Bulgaria. the railway. cleaning and the repair of damage to Fabien Esculier. whether the toilets were cost effective — Trump administration. urine. sieur Pipi” because of his expertise on their hard-line stance on immigration. its top section also France. lines the need for more global coopera. Dragnea. thieves. who are already troubled by problems Tuesday. everyday life of a city.” she said. men (and. headlines and has already been lauded Lebot. like immigration. women) who urinate in away to the outskirts of Paris.” Putin swaggers into Hungary as world shifts Fighting ‘les pipis sauvages’ BUDAPEST icy and a Russian deal to build a nuclear in Paris with public urinals power plant in Hungary at the top of the agenda.” he said.” Party. asked the constitutional court to strike it down. people. 27. as “business as usual. tors and those already being investi- “What self-respecting government is. Mr. is happening in Syria. or about $47. Mr.” said Balazs steep — about $75. oh. country of Matisse. own benefit.” he said in a statement on Thursday. Indeed. said in a joint state. More than 250. senior political and business German-speaking minority. said the Uritrottoir was Two years later. aging for the environment. has also challenged the law. Gabor Vona. lesser extent. Even that was not deterrent enough. could further reverse the country’s ernance in Berlin. Mungiu-Pippidi said in a tele- the demonstrations. the Russians. he said. tion. Both men feel vindicated. Orban will be in capitalizing on dicted that the reset in relations be. on our assessment of what is happening And the feeling is mutual. month to pay a sanitation worker to bargain between Washington and the Putin said — which. that the and location are still under discussion — dispatching a nearly 2. and emphasized been seen mostly as a useful tool for erything correctly. state-owned national railway. Recep which also includes leaving dog waste if the Uritrottoir is a success.” and that he was un. among the largest since the fall of communism. The protests — which continued Thursday night and were expected to swell further over the weekend — erupted after the government adopted an emergency law on Tuesday night that would make official misconduct punish- able by prison time only in cases in which the financial damage is more than 200.” and denouncing the government. Dragnea faces charges of abuse of power involving a sum of 24. posts and telephone poles. Trump — the timing demic that City Hall recently proposed which were installed on Tuesday outside “We all sense. compost that can be used for fertilizer. a meeting with Mr. Hungary may be among the nations vages” or “wild peeing”: a sleek and isting public toilets that dot the capital. Cleaning up gressive Mr. Efforts are underway to arrange by a problem of public urination so en. even a bit of swagger. historically torn balancing act ahead for leaders like Mr. station that has become ground zero in stream. parks. ban has voted with other European na. not undone. Hungary.” opposition comes from the far-right Job. the urine and straw is carted When President Vladimir V. and the prospects of a grand opinion. we managed to put in jail very important in time.” they shouted. skeptical that the Ameri. ing. its work would be hampered by the new testing because I see this as an assault like the Greek debt crisis.” said Alina Mungiu-Pip.000 cases of abuse of power. leaders across Eu. A few demonstrators clashed with riot police. who is and “the liberal world order” is no long. “We believe this will create favorable If Thursday’s post-meeting news con. two. “He forecast ev. president and vice president of the Eu. France.

Many Kenyans see Somalia Life for many Somali refugees means thoritarianism and Polarization in Mr. And if Republican lawmakers allow When I was 13 years old. gan has “eroded the democratic system to the point where most analysts think Leaders with authoritarian NAIROBI. Others in the who was elected on a promise to rid the cial and executive branches. where enlisted soldiers took over Finally. confusion and chaos within the agencies smelled of nervous sweat. his pans. as an example utive branch blocks the judicial branch Mr. peaceful transfer of power. from gunshot wounds. had not worked out. Trump to continue with his fled our home for the United States. the tourist visa. group is so dangerous that ordinary emergency orders that limit the new the refugee flow into the United States America. Buffalo. day. Leaders with authoritarian tenden- TARGETING THE WEAK cies “will push and push until they find a The us-versus-them dynamic is “easy spot where they can’t push anymore — SVEN TORFINN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES for many people to rally around. Weiler said. they feel especially frightened — in watch for. my mom fresheners. left. they warn. has been that Mr. They’ll contain their glee that the resettlement which they said had been cut down to popularity and political power. he said. But more like holding a winning lottery ticket and across the Kenya border as three lost nority with repressive policies in the That has not yet occurred. Ibrahim and many of his dis- think we’ve been giving “The people against me will be a bottle capful of salt.000 Somalians were in the process of being resettled in the United States. is a sign that Mr. Erdo- tend to be strategic about the groups gan’s agenda. van der Maat said the us-them “We are now all looking for things that retribution against the old guard. Helene Cooper. On Saturday. Trump TESTING THE LIMITS OF POWER proposed during the presidential cam. He the Americans. Trump fired have flown to America this past week. “Mix in the 9/11 at. re- HELENE COOPER isolated home way out in the bush. hungriest. when I read reports of My mom was gang-raped by soldiers She had a singular mission. after everyone had boarded and or- watch over us. and sometimes they have even dis. hats and gloves when it was cold. They focus on can political system. of an elected leader who used such tac.” That’s a dangerous tag in a Des Moines and St.” mocracy. fears could be real. The United States today is in a far dif- had waited 26 long years for this. The key thing to said. one would come on and take us off. which went through a 15. “The Shabab will be suspicious of us. referring to the militant group that marked.” by Trump order. mocracy. it was White House correspondent.” she said. I’m not afraid boundary tends to not remain stable. Acting Attorney General Sally Q. were in the said Deck Abdi Korriyow. Trump remains After the rape. were democratically quences not just for the specific groups elected. It’s called America. — to another plane on another tarmac. Erdogan. waving an American flag. That single sentence took me back again without entering the house. having The United States runs a vigorous reset. many of the had been living for years. name of “protecting” the majority.. trudging for politics that targets a particular mi. and core norms abandoned to properly Customs and Border Protection officials More than 25. These days. ful group in the United States. he added. which I was work. in a sweltering. the White House created transit center in central Nairobi that resettled to the U. . Hetherington said he believes Republicans. taking in thousands of camp fled Somalia after their parents That fear creates a ripe environment push through illegal rules or overrule shirts. It still took al. Michael family to leave the aircraft. would be a step higher on ing “us versus them” politics to paint a that ladder. could be some kind of slippery slope. order closing the door on refugees a feeling I had lost: that of being safe. until they find a spot where they been extensively vetted and approved arrested. the demo- most a month to get. Somalis each year.” an quarter. Trump promised on the cam- History is full of examples of leaders us. mined democratic checks and balances tems as a whole. ‘friend of their lives and that their situation was appeared. morals or culture. such as those Mr. Ms. an expert in au. Berman. Refugees at the transit center in Nairobi. 100 at Robertsfield Airport outside deadline and hurriedly typed out my security officers had entered a plane on the love seat.” happy. Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan of That kind of us-versus-them politics. his house. my mom had moved the oath of citizenship and posed for is more likely to accept that those popular with a core base of supporters TIMES INSIDER WASHINGTON us to our cousins’ house. Ahmed Hassan. “opposition has to those who are politically marginalized come from within the main party itself” A correspondent’s own refugee experience and relatively powerless. be- particular minority group as a threat to cause they would require the use of the majority’s safety. Weiler. For more than a quarter-century. my It was around midnight on May 16. roads to be fixed and children to target. I received a green myself. I sat After eight years of living illegally in ago. with his ticket. Tar. Trump’s refugee ban. Often. during a stopover on sisters and I huddled on the floor in my 1980. to the same squalid camps where they dent Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. van der dency. Mr.” State Department official said that the the yard. it was supposed to be their Most of the refugees will now return Mr. which I cover for The This country took me and my family the night she was raped. lead story about the executive order: In the hours after it happened. the door of the plane. the think we’ve been giving information to fears of Shabab reprisals directly. how far Mr. The new rules are in line with the ban on Muslim immigration that Mr. Twice that night. with Islamic militants. “Who knows compassion to refugees but that it was Lori Seymour. of civilians accused of being drug “push. when President in when we were at one of the lowest plane’s engines revved and it acceler- thinking that was the quickest way out Trump came to sign his executive points of our lives and returned to me ated down the runway the night we left ILYAS AKENGIN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES of the country for us. Mr. as leaders climb what he between new immigration called “the ladder of violence” — moving rules and harsh regimes from discrimination into more signifi- cant persecution. been threatening to close this camp be. Berman said. Liberia. poorly policed refugee camp crawling They aren’t allowed to leave the tran. my family ins’ house there seemed to be safety in slowly picking itself up.” My father was shot. process happen in not-so-slow motion in geting feared or unpopular minorities is Turkey now. And their policies often become Scholars suggest parallels harsher as well as broader. kept in large camps or locked in an attempt to delay or stop their return Marc J. thought of it made his voice quiver. from the hospital. Kenya is home to hundreds of thou. To my mom and my sister and ria. to manipulate the public. several men cried. on Friday. was the risk of Nairobi. his plates. to consolidate their own power. van der Maat said. “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooper- definitely bar refugees from Syria. a Times dered a young Iranian woman and her pistol. the eldest. a belief that the legal and directed the Justice Depart- United States and were supposed to here are now stuck because they don’t The brothers had just cleared the final group they target poses a threat. where. The Kenyans have leaders around the world have followed. Mr. he remained 7. living Several men around him vigorously government would continue to show “It was pretty shattering for me. Some gave away most of their possessions. and bribed everyone she could find. with Shear. Some of the refugees said another the brothers had been living together in Politicians who work from the “play. ders. Mr. Mr. said leaders parties that could obstruct Mr. crowded.S. praying that no process of trying to get us a visa to the the open door of the plane. is “easier” because the public But as long as Mr. The country of my three. van der Maat said. tree at the transit center. sisting him will be politically risky for dad was still in the hospital recovering Liberia. seven pounds of grain. when I go to Liberia. cratic system has eroded to the point where most analysts think it no longer exists. or ment not to defend it. sands of Somali refugees and many are Refugee officials said the Shabab There is always a segment in every tendencies “will push and push The Somali refugees who had already treated terribly — constantly harassed. Not even months or years. population that is suspicious of out. my mom female president — the first African Muslim immigrants are not a power. Ten years after that. the schol. like a sentry keeping Monrovia. a political scientist at Barnard College — a way to distinguish between “us” deserving of protection. KENYA Now his worst fears are shaping up. president and launched an orgy of from the new Liberian military govern. and you can turn this into con. more than 37 years worked steadily to get us out of Libe. in groups are threatening. those who are already weak. even worldly possessions in a spree of happi. It elected a lows that pattern. Putin of Russia. one cup of oil and It is a playbook that authoritarian that will enforce the new rules. it’s no longer democratic at all.” Mr. the official with the Inter. then systematically under- that are targeted. in the Ameri- they identify as threats. as the Republican Party does.” ferent position than Turkey under Mr. passengers reported that mom’s bedroom while she sat. panded resources for carrying out de- temporarily suspend the United States portations. Muslim immigrants a particularly easy That leaves experts uncertain about birth. and death on a daily basis. his pots. with her particular jumped out at me.” For refugees stranded cies will most likely be bused back to the a soccer stadium during police round. a political scientist Berman said. Mr. One sit center last weekend at a meeting in encouraged the police to kill thousands crisis Ms. when we boarded Pan Am Flight Saturday. There have been reports of for at least four months. his sheets. it seemed: the refugees and Muslims from seven in the basement of our house after she She was going to get her daughters to countries who were being denied entry volunteered to submit to them on the safety any way she could. Being one of them is were killed 25 years ago. Ibrahim was much closer than across eastern Africa. Mr. we got the visas. In her lap she held a York. rorist threat. et man with a red pen in his pocket. Hetherington said. Berman warned of. lead to a direct clash between the judi- pipeline to be resettled in the United ugee. Weiler.” said ers. coming into this country. Kenya. “We’re watching that at the University of North Carolina. national Organization for Migration thoritarian consolidation at Leiden Uni. We all kept looking at card as part of Ronald Reagan’s am.” And many others to be legal. Still. Ever since who would ordinarily be more tolerant ward that kind of democratic decline. alone. respond to the threat. They don’t want anyone their neighbors would barely be able to the monthly United Nations rations. versity in the Netherlands. Authoritarian leaders. has slaughtered thousands of people refugees who pass through here are pipeline will be put on what the State De. tend to expand the WASHINGTON category of people targeted as threat- ening outsiders. Mr. though they do not bar all Mus. she went to the American across the aisle from my mom. Mr. her chest heaved Police officers pushing back protesters in Turkey. discriminated ugees also played up such concerns in siders and frightened of difference. confronting famine. If the exec- States. had one advantage: multiple opposition malia border that is the opposite of hope. I was American citizen. can use that fear to bolster their ecutive orders. to begin the painstaking next to my sister. Trump is a democratically elected paign. if it is found America’ is a deadly label actually worse than it had been before the way much of the world does: as a ter. FEBRUARY 4-5. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY.000 reason they dreaded going back to the a small makeshift house in a refugee book” of how to take advantage of those governing. Mr.) mother in Monrovia. Nevertheless.000 refugees from So. disemboweled the But we still had to get exit permits hold another election — a hoped-for cerns about survival. for some. But the experts caution that ars say there are worrying parallels be. First. opportunity to make progress on their came here on visitor visas that we we were all sleeping to check on us — The absence of war in the past 14 And the public’s fear of terrorism makes legislative agenda. Liberia. Weiler cited the example of Presi. but at my cous. My sworn in. ness to friends less fortunate. Maat said. a Vanderbilt Uni- can’t push anymore. Louis by now. Mr. camps. her later that day. one passage in condition that they leave my sisters would join us once he was released The writer. they’ll keep going. My cousin was My mom drained her bank account anymore. sometimes five times a years has allowed businesses to re. More than 25. one of the poorest. nodded when he added. tics. cally I am not affected by the ban. and who are — particularly when that party controls already seen as alien and frightening. is not necessarily a step to- they came so close to leaving.S. who sat the United States. he has Ms. paign trail. worrisome. They may do so out of a conscious desire Yates said she did not think the ban was than two decades to be resettled in the The more than 100 approved refugees cause of terrorism fears. One set of three brothers at the transit times of war. along with Mr. where Mr. so theoreti. Eelco van der Maat. force and affect a wide segment of the That history has scholars of authori. (My father into the United States. gathered under the shade of a mango have proper papers to walk the streets medical checks to be resettled in Rhode some combination of both. Turkey den refugee camp along the Kenya-So. zens. another ref. so she went straight at the Pentagon. one expert says.. Security is serious. sit center. which can be depressing versity political scientist and an author. whole month after the coup. They were supposed to be Island. Mr. leaders argue that the targeted Several federal courts have issued dent Trump’s executive order to freeze that they could be labeled “friends of walking the streets of Atlanta. Trump is willing to ica. on a faraway dream. and “them” who are a threat. and the United States is a de- lims outright. they will have an We were refugees. governments they study. placed comrades had been waiting more information to the Americans.” came back. as we sat fearfully looking at Embassy. and another family. but each time they left like we were already in America. Turkey and Vladimir V. on a good day. BY JEFFREY GETTLEMAN “Trump shocked us. population. I for the United States. can have harmful conse. and that there who appreciate this type of us-versus- thought we would be safer than in our front of the courthouse where I was also is little political cost to persecuting them politics. But the ban He didn’t care.” Mr. in our and me. visa ban found in his research. president. that could per- most — so close that. prompting concerns that this could war-torn countries on earth. He was going to Amer. for instance. and in. But when the for the easiest one. in 1972. Most of them are now broke. “They don’t want hunted in their homelands. which is in Nairobi’s old Indi. Ibrahim said. She knew refugee status one to come and pull us off. year civil war after we left. By contrast. In the ensuing weeks. open. The country is about to tacks. push the limits of the norms of American But this past week. against. but for political sys. Jonathan D. Hetherington. anyone resettled to the U. silently. last stop. even though we would come into the bedroom where country to do so. Berman said. Since taking office. to the camps.” said Sheri E. the soldiers engulfed us in its foreignness. The cabin ing on with my colleague. The destination was New “feed” for the story. carpets and air-conditioning and air I am no longer a refugee. executed on the beach by firing squad. said. Erdo- Somalis fear return to camp a way of “setting a boundary. go to school. 2017 | 5 world Ahistory of authority and the U. ment allowing us to leave the country. promised crackdowns. anarchy. ages 8 to 16. nesty program. ate with federal deportation efforts. I remember being terrified.” said and if they don’t. of the book “Au. By circumventing normal miles away. lia has been stuck in perpetual crisis.S. both houses of Congress and the presi- Targeting such groups. I became an I hadn’t seen my mom cry in the or an immigrant visa would take Over 30 years later. had just seen a military night. The gate here is large and un. Trump might push against coup. pa.” Ms. four. Many said that they feared for ups. Ibrahim So the refugees have set their sights the government collapsed in 1991. refusing to comply with the court or- malia. On Mon- Mr. marooned with more than “The Shabab will be suspicious camps was because they knew some of camp. Hetherington procedures for drafting and issuing ex- 100 other Somali refugees in a spartan of us. and promised to punish refugee resettlement program. the core norms of America’s liberal de- the government. souls. pestilence American Politics. who made the announcement. where she photos. she said. They’ll American officials did not address the When this was announced at the tran. numbers. disease-rid. a qui. United States. BY AMANDA TAUB Large-scale deportations. what will happen to us next?” also important to protect American citi. to use the power of the presidency to thing he owned: his bed. Trump’s executive order fol. I was on was so proud when I eventually took with big racking sobs. “In Istanbul. often beaten. his just two weeks ago given away their tlement program. But their hopes were crushed by Presi. Soma. is whether he will try Ismail Ali Ibrahim gave away every. But. Duterte has haps lead to the type of constitutional perwork and bag all zipped up. does not mean that the lessons of au- tween his ban and the behaviors of the thoritarian behavior should be ignored. simply outstayed. The plane was a DC-10. however. partment calls indefinite hold. every night. many refugees said as they it generates a lot of envy. usually jobless and surviving off innate human biases. New York Times. checks and balances. Berman said. and open will turn against outsiders if Ms. spoke proudly of how in recent days checks and balances must be set aside rules’ effect. The president late last tarianism unnerved by President month signed an executive order that Trump’s order to halt immigration from would give law enforcement officials ex- seven predominantly Muslim countries. country of drug dealers. they had been “trained” to wear jackets. said by several American government agen. from enforcing its orders. but that some ref.

last year and ordered the operator to re. and then followed that in “by every nation in the world.S. though he does not do it himself. Mr. faces its vestigations into alleged improprieties. oil. appealing to the Israeli government not with Russia the centerpiece of his for. FEBRUARY 4-5.” partly offset by engineers and biologists The Senate also moved to reverse a that companies would need to hire to separate rule requiring publicly traded comply with its terms. Even he defended the practice. Trump’s the edge of her property and run past FRANCE. primary.Va. “Iran has been formally PUT ON Mr. a may at the affair. Iran. That is so despite reforms in 2013 that can-controlled Congress.” she said in her first re. political power. “People are mixing everything up.” Mr. The Stream Protection Rule. increase carbon storage and reduce The Senate vote was 54 to 45. Israel has rael’s political right for Mr. it said.” too. which ac- be helpful in achieving” the goal of after he annexed Crimea. he said. Barack Obama. Mr. he added. “I tell people.” For Mr. 56. to replace Mr. a Republican from pected to be borne by mining operations Ohio who sponsored the move to re. rule was aimed at curbing bribery and 2012. As members ducked and hopes of Emmanuel Macron.” one member of Par- renewable energy sources like wind and tating. litical institutions. said an- solar. 15. Garrigues said. Marine Le Pen. the report coal mining industry right out of busi. That question has not arisen publicly. run orange” from the contamination. the report said. came 2. The report also outlined the costs to “Make no mistake about it. Some lawmakers were indignant. and for good reason. including warning Israel to came after days of tempestuous phone Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel when construction as an impediment to nego- curb settlement construction. Fil. Ms.” . ments in a final deal. in spite of the fact that she has become part of French political life. said Ms. Amona. in December that condemned Israel for With Iran. and so can position itself outside the Which may explain why Mr.” he tough tone with Iran. dren or nephews of colleagues. parliamentary paychecks to his wife. peace. too. many creeks propel the far-right National Front can. accord. and can keep things carnation of republican morality. “If they until now.” Mr. virtually. ened by Mr. either. with Mexico and large parts of the Mus. Haley declared that the United predecessor. that makes it absolutely natural for poli.500 homes in areas already settled in United States that has been exploited change the foreign policies of their pred. has been steadfastly critical of often looked for ways to avoid con. Tillerson’s first day at the pansion across the region. Trump seems equally eager to chal. the former they could have done it earlier. Even without the rule. in part out of ing economic sanctions similar to those that demands clear and strong con. Ms. Marine Le Pen. isting settlements beyond their current new settlement in the West Bank in AND DAVID E. Mr. as rules were made final in the last days of ronmental groups. sounded a lot like her Jordan.S. ment. Trump’s United Nations ambas. Trump also also shown no indication that it plans to self during the campaign as a stalwart ing a moderating influence on the presi. passage of a Security Council resolution they had to do with the shifts.000 feet countries hold fossil-fuel companies. “But orange is not the color of wa. alted state where it appears O. which store the site — a rare victory for local themselves — sometimes corruptly. out in the comments of visitors to the facing France and Europe as a whole. tiating a final peace settlement. from a total of 90. like pillars of the former administration’s were particularly stark because they discuss the issue with Prime Minister other presidents. Murray. the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Crimea. like Keystone to stay open. “Nepotism is part of French institu. the ethics expert. Embold. estries — can no longer be taken for mentary offices were raided in the past tical life. Both men are Thursday. not have a badge or an email address. viewed as potentially capable of exert. “Nepotism is part of French grily. Michael T. Netanyahu took it BY MARK LANDLER. take effect. Obama Prayer Breakfast — an encounter that George W. Af. run by and for elites who use it to enrich Fillon has said he will bow out of the race try’s monarchical culture. West Virgin. verse the rule. town of Chartres. served by gloved footmen in gilt-pan. A report released by the Congres- day to reverse the Stream Protection sional Research Service last month laid Rule. and immigration. something Mr. go see my wife and But the rule was challenged in court “Of course I care about miners’ jobs. change. the Obama administration imposed just demnation of Russian actions. fense Secretary Jim Mattis in South Ko. “Here in West Virginia. revelations). tablishment that virtually no one in line members. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION world Trump adopts key points of Obama foreign policy ecessors as radically as they promised. “In. he said ter Mr. who moved to West Vir.K. frontation with Iran in its last year. a step further. said in com- Using an obscure law that allows Con. them!” In a second post.” Representa. Bush outlined to Prime Min- Bank. It is also ing that Russia withdraw from Crimea leaders. would have effec. all in a setting of marble and tap. Flynn. economical. up. bolstering an stroy our nation’s underground coal industry that President Trump has mines and put our nation’s coal miners made a symbol of America’s neglected out of work. political ex.” said Jean Garrigues. they are not calling to 5. the report noted. feurs.” The difference is that. The mine. fending himself at a Paris trade show. President Trump has vowed to aid the coal industry. and indeed have raised public expectations for other last-minute Obama regulations tection permanently closed the mine The perception of a political structure questioned by the investigators. the com- heartland.” Robert E. “But ticians. versity of Valenciennes. looking into Mr. is embracing some key But the administration’s reversals on settlement activity.” It said he would especially under Mr. experts said — especially care of elderly relatives. Israel an. Trump has indisput. Trump had also promised to move Ukraine and pulled troops out of marks to an open session of the United around also coincided with Secretary of lenge what he has said is an Iranian ex. and rigues said. is a subject of multiple financial in. were The sense of entitlement. which seeks to protect the nation’s out the environmental and health bene- waterways from debris generated by a fits of the rule. Trump was sworn in. careful not to specify what the national Mr. which is completely French. mate change. Others hire the wives.S. more. whole. aiding in the fight against cli- ing a House vote for repeal on Wednes. pany’s chief executive. though it was unclear how much the terrible deal the U.” pling the old order in this spring’s elec. own newly formed political movement. nepotism. her home. the administration is prepar. ated by the French. even as Ms. former president Nicolas Sarkozy. security adviser. of trees also required by the rule would ters. insisted René Dosière. Fillon is untainted. chauf. Putin put the king. His parlia. plained. he’s free to dispose the Obama administration. is an inheritance of the coun. “François Fillon is in a new world tively made mountaintop removal un. a culture which “And we are only now finding out about in Hazard. Still. Mr. stayed away from her husband’s poli.” them in the cross hairs of the Republi. But on Thurs. Dosière mused. The rule could endanger up to 590 stead. The company had previously filed 14. Netanyahu. In an early morning Twitter post on sile test and for its arming and training fear of a violent response. who has campaigned on a platform mon a professional shoeshiner to the chambers. more often perfectly legally — is helping But it is telling of the decades of slow At least 20 percent. day. week. though not necessarily logical state and to monitor for envi. spree reflects a sense of liberation after ical break with the foreign policy of lim world in the process. But the statement clashed with the leaders of Australia rip up Mr.” when coal prices remain depressed She called the Republican vote to re. Employing family members “bears past week. wrote. The perception of a political structure run by and for elites is helping propel the far-right National Front presidential candidate. Keystone Development No. Trump shifted his policy after he The “beyond their current borders” to expand the construction of Jewish eign policy during the campaign. Trump’s support. the Senate voted on Thurs. Iran had been put “on notice” for its mis. after promising a rad. “While we don’t believe the existence cessor. analysts warn. viewed settlement strategy. You are not just a deputy 9 Caron said. dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one State Department and the arrival of De. left. Trump made warmer relations inauguration. Jean-Pierre Gorges. Haley.” Though a fixture of France’s political are at least three courses with wine. Fillon’s scandal sounded plaintive in the past week. Rois own no-show employment scandal in In France. but if he is indicted. and their governments. although they Nikki R. the European Parliament.” said Mr. wrongly. FROM PAGE 1 clear his family members actually was never seen around the building. say. the State Rex W. West Bank outpost. “It is legal. lives about 2. tion. upending relations that goal. “There’s a custom. tough tone on Iran. emissions. announced plans for more than 5. rot that have eaten into the political es. plication seemed clear: Over years of fat leading historian of France’s political “This just casts a shadow over our po- MIKE BELLEME FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES The immediate problem facing Mr.” his press secretary. “the construction of On Wednesday. Netanyahu’s ballistic missile tests.” Mr. Samantha Power.” rea on his first official trip.” torneys general in states across the said. “There’s this idea that. . nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to de- strictions on coal mining. he and his wife.000 compliance with a court order to force In the most startling shift. to simply blow over. a move that would allow mines The scandal over Mr. expert on government ethics at the Uni. accountable.” Regulation to protect U. Inside Parliament’s stately marbled said Mr.000 pages of com- Republicans have taken one of their first ments opposing stronger regulations. munity and privilege — free train and France’s financial prosecutor is now according to some news reports. Sean Spicer. ing for him that long. Fillon. Mr. it was an effort to regulate the coal mining jobs in the region. Fillon appears to yet to take effect. said in a statement. Gar- Both the coal and foreign-payment After intense opposition from envi. of settlements is an impediment to the past week by announcing 3. culture. final Senate action to cancel the rule was from a shuttered coal mine outside Charleston. Mr. gas and mineral companies to dis. ready to collapse until the U. phrase in the White House statement settlements beyond their current bor. the Na. The White House noted that the presi. who represents the lon. but the im. establishment. arrangements with his wife. and I care about their safety. despite Mr.000 WASHINGTON in large part because statecraft is so dif. to sum. Fillon. together with ia’s Department of Environmental Pro. Fillon didn’t say it.” The scandal over Mr. ticians to profit to the maximum from rural Loiret département expressed dis- running an insurgent campaign atop his lem. with its large Palestinian popu. Stream restoration re- practice called surface mining. Mr. granted. ing to some in Parliament — a mutual now. ferent from campaigning. Trump’s statement on new settlements may trouble him. ably taken a harder line than his prede. especially in meant when he said on Wednesday that Jerusalem. quirements would reduce human expo- rior Department had said the rule would sure to contaminants in the drinking wa- protect 6. Trump’s withering crit. Ambassador sador. Obama. new settlements or the expansion of ex. follow. of which roughly half was ex- tive Bill Johnson. NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. SANGER tion has staked out new ground on trade borders may not be helpful in achieving many years..” said Matthieu Caron. confidential. sides. 6 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. Fillon is unlikely landscape for over 40 years. Obama’s landmark nuclear supporter of Israel and criticized the dent and his cadre of White House ad. The administration’s abrupt turn. amid competition from natural gas and peal the Stream Protection Rule devas. He defended the tense exchanges paign. which documented plane tickets. ist member of Parliament who has been ated 10 years ago will no longer be toler- top. is “making the National Front’s day. and also a former prime minister. Obama administration for allowing the visers. Trump presented him. first-class travel. into question at all family employment. chil. Nations Security Council. tored rising acidity levels. He had been in France’s Parliament is it moral?” That certainly appeared to be borne tion is among the most urgent questions for 30 years and his wife had been work. and Mr. “There’s a disjunction between public Just how much Mr. an effort to deflect criticism from Is- and threatening Iran with sanctions for lenged diplomatic orthodoxy and ap. experts grand old Parliament building in the The uproar has similarly lifted the wanted to get me in trouble over this. at helping resource-rich developing Daile Rois. but Mr. The Inte. was himself convicted in a no. “Should have been thankful for on settlements may force him to change and Mexico over one of the most fraught deal. Trump’s lent week in which Mr. the settlement President Trump. lation. coal industry JULIEN WARNAND/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY close payments to foreign governments employment would shrink by more than for licenses or permits. of the political class is to enter an ex. Since the ethics reform. the Iran Deal: $150 billion. an Former prime minister Alain Juppé. who is But that may be precisely the prob. of public money as he pleases. ahead of Mr.000 workers. Netanyahu in seeing the new president. 62 associated with ethics reform in Parlia. Just a few next to you an employee who is actually has never “presented herself as the in. worked for the money. The replanting mining debris away from nearby wa. Rois. slowed down the move. The White House has Similarly. forced to resign after that and similar be involved. “may not imposed on President Vladimir V. leaders of the Arab world. made with course on a delicate domestic issue. After a procedural vote on Thursday. Trump was bombastic on of the Houthi rebels in Yemen. said on Wednesday. day. ginia in 2012 with her partner to take tional genetics. Trump and foreign they meet Feb. knowledged that it was unrealistic to ex- peace. this industry: $52 million in annual compli- Obama administration rule is not de. “It is unfortu. vowing to build the first PETER BAKER There is no doubt the Trump administra. Fillon in the November back-scratching that can profit both “There is a demand for transparency. as well as the Ohio-based coal ter. Such expansion. and probably Parliament have to give the names of eas to their original physical and eco. ance costs for the coal industry as a signed to protect streams. have underestimated.000 acres of forests by keeping coal effects. the report said. Le Pen’s party. Netanyahu will cheer Mr. But the White House has On Iran. though the losses would be ness. today’s positions could shift over time.” country. Lunches with the minister “On the whole.” daughter. witness to a culture of caste or oligarchy scurried in a marble antechamber off Rothschild banker and economy min. de.” Mr.000 miles of streams and ter. And of course. a visiting group from the ister in the Socialist government.” Marc Bouwyn said. the main hall. members of requires companies to restore mined ar. ments released ahead of Thursday’s gress to review regulations before they vote. European leaders had been steeling for dan on the sidelines of the National hinted at a return to a policy President RONEN ZVULUN/REUTERS ders in East Jerusalem and the West him to lift sanctions they and Mr. you know.” would be offset by mutually agreed- States would not lift sanctions against “We do want to better our relations settlements. released debris and chemicals into two creeks that meet at Scandal indicts France’s political elite expected on Friday. more. will appreciate President Trump’s ister Ariel Sharon in 2004. the administration has been upon land swaps. Fillon’s cozy monetary told interviewers over the years she soon as he is picked.000 in François Fillon leaving a rally. pect Israel to give up its major settle- At the United Nations. calls between Mr. a veteran Social. Train cars in September at a stacking tube where coal is loaded by Pine Branch Mining Fillon from the revelations in Le Canard nobody ever raised questions about it. France’s gilded political culture of im. Le Pen presidential palace (one of President tions about family hiring.” Ms. nately a ‘great’ French tradition. environmentalists. some members ducked ques.” he com. in which he gleefully chal. issues of his new presidency: immigra- icism of it during the presidential cam. peared to jeopardize one relationship af.” show employment scheme. Iraq and Yemen. their relationship to them. “I’m transparent. Enchaîné newspaper is that it is not And that. “What was toler- tional Front has never held power at the eled chambers hung with tapestries. Gorges. Netanyahu to wait until then. dent “has not taken an official position years of constraints from Washington. While the Obama administration along and gave it a life-line in the form of the West Bank. estimated. and you will see how hard almost immediately by Republican at. of French legislators hire family their assistants. who. liament. demand. Ky. and met briefly with King Abdullah II of Jor. defeated by Mr. Caron. “However. new homes in the West Bank since his several dozen families out of an illegal House issued an unexpected statement Mr. steps to officially dismantle Obama-era “This unlawful and destructive rule is environmental regulations by easing re. it. in Appalachia. “Iran was on its last legs and nounced that it would authorize another as an overdue display of toughness by a New administrations often fail to its expansion of settlements. opinion and the conservatism of the poli- has improved the Front’s chances of top. the White ter another. The disclosure 15. and the probability of adverse health 52. 2. François Hollande’s top aides was wondered whether moral issues might much closer to you. with Mr. Mr. did which is a heritage of the monarchy. institutional genetics. one of the most respected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The policy shifts came after a turbu- over a year ago. “It’s all just to have of probity and high ethics. Russia until it stopped destabilizing with Russia. didate. in effect telling Mr. The runner. waterways reversed BY HIROKO TABUCHI giant Murray Energy. to be a high-level member they are working. perts and historians say. and signature to follow. ronmental effects. putting streams clouded by sediment and moni. W. Penelope. unlike Mr.

barred American forces on combat missions in whether. Mr. is viewed as practical. he said at the prayer breakfast on like Hungary and Poland. because making political endorsements However. celed flight meant she would not be able and then to her home in Erbil.” which all want the European Un. Qatar. including the Iraq war European Union and deal bilaterally In a statement about the change sent settled into their seats for a scheduled issued to Iraqi interpreters and their had extensive security vetting. Mr. those who were Democrats or independ. sion president. Ahmed A. “Freedom of religion is a sacred right. Merkel made clear conservatives. sia. senior counsel for the Alliance Churches and clergy members are Moreover. “That’s what I do — I fix to Washington to try to make separate Visas issued to interpreters who worked commitment to American forces. par with a newly assertive China. Peters contributed re. Russia and conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. her fiancé in Tampa. too. Protestant churches.. Gardner said. we’re going to straighten it out. with American and Iraqi military forces in Baghdad in 2009. confrontational diplomatic style as a ne. FEBRUARY 4-5. terror and and devoted to the European project. that Germany was ma- that became a centerpiece of his effort to freedom to decide for themselves what group that advocates a strict separation evangelical polling group based in prime minister who is the president of nipulating a “grossly undervalued” euro mollify the religious right. port. “The world is in trouble. in favor of deeper European integra. percent of Americans said it was in. ceed Anthony L. Having already sold his home and car Thursday. Trump tionism. not delivering and wholly inaccu- their country. is certainly unhelpful to Germany. pression. Tusk. recom. cording to State Department figures. the anger generated in Iraq by Presi. are of a different scale and come when British withdrawal and are deeply dis- is in the national interest to allow Iraqi have sold their homes. Tampa.” rode for years with had been unable to find out when. emergency housing with friends in before they were permitted to accompa. a former Polish Trade Council.. union that needs a little taming. China and now the U. ion. including Iraq. Trump’s at- proval by Congress. . Trump and right-wing popu. Trump.” said the “We’re getting on the flight now.” Mr. Munther A. he left out Britain.” Mr. despite all the challenges.” aimed at bolstering Europe. ties.R. an In his letter. ent calculus if you don’t have America the Johnson Amendment. cre. Cairo.) holders possessions in anticipation of starting a low American officials to vet Iraqis and from the International Organization for way. former interpreters in Iraq into turmoil. They most clergy members. said Leslie Vinjamuri. said he had heard nothing there’s a lot of indigenous turmoil any. Thousands of interpreters. der and the European ideal of how the Mr. Leonard said. Leonard said. applicants who are otherwise qualified. was created not to be mayor of some city in Luxembourg. as a dysfunctional ment and military forces deployed in A 33-year-old Iraqi father of two who tions. the president of the them from endorsing or opposing poli. to protect relatives Thursday afternoon. tion by the families of Iraqi interpreters tion for Migration. a conservative free to speak out on political and social they should not make political endorse. a 1954 law tegration and security. Stefano Stefanini. in confusion around much of the world An Iraqi interpreter. he said: “Europeans see television. Traditionally.” and Germans see the euro as a political speak freely and without fear of retribu. pean Union itself is a “vehicle” for Ger- what many view as an erosion of the President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. from Russia and China to Islamic entity. the director of the European Coun. But the inter. Merkel was angry separation between church and state. Din said on Thursday that she There was also confusion because the the troops as “terps. cars and other ecutive order that it was intended to al. worked seven years for a contractor radicalism. sanctions. threat on a par with China. world should be organized. Tusk is adapting real.V. “They see the sas. frankly a proper democracy. said you’ve been taking is making you sicker British interests. acting to a complacent Brussels estab. a conserva. said While Germany depends heavily on Revenue Service — an agency that the the pulpit.” she’s not going to bomb anything. administration presented a threat on a Germany. who asked to be Munther A. a September by LifeWay Research. “He seems to be bigger threat to European cohesion. Others say Mr. the statement said. and that’s pretty terrifying. “We’re taken Studies. right. scheduled to fly to the United States. at least initially. that is unelected. tion. that its value was up to the European It was one of several checklist items could divide their congregations. Trump seems to be ampli. the news was a joyous initially turned away by airline officials Last weekend. Ted Malloch. She doesn’t want to see since it was issued late last month. who are being tough on a U.I. ac.I. but Mr. according to a adding: “Particularly the change in on these forces. in 2012. “But dealing with Rus- Mr. dorsements. who was flying to New York to inform family members that they He called a telephone number provided from Iraq with a valid visa in her pass- were again permitted to fly to the United by the embassy. and complain that the Internal to God alone for what they say behind day. where her flight had originated.” checks while applying for the visas. disputes and social customs. Stanley. But a protec- that religious conservative leaders told say the law in effect shields them from want churches and houses of worship to san politicking. face of these other challenges Tusk men. Mr. Chancellor Angela Merkel of leaders at the National Prayer Break. and his family were re. that use it. the European Council. saying. Fla. often at great personal risk. “I told her she’s going now. who has derided the Euro. and that’s members from expressing themselves Tony Perkins. government has determined that it Most Iraqis holding the special visas Mr.U.” Mr. would resist Mr. Gardner as ambassa- churches or any other nonprofit groups. They were given American nick. but just about ev. appropriate for pastors to endorse a Mark Landler reported from Washing.K. a potentially huge happen anymore.” cause it has voted to leave the bloc and deutschemark to please the French. Putin of meetings with the European Union or of 1954 prohibition Russia. tumn. however. former interpreter. 87 percent of pastors said national leaders. “I had in a previous career a diplo- generated by travel order.” political candidates. They spent years There also was confusion on Thurs. Trump as the biggest threat to global or. said he was delivering a pizza in Tampa identified only by his first name and an view from the Baghdad airport late when his fiancée called him from Ken- initial. green cards.. A spokesman linking up with some of the scariest and said Charles Grant. Mr. posed by the new administration in a strong supporter of Britain leaving the Washington. Mr. fear from the I. York. Munther A.” that prohibits churches from endorsing erything they stand for.R.S. and the assaults on multilateralism with member states. ments from the pulpit. Tusk. off Brexit.700 Special Immi. and quit his job. the U. Hopefully that will be heard Syrian refugees from entering the He was told by the International Or. WASHINGTON is the new threat Trump calls for repeal EUROPE. FROM PAGE 1 his reluctance to commit to summit course. a voting bloc he at. a United States has been played for a professor of international relations at BY MARK LANDLER patsy by the rest of the world and is vow. made up of the slow to warm to his insurgent candidacy.” Mr. “Is this the freedom and democracy FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE — GETTY IMAGES were eventually permitted to enter the Qusay Fawzi Ahmed. declarations” from the Trump team.S.” Central Bank.” Mr. tion of the European Union as in Ameri. been a crucial part of the ballast meant his posting.?” she Donald Tusk of the European Council suggested that the Trump administration was a United States. Mr. Trump said on Thursday that his lenge. Mr. Tusk “has some justification. work. Donald Tusk. Leonard continued. pastors in evangelical and mainline a difficult situation. The bill would modify the Johnson ents.s to clearing more background security day for Qusay Fawzi Ahmed. “Rather than acting as a check goal of many social conservatives. dent since the E.C. and allow our representatives of faith to anarchy in the Middle East and Africa. see him as a Special Immigrant Visa (S. Iraq. The change on Thursday. an ag.” deals. with his fiancée. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. and his family were special immigrant visa. annoying some of its neighbors.S. Amendment by allowing churches and Pastors and churches that endorsed that Mr. something Mr. and compared the bloc to the Soviet Un- manders through Iraqi politics. 38. she said. Nearly 80 those on all sides said. Intentionally. Trump is “getting advice that is a who served the United States govern. to visit Disneyland. her visa would allow her to join entry to Iraqis who held American Iraq and Afghanistan. She told him she had been in Iraq. Trump described his nor do we. he said. drawal. at work.” to gain trade advantages over other Eu- limits on their official religious activities “Pastors should be held accountable resentatives and the Senate on Wednes. Ahmed.S. Ahmed was await- surprise after nearly a week of upended in Baghdad on Thursday as they tried to ing a phone call from his fiancée. tacks on Ms. concerted by Mr. after fying them. received approval to join her fiancé. Stefanini said. man self-interest. 2017 | 7 world Apush to let politics back in pulpits For Europe. Europeans view Germany risk of losing their tax-exempt status.” he said. Trump were important to them. Mr. three great world powers — Russia. Even with valid visas. Trump. Marwa travel plans.U. more in favor of endorsements than policy. say they do not ever lost its tax-exempt status for parti. pragmatic tally destroy the Johnson Amendment gressive Russia and “wars. have always tried to ignore the and to their families. sistance of the International Organiza. ter for European Reform. but not all. matic post where I helped bring down which has sown anxiety Other Iraqis who assisted the Ameri. where the NATO are serious and damaging. has publicly said that Mr.U. interpreter. some were re. a former Italian ropeans and the United States. Ahmed said in a telephone interview. or executive order. pean Union and praised Britain’s with. American efforts in counterterrorism. Malloch has also referred to Jean- faces to mask their identities. eased some of and his family had been granted visas these forces. a United States flight to Kennedy Airport. The U. said his family had been forced to find preters had extensive security vetting for the organization in Iraq did not re.S. mer military interpreter who moved to For the family of a 37-year-old Iraqi Even after the phone call from the em. blocked by the travel ban this past week. because he is also re. some European leaders are urging their overarching protection and alliance that tracted to his campaign by promising to counterparts to recognize that Mr. the Free Speech Fairness who were Republicans were slightly the last 70 years of American foreign Many see government persecution in pledge “outstanding — right on target. a prayer breakfast. country. ca’s interest. He said his 7-year-old daughter was in detained and ordered to fly back to The ban has thrown the lives of many tears last weekend because the can. Nashville. Tusk understands.” director of Mr. to continue to travel to the United new life in the United States. Embassy official in Baghdad said. one that threatens to upend not sia and China is suddenly a whole differ- administration would “totally destroy” only the 70-year European project of in. his contempt for the European “doesn’t like an organization that is su- Visa ban amended to allow Iraqi interpreters Union and his ambivalence toward pranational. Tusk “is prone to exaggeration” exports. say other charities to engage in political ex. advantage of by every nation in the “America’s strategy towards Europe President Trump has vowed to overturn world virtually. most Americans.” himself as Mr. N.” United States and suspended visas for The Pentagon recommended that the Since 2007. Trump said when he issued the ex. “I don’t think over comments by Peter Navarro.” he said on British can military or government in Iraq indi.U. “The forced to fly back to Baghdad. They often wore scarves across their asked. They were families during the past three years. the churches should not make endorse. has a point. others were removed from planes Munther A.S. a law restricting political speech by tax. Malloch. The United States has provided “that ture to evangelicals. and Ms. with the new admin- by endorsing. Family Research Council. for relocation to Charlotte. up for re-election this au- fast.S. Bush. Claude Juncker.U. close the number of Iraqis affected by There have been other moments Trump administration. including liberal Then there is Germany and the euro. A European official. underpins the whole thing and makes it free up their pulpits. lem was resolved.) ambassador working in Brussels.A. that supplied American troops said he “But rather than acting as a check on Gardner said. said. Munther A. ny American forces. lishment “that he believes is shrugging Added to that are the comments by delight. he said. or opposing political candidates at the democracy itself. not Berlin. Trump’s views about Europe and stroy the E. And pressure by advocacy groups and poli. Trump told religious ber states suggesting that the Trump leadership. May has the ban. An embassy official called board a connecting flight to Doha.” the Soviet Union.” a disintegrating E. “It’s not going to but up until now that strategy has been exempt churches. after receiving a who once worked as an interpreter for bassy. Repealing the law would require approval by Congress. he said. Embassy in Baghdad will Baghdad. right views with a special ire — singles Many clergy members. as her father had “My fiancée is a 25-year-old girl — fused entry at American airports and promised. tribal but he’s against it and sees the destruc. Mr. predicted that the euro would collapse Change eases some anger guiding American soldiers and com. has and if he does. or Brexit. which could prove rushed with what some Europeans con. digital pri- dent Trump’s executive order imposing passing extensive security checks. not the I. who has been advertising “Americans don’t need a federal tax “It would usher our partisan divisions candidate in church. The Trump administration has settle in the United States with the as. the bloc may not accept amended its visa ban to allow emigra. Trump seems to argue that it unfairly restricts clergy opposed the Johnson Amendment. which was they want to say or not say. son Amendment was intended to inhibit LifeWay survey conducted in 2012 of Washington puts the European Union in be amplifying them. place to live with friends in Erbil. and even Only one church is known to have Putin. security. she States. but uncomfortable with open around us. that his flight had been canceled be. director of the Cen- States. and the “U. istically to a series of new dangers dor to the European Union. a former military names like Tony and Bobby and Max. But Mr. ion to fail. said Mark Leon. executive director of the Baptist Joint ments. “Not only that.” They did far more than just interpret. George W. moved from a Turkish Airlines flight in the change in the Trump administra. President Vladimir V.” said Erik of church and state. Malloch may not get nominated.” said Amanda Tyler. from rushing holders of so-called Special Immigrant others who had demonstrated their their family members. and is not Mr.. be. Mr. The embassy in Baghdad did not dis. by others in the administration. when Europeans judged American poli.” she said. Trump is convinced that the for Europeans. Trump’s promise to repeal it matters much for the United States. the man. said in a telephone inter. O. Mr. which bureaucrats run amok. he said.” Many had received refugee visas to re. sacrifice they made of the revered tion. which has stoked anxiety and CHRISTOPH BANGERT FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES They were scheduled to fly from Iraq suddenly discover that the medicine said Britain sees a cohesive E. Theresa May.” he said. citing joint European- mended by the Pentagon. Repealing the law would require ap. Migration as of Thursday. spond to a request for comment. tive Christian group.. we have heard about in the U. ated a stir on Tuesday when he wrote a its largest.” ard. tionist America that opposes free trade Mr. “I’m shocked all over again. has So they deeply resent Mr. which would be illegal. “But Trump’s attacks The French. Many of them.” trade. Only 19 such visas were The interpreters already have cies as harmful.” Iraqis who have received the vi. Mr. — wanting to de- continue to process and issue S. and sider unseemly rapidity to the side of icy and his statements that the Euro- STEPHEN CROWLEY/THE NEW YORK TIMES even some Republicans. or speaking out against. victory for the religious right and a ges. the Still. London’s School of Oriental and African AND LAURIE GOODSTEIN ing to set things straight. Worse. Jeremy W. Trump’s new National the law fulfills a campaign pledge — one who have a constitutionally protected Committee for Religious Liberty. the European Commis- BAGHDAD They risked their lives as the eyes and “Trump is the first American presi. darkest forces within European socie. as “a very adequate ears of the American military in Iraq. caricature of the E. After years of waiting. cil on Foreign Relations. to the United States on Thursday. Against this forbidding backdrop.. American forces. wrote of “worrying Eliminating the measure has been a Defending Freedom. Merkel for her refugee pol- challenging given that Democrats.” Mr.” Act was introduced in the House of Rep. nedy Airport. trying to applicants from seven Muslim-majority White House exempt from the travel issued more than 1. even with NATO are deeply troubling affecting churches Mr. with the for the United States during its 2003-11 Munther A.. tical candidates. Trump’s open protec. Interpreters have risked their lives as the eyes and ears of the American military. Trump may represent a truly dire chal. and 75 percent said ton. “Even Mrs. on its doorstep and The order temporarily blocked all Ahmed A. and the prob. as the bulwark of the European Union. behind you. Istanbul last weekend just as they had tion’s visa ban. and Laurie Goodstein from New lism and believes it’s business as usual. Ms. engage in partisan politics. who Christian legal defense group that has issues — and many do — but the John. bloc. “That is why I will get rid of and to. according to a survey released in porting from Washington. they reacted to his announcement with tically active congregants to make en. Trump’s apparent coziness with Mr.” she said. Nasr al-Din. and that was in 1995. candidates have seemed to have little to and that he had a specific Polish fear of the value of the euro is the same for all out churches dominated by Christian they see no reason to lift the prohibition. known to Ms.” he said on Thursday at has always been highly consequential. “It’s like you vacy and policing. may use them. Trump’s Separately. “So maybe there’s another BY DAVID ZUCCHINO rectly remained in limbo on Thursday. who works at Domino’s. its prime minister. who asked to be identified as than the illness itself. richest and most influential but it is also a right under threat all letter to 27 leaders of the bloc’s 28 mem. a for.S. China and Rus- occupation. called Mr. It applied to ban Special Immigrant Visa holders and grant Visas to Iraqi interpreters and cause of the travel ban.V. For his part. countries. Trump’s top choice to suc- agency to be the speech police of into the pews. to The New York Times. the State Department has ganization for Migration this past week cessity. but they were to be upholding the global order in the Mr. others more thoroughly. early in the first term of President Trump seems to be encouraging.” rate. he scrambled to find a things. (Clergy members istration seeming to put into question pretty terrifying.?” dissuade other European Union nations.

FEBRUARY 4-5. tists who perform similar experiments 7 percent are published. I’m certain. long and weighed about 110 pounds. who published the findings with were harshly skeptical and wondered Dr. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SCIENCE LAB MASAAKI TANAKA/SEBUN PHOTO/AMANA IMAGES I C E C A PA D E S A beach where diamonds melt Large lumps scatter across a beach at the mouth of the When temperatures are well below freezing. SILVERA . But these glistening gems are just ice snow crystals are made of. said to be some 540 million years old. Here’s a reminder of how beautiful our primitive achondrite. Jeremy Berg. a physicist at the University of known. which measured about six feet pheric Administration has released the orites. brates. But six million years ago in landing on Earth might closely re- the wetlands of southwestern China. product of Ike’s imagination from the well. Editors at Science declined to dis- ince.” said Denise Su of the Cleve. MASAMI GOTO/SEBUN PHOTO/AMANA IMAGES no salt in it. NICHOLAS ST. baglike bodies STAT E O F T H I N G S and expelled the water through cone- shaped spouts around their mouths. duct electricity without resistance. because today achondrites account co-author of a report describing the The National Oceanic and Atmos. an international team newly discovered extinct otter was of researchers dissolved almost 600 about the size of a wolf and had pounds of ancient limestone from strong-looking jaws. in central China.com/trilobites no more than a millimeter in size. chunks. the jewel sea ice. our Harry Klee.” wrote Peter Wadhams.. the scene looks like the remnants of a giant’s melt into the sand.” he said. but in a statement. NOAA/NASA States described the species after These crystals persist unchanged for finding a cranium. and more than a third thing I’ve ever seen in terms of and better forecasts were a type of meteorite known as a otters. But they seem to made of more fearsome than adorable. we’d get the same result. It’s the same type of hexagonal ice that jewel heist gone wrong. hidden in tiny crystals otters look like teddy bears that can You would think that meteorites swim. Why? Known as Siamogale melilutra. in rock strata Science. said The creatures are the oldest known shiny material. Dias. CHINA vera. Silvera defended his work. cuss the paper. ago. has been unearthed in Shaanxi Prov- tists reported last week in the journal — and a superconductor. FLEUR readers. an ocean physicist they appear only here. not so cute Meteorite origins Cuddly and covered in soft brown fur. it’s bigger than any. who is trying to breed tomatoes that and provide better weather forecasts. review by experts and that only about deuterostomes. FLEUR recently launched GOES-16 satellite. of high-pressure physics. “You can see it becomes a lustrous. the are debris from a vast collision in the satellite shows our blue marble with asteroid belt some 466 million years wisps of white clouds and splotches of green and brown in vivid detail. semble asteroids orbiting in the solar there roamed a relative that was system. Harvard physicists say Animals this small do not fossilize Squeezed between two pieces of dia.” said Eugene Greg- distant evolutionary past is so little into a metallic form believed to exist metastable — remaining solid even oryanz. That’s unusual. Hydrogen squeezed into a metal. which is why this stage of the mond. . different materials. which are ancestral JIAN HAN/NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY. first batch of images taken by the The finding supports the idea that NICHOLAS ST. spit out by the river and tumbled by ocean waves. The ice breaks into chunks They shine like diamonds beneath evening moonbeams and that float out into the frigid ocean and then wash up on shore.” satellites designed to observe Earth ONLINE: TRILOBITES About 540 million years ago. not just to humans but to a wide array vard. at a top journal like Science. a mandible and HURRICANES IN HD hundreds of millions of years. “If we of animals. NICHOLAS WADE If some theoretical predictions turn “It’s — how should I put it? — the KENNETH CHANG RANGA DIAS AND ISAAC F. There. the mouth of Tokachi River on Hokkaido. for less than half of 1 percent of mete- otter. MAURICIO ANTÓN/NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY many meteorites landing on Earth With a high-definition camera. starfish to the vast family of verte. possibly solid. they lie on branches Ranga P. and only during the coldest winter at the University of Cambridge who studies polar oceans and months. Pretty pictures Forty-one of the 46 crystals came “It’s huge. the To find out. After locals began posting pictures online.” said Isaac F. “It’s just river ice. some teeth. which is what you But in the small but contentious field that submissions must pass rigorous members of an ancient group called expect for a metal. Although slightly older animal humans. Sil.” JOANNA KLEIN OT T E R S AU R U S COSMIC DEBRIS Suddenly. Dr. and any sea ice like it. of the University of Florida. jewelry ice or jewel ice. the crystal-clear river freezes over. Russia to extract 46 minuscule crys- tists from China and the United tals containing the mineral chromite. from sea urchins and fossils are known. the northern island of Japan. 8 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. of the tree of life that do not lead to searcher. a professor of physics at Har. But a cache of 45 individuals inside giant planets like Jupiter. gulped prey into their minuscule. a postdoctoral re. nytimes. Daily nuggets of science for mobile ancestors were insignificant creatures taste like older varieties. glow like amber in the setting sun. the polished blocks accumulate and eventually At first glance. after the crushing pressure is removed Edinburgh in Scotland. able to con. some scien. the editor in chief. land Museum of Natural History and planet is. scien. how the research passed peer review did it again. Silvera said. the new state of hydro. hydrogen has been transformed gen could even be a solid metal that is title to the end. They wriggled around in the sedi- ment of shallow seas. “I had never heard of this type of ice and have never seen They’re called Tokachi river ice. A team of scien. from space. KENNETH CHANG D I F F I C U LT R E L AT I V E S “Nobody deliberately set out to make GOES-16 is the first in a series of This prehistoric human ancestor was all mouth next-generation geostationary weather tomatoes that don’t have flavor. which is transparent because it has ice went viral. out to be true.

” said Lin.” He had added.O. Comments like Mr. stance. it has been a dred Greer. fits of working at Uber that could out. If all goes well. the F. By all successful outcome. even when we knew it was be- markets with talk of a trade war and defy analysis. Yet Mr. Snap rents public company. “We they said — of working at Uber.” she far. Trump Trump’s executive actions as president responded. employing what is surely one any president has faced. Kalanick said. Sean Spicer. Af.” Mr. “It’s regrettable that there was order on immigration. In Europe. regulatory filing.” the com- prompted some of the largest protests “Of course. millennials into a broad social phenom- Snap filed confidentially to go public enon. Martin Sorrell. founded by Evan with the Securities and Exchange Com. The New York some confusion with the rollout. roiled agement approach” that they all but order to reach a high-quality solution. even if the decision daily users. so the expense Snapchat may have been built on disap. Mr. that cared only about its bottom line. seat at the table.5 billion messages and im. By sexting. re. “His campaign also violated every lenged. Snap introduced a line of camera- fury at home and abroad. On Wednesday. Then you foster debate Conversely. executive order restricting immigra. who author of “Power: Why Some People like the executive branch. particularly as Facebook’s Insta- COMMON SENSE “When we were just getting nization like the executive branch of ment at Harvard Business School. Uber staff members also began piling on the pressure. He has ignored basic management principles. point at Uber because Mr. ing to get in the way of that. Uber Mr. according to Standard & room. Stewart organizational behavior and manage- ment effectiveness. the Trump administration is differing views as part of decision. show how durable its business is. gest one-day decline since the election. Mr. Uber’s. It reaching any thoughtful outcome. As recently as Jan. tive investors. Snap declared in its prospectus that it confusion and fear at airports. tech chiefs of engaging with the presi. Greer said. bring different perspectives to the doesn’t go their way. the Case study in management chaos offering is expected to furnish its founders and early investors with a windfall. Trump reached a breaking said they were concerned that Mr. an assistant professor of issue at hand. crucially. who their abilities.” In his email to employees.” Cooper of CNN put it. Kalanick was still willing dent. the platform. Graduate School of Business. steps before it begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SNAP.” “Debate and dissent are essential to day grew to one million from 1. Still. After career issues or are overhauling their busi. The the year before. Trump promised a fueled by worries that a dysfunctional signed it. to $404. In less than two weeks. Kalanick had reversed his position on engaging The world's most Uber was under attack — unfairly. Kalanick’s exit from the advisory York Taxi Workers Alliance sent emails Google document titled “Letters to Diplomatic sales ing a regularly scheduled all-hands council underscores the tricky calculus to the news media calling attention to Travis” to tell the chief executive how meeting on Tuesday at the ride-hailing facing many Silicon Valley corporate Uber’s ties to Mr. year. the president’s helicopter. alienated longtime allies. this isn’t new. On Thursday. gaging we can make a difference. Greer said. dia company like Facebook and Twitter. had deleted their accounts. even humility to acknowledge that up. But as the social me. Uber chief’s tricky calculus as Trump adviser Est. would color Uber as a soulless company try’s success and quite honestly to dered why Mr. Times Company announced a partner- All new presidents undergo a learn. Spectacles. their input is heard and valued and rate. and an assessment of Mr. and the service’s users send While generally seen as a social me- refugee policy “so poorly explained Street somehow believed that once he know more than you do. Sorrell said last month. But there was another matter disturb- they are now exerting pressure on their chief executives to push back forcefully to nearly a dozen current and former Uber engineers and product managers participation was being interpreted as a sign that he had endorsed the president. Trump “des. Kalanick him- self. Snap has grown from a curio for Poor’s Global Market Intelligence. start-ups — like Uber. friends. many people didn’t For someone who promoted his man. Kalanick gave his in the belief that by speaking up and en.A. allowing media companies to post gration order. and built a nearly $405 million advertising about 60 percent of Snap’s users are in business in just over two years.” even ship with Snapchat Discover. Mr. Making the filing nally built for users to send self-destruc- AL DRAGO/THE NEW YORK TIMES public was one of the company’s final Tourists waving at Marine One.B. to raise $3 billion in compared with nearly $373 million in preparation for I. purely from the viewpoint of literature and data exploring what leads to bad decisions and is also in. Uber rivals had seized the Many employees were not satisfied Expats services Travis Kalanick needed everyone to ick wrote in an email to employees ob. The New members followed up by circulating a International sales The chief executive of Uber was hold. Trump went ahead and or significantly modified and clarified He called Snap a “rogue elephant. Snap said that it wanted user in North America in the fourth to raise $3 billion.” Mr. 2017 | 9 Business Snapchat filing showcases strength that people look at and say. company executives are ex- with Bobby Murphy to let users send self-destructing photographs and texts. it’s covered in the surround yourself with talented people be motivated to execute to the best of question the slowing growth rate of understand what Snapchat was agement skills and campaigned as an introduction to the M.P. tained by The New York Times. principles have served many leaders sult. draft cable questioning the effective. But Snap’s ambitions have risen rectly from the executive suite to the outward indications. . dissension as disloyalty. to The New York Times.” Ms..” Ms.7 million in 2015. he said his Get unlimited digital access migration order. and invite different points of view in with the program or they can go. experts say. While those countries. up from 31 cents in the fourth quar- $20 billion from investors. people who aren’t con. (talk of a Mexican border surcharge) spent $90 million on Snapchat last year.” And indeed last immediate legal defeat. “Immigration and openness to ref- ugees and seven Muslim-majority one of the most vocal proponents among Trump after the immigration order ugees is an important part of our coun.5 million last year. moment to attack the company and bol. The company made $2. ter of 2015. This is often easier said than done.” as Anderson that all our students take. stock on public markets for months or to compile “stories” about their days “Chaos” seems to be the word most said. the filing does not indicate a price for an By the end of 2016. and through the BY MIKE ISAAC tion. was still discussing a proposed through. stepping down from Mr. “Ignoring them it is heading to the public markets amid LUCAS JACKSON/REUTERS weeks. ing curve. across America. 28. The Wall Street Journal bemoaned a one including our friends on Wall there are areas where other people echo chamber where people only say spectus.”) Have It — and Others Don’t. genuinely involved in a decision and Snap can maintain its enormous growth case of how not to run a complex orga.” said Mr.’ ” Mr. with his answer. an than 18 times a day. Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. James B. that it has produced was president he’d change. Some had to be reframed cently estimated that his company service. work they did every single day. — or. 2015. 1926 to advise the president. In addition. the president was eager to act swiftly that its business model is viable. after President Trump returned to the White House. renewable Tax Free & Paid registration on Swiss plates answer. according to data from Inc. compared with 67 cents help determine registration fees. the after the fact (immigration policy). as WPP deployed $5 billion to Google seamless transition and. More than 200. the final order only hours before it STEWART. Mr. It introduced ways for users Oval Office.7 billion to Facebook in 2016. ness of the immigration ban. Kalanick that they had SAN FRANCISCO “What would it take for you to quit the the best route forward was to have “a suffered a personal cost — a stigma. Snap made $1. was origi- mission late last year.” argue that it will keep adding new prod- and said it was just for sexting.” Dow industrials experienced the big. perately needs to take the course. Snap in 10 countries. Sapna Maheshwari contributed report- chief executive in charge as opposed to cute Mr. PAGE 10 “I would say Snapchat is the one thing ing. speaking at a conference held by Company says it wants Citigroup. On Monday. Spicer back the curtain on Snap’s meteoric “When we were just getting started. help funnel even more user content onto Speaker Paul D. Trump. said he preferred “action-packed. Trump’s ests. the immigra- tion order was hurting many people Save 50%. “The core credibly demoralizing. ster their own businesses. an estimate meant to quarter of 2016. expertise and should be on top of the ogy’s biggest success stories of late. a writer from the Chicago area who helped to spread with Mr. along with the company’s that would function as a well-oiled bad. Evan Spiegel. the company made 28 cents per lion. Snap is expected says. One staff ees asked at the Tuesday meeting. as they are tied up with legal and innovative filters that can trans- often invoked. The tension over continuing to work who attended or were briefed on the Tuesday all-hands meeting.O.” (One exception: the White tional behavior at Stanford and the to run a complex organization State Department officers circulated a nesses. cabinet officers before deciding on the and Goldman Sachs. Its an. The his directives came across as need. by compari- company may seek as much as $4 bil. nected to the president’s executive secretary of Homeland Security. necessary to make a good decision. The unanimous verdict: Thus far. hear.000 customers through engagement. Trump’s first There is an enormous amount of data. Mr. Ryan. Trump appears to view even years.NEW & USED to advocate for just change on immigra.” he wrote. Potential investors may started. form faces to look like dogs or monsters “turmoil. content onto their own channels on the saying.” promises. Kalan. By contrast.E. program who have the most expertise.05 for each of its us- to seek a market valuation of more than ers. chief executive of the cover. I don’t continued. its parent is trying to storage and server space from Google. according to the pro. a relative dearth of noteworthy offer.” people using the Snapchat app every Snapchat was and said it was just for ders. Kalan. many staff members believed — after with the president. employees In fact. closely followed by Jeffrey Pfeffer. Kalanick replied that he believed We also register cars with expired or foreign plates workers and social media “There are many ways we will continue faced other fallout from Mr. people accused the company of seeking immigration order has been so unpopu.” ages each day. an understand that logic. a figure that would make it one of user at the end of last year. According who we actually are.” months of cheering the prospect of tax but based on the facts and expertise to follow through on his campaign nual revenue grew by about seven times equipped sunglasses. FEBRUARY 4-5.” sions are made by consensus. The filing on Thursday formally pulls Taco Bell tacos. The start-up. a textbook example of how not making.” said Jeffrey T. nytimes. son. with Mr. +41 44 202 76 10 taxfreecars@bluewin. an average of 158 ing used for so much more. me. and why his willingness to engage with company’s San Francisco headquarters chieftains who try to work with the new “Travis and the other C. defense secretary. ter the immigration order against ref. The ad market is highly concentrated In its first public prospectus. Trump. the number of many people didn’t understand what created upheaval at the nation’s bor. On one hand. later distanced himself. ‘Maybe SAN FRANCISCO that’s a third force that can counter the domination. professor of human resource manage. which Even the top House Republican. Outside of the internal pressure. many tech executives have openly tried to engage that (presidential) board for one simple reason: To advance their business inter- By Thursday morning. who had re. he saw I asked the management experts to and $1. they are more likely to gram unit copies many of Snapchat’s the United States government. reform and infrastructure spending. the prospectus initial public offering. nomic advisory council in December. Trump has already violated actions to be carried out on “Day 1” — from $58. His participation in the economic advisory council had created trusted perspective. the #DeleteUber campaign on social what he called a “perception-reality gap to profit from giving rides to airport lar with so many tech workers — many media. The And while it’s understandable that Snap demonstrated in the prospectus “is a camera company. — he had made a long list of in just a year. Airbnb and Drop.” since they “have the straightforward: Snap is one of technol- some leading management experts for requests for comment. Kelly.” he told “requires an openness to being chal. and political Wall Street did take notice.. Trump’s eco- against the administration. rocky White House debut for Donald J. After person at the top makes the decisions. Not to consult thoroughly with top lead underwriters at Morgan Stanley machine. but staying on the council was go. of chaos at the nation’s airports con. of operating them does not show up as a pearing messages. Snap lost $514 million last year. ick had publicly said in a blog post that Some told Mr. constitutes effective management of complicated organizations. follows pressure from Trump’s economic advisory council. Polzer. line item in the companies’ financial dia darling is on the cusp of becoming a statements. “This is so basic. organizational behavior at the Stanford sulted feel they have no stake in a Others in Snap’s class of popular ting photographs and messages to their Trump. disclosed on Thursday that it had International Data Corporation. Within weeks. But Mr. the first president to go di. Mr. The pitch is So it doesn’t seem premature to ask The White House did not respond to order “is insane.com/globaloffer countries. a path that is typi- cally good for business. really common sense: You want to support and buy into the decision and major features. an administration “If you thought immigration was went into effect. the biggest tech offerings in United Started in 2011 in a Stanford dorm States history. consulted. partner around the world optimistically member asked him to present the bene- Decision to leave council On Thursday. investors sold stocks after a weekend Mr. You end up with group think. Mr. Snap also created Dis- leased a statement praising the immi. “It’s respected. ing the employees: Mr. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. “are so far from any responsible man. several of these core principles. between who people think we are. and customers in New York during weekend protests against President Trump’s im- of whom are immigrants themselves and who advocate globalization — that Internally. Polzer what they think the president wants to more than 2.” weigh that personal cost. Kalanick was Kalanick’s willingness to work with Mr. with a real White House wouldn’t be able to exe. Snap executives will begin formally meeting with prospec- a career politician. staff Homologation services take a deep breath. administration. From 2011 to 2012.15 per In the filing.ch economic council?” at least two employ. Mr. Pfeffer warned. “This doesn’t mean deci.” Mr. and prepared for. Nor was Jim Mattis. Polzer said: “When people are pected to face questions about whether the Trump administration is a textbook really well. One difference between Snap and its rivals Facebook and Twitter makes it BY MICHAEL J. Spicer’s million people were using the app daily. just wait for health care. many staff members won. Mr. ucts. The unanimous verdict: Thus Far from encouraging and weighing box — are not expected to begin selling over time. Kalanick’s that change could be best affected TAX FREE & TAX PAID .s are on the administration had affected them. who co-founded Snap Inc. Mr. when he faced an onslaught of questions from upset employees. Every. professor of organiza. He had joined Mr. though Snap will probably “organizational genius.” And there’s another reason to con- ings. DE LA MERCED hard to compare their financials side by AND KATIE BENNER side: Those older social networks own their own server farms. and some self-awareness and “will discourage anyone from speaking The average user opens the app more of the few uses of the word “sexting” in a The conservative editorial page of prudent management principle. branded content like House spokesman. which will accelerate growth. John lessly hasty and poorly thought advertising conglomerate WPP. tion when Mr. pany said. the end of last year.000. “They should either get growth.” said Dan O’Sullivan. Trump’s policies. Still.

“However.” Mr. a luxury consultant who was an naled that Mr. That struggle has been exacerbated by executive. a translator for the American military said. North American Free Trade Agreement. Like many cede control of their businesses.Ex-Rts. tailers hard. announced Still. www. that have in.suspended. quicker way to get them to shoppers. But the Trump administration has Split at Ralph Lauren leaves a vacancy gret for what happened.ch Norwegian Krones. struck in collapse. at a show last fall.1 billion during the quarter a year ear. Chase. since hearing. staying in place for decades (Karl La. pledging strong. not only trans. Trump enlarged on this theme in priate. any creatives start their own line. For online listings and past and what you see is people from all over performance visit: International Funds the world wanting to invest in the U. Céline and Fendi in its and passions.48 m Global Emerging Markets K1(31/12/10) $ 127. Larsson unveiled the cent predecessors. ALTERNATIVE FUNDS OF FUNDS x-not registered with regulatory authority.” m Premier Total Return Fd $ 1309. for many Ameri. abrupt shake-up for one of the most rec. Tisci said in his statement. 10 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. top managers would be cut.70 hand. and I would like to warmly Bergdorf Goodman. the answer would humility on Thursday. has tried to set since taking over in view with a German newspaper in 2001. “No good business makes will be higher than they otherwise The IHT receives payment from fund groups to publish this information.10 rate the White House long-term comment. named Daniella Vitale as its new been widely credited with rehabilitating tume of yore — a Jacqueline Kennedy know nothing about devaluation. 77. said. “Serious errors were rency markets. Hepburn built.C.” tween the administration’s stated goals Under Mr.” he said. *.” also offered contradictory signals about “We would like to apologize sin.24 Spicer. 12 years. to increase in value. If you asked the Treasury secretary The unusually strong expression of his view of the dollar. suggests that the old days of designers store are underway for next year.28 price. But every expert I consulted said pacts on — on our ability in trade.” Mr. if you asked United has apologized in especially contrite States government officials their view terms for the long list of misdeeds that on the value of the dollar. A successor has not been an. on the creative the end of 2015. in the Trump administration requires operations on Wall Street. Taking the president’s words at face est rates and helped wealthy Russians value. the Treasury secre- dent Trump’s moves to block people “The chapter Riccardo Tisci has written may be finally. N. frastructure comes to fruition. S/S its start. would be. comes in the currency markets that are d Asia Pacific Performance B $ 36. was dent Trump.V. A result has been a rash of executive when Mr.weekly.” Mr. The list is not and shall not be deemed to be an offer by Some Trump defenders have said hoods. d Gutzwiller One $ 313. There are now 72 free-standing Rather.: +31 20 5722 110 d Asia Pacific Performance A € 25. MORNINGSTAR and the IHT do not warrant the quality or accuracy of the list. Lauren. It would duce the value of the United States cur- bank had endured a crisis in September divorce from Givenchy. (f) . Investments can fall as well as rise. d DPAM Eq L Eur Behav Val B € 43.” Ms.33 “When you’re on the receiving end of “I’m not aware of anyone who advo. SEK . at his confirmation Tel. FEBRUARY 4-5. like translators.46 of bid and offered price. The Trump administration looks to be gressive risk-taking that was part of the taking a different approach. and we “I have never seen so much move. Larsson is to leave the company in May. Drawing from the “And our companies can’t compete” be- take “substantial” cuts in their bonuses years ago. “My sense is that bring global investors. You look at what China’s do- lion settlement with the United States both recognize the need to evolve. Fargo said.48 a . o. have been American investment banking titans breaking tradition and talking about like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan PETER WHITE/GETTY IMAGES currency markets — and in many cases. itage house. Both before and since the inaugura- ence in the United States. That’s bad management.23 991 DEGROOF PETERCAM m Haussmann Hldgs N. we would seem to be in for a delib- to launder $10 billion. very strong. Trump’s policies. AUD . have been breaking tradition.2 bil.New. why leave? continually in motion.78 w Leaf Sicav $ 2825. senior vice president for creating a fully realized language for are about change and evolution. “Stefan and I share a love and respect chief executive. **. the chief execu. to work beside the fashion resulting from currency fluctuations after disagreements over the direction fast-fashion model. for executives to re. with tension building be- made. to Mr. to €18 18 per share. the biggest jobs involve putting an interview with The Financial Times “I hope to never go through some. currency issues more than any of his re- we need to be and want to be unless we AND VANESSA FRIEDMAN fashion on the global map. “border adjustment tax” would be a way à.” he said. it implies green cards or special immigrant That is a fundamental problem.87 STEWART. has tried to take a more from some predominantly Muslim coun. Mr.” said Marc Met. with pharmaceutical executives. Steven Mnuchin. Trump has weighed in on “We cannot be the international bank BY RACHEL ABRAMS other brands that helped put American von Furstenberg. Burke.” said Robert His appointment at Ralph Lauren sig.” he said. July 2015. clocking a very respectable tenure and “This clearly shows that a lot of folks tary nominee. for example. and rency. (And if it doesn’t. That may be “grossly undervalued. most certainly decline to answer. the outcomes will be bad.: +41 61 205 70 00 m Alpha Volatility Class A USD $ 147. Now it is rare that Navarro. the Affordable thing.” decisions that are based on false.Canadian Dollars. Riccardo Tisci.spinnakercaptial. between hot young designer and her. Cryan expressed “deep re. He had long re. and his or her heart was That is also the tone that Peter caused Deutsche Bank shares to plunge.” pel the dollar even higher. has been bumpy. “We The lender has been hiring more in. The €1. styled and soft-spoken.70 quotations supplied: (d) . supplied by the fund groups to MORNINGSTAR. just what it wants to see happen on cur- cerely. creased pressure to upset the status After decades leading the company. of the company.26 bi-mon hly.40 m Alpha Concentrated Class A USD $ 148. both designers and brands want to be valuation of the dollar. P:Middle that of a tearful Iraqi immigrant who into a first term is not promising.HK Dollars. productive management tool. the have deeper repercussions. he has made the But he did say that Deutsche Bank was thank him for his core contribution. But the push-and-pull be- and was laying off thousands of work.” he said. a designer’s name vantage and reducing the trade deficit. so I don’t feel comfort. Late last month.9 billion loss in the last three Citing creative differences between Riccardo Tisci. Paul O’Neill deviated from it in an inter- tive.Danish Krones. z: bid Airport after risking his life working as “someone would be fired. in hopes and October after reports emerged that Yet another seismic shift is taking place WWD reported on last month.asked + . The marginal Symbols indicate the frequency of m Gutzwiller Two (USD) $ 149.daily. He described the euro as thing like that again. That seems highly unlikely. the enduring image of Mr. It was safe. but all said that there is no empirical data or research But even that nuanced thought from m Premier US Equity Fund $ 6618. tween past and future was perhaps most The president and his aides ers. now 42.Swedish Krones. that the president thrives on chaos. Cryan declined to comment directly. mon of late they are starting to seem Louis Vuitton. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION business Chief regrets Trump team Deutsche garbles its Bank’s past message on misconduct the dollar FRANKFURT THE UPSHOT German lender absorbs Should it rise or fall? large legal settlement and Administration offers cuts managers’ bonuses contradictory signals BY JACK EWING BY NEIL IRWIN The chief executive of Deutsche Bank For a very long time.Not Available. point that over the longer run a strong proud to have employees of many na. chief executive of what appeared to be a happy marriage open this year. Other administrations have had course would hit American consumers and re- . and to a brand rency relative to its neighbors. But the number of em. the IHT or MORNINGSTAR to sell securities or investments of any kind.aspx president-elect made a comment on the e mail: rspencer@nytimes. able commenting on that specifically.. the luxury fashion re. Pre- Deutsche Bank has followed European Lauren said in a statement. H&M’s cheap chic offerings. with a Rome flagship set to else’s already gilded name. Greer Those comments. it was not meant to be 005 ABSOLUTE PERFORM Tel. “The tion and cost it billions of euros in fines currency is the purview of the Treasury and settlements. transforming the stagnant brand’s offer. currency.fortnightly. and corporate sides. challenge for a while. $ . if the administra- m Premier Global Bd Fd $ 2959. -@ Offer cans. erate effort by the administration to re- Mr. “Our dollar is too can deal with the largest economy in the has recently struggled to reinvent itself. brought in to shake things up.misquoted earlier. “It’s for 2016. is leaving Givenchy after held up as a model for the partnership ally. his grip on the company. Officials.O. and his decision to ap. and Bar. gerfeld has been at Chanel since 1983) thing a designer can do for a brand. to undercut his boss.com U. “Every other country lives on de- havior that eventually led to a $7.” would actually increase the value of the ZAR -Rand.ch For many people. visible on Inauguration Day for Presi.) Price incl.morningstar. Diane knowledgment that the brand needed a tion.Stock Split. designer responsible for redefining for formed Givenchy into one of LVMH’s 2005.” Mr. “I guess de.Yen. suggesting that the dollar is too highly Speaking slowly and with a grave de.32 141 PREMIER INVESTMENT FUNDS LTD c/o P.v. the strength in the currency as a result of free markets and people wanting to in- m Premier Global Yield Fd $ 2560. that interest rates in the United States The data in the list above is the n. It had valuation.64 999 OTHER FUNDS Mr. fashion and store presentation at them. and balanced approach to talking about the tries from entering the United States. S . the tax m Alpha Uncorrelated (€) Class A € 195. period. market. needed more surprising designs and a killing us.50 EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD PRIFUND . the company said on Thursday the French label Givenchy. Mr. Cryan’s leadership.com m Global Opportunity K1(31/12/10) $ 104. charge. The designer Ralph Lauren celebrates with Stefan Larsson. Tisci joined the house in was on the door. over brand’s direction The shake-up adds uncertainty about is often difficult for fashion founders to point Mr. Well. Larsson had outfit that looked like a first lady cos. Polzer said. went makeover. . that supports the notion that chaos is a Mr. That he was willing to end in 2005). the company cause the currency is too strong. the world’s other most widely used cur- afternoon. he caused a kerfuffle in global currency His comments at a news conference markets and quickly backtracked. Mnuchin is in tension with the out- d European Equities Class A € 177. to force Mexico to pay for a border wall. adding that bonuses of secretary. Ralph Lauren through a string of design heirs and re. when asked about Presi. The news creative director of Givenchy and the Mr.Australian Dollars.edr-prifunc. DKK Even good plans that are poorly rolled But I can say in general that in organi. for the DNA of this great brand. and we sit there like a bunch of Trend of designer moves strikes Givenchy accusations that it colluded with other dummies. instead blaming the media And more broadly. Higher interest rates will fides of the Fund Groups and will not be liable for the list. Box 1100.Ex-Dividend. It is collated and reformatted into the list before being transmitted to the IHT. the president’s press secretary. But Mr.US Dollars.a. with the House of Givenchy represents Linda Fargo.gutzwiller-funds. Past performance does not guarantee future success.” he said. (w) . While trying not Mr. the search for the next test begins. he had big ideas for and consumer unease. It was appropriate. Mr. but was often have grown to about $539 million annu. Management experts currency. “I now rick. 20 percent. or $2 billion. would be as high as $14 billion. and sales revenue is believed to in building a legacy. less chaos is a good But that policy’s adherents believe it www. Larsson. rumors of which formance of individual maisons in its fi. Larsson joined the business at and Mr. they played the devaluation Deutsche Bank has also had to deal with market.Sterlings. visas. Cryan said. “If either one is White House. neys New York. meanor. Larsson would leave May 1. get caught up in Pfeffer said.82 over a 10-year period. Shares fell nounced. Mr. for example. y: was detained at Kennedy International If this were the private sector. Ryan to say. out aren’t going to work well. HKD . nominee. urged a renegotiation of the 995 GUTZWILLER FONDS MANAGEMENT AG m Alpha Uncorrelated ($) Class A $ 215. CHF .” Ms. “The currency is very.9 interest of the United States. $ 2638. which also has brands such as wish to focus on my personal interests domestic economy will cause the dollar tionalities and religions. Old Navy’s dowdy image and expanding outfit for a Camelot-themed party. 3% prelim.” stabilization is the new normal. pled since Mr. Designer moves have become so com. could nancial results. The new chief reported example. **. with their assets.” he said in an interview with The world. gested he may go to Versace. ideas did not work for Mr.A. e . Mr. Separately.Euros. and Carolina Herrera parted to focus on the creative and practical Wall Street Journal in mid-January. Mnuchin said in his con- firmation hearing. however.Swiss Francs. tailer. the director of the White and led to speculation the bank might the Kardashian era the brand Audrey most successful brands. and it has proved to be an effective own. It was meant to be that perhaps in the short term. months of 2016 compared with a loss of them. an incredible vision to sustain its contin. Elizabeth Paton contributed reporting.55 CAD .Not Communicated. stores worldwide (compared with seven their talents at the service of someone this past week.S. the merits of the cates that. computer malfunctions that plagued time for Mr.: +41 58 818 95 68 E-mail: infoprifund@bper. (b) - leased after lawyers intervened. ployees at Givenchy has more than tri. reflected the words have been so standard that when tone that John Cryan.” points to a truism of the industry: that it chief executive. declining to house’s founder. So.23 execution and substance are inextrica. Once upon a time.54 ignore their views about the merits of past. (He was re. Trump takes no one’s counsel but his flocking into the United States and pro- It is advisable to seek advice from a qualified independent advisor before investing. the data of Fund Group to any extent. Y .91 m Haussman Holdings Class C € 2269. the future of Ralph Lauren. but once achieved. (r) That prompted even Mr. comments this past week at a meeting ceive large bonuses when the bank was century. House’s national trade council. said. But Mr. Grand Cayman Fax: (345) 949 0993 345 SPINNAKER CAPITAL GROUP www. . “I think when the For information please contact Roxane Spencer www. Care Act was indelibly tainted by the Everyone agreed that there was still dollar on currency markets by perhaps d USA Equities Class A $ 169. corrections and personnel shake-ups. resulting from his administration’s poli- d Asia Pacific Performance C € 23. and the policies it says it advocates.83 a policy decision. ing. and plans for a London an interesting intellectual and creative ply that the dollar is too strong against Frankfurt before recovering in the early LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. ment and disruption. cently agreed to part ways with a chief company’s Way Forward Plan. Tisci had. It would be inappro. Donald J. who characterized the re. uous success. enchy. signaled another step away from the ag. mean going home to Italy. which came as be equally rote: “A strong dollar is in the the bank disclosed a quarterly loss of 1.com m Alpha Volatility Class A Euro € 135.” they’d say. Sean d Asia Pacific Performance D $ 34. Tisci’s amicable portfolio. would nevertheless retain a strong pres. “Riccardo has accomplished every. € .20 m Alpha Concentrated Class A Euro € 135. Trump’s immigration policy will be But having to reorganize only weeks Wilbur Ross. N. Trump has not even acknowledged dian and Mexican currencies. an he was leaving after 12 years. Just on Thursday. Mr. of giving United States exporters an ad- the mortgage securities settlement in French fashion.63 price calculated 2 days prior to publication. whose aesthetic mirrors his own. Lauren left the chief executive job The path.” he ternal overseers to try to prevent the be. worked before. LVMH.73 . over. that Mr. the commerce secretary ++ -Amsterdam exchange. Lauren.” banks to manipulate benchmark inter. Cryan views on how to evolve the creative and But the move at Ralph Lauren also sisted appointing someone else as a parsing the words and policy proposals said on Thursday that Deutsche Bank after dispute with founder consumer-facing parts of this business.” Mr. after all. E: estimated price. that come from several different places. it no longer holds the same allure. Mr.) a problem. was loosening dicting the direction of currency policy rivals like Credit Suisse in scaling back Chief executive quitting we have found that we have different executive at Ralph Lauren in the 1990s. valued. Cryan acknowledged that the BY VANESSA FRIEDMAN yawn-inducing. chief executive of the Ralph Lauren brand. decision and the execution go hand in really know what’s going on in the d Asia Pacific Performance F $ 102.S. for an impression of upheaval in the tion’s plan to cut taxes and increase in- “No one wanted to see people with White House. ings into must-have clothing for the 21st quo. ways with her chief executive this year sides of the business.28 done poorly. president of Saks Fifth Avenue. Mr.” which would im- as much as 7 percent on Thursday in Bernard Arnault. . Larsson’s moves in the industry. Lauren. a Ralph Lauren powder-blue cashmere lier. suggested that a policy known as the d DPAM Eq L Eur Behav Val F € 46. the data of the performance all of this. ognizable brands. in- lender’s attempt to keep pace with cluding the president himself. does not break down the per.com/Cover/Funds.Offer Prices. Similarly. Tel.95 bly linked.Paris exchange. said in a statement Thursday. Mr. they would al- tarnished the German lender’s reputa. Larsson’s departure is the latest not paying a dividend to shareholders But as it turned out. prompted a sell-off of the Cana- m Gutzwiller Two (CHF) CHF 104. when Melania Trump wore €2. officially. When Stefan Larsson joined Ralph Lau. “I don’t cies. give exact figures. he added. In June. Polzer said. Larsson was considered an ac. the French conglomerate that owns Giv. Mr.” But rumors have sug. Mr. NOK . Trump to right the ship. the creative director of lationship as a “partnership” at the time.” Those billion euros. you look at what Japan has done Justice Department related to the over the years — they played the money bank’s sale of toxic mortgage securities.” zational settings. FROM PAGE 9 management approach for him in the vest here may have had negative im- m Premier Intl Equities Fund $ 3643. Deutsche Bank’s top managers will ren as its chief executive less than two global slowdowns in high-end fashion.

is widely perceived to be authori. protests against the trials. where disputes over islands boasted about his election victory and tested a missile on Sunday. and from a nominally secular government that seems to have tried. notice of out of an economic or even political have to wait. murred when asked about any bargain conservative population. Navarro. Bangla. the subject of much Trumpist prime minister. There’s any position of responsibility and realize that candidate Trump’s prom. strategy — cunning schemers don’t Paul Krugman Mexico. now in its second term tions that gave birth to our nation. who wrote achingly classes or seeming weak to the wider upon its return to power in 2001.). which killed top Awami League Islamists’ imagination: Nonviolent vised textbooks. after all. Since members deshis continually evaluate what they long on a Muslim curriculum.” Then he abruptly ended the tion has been alienating our allies. is a writer based in K. Texts by non-Muslim writers — includ- ing some revered as part of Bengali heritage. a network of madrasa leaders who hope to introduce Shariah in Bangladesh. waste time boasting about their election Union. sometimes staging violent shift over the past few decades. en to invade Australia. And Iran. This is exactly what Islamists have long wished for. disputes. But why these changes now. But even as the government tries to curb Islamist terrorism. under Ziaur Rahman. thought.. language with religion in that role. Bengali. feat. ment to take some of the refugees Aus. But the White Trump’s confrontational phone calls. of course. which cannot be executed by fiat. a river in southern Bangladesh is today: on a path to creep..N. tralia has been holding. In universities. Trump’s new much more of this. look increasingly attractive. least 50 civilians. particularly Hefazat-e- Islam. has in fact invaded Mexico in the many of exploiting the United States you’d immediately remove him from face: as working-class voters began to of our alliance — especially because past.. 2017 | 11 Opinion Bangladesh’s creeping Islamism Religious K. it seems. the White getting worse — perhaps because he Partly this worry reflected Donald cause it’s so weirdly gratuitous. told our neighbor’s democratically proxy war in Ukraine. victories and whining about media And while there may be an element of Well. . accused Ger. and the Mexicans have not forgot. Over time.N. foreign distractions would with China. Many have few extrava- anti-Islamic. In fact. You aren’t Ukraine. But the violence has been ing secularism as a threat to Islam. and one more thing: Peter America and the world can’t take well with foreign governments. fight a trade war. arguably America’s most military is scared. aren’t supposed to make that sort of of the world’s most powerful military. aca- demics and religious minor- ities. border wall to sell you. to clamp down on Islamists in other ways? The ruling The Awami League government has been criti- seems to waver cized for being apathetic and between blaming the appeasing and victim during a containing spate of attacks nonviolent in 2015 and 2016 against liberal Islamists.S. Donald the menace The most likely flash point seemed to with Malcolm Turnbull. killing at group meetings. In any case. husudan Dutt. I have a Mexico-paid-for be had here. A changes are a small price to pay for running the country. (But never Russia. B. forcing the The Awami League authorities forc. ANIS AHMED Hussain Mohammed Ershad declared streets. been cast as a martyr of state repres. To the founder of the Bangladesh National. Dickens of Bengali literature. with an undervalued currency. In his conversa. had an employee behaving this way.) conversation after only 25 minutes. and it was a signature achievement for the ruling Awami League this year. invoked religious sentiment to in May 2013 as Hefazat called for turn. purge is the great poet Michael Mad- drawing criticism from the cultured Things took a dire turn as B. especially During my school years in the 1980s. Islamists have suc. First comes Australia. it set up a special tribunal to The battle for a secular Bangladesh is galling concession to the sectarian view cradle of their national identity. We will. much closer to Islamist forces like vastly exaggerated. some claimed by groups affiliated with Al Qaeda or the Islamic State. Today. But there has been a significant 2014. Are they? This isn’t be China. don’t sound like the working syndrome. It religion was a matter of personal choice. Hefazat — nothing like Jamaat — has authors have been dropped. is a Most Bangladeshis see Bengali as the was one of the new country’s founding In 2009. in other re- spects it appears to waver between appeasing and containing nonviolent religious conservatives. definitely a provocation. ment again.” a scarf worn by women for modesty. shows on cable TV. This is a delicate maneuver. and principles. and songs of the Sufi icon Lalon Shah. which I doubt it. doing enough to stop them. Australia is one of the countries we will ten — was a lighthearted joke. Austral. gances in their lives. so I Russia’s actions. on notice” raises the question. however. In a poem I remem- ties are even entertaining the demands Jamaat. and on Fox News but doesn’t go down nation that has fought by our side again of it. more serious control. I think your House has said nothing at all about responds to each debacle with a desper- Trump’s addiction to bombast and ia is. as any two nations will. leaders and scores of civilians. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. at least Mr. Are we ready for a war? reports on crowd sizes. exclusion of the great novelist Sarat in many countries/But none to quench When Bangladesh became independ. it hit the opposition with a sion. about his belated embrace of his native populace. a Hindu classic that Islam- ists reject as foreign to the Muslim canon. when the dictator The B. but government officials ing. Think about it: If you also reflected a cold view of the incen. he did just that. Also gone are a small excerpt from the Ramayana. what we’re hearing sounds like a ministration’s crisismongering. maybe The Australian confrontation has elected leader: “You have a bunch of McCain called on the president to help been utter chaos. and such accounts And now schools. tighter sanctions aren’t going to hap.” Oh.S. tarian. and has emerged as a powerful Chandra Chattopadhyay. a just might send them down to take care obvious. Senator John ty. ahead of the 2014 general election. party to pry Hefazat away from B. head of Mr. gotten the most press. There was also a curious contrast No. drew Rights Watch. one might call modernizing the madrasas’ curriculum. It’s true that non. After democracy was restored in 1991. the Charles the thirst of my longings. people openly celebrate Valentine’s after highly controversial elections in then in the 1980s. a party disgraced for was destined to target the group’s lead. probably be. And Turnbull of sending us the “next Boston what? Given the way the administra. It would make sense for the Bangladesh and publisher of the Dhaka Islam as the state religion. that Hindu writers like him do not be. whose syncretic faith is anath- ema to Muslim conservatives. this is tion with President Enrique Peña Nieto between the response to Iran and the man who is out of his depth and out of For the past couple of months. the marches and sit-ins that Hefazat staged to fast during Ramadan. accusing Mr. eat in standard political gambit. And this guy is commander in chief insincere. public during the holiday and you may this. of Jamaat had collaborated with the will or will not accept in the name of A dark political calculation may be evict Dutt from our textbooks today is to ist Party (B. he provocation: Russia’s escalation of its master his feelings of personal insecuri- that the Trump administration might psychological syndrome.P. who can’t even pretend to ful people have been quietly worrying strategy and more and more like a According to The Associated Press. Jamaat in order to reduce the impact of Proponents of the revisions say the the two leading parties traded places also supported the nonviolent mass No one batted an eyelid if you chose not any future protests by its archrivals. while some Muslim Kapotakkha. language. however. secularism cascade of legal cases. Our military isn’t. Islamists have long sought to replace first in the 1970s. And the European bombers. The strike at the heart of the cultural convic- Jamaat-e-Islami. Tribune. in the South China Sea could easily turn complained about an existing agree. students across Bangladesh wait eagerly for their new secularism as textbooks. FEBRUARY 4-5. accusation unless they’re prepared to Thanks. But the war with China will. Strangely.N. Anis Ahmed conservatives have managed DHAKA. pen. on time. this administration a strategy. when the Awami League was in govern. bloggers. tives the new administration would nothing that should disturb the strength U. he says of the of Hefazat says a lot about where groups. mouthpiece for Islamic demands. “Many rivers I have seen ing Islamism. Comey. The Bengali letter “o” used to stand for “ol. cynical calculation in some of the ad. now it stands for “orna. Liberation War of 1971.. allowing the rise of terrorist have become a touchstone in some Muslim writers still appear in the re. If you an interesting economics discussion to strongly suggest that he seek counsel- ises about jobs and health care were need to rely on if there is a confrontation believe that. and for them that The new day is as thrilling as Christmas morning in other countries. but ing that this threat — remember. ibly dispersed those crowds. social media and One of the casualties of the recent being struck — presumably they fear Awami League to play defense. to curriculum more than 42 million children is no small proves it. have White House sources are now claim. But it and again. But public appreciation was quickly overtaken by outrage over the quiet revisions that appeared in books for classes ranging from primary grades to high school.P. be chided by strangers. Trump didn’t threat. Mr. This was doesn’t seem prepared on any front. that the authori. according to Human ceeded to an alarming degree in paint. president ventional war of words with Iran. BANGLADESH Every year on the to paint first day of school. the court Islam. seem to wear jeans as hijabs.N. which plays fine in Breitbart faithful friend in the whole world. bad hombres down there. isn’t it? only leads to a fresh debacle. Young Awami League. But the Bangladesh. But this is the age of Trump: In a call The blowups with Mexico and Aus. looking less and less like a political of Mexico. collaborating with the Pakistani army. It started cracking down hard after a massacre at a cafe in Dhaka last July.P. because Hefazat has a committed power base among its mem- bers and people who sympathize with SHONAGH RAE its aspirations for Shariah.P. broaden its appeal with an increasingly ing Bangladesh into an Islamic state. only it comes at a lasting cost to Yet government officials have de. The Awami League seems to have agreed to the textbook revisions in exchange for bringing the state-sanc- tioned curriculum into private ma- drasas and subjecting the schools to some government scrutiny. His first two weeks in office have get us into a foreign policy crisis. and things just keep even a war. in it’s a into shooting incidents. tough talk. if unevenly.” a yam. the U. like the classical poet Gyandas or the contemporary novelist Sunil Gangopadhyay — have been removed. ber reading in school. the National Trade Council.N. ers. Thanks to culture. House warning that it was “putting Iran particular.-Jamaat alliance took to the Day.P. In turn. as many women lurking behind these changes. It soon came under siege — prosecute crimes committed during the both political and cultural. This is getting a bit ate attempt to change the subject that swagger. who rehabilitated the Pakistani Army back then. Distributing over 360 school million textbooks for free. Australia’s tralia have overshadowed a more con.” ent from Pakistan in 1971. response to another.

women traveled in pairs and they often strummed folk tunes togeth.R. Ko Ni. Hospital usually included gunshot and mined to test not just the missile. Senior V. the war of. Ko Ni’s death. with good tion’s re. BETTMAN. In a TOM BODKIN. nam were small in number compared 1965 through 1972.” his national security Corps personnel and civilians who After nurses.. Recent college graduates in 1966 joined the Red Cross to serve refreshments and present recreational programs to American servicemen in Vietnam.P. or sit and talk. fered an opportunity to travel and worked in the Army’s communications postpone marriage and motherhood. It was one of sponse. V. V. U Thein Than Oo. DEAN BAQUET. Combat. “As of today we are ing mechanism. Cpl. Others en. leadership. which does not cover mis. ize their own fear were there from the beginning: As the nam War. teered. our idea of “combat” is male- for the lifting of international sanctions. write letters. read.P. cute.R. among Myanmar’s long-persecuted Rohingya Muslims. most re- of a Muslim and juice. Of the military women who served in tions. reportedly shouted. a Donut nurses. Deputy Publisher Heather Stur cally altered life. tending to their emo. Calif.P. because of an antiwar protest. “It is a bad situation here. booby traps. about 5.P. They broke the news of history at the University of Southern The murder a key member of Myanmar’s governing National League brought with them games. she processed his than the average her job despite the fear and isolation sanctions to expand penalties on firms that support since World War II. One. adding. V. JAMES BENNET. received his Van Devanter. sored trip to Indonesia to discuss democracy and conflict viser and resolution — has the hallmark of a political assassina- tion. Senior V. But after he died in a helicopter that a man would never walk or see Mississippi and the author. their exposure to combat and its tensions with Iran without creating a path toward con. “The motivation of the incident is to undermine the country’s stability. For some women. experience of war. ambushes. every three months because of the For now. she needed to put distance between carried wounded servicemen across Gender in the Vietnam War Era. snacks. Defense Department officials of women compartmental.000. Trump would seize any excuse to blow up the 2015 nucle. this week’s launch does not violate en in the 1960s. car wrecks and other pated in the war. Long after the war. crash in March 1969. attacks on three border guard posts sig- naled the emergence of an armed resistance. International Consumer Marketing and he had only six months left in the ration for the television drama “China TERRY TANG. We forget that became too much. the test is not wanted to support the war effort or to wives. friendly and caring. They served coffee We remember enlisted man. soldiers’ physical wounds.A. Lt.. President.O.” before opening fire. and troops.. International Operations military hospital in a war zone. flying the planes more wounded men. who lived in Beach. that did not shield them from combat. that traumatic. managed an Army mortuary in that calls on Iran to refrain from testing ballistic missiles. For Vietnam deployed with the Women’s nurses.D. ing the names of her patients as a cop- that could lead to a military conflict.” lawyer robs country’s fragile democracy. Russia and Germany. NEW TENSIONS WITH IRAN Ives was killed in action on April 23. and thirdly the peace process. Like Ms. public killing — Daw Aung he was shot at point-blank range outside Yangon Interna- San Suu Kyi tional Airport after returning from a government-spon- of a top ad. missile would alarm America and other countries in the deployed with the Red Cross as part of A Red Cross worker with servicemen in Vietnam in November 1966. VIA GETTY IMAGES high school bus was rerouted one day Given these tensions. but also whether Mr. Publisher A. . which earned them the Vietnam as Smiling was a her “Eleanor Rigby” face that she kept his family. It should work with the major and donuts. a prominent Muslim lawyer and S. listed in the military for college and Saigon. she realized that again. on large bases where servicemen could Dolly who was stationed in the Mekong the double duty of treating the physical were there to help lighten the burden of shoot pool. in highlighting Iran’s Cross women worked to boost the in the war... but she wanted Vietnam. Tex. Ko Ni’s murder deprives Myanmar’s civilian of sectarian leader. ley. and both sides have to share the has the last letter he wrote to her. usually by helicopter. though. the combat was their job. . Some staffed recreation centers worked with. Many grew close to the men they Saigon in 1956 to train Vietnamese of that. life-shatter- fearing the impact on troop morale of for Donut Dollies. offered to go to Vietnam because they home” for the troops. FEBRUARY 4-5. their last breaths. icemen who were injured there. Denke. China. job requirement in a jar by the door. just south of Waco. Global Advertising Joyce Denke was 19 years old when her ately needed bit of normalcy. Janie Miller. there was no apparent attempt to discuss saw the consequences of combat. U Kyi Lin. Michael Flynn. may unleash fresh spasms of sectarian violence between the country’s Buddhist majority and its Muslim minority. the majority. independent investigation into Mr. notably on reforming Myanmar’s military-drafted Constitution. combat: walking point. and offering an to so many. The office of Myanmar’s president issued a statement saying. program in Vietnam.” U Win Htein. Nurses with wounded American soldiers as they prepare to depart from Vietnam. In response.. Some nurses held men as they cried out for their parents and took HEATHER STUR is an associate professor The murder of U Ko Ni. the first the missile issue with Iran privately and no coordination WACs went to Vietnam to train person- women like Ms. International Conferences fiancé. the constant low roar of in- under which Iran curbed its nuclear program in return jured. the Iranians seemed deter. She often was one of the first to the 2015 nuclear agreement. Military nurses. it was at once utterly incongruous and a desper- SUZANNE DALEY. Strange. and sometimes servicemen.G. She wanted to do something the Trump have known that the launch of the medium-range Shahab to honor his service. a career see for themselves what was really They should be the girl next door — believed that there were probably guys WAC who served in Korea and Viet- considered a violation of 2015 United Nations resolution happening on the ground. through the Army Nurse Corps. deepest love.A. Too often.A. secondly political and civic leaders who want to amend the mili- tary-drafted Constitution. on Sunday is a serious blow to the In the pre-departure training session. The varieties of rowly escaping death. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The Vietnam War story is a tale of sorts of bloody trauma. things she had to do during the war. Women’s Army officially putting Iran on notice. told reporters Wednesday. Women who served in Viet- same. It was Ms. Lynda ACHILLES TSALTAS. Iran was dangerously provocative in conducting a Ives’s death inspired Ms. She ing missiles. but thousands volun. girlfriends. 1967. reports. read the names of men who were killed siles. She went through basic April 19. of the women were in their early 20s. S. From and sadness historian Kara Dixon Vuic has shown. It could use existing American women overseas to work with troops officer in battle. he firing the weapons. And despite what Mr. of a talented and trusted adviser. powers to strengthen efforts. warheads. employment benefits after recruiters perky innocence but were impractical would not have to face the pain of know. its Supplemental Recreational Activi- reason: A weekend shift at Boston City new president. he didn’t imme. frightened soldiers feel Houser. The young couple. Iran needs to refrain from test. of “Beyond Combat: Women and for Democracy party. a prominent lawyer and a colleague of Mr. soda er. International Human Resources orders for Vietnam. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION opinion Combat nurses and Donut Dollies the threshold from combat to a drasti- ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER JR. de- uphold the feminine image her patients SUZANNE YVERNÈS. offered possible motivations. and so in 1970 she LARRY RAY/AMERICAN RED CROSS to help take care of American serv- administra.P. “Home Before Morning. or death. excitement about their future life to- she suppressed her emotions and gether. a WAC who volunteered for new missile-related sanctions in a way that does not The Red Cross had sent teams of few years older better. Col. nearly 630 women about the war. at times it almost threw down a challenge that was itself provocative and and taking casualties. International Chief Financial Officer cided not to let the war dampen their expected and needed. At the same time. She called it putting on records and sent his personal effects to Iran’s missile program.” referring to talks initiated by Ms. “my very sile launch blame. under United Nations sanc. 12 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. a risky path central role in that story. the next largest num- adviser. and one gy Agency said they are not capable of carrying nuclear of her jobs was to process casualty still the expected roles for young wom. however. Like nurses. It was one of the hardest nickname “Donut Dollies. But she without making it mandatory. Associate Editor JEAN-CHRISTOPHE DEMARTA. dealing with with Britain. dust and mud. and joined the WAC after her Yemen. and send a LARRY RAY/AMERICAN RED CROSS strong message: assassinations will not be tolerated or go unpunished. They to the American memory of the Viet- agree to missile limits if Saudi Arabia and Israel did the asked the Red Cross to establish an served.O. the administration says it intends to impose promised they would not be sent to in Vietnam’s heat. The brutal. and to some degree for S. Dave. Flynn has said. ties Overseas program. a rare prominent Muslim in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. However. Last October. and Mobile Riverine Force.. even though the International Atomic Ener. Asia-Pacific Temple. Not sexual. bring the perpetrators to justice. did so ing. at the age of 20. Ms. and they started making plans steeled herself to cope with the mental to get married when he came home in burden of being soothing and pretty to November. Red Cross instructors told the women herself and the guys she worked with.L. She rotated her staff through Their powder-blue dresses projected a went onto the Vietnam Wall.” That would..” was the inspi- JAMES DAO. center from 1969 through 1970. Trump campaigned against the deal.. Literally and figuratively.R. Aung San Suu Kyi between ethnic armed groups and the military.” wore ribbons in her hair to HELENA PHUA. At the time. Critically. provide a perfect pretext for Myanmar’s military to reassert its power and further hobble the civilian government.O. Managing Editor STEPHEN DUNBAR-JOHNSON. to fire support bases in remote areas A BLOW TO MYANMAR’S DEMOCRACY where troops waited to go into battle. What this state- ment means is unclear. lost her commanding affect the nuclear deal. thrum of helicopters bringing in still centered — we think about the men diately jettison it after the missile launch. of course. with inter- national terror links. It is incumbent on Myanmar’s authorities to launch a thorough. wounds. Linda Pugsley was a 22-year-old 1967. but they had to be so much games. She unstable region and would be red meat for the impulsive figured she could handle it. broken and dying men. but because What is most important is to find ways to manage served in Vietnam through the pro. play Delta with the Ninth Infantry Division wounds of servicemen. Nurses treated nel in South Vietnam’s Women’s Armed other major powers that are parties to the nuclear deal. Nothing could have prepared her for Although Mr. troubling behavior. Ko Ni. Myanmar’s military launched a brutal counterinsurgency campaign that has resulted in a humanitarian crisis and sent tens of thou- sands of Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh. International Circulation service. dated Force in 1967. several ways American women partici. mostly in clerical jobs. listen to music. became Vietnamese civilians. As the war deepened. raises fears Mr. After just seven weeks in Vietnam. International it reminded their patients of home. a man’s war. France. They frontation. stab wounds. as was ballistic missile test this week.P.” Police in Myanmar announced on Wednesday that they have now arrested four men. ac- cused of being the gunman.” training and flight school and was was provoca. Denke still registered nurse working at Boston It didn’t take long for tensions to flare between Iran and City Hospital when she joined the Air Tehran’s mis. and the governing party violence. too. nurses cently. including the recent attack on a Saudi tional wounds. a make lonely. Army Corps. Officials in Tehran must join the American Red Cross and go to about the Vietnam War. served with the Red Cross regularly ber of servicewoman who went to Moreover. without any release for Others traveled. Editorial Page Editor CHANTAL BONETTI. ar deal. and Red Forces Corps. mothers and sisters. Flynn was right. President Trump. friends with a soldier named Michael emotional salve to injured and dying themselves. Emily Strange. she had encountered whose names nam. a nurse whose memoir. About 700 WACs served Mr. Another worry is that the murder of Mr. Executive Editor MARK THOMPSON. the Army began deploying nurses to with the men who served. gram.. He signed it. Creative Director PHILIPPE MONTJOLIN. seeing friends die. nar. Stacy. Pugsley eventually stopped learn- displayed an eagerness to confront Iran. Linda McClenahan grew up in Berke- Navy patrol boat by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from Women were not subject to the Viet. “We lost a hero. and she had to show up and do Vietnam in 1968. V. Deputy Editorial Page Editor CHARLOTTE GORDON. She had become close with Stacy because they both played guitar. the though. she herself felt. Strange’s job to work’s emotional toll. David Ives. Executive V. Vietnam. Denke to commissioned a second lieutenant. she says she in action. maimed and dying men. thousands of women also played a Ms. remains central Another idea would be an initiative to persuade Iran to war. Chief Executive Officer Some nurses wore perfume because JOSEPH KAHN. a reminder of and stopped becoming their friends. what was already looking to be a long But thousands so they had to the war. SULZBERGER.P.” In 1965. When Pinkie Vietnam. nam-era draft. a spokesman for the party lamented. she had no political feelings tive. “firstly the N. but morale of troops. as well as Iran’s expanding influence in Iraq. they had consequences was concentrated. It was early 1967. Most ing for sure. Instead. to interdict missile technology shipments to Iran. Deputy Editorial Page Editor PATRICE MONTI. “You can’t act like that. Some military women that they were meant to be a “touch of So she stopped learning their names..

The president “extreme” — Trump’s word. with scant accountability and Trump. nuclear deal it still does not trade with If. and to uphold mism abroad. as Presi. or even symbolic mili. If we send a The truth is that even if the numbers the Islamic State. thought he could get on the right side of “Do you believe it? The Obama ad. your newspaper subscription includes ception in the region and among Mr. Fifth. not protection. alone. He is only inciden. Manus and refugees as the haste and impru. ness. intelli. inviting the very of our own security. network of nearby bases. that whose values run counter to his. and at home we under- urgent. not fear nytimes. hammered President Barack Obama missile ban was put in place in 2010 only of superior military capacity will all be for failing to enforce a red line the to pressure Iran to reach a nuclear deal. The nuclear deal and eager to cast America needless provocation of a friend. For the latest offers. the find much inter- Obama administration itself placed America for national support. He has hung in the campaign. Acting out of fear is not our way. especially in the wake of Iran’s provocative actions and the need sile tests are not part of the nuclear all the administration’s tough talk. attacks by already restive State Department to tion.S. is not wrong about tion have acknowledged. implying Muslims are less torture. ballistic mis. Our Middle East ways to punish attacks against Americans. and deploy tens of Iran’s boats circled American warships South China Sea. have been marooned on two re. now with United States had drawn in Syria. only “calls upon” Iran to re- frain from certain missile activities. Manus or Nauru has moved yet despite need to be prepared to manage the to respond adequately to previous would isolate the United States and let constitute Washington’s highest-level alism. particularly Muslims from the discovers that Trump has taken his Middle East. because ref- he grabs The Washington Post and ugees. Nine out of 10 refugees live in less worthy of absolute prohibi. diplomacy is Trump’s embrace of Putin was not some schooling for their children. support for the Houthi rebels in Yemen. good reason for there is simply not a lot of space for mind that Trump’s inaccurate tweet is sia than with America’s European allies. With Iran’s presidential elections cally concluded: “As of today. Close this chapter undefined red response options. this “dumb deal” reflects mayhem at the Trump to dismiss these stranded. issued a blunt warning maintain a wide array of sanctions words with military action — like carry. The the next “Boston bombers” America’s United States got help with some na- way. 12. deal had been concluded. while the United tain its rather inexpensive military abuse. It has its own range of Trump’s White House coterie hatches by Anne C. human rights and ing out a threat he made last fall that if and China is flexing its muscles in the That is already clear. gence. as refugees. prejudice-reeking temporary ban photographer Ashley Gilbertson to see under the Geneva Conventions. for the sake the same security. refugee deal now looks near worthless. The vetting is already provocations. and lawlessness on which they feed. we are gram — creating a far greater set of America-first contempt. except that are Iranians persecuted by the Islamic of illegal immigrants from Australia. counterproduc. shelter and from Myanmar. hatred of the media. We are already living through the risk a free-for-all in which even more worst refugee crisis since World War refugees are denied a home.” If it were. and the despair and message that it is acceptable to close of refugees we take in are small. mis- States rightly provides vast military. be Muslim? security. Sec. If we create a tier of second-class ment in the first place: survivors of can diplomats have joined the United refugees. Only about 18. sanctions. communications with a world held in 21st-century big-data autocracy and up by a C-130. we tion in interna. 2013. or gan. but that East. international culture and lifestyle content. the United notice.” Richard recalls Australian Roger Cohen “worst call by far” with world leaders officials telling her. anti-intellectu. spent fighting terrorism since Sept. None of this is to argue against re- sponding to Iranian provocations in the Start the day with the whole story. Fine. another Iranian called children who. Cut loose from partners are deeply worried by these line with Iran Iran for the tests.and treated human beings as “Boston bomb- WASHINGTON In an unusual appear. FEBRUARY 4-5. a filmmaker. We must never — less than 1 percent — of all refugees second-class displaced people allow our values to become the collat- in the world are ever resettled in the who happen to eral damage of a search for greater United States or any other country. a roof over their heads and decent ballistic missile test and a recent attack ballistic missiles. the reality is sia and China but even our European matic measures to increase costs on that they do not. grounds of faith terrorist threat — to the conflicts that This disparity points to another. enough. pressure on the Iraqi government to sanctions on Iran over its ballistic humiliation which would be deny the United States access to the missile program and supported the or war. Flynn out to make his remarks. Richard. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. financial and diplo- more effectively to Iran. States.” in the words of Ronald Rea- United Nations Refugee Agency identi. It was Tillerson inspiration to be brave. cases been officially recognized. prompt an escalation by the United weapons shipments from Iran. There’s no surer way to drive Why? I will study this dumb deal!” outcome for a business whereas nuclear the president to paroxysms than to First.. that recalls the darkest moments of its neighbors’ affairs. or to discriminate we do the bare minimum. bluster and ambiguous public red lines Why will it prove so difficult to back Third and most important.com/unfold JOLIE. including terrorist seat-of-the-pants policy and leaves his assistant secretary of state for popula. public fashion — he has set himself and the United States up for Mr. necessary to contain the Iranian threat. they have the right. as Mr. 2017 | 13 opinion U. Flynn melodramati. stranded the same traits of 2014. Commissioner for Refugees. Flynn from 2013 to 2015. It also continues to Trump plans to back up his adviser’s alliance at a time when United States disorienting power. to Australia. to Australia: Get lost Let’s further imagine that all this kept secret. Discover the world’s most trusted perspective. “so that I can see my blood and Philip Gordon behavior. refugees and migration. Michael T. partners on board. Flynn cited as the basis for punish- ing Iran. Muslims are this do to the our way. we do it to have to make common cause with among them on the basis of religion. We the door to refugees. need of protection. forces. They have become an acute accused Turnbull of preparing to send embarrassment to Australia.500 men. the former U.” is a propagator of It is grotesque and offensive for carry on with its missile tests and main- tain Iran. was the Additionally. or religion? give space and oxygen to groups like more sobering reality. mine the ideal of diversity cherished I have visited countless camps and ment of refugees. Flynn and finding a way out of its predicament Twitter-driven movement whose goal is ers. which the United States is a signatory. unfold The New York Times International Edition small irony if President Trump. obligations are no longer important. Trump’s doomsday prejudice and give activities and want Washington to only sets up he is unlikely to American troops forces in Iraq. the pressing Australian interest in head of a TV. the effective use of intelligence Sit back. Trump’s insults should officially putting Iran on notice. would hope any president of our great instability we seek to protect ourselves If we Americans say that these nation would lead on behalf of all against. essential to make bases where it trains Iraqi security Saudis in Yemen with weapons. we fuel extre- risk or who might not survive without keep their borders open. who missiles — especially missiles that can against Iran. in appalling conditions that have next “Boston dence have been me. If all the administration Council on Foreign Relations. million Syrian refugees in Turkey fuel extremism against discrimi. mote South Pacific islands. Flynn’s words with significant dent Trump contemplates his options. as well Let’s imagine for a moment Rex Tiller. visit Base refugee policy on facts.” problems than ballistic missile tests — hard-line constituencies opposed to the There is. the newly installed secretary of be wondering — as is the rest of the more refugees from Central America. including direct use of force Mr. which military advisers and thought this all warning so imprecise — in such a dra- matic. of on immigration the suffering. and relentless mental bombers. This is where I across continents. homophobia. Indeed. No way! Many of the refugees ministration agreed to take thousands contempt for rules. For Australia. overwhelming majority is not more security adviser.000 Syrians have abroad. more global opinion and more up failing to enforce his own. FROM PAGE 1 with refugees. chel Noble.. standing. that his task will be a thankless one as — was signed in September in New York have suffered and been bounced around carry nuclear warheads — are destabil- izing. for more than three years Australia’s Qaeda in Yemen. likely response. deaths through negli. and even United Nations hope that President Trump met with his with his performance: By issuing a Security Council Resolution 2231. geting the weakest does not show in rich Western nations. with the refugees and the American to circumvent democratic institutions that sullies America. When the countries use national security as an America. At which point Tillerson must really as Australian commitments to take son. to include a prohibition on ballistic region. For generations Ameri. Vetting to on a Saudi naval vessel by Yemeni thousands of military personnel on a about identifying shared interests. which tantrums of a tempestuous president racism. state. any further sanc. ANGELINA JOLIE.” Muslim equals terrorist is an idea ance in the White House briefing room partners in the region.250 of the 2. either an embarrassing retreat or a risky confrontation. It’s not easy to get in. contrary to a widespread per. Flynn. as is the fact that a job. the “thousands” are in fact about to dismiss botched Navy has languished there since Aug. Marines are rotating through Darwin tally the president. Australian history. international standards on the treat. Trump remember. nation on the So we must look to the sources of the been resettled in America since 2011. ia’s department of immigration. that would be hard to enforce. oh yes! I am alive. to from seven Australia does not want prying eyes. and women and children at Nations in urging those countries to worthy of protection. Australian hopes they’d all be scooped consequences. of course. The president wants servative and might therefore have American ally: to run the United States like his busi. we can be sure that What could this mean for the Rohingya The lesson of the years we have they deserve the safety. make Iran pay a price. I went to Manus last year with the ond. . all Americans to be concerned about significantly reconfiguring our regional as their implacable enemy. Iran may not react. Any of these responses might gence and Navy patrols to interdict tions effective. “We really want to mothball these colm Turnbull after telling him it’s his places. Drawing Second.8 tional law strength. excuse to start turning people away. were such a sensitive issue Australia bashing further.S. Trump signed accords between allies notwith- whose status as refugees has in most is in way over his skis. Wednesday. of course). Why? Because when Mr. and and Nauru. fact desperate people fleeing conflict for America and all of humanity.com and a wealth of Obama’s domestic critics that his ad. guaran. is the spe- II. refugees. we divide ourselves. bankruptcy is the worst conceivable Republic. even since the making his threat empty. ends and they refused to extend it once that All of those are more advisable than more in-depth analysis. awakening to this tweet from world after two weeks of fast-tracked Poor Turnbull who’s white and con- President Trump about an important chaos from Trump. it weird whim but reflected a fundamental enter the United States takes at least 18 and made gestures at their crews “they militants supported by Iran. If we create refugees. or bourg and the Solomon Islands. or at least warnings. then. Iran resume its nuclear weapons pro. There are countries in Africa and teeing more instability. President interest in strengthening its Australian through the exercise of hypnotic and What refugees like Satah want by an Flynn. or values we worsen the very problem we And in fact only a minuscule fraction a tier of millions of other are trying to contain. Tar- poor and middle-income countries. women and SEAL raid on Al His roommate. Indeed. under Mr. scheduled for the spring. I for a vigorous response. They argued that the ballistic and covert action. President Trump’s national or invest in Iran. action? he will also have to consider Iran’s PHILIP GORDON. referring to Manus (behind Vladimir Putin. up Mr. Obama.” Satah told failed to respond to its destabilizing meant by “officially putting Iran on Nauru. Shiite militias against the thousands of deal with weighty issues in Luxem. deputy secretary of Austral. uphold the United Nations conventions people of all faiths and backgrounds we are playing with fire. Iran is simultaneously infuriating Asian and “The worst deal ever” — as Trump Shut down the foul Manus and Nauru Iranian behavior. a senior fellow at the First. There are 2. 1. and put it according to The Washington Post operations.” States made significant efforts to con. If we divide people beyond our fies those among them who are most in deny rights on the basis of religion? borders. retired Lt. Short of stands no chance when the tweeted alignment of values around bigotry. against Iran. Benham Satah. Iran would likely just seen suicide. wide. tive. The problem is agreement. four passes through Tillerson’s head before days after the election. Clear and credible private While Trump administration officials missiles in the Iran deal. was killed by a local mob in now. violence but the dignity that comes with to Iran. After denouncing Iran’s latest related to terrorism. Indeed. Bring these people. Tests of ballistic alignment unlikely to back down in the face of European allies may not be smart. “Sometimes I cut myself. hatred and cial envoy of the United Nations High the Middle East bursting at the seams violence. as officials in his administra. Mr. up on Australian Prime Minister Mal. I be treated “without discrimination as to It is grotesque mainly Muslim met a young Iranian. 11 fresh start that countries like ours can or for Somali is that every time we depart from our offer. specialized medical assistance. diplomacy to get options to choose from in responding resolution banning them. Many do just that by Democrats and Republicans alike: cities where hundreds of thousands of with exemplary generosity.” for Trump countries to a who has a college degree in English and Flynn’s bluster on Iran Third. Reza Barati. to 24 months — one reason nobody from will be shot out of the water” — he will ing the Obama administration of failing abandoning the nuclear deal. Gen. and Ra. tional security issues in return. a killing. religion or country of origin. strong cooperation with the have claimed to have a “large range” of extend a previous Security Council Gulf states and Israel. not just Rus. calculated religious absolutism. “America is committed to the world refugees are barely surviving and What will be our response if other because so much of the world is inside every family has suffered. we Americans. and standards we fought so hard to fighting the same threat and seeking We are lighting a fuse that will burn build after World War II. and Iran continues to meddle in a vague and Trump looks for tary strikes. and does not make us safer. And it would be no allies in the nuclear negotiations re. and the maintenance and savor a moment to yourself before the day begins. apparent. Shutting our door to refugees There are more than 65 million implying And what does or discriminating among them is not refugees and displaced people world. race. on the other hand. political and intelligence support to its effectively taunting Mr. North Africa and the Gulf region ministration had tilted toward Iran and hardly seems to be what Mr. mere warnings. From the pointless. the “illegal immigrants” are in war is the worst conceivable outcome suggest he extend a hand to Muslims. and accus. We all want to keep our country safe. 27. and its own The notion must cross Tillerson’s therefore feels more “allied” with Rus. until Nov. has in mind is an expansion of existing White House coordinator for the Middle unlimited access to NYTimes. indispensable apps for smartphone and tablet. be an incentive to do the right thing. Obama sought through before sending Mr. Iran. however. who fused. Fourth.

particularly. includ. regarded as one of Wenger’s most grets at all those players signed and all For several years. which is done in con- joining in 2010. for example. Europe’s elite al: In two years. has a way of establishing not only how after it showed how to stadt. Data ability to cope with the tumult of the Pre. suade him to go further.com 33 34 21 Edited for television. Most major teams em. Now Ivan Gazidis. something of a legacy of Paulista in 2015. founder Jaeson Rosenfeld and his team he runs. which is the value of the danger of con- Club bought data firm Arsenal’s chief executive. or losing a one-on-one duel. something that remains faintly Chu-young occupies a particularly its services. for around $4 mil. ing exponentially. Something went out on loan and was then cut loose. and so that the digits 1 You’ll see things in 30 Fish ladder site box contains say 14 within each heavily outlined box them you can’t handle each of the will produce the target number 33 Physicist who 50 Common baby food 13 Best-selling celebrity 15 16 numbers shown. Recently.F. however. Swansea City. on trying to BY RORY SMITH growing at many Premier League clubs. riousness of them. as rules 3 Minor 28 29 30 31 32 kenken. STUART MACFARLANE/ARSENAL FC VIA GETTY IMAGES his job to pick the “four or five” key their departure has been lasting. Ill. NON SEQUITUR PEANUTS DOONESBURY CLASSIC 1988 GARFIELD CALVIN AND HOBBES SUDOKU No. to doubts (incorrect. ises. tell-all book of 1978 formulated the two 1 to 9 exactly subtraction. The presentation won over Wenger. miliar with Arsenal’s approach. it is possible to see these number of cases. he has come to the club’s executives approached the City last year brought Daniel Altman. the Ameri- was packed off on loan to West Ham Wenger had been open to the idea of can fitness expert recommended by United and then released to Crystal Pal. had developed. 0302 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 that every row. thanks in sivity. 6 Stir 22 Sitc m set in Lanford. Europe’s elite clubs trusted advisers. he was one of Toward the end of Park’s first season onetime head of analytics. Antoine companies. of sister teams across the world. Wenger sees it as failed to do at Arsenal. . the field. Where it takes a commercial conditioning. ing. StatDNA requires around 14. two of wards. determined not to let that happen. Michael Ed. many hundreds that come his way each senal’s past as leading characters in the They hold sway. ago began a revolution in nutrition. All rights reserved. too. approach to recruitment would have it is only as they reel through the list of averted. the value of that deal. ships. now one of the most coveted raw figures from which their own teams one of them could be useful. tinued to try to find the future. and its head of ceding in any given situation. A 6x6 grid will use 1-6. picked out Chamakh and Park as Both players left Arsenal unwept and high-risk signings that a more empirical of an arms race has developed. portion of Arsenal’s fans — as some- proposal. in tactics. advantage they have accrued. He scored only 14 goals. Many clubs still rely on external to spot an opponent running past them. More cruitment. 15 Forgivable and more puzzles: Lord be with you”) www. The deal went through. too: gauging a Park.000 to ensure that StatDNA would Arsenal: It was a data-led approach that smiled and remarked that he would be senal. He has con- The arrangement was based on exclu. StatDNA fo. The approach is not flaw. to sporting director. quantify the value of specific partner- a number of Arsenal’s peers had ap. Arsenal had en. is that it their club’s missteps in the transfer mar. from his past.C. in other be regarded — not least by a substantial seemingly immovable Wenger. 14 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. line day in 2011. reservations of the club’s scouting de. spent thwart their rivals. that oldest of Lewis interpreted in soccer as a guide to before his move to Napoli. He. a man who has Throughout that year.L. ciedad. believe it is among the most advanced in output but on defensive metrics. clubs have viewed analytics as times and scored only once.KENKEN. FEBRUARY 4-5. the driving force behind the soccer’s next frontier. The majority of clubs jealously guard ough ones. work-related 34 What bugs are found A 4x4 grid will use the digits 1 “___ vobiscum” (“the 21 22 23 24 25 For solving tips in 1-4. in re. LLC. 7 Wants 38 39 40 41 Onetime White House 26 Ben-___ (N. Arsenal business development. much deeper than advice on transfers. with a the founder of North Yard Analytics. To There are attempts to use the physical The former. analytics company based in Chicago. multiplication or laws of electrolysis 17 18 19 20 once. by contrast. was also flagged as a potential sign. on the Neither Marouane Chamakh nor Park proached StatDNA. and what Wenger has that money spent for barely any reward have viewed analytics as soccer’s next described as a “core” of StatDNA staff at all. they proposed buy. a South Korean forward who ar. a surprise. Almstadt and detail here is remarkable. that are difficult to code. to provide the week. last-minute in-house. pieces of information that he requires light. as well as its cadre less: When Wenger mentioned a tal. It is also more in depth. In one ploy a team of analysts. Something of an arms race has members is regularly on hand at Ar- Yet for all that Chamakh and Park developed to see who can find a success. column 3x3 box Fill the grids with digits so as not Across 29 A little cleaner 49 Helped someone 13 and shaded 3x3 to repeat a digit in any row or move into an office. but to per.com. junction with Shad Forsyth. a sports at Manchester City. in an increasing Arsenal officials had to win over Manager Arsène Wenger before purchasing the sports analytics company StatDNA outright. only to be discounted because of invited to comment for this article but The data Arsenal works from. factors His willingness to embrace the new. prevention as well. Crucial to all of it. though. Gazidis prepared a presentation on the player’s tiredness by measuring how rived in London a year later. assesses how fre. But he never Rather than making sweeping prom- quite lived up to the drama of his arriv.” the best-seller by Michael Wenger to try to land Gonzalo Higuaín strikers in Europe. a Moroccan striker. Almstadt and appointed by Wenger.nytimes. quently defenders make errors: failing no small part to two forgotten players $250. senal’s training base. he was told that the player’s met. Gazidis and Almstadt were quixotic elsewhere. in of tricks. its long his foot is planted on the ground as worse. His arrival in England two decades managerial dogs. . Liverpool promoted its partment. Wenger StatDNA produces is tailored for Ar. The ace. frontier. the club as a transfer consultant. family 8 ___ Bill Weedles 41 42 43 44 cheerleading squad) (Land of Oz character) Answers to Previous Puzzles 44 Parlor fixture 45 46 47 48 27 Final car built in 9 “Bacchus and ___” Buick City before its 45 They’re known (Titian painting) 49 shutdown as “Viennese bread” 10 Gradually become 28 Estadio cheer in Scandinavia noticeable 50 Solution to February 3 Puzzle 11 Slip away PUZZLE BY PATRICK BERRY D R U N K D I A L S DI E D 12 Changes back 25 Cannonball’s path 35 Permanent magnet 43 Hebrew letter R E N E R U S S O I OV R Y metal 13 Item worn by the 27 Old Roman coins on a dreidel Y A H O O M A I L Z VE O N E M I C A B S P E ES T A Count on “Sesame 36 Repair shop amenity Street” 29 More south of the 46 Noted writer R O T S S E A B E D B I S S U C K S L I E D T A C T border? 37 Nissan model who married 14 Post box’s contents T H E E U D E A T H R A Y discontinued in 2015 his first cousin when 30 Stood for W E T S F L O E 15 Spica’s constellation 38 Statistical she was 13 F A C E P A L M S O R T A 18 Concert venues 31 Makes up (for) A T A D H E A P T O W I T calculations 32 Parson’s residence 47 Along with J O N P A W N E E N E R O 19 Back-to-back moves 40 Name on a I M A M A N K E N S E V A 23 Eminent scholar 33 Over-the-counter bottle of Pleasures 48 National T A S E R B I K E L A N E S product? perfume Grandparents’ Day A N T E S I N A M O M E N T 24 Company that bought S T A K E P I T Y P A R T Y (and later sold) Skype 34 Inseparable duo 42 City near Turin mo. or certain combinations. using data from the start. that cathartic process of reciting re. ON SOCCER There had been some skepticism Taken in conjunction with more tradi- among Wenger’s back-room staff about tional metrics like expected goals. Hendrik Alm.com Distributed by The New York Times syndicate Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz KENKEN CROSSWORD | Edited by Will Shortz Fill the grid so Solution No. 14 Something Down division.com/ 26 27 16 Answer rudely 35 Completes the 2 Influence sudoku For solving tips and more KenKen purchase of puzzles: www. fared even benefits of bringing StatDNA. any club’s attempts to chart its future. the great modernizing forces in the Pre- at Arsenal. by using addition. looking to employ field. is far cleaner. Rosenfeld is ket. column. mier League. lion. Park played just seven lytics might have helped Arsenal avoid. despite the StatDNA’s work with Arsenal runs Arsenal. but he values highly the two most forgettable players from Ar. One measure at though. they played a key role in “Moneyball. their effect since ful formula first.. wanted to do something even many errors a player makes but the se- avoid high-risk signings more radical. With the use of and belief in analytics There is a focus. capture from Monaco. Almstadt. now of Manchester the specific data gathered and methods provider a couple of hours to code a sin. that is because the data Arsenal. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Sports How Arsenal and its manager bought into analytics not provide insights for any of its rivals. cuses not only on individual offensive lost his edge. and that encouraged Griezmann. it turns out) about his declined — for fear of eroding whatever words. plan. led to the signing of defender Gabriel keen to see how the player. if fans recall their names at all. ented young wing at Spain’s Real So. Arsenal had paid around StatDNA provides a similar service to rics were not overly impressive. has Wenger’s full support. their influence is grow. thing of an anachronism. significant. data the club gathers to help in injury three years at the English club after ing StatDNA outright. used by their analysts — StatDNA was gle match. also is central to much of the work done mier League. 39 Tops of the Mounties Copyright © 2016 www. Those fa. too. the 2011-12 campaign. For several years. knowing that at some point. unsung. gaged the services of StatDNA. they focused instead on what ana. such as Opta. of analysts work. in fact. In part. the most cutting edge how to crack the transfer market. 38 Medieval invader of 5 Plumeria creation maybe Spain 35 36 37 KenKen® is a registered trademark of Nextoy.com/ 17 Inflexible. has developed neer. Kevin de Bruyne. prominent place in Arsenal’s history. ing New York City F. He had joined on transfer dead. 0402 WIZARD of ID DILBERT (c) PZZL. for each game. has never left him. For Feedback: nytimes@ 37 Gas in an ion thruster 20 Stock market events 4 One rolling dough kenken. as indicated in the box. In November.nytimes. not just different metrics but more thor. Wenger once was regarded as a pio- teaching Arsène Wenger.

but ideal for two families. Country Homes. Pre- the city archive and used the old houses’ properties. Barbora views over the garden. dining room. said Keith Lowe. million euros ($1.” Mr. located about a 20. there is a housing short. The pool house has two fireplaces and plenty of space for entertaining guests. Walsh said. The law. “We Closing costs paid by the buyer in.” he said. said Maureen Sor. purchasing power of potential home for those seeking mortgages. which is about four House Hunting In . insurance to cover the value of the ac.800 euros ($1. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. chief executive of Douglas Newman room outfitted with bookshelves (the Good. envisioned the functional- on Christmas Eve — the 70 carp in the ist design of the estate. with a population of around 1. English. +353 87-660-8639. Filipova hired CS Architects for the project..500. open-plan living area. three-bath. Jaroslav Zatko and Petra by tradition to be deep-fried and served Brzobohata. was built in hunting. history. Dublin-based Sherry FitzGerald Coun- square-foot coach house has a living In a report issued in early January by try Homes.475 square feet. in the dows overlooking the garden. Farms & Estates. as well as uncertainty ther the home’s market value or the pur. which includes a Japanese garden. making it a commuter com- WITH A COACH HOUSE munity.” places. The recovery has radiated from Dublin To the left of the foyer is a large drawing “like a ripple effect. the listing. Japan ceed 800 euros. the Czech Republic’s big- Unlike their common Czech cousins — gest architectural award. The property also has a landscaped garden. Prucha had sought such an in. the draw was “value for for raising children. Dublin kitchen. he added: Prices have risen faster tion to address those challenges. The smaller. with decided to have the buildings built with tegrated system but found the market schools. The architects raised on local fish farms and destined for the project. were preserved. FEBRUARY 4-5. It is a 10-minute walk lin’s international airport is a 50-minute from the village of Ashford. which was BY FIONA GAZE nominated in 2009 for the Architecture Grand Prix. found the original blueprints in enough to obscure views of neighboring be home to multiple company seats. Irish Gaelic. estimated that Ireland central neighborhoods. riding. bedrooms and two baths. a post office and shopping cen- concrete skeletons just in case one of the lacking. up as a wine cellar. Its modern incarnation still has one of office. state. “Since there are sev. The government has taken some ac- and records document the property’s sues. and is in move- tain Zen aesthetic. Still. 0. about 30 miles from Dublin’s city center. so K Dymaci could even Filipova. minute drive from Prague’s city center. the approximately 1. Dublin tourism: visitdublin. ter bedroom has floor-to-ceiling win- The 3. Listed by Svoboda & Williams at 50 pizza oven and a smokehouse. The Old Rectory’s swimming pool.” security. A new grant program for stove was installed several decades ago. and Dub- mid-20th century. od from 2011 to 2016. Prucha and his partner. for the entire peri- Original fixtures include marble fire. used as a rectory until the mid-20th century. the foyer leads to the second floor. with the convenience of fence. We tried to throughout the property that manages While sleepy Cholupice is part of the build around them and respect them. or Usher Gardens. both Jan Prucha. while the rest is in shell-and-core the interiors of the main villa. The wooded estate features two villas. both two stories. When first designing the also has local amenities such as two eral big Douglas fir trees on the plot.” he wrote.” he added. The buyer also must pay a Recent foreign buyers have come from title registration fee. which is leafy of ownership. Separated from the main house by a buyers. a field and a landscaped gar- den with magnolia and eucalyptus trees. Prucha says and 2008. had not meters. Prucha said. at 230 square and a devoted carp enthusiast. which is original to the After prices peaked in 2006 and hit bot- house. he started the ters just a few bus stops away. tertainment. China.com surroundings. Britain. Philip Guckian. as well as million Czech koruna. The estate features two villas. the koi quiet village of Cholupice.000). is in the village of Ashford. allowing for a new owner’s per- Built over 18 months between 2006 sonal touch. because construction is not meet. Mr. so that a 136-square-meter open pool house fea- the fish can stay in their cultured hab.000 euros ($810. the coach house roof is at for several years in a row. Guckian said. and the central bank has re. equestrian facilities and a field. including in Dublin and its ue-added tax of 23 percent on that fee. Prucha said. search fees for liabilities or issues in. and public registry For properties valued at more than a and continental Europe. “for every ten new families money. A corridor off the foyer leads to ing the commuter areas around the city the back of the house. Walsh advised hiring a lawyer CONTACT ByrneWallace.25 percent of the excess value over a Foreigners may purchase properties in ally. Guckian said. WHO BUYS IN COUNTY WICKLOW There has been a drop recently in the number of foreigners purchasing homes of the purchase price. of the K Dymaci property are of a rare so we wanted to have the houses built in breed.62 MILLION ing town of Wicklow. and all the rooms have There are no restrictions on the type Mr. the same architects and designers used A highlight is an open pool prised four farmstead buildings dating throughout the rest of the property can house featuring an indoor and to 1870. Wicklow tourism: are seeing the domestic buyer coming clude a stamp duty (1 percent of the first visitwicklow. of koi-rearing and revering. a koi pond (filled with dozens of carp) and an adjacent swimming pool. as causes. stead. Lowe said. in southern pond and the adjacent swimming pool. viously it has also hosted small business bricks in the walls and stones in the The entire complex is interconnected conferences.ie/towns-villages/ashford back more and more. the a bar. age.08) the 2016 presidential election. another Irish real estate agency. connecting the and then the rest of the country. compared with a million euros ($1. BY ROXANA POPESCU Ashford. stricted credit. K Dymaci originally com. turing an indoor and outdoor fireplace. rents have risen sharply construction. Farms & Estates. the annual cluding unpaid mortgages. also has stables.000 new southern suburbs of Dalkey and ing studio and as a space for slumber homes each year because of population Killiney. a playroom property has increased in price by an PHOTOGRAPHS BY DEREK SPEIRS FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES and a half bathroom. opens onto a small entryway and. “Czech architec- koi pond at the joint functionalist villas ture is quite famous for functionalism. where still 44 percent below the peak.” PRAGUE Mr. Mr. In County Wicklow.670-square-foot Victorian house.000 and 50. PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMAS MACH FOR SVOBODA & WILLIAMS property is “not for the typical owner. of Dublin. Floor. cycling and the Mount the late 1870s and used as a rectory. restaurants and a grocery store. Ashford has several restaurants and a This 3. In. just south parties. Buses run to Dublin. a foyer. . we villas. making it one of the oldest prop. a pizza oven. larger Prague 4 municipal district. which outdoor fireplace. The large College Dublin. a Dublin law firm. which has since a trap door on the patio — that is now set to-ceiling windows let in an abundance used the property as a case study. said luxury buyers were in- well as a separate half-bath at the back. be available to complete the villa. To the right are the is slowly recovering. with space for an smokehouse and a bar. yer’s fee is typically less than 1 percent quisition. is now for sale. and Mr. iPad or AMX panels — audiovisual facilities. spa and home cinema (one of the the original brick cellars — reachable by rooms has base soundproofing). and a half acres. the market is facing several is.” Mr. windows and servants’ bells. or $2 million. the seller pays the real estate million euros. Two schools are within home of the local priest. TAXES AND FEES the United States. Sherry FitzGerald The drawing room is at the front of the house. company Insight Home. in condition. needed between 40. seeing a niche. a partner with Mr. LANGUAGES AND CURRENCY weakened pound. Mr. owners call it “the library bathroom”). as Daft. the manager of the courtyard. The property was a happy place growth and housing obsolescence. WEBSITES in Ireland. of natural light.180-square-meter estate. a itat. first-time buyers is intended to spur The roof on the main house is about 10 ing demand. “I would there are five bedrooms. harking to the Japanese tradition that style. Prucha as well one of the property’s highlights: is willing to sell the carp as well. and there is a val. pantry.” he said. but the whole prop. it Mr. small grocery store.” Mr. which was built in the late 1870s and was party retains its own attorney. The lot. The upstairs en suite mas- erty. by iPhone. However. Lowe said. The larger villa. four miles away. an interior designer who is one of formed. “We kept the old trees.08 million) in Dublin. Ireland effectively without restrictions. A staircase from average of 65 percent since 2012. Wicklow. tom in 2012. (one euro = $1. Attractions include known as the Old Rectory. a boot room. and has a completed 110-square-meter stu. 2017 | 15 real estate Capturing village life of the 19th century the owners. . as well as the room upstairs has been used as a writ. whichever is greater. a five bedroom Victorian with a coach house.ie Functionalist Czech estate comes stocked with fish trees fell. while a IN THE COUNTRYSIDE train connects Dublin to the neighbor- $1. the owner of the villas two stories. Usu.300. sherryfitz. has four just the koi pond designed around a cer. 514 square meters. is a 45-minute drive to the center VICTORIAN RECTORY of Dublin. the Irish real estate market beyond that. an in- Ireland door pool. a family room and a bath. until the walking distance of the house. and the central bank is years old. a full bathroom and a kitchen. Elements of the garden’s history. Mr. Prague.944) and BUYING BASICS typically do not exceed 300 euros. Mr. lighting. more in tune with people’s income and dwellings were built. in County drive. limiting the starting to relax income requirements most 15. a erties in the village. including a think that property prices are much master with an en-suite bath. first reach- room. The entry aghan. Each with sufficient professional indemnity Philip Guckian. via a smart-home system — accessible private parking for 10 cars and built-in too. is set up to be a six-room.08 million).. said Michael Walsh. agent’s commission. Ronan Lyons. which has room. . but is The Old Rectory. or 2. he said. MARKET OVERVIEW The front door. those fees property tax is 1. citing million euros and 2 percent of every- the Brexit referendum and the resulting thing over a million euros) paid on ei. a real estate agency in Ireland. which does not ex. The kitchen’s four-oven AGA than inflation. “just two new point for luxury homes is around 750. euro about American politics leading up to chase price. their ability to borrow. temperature and en. an economist at Trinity terested in historic homes in Dublin’s accessible from the outside. Prucha and Ms. allows for creative license in completing dio.

tender precision to tell a wordless story PUPPETS. El Silencio del petry in “Mr. tinues its United States tour through search of relief from the relentless bar. set partly deep beneath ed to fringe productions. .” with its magnificent steeds. who made then. El Silencio del Carbón” (“Chiflón. heavily influenced by foreign traditions. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION WEEKEND LIZ LAUREN Puppetry’s time Above. a scene from “Mr.” a play by Doug Hara presented by the Lookingglass is at hand Theater Company. shows off a thriving It’s not so much that puppetry is hav- international art form ing a moment as that it has reached criti- cal mass and settled in. ings. The other was “Chiflón. mesmerizing piece about ar. whose artists manipulate sub. At left. commonplace in theater reviews. 16 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. with mention of puppets now director Yngvild Aspeli’s “Cendres. nouveau-Victorian play by Doug Hara at realism — think Steppenwolf Theater CATCHING UP WITH THE WORLD at the Chicago festival did come from by the Chilean collective Silencio Lookingglass Theater Company. will stop in New York this rage of technology. and Mrs. has claimed a a dog puppet for Patti LuPone’s charac. which con- spot closer to the center. FEBRUARY 4-5. founder and artistic director. where it has also been making inroads It was a puppet invasion — all part of — puppetry most often plays a support- the 11-day Chicago International Puppet ing rather than starring role.” a thetic for years was a kind of red-meat The best shows I saw over a weekend Carbón” (“Chiflón. suction have had their hunger stoked by land- was involved. a delicate and mysterious “Infiltration is welcome. SILENCIO BLANCO that puppetry. “Avenue Q”. Pennyworth. par with those imports — both the shad- vich on the world — might not seem to Times. hand. cherished by BY LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES grown-up audiences raised on “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show” who A shop vacuum became a lover. and the eagerness with Chilean collective which dozens of institutions across Chi. A mark puppet productions on Broadway: great fanged creature appeared with a “The Lion King”. PAGE 20 . But haunted. and Mrs. made form provides it.” a limely crude-looking puppets with ow puppetry by the young Chicago col- be a place where puppetry would flour. But the abundant homegrown pup- A city where the dominant stage aes. through. their buildings burned and burned. summer.” that hybrid art — part visual.” said the art so often restricted in the United puppeteer Blair Thomas. it has a Theater Festival — and the latest proof much greater presence than it once did. the earth. New York is the puppetry capital son and internal torment. You can see the shift in The New York other countries. was on Company. in theater — as in opera and dance. And the puppets are marching right formance — to create fantastical worlds headed back to Europe. Silence of the Coal”). silent and wreathed with smoke as If. American audiences. full of life-size of coal mining. is emblematic of a development long in the making on American stages. Yet the very existence of last Coal”) by the CHICAGO month’s festival. “War Paint” when it ran in Chicago last mor have spent decades harnessing pany Plexus Polaire. Silencio Blanco. from the French-Norwegian com. Unfortunately for early March. Horse. “Chiflón. this low-fi. where boundary-pushing puppets and miniature blazing build. Pennyworth. of America. In an age in ter in the Broadway-bound musical directors like Lee Breuer and Julie Tay. That production. it has already month. the festival’s States to the children’s table. bled. Silence of the ish. “War man inside. Feet turned into faces. which unleashed John Malko. “The doors have been opened. or relegat. One was the Norwegian Blanco. Ghostly villagers assem. part per.. cago have embraced it since its start in A festival in Chicago 2015.

Personally. Willis said over the phone from the Burberry’s announcement that it had Andy).” he said. terials). presi.” discussing her partici- chosen Iris Law. and those who follow the in a Gap campaign Mizell (son of Jam Master Jay). “I’m proud of it. who took to a like “terrorist” jection of Earth seen from space. even a fad. stepdaughter of Ms. Fabulous.” Mr. and Patsy Kensit. whose tall structures and windy too. Indeed.” said Mandi Lennard. institutionalized phase of what has Whereas once upon a time children of famous parents might have changed become a bona fide cross-border fashion their surnames in order to prove them- phenomenon. and rewarded for their lineage. that fashion in New York expressed dissent been global. used quotes CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK our fragile atmosphere. they use that to their own advantage? Johnny Depp. he hot pants had words like “terrorist” noted of a business that continues to be gathered around him friends from many stenciled on foreheads or cheeks. the editor of W. inspired by street-living. he said. “cathedral of Januaries” Frank O’Hara clothes. has in only from and images of William S. he went on. between those Lizzy Jagger. “It’s authentic heritage. fashion has always genial Southerner around again. designers who are showing known for welcoming diversity. both professionally also said not one “child of” who was in. Children have become part of chief marketing officer for Gap (who “We’ve had a lot of brands from past appeared in Tyler) and Evan Ross (son of Diana comes to what sells. when it narrative. and so. before. Mallis ion in Florence.” Ms. Yet be.” Gap ads of their Ross) — whose famous forebears once matters. Dylan Brosnan.” or gutter “Love Her ’Til I Die. which closed Thursday origins in the Beats. Ms. talented peers reissued updated versions of 15 staple (and is used in all of the marketing ma- Gap pieces of the ’90s that their respec. held in the Cellar of the Beekman hotel.” the German-born designer Robert Krammer & Stoudt presentation frankly Mr. Ross agreed. upon a time made their own Gap ads. the punk musicians he worshiped (“I al. Depp’s appearance Ethan Peck. end of the meritocracy and our own with their parents. Cindy’s past approach us about Kaia. the model Kaia Gerber. Tonchi points tively. The garment industry itself a festival of music. A coronation of sorts. Re. “but I accept that citizens from seven Muslim-majority oply of multiethnic faces is a relatively signer said to the crowd. As Mr. the de. was Steve Aoki. as girls) and picked up steam when Dolce can fight that. ion fold. one in which the baggy lay.’ ” said Ste. referring to the punk music he lis. son of Pierce (also “Regardless of what we do in life. referring own. Their X factor is their parentage. why both the millennials and the par. Men’s wear shows vations of homeless people on a recent sexes ambled through the crowd. son or daughter of a celebrity. on the front row (and billed it that way). and on its books. But given the fact that every day another example seems to land in the inbox — the latest being Dylan Bleue Murphy. one of New York’s top economic drivers. how. who is featured with her mother in a new Lauder fragrance ad scheduled to break in September — it’s hard to imag- Evan Ross Rumer Willis T J Mizell ine who it might be. of course. there has been a change in the social base. Bur- You only have to go backstage to see wrote about in “Avenue A. Or look at the N. Aoki’s reckoning. The Private Policy Geller wore a sweatshirt that read: “Im. BY GUY TREBAY models from nearly every point on the The moody. and this one was no exception. steady and grounding presence in a printed with pointed messages: “Made half of the artisans from distant coun. University of California.” Topman runway during London Fash. effec. ter blown up in our house in Greenwich ney Love. This is not to say. choices. where a And in a spirited introduction to Nick ers often worn by “crustys. sometimes shaky industry. But the Y factor — and this is tive parents wore — the black bodysuit. by the Beats (though street-style antics and overall frivolity. and grew daughter of Mick. IMG Mod. Some- times they bring their parents on their arm. longer be dismissed as a coincidence or Mr.” the de. lineage a parent’s identity. He may be right. Trish Goff’s son) among others for the been like to grow up with celebrity par- en. that features the Gordon (daughter of Kim Gordon). selves (see: Angelina Jolie. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY.” she said. Hotel. were used as a form of armoring. ents — if we’re going to snap pictures of long pink dress. he gives a good party. while mainly small and executive director of the Council of designs he presented in a collection in- symbolic. referring to a By Mr. whose Dim Mak line of skater-style (though “not obvious”). referring to her work on be. that we know them because we daughter of the actress-singer Vanessa els alone has more than 25 “children of” know their parents — why shouldn’t Paradis.” Mr. tevez) or even rejected their parents UNBUT TONED fano Tonchi. Aoki said. We nouncement that Frances Bean Cobain. to reach two markets with one children on social media. buy. Sure.” four seasons become a hit in Japan. the founder of Mandi’s Base- ment. FEBRUARY 4-5. Elson. But there’s no getting around the fact that their current pro- file. Coco nepotism engendered by the recent out. ing men’s week. most forging their own artistic paths in a variety of areas. According to Ms. seems somewhat out of proportion to their achievements thus far. bum. “It has become a profession to be the had the Gap ad with my mother and sis- the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Court. against it. His response to that hurdle. drinks and fash- cast clad in quilted bomber jackets and was built by immigrants. realms. the honor of the final pened to have just shot Brandon Thom. election.” At a Private Policy presentation American designers’ visions were to be last eight summers. double dip with their consumer up with them. that lin. Reid said. Lennard. They are all attractive. was recited at the show by the Tony all that came from.” said Mr.” nations and refugees from any country new addition to a business not always period when he sat out the show cycle. . as the new face of mes (the Jagger kids. they effectively act as a bridge between to Cindy Crawford and her daughter. as Fern Mallis. including the latest name. I love the idea of being gher. was featured in the the associated implications about the the millennials who move back and stay new issue of Love magazine. turned Nashville singer. Ala. the son of Liam Gallagher. acting to President Trump’s executive week — and to understand that fashion Reid on his return to the New York fash. or accept it and appreci- well as the appearance of Lennon Galla. movement” that had its counterculture with a slant on politics at Billy Reid’s show Monday evening.” Jacobs ads. in an attempt to be disruptive climate-change deniers with a paean to streets on a cold winter night evoked the D. members of a multiracial realized. Tuesday afternoon. T J therein. “Double Roses. er Greg Norman) than because of his on Monday carried placards block. Despite the public hoo-ha about about the children. Mr.” their work during the four days of men’s hind the scenes. pation in the Gap ad. You its makeup line Liquid Lip Velvet. sume the mantle. the connection makes a certain amount but also to leverage it. a star who. and feel. Plus that Jimmy Freud. if we’re going to be so fasci- one every model wants to walk — was Anderson) and Nyima Ward (the model nated by celebrity. Mongolia. ion is my creative outlet. Mallis said.” an incorporation name. ties who in the ger). who hap. front row with a millennial children-of a part of something my parents were sis frontman. Aoki. what’s interesting — is that they are per- the sleeveless tee. the former has less to do with the largely generic in gestures that. the luminous British model models had words Tuesday. Aoki’s music career is globe — India. Tuesday. food. the And that means we cannot dismiss They are the celebrity equivalent of son of Bella Freud. critics. Still. the Oa. Mr. Or even to make it onto a buzzy party list. Keith Richards’s ing about it during the Gap shoot.” This creates.” as models of both BEN SKLAR FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES heads or cheeks. in music. a ready- made back story that forms a narrative we all know — and maybe more impor- tant. Mr. Gap video campaign featuring Rumer dent of IMG Models.’ ” at Chanel followed fast on the heels of Alessandra Garcia. the daughter of Jude What began with a few random mini. it’s Given that the title is “Generation what makes them stand out from the Gap” and the clothes being worn are all crowd of other attractive. which is perhaps And it presaged the release of a new complicity — or what Ivan Bart. political dynasties and the ambiguity of the formerly private into the public According to Craig Brommers. elliptical O’Hara poem “I wanted to embody the roots of what Happily. was the star of the new Marc Tonchi said. Cedric Burnside to offer his rendition of New York. and ery article starts with ‘daughter of. Chelsea Tyler (daughter of Steven around Ivanka Trump’s role. in which models’ faces were seemed to inject themselves into the “Conceptually.” he said. the pan. Hoolywood show in. but “authenticity of any kind is what you need to engage people today. some- signer. For the Walls. Santa Barbara. China and Su. can no part of but putting my own spin on it. dan were just some of the countries that Award-winning actor Alex Sharp to a interview Monday morning at the Roxy York Fashion Week: Men’s was paid for ness is no barricade against politics. Bart rejects the idea that simply being a “child of” is enough for anyone to make the leap to a bona fide marketable personality in his or her own right. night. to have the most fell to my knees when I met Jello “to just go for it. “They feel they have a history with the family. proceedings in other ways. art of ‘children of’ and film. Mr. is for 120 days. Ms. Willis (daughter of Demi Moore). As a result. It can almost always be predicted that singer) began with an “upstart hippie Home and homecoming were a theme unpredictable pairings will pop up dur. “There have to be celebs out there that have children that don’t get ap- proached. the willing to publicly embrace it. exit at the Chanel couture show — the as Lee (son of Tommy Lee and Pamela After all. And if it is good. strolling the circular runway in a April issue.” transients. “Music is my breadwinner. They are generally tal- ented. Bart of IMG Models said. rail-riding He also brought in the blues musician presentation in migrant. especially in the fashion world. apparently. the NextGen are among the most coveted guests at any event. have been represented here in the past room full of guests eager to welcome Mr.” Mr. Reid has staged that afternoon. it Never before have so many children the children eating ice cream and at the marked her as a new face of the brand of famous parents been so celebrated park (celebs! they’re just like us!) from and favorite of Karl Lagerfeld. set of “Empire. some elements were more reminiscent Sooty-faced models in Robert James’s “You have no idea how many visa of the stuff he used to design for the golf- show at the New York Men’s Day event forms I filled out in my career. That sounds kind of absurd. Not to mention the an. Mr. who remember their parents. and personally. and on Monday. growing up. written on fore- Nye — the “Science Guy” — addressed and the stylist Tsuyoshi Nimora’s obser.” along with Karen multiracial cast of Graham’s Mars-themed collection on punks. including the musicians Win- Taking a bow at the end of a show on Free-floating societal anxieties ston Marshall and the Watson Twins. added gravitas to the usual Fashion Designers of America. many brands see in this Generations X and Z. new to New York. Bill spired by the designer Daisuke Obana’s microphone with a tune from her new al. ev- As it happens. Take a their talents and inspiring each other. and what it may have bestowed on a fresh-faced young wom. daughter of the Estée Lauder model Carolyn Murphy. They often have large social media followings. said spired. grandson of Gregory. from his own pocket. presented against a giant pro. the lineage of there are people that won’t accept me. calls “obsession” — ents can relate. “We were all talk- Law and Sadie Frost.J. Emilio Es- “We call it the ‘children of. Biafra. 2017 | 17 style Weekend Phenomenon eage is the only reason these NextGen names are having a moment. the palpable discomfort with acceptance of “family. it’s not just generation an opportunity to.” he said of the Dead Kennedys cross-country trip. Aoki said in an thriving since his debut outing at New Of course.. Vanessa Friedman of sense. reality intruded. he said. but fash- a chic hide-out nestled in the financial Reid was inspired by the Beats. the model does not. “I don’t chafe ion Week Mens.. “Her” being Lily-Rose Depp. Either way. a brand consultancy. district. “It’s good to be here. in a Sanctuary City” and “Bridges Not tries whose skills were essential if Also. somehow. it’s about people sharing obscured behind neoprene ski masks. in a way they never were vited to be part of the ad turned it down). & Gabbana replaced its usual celebrity ate it. roughs throughout his collection.. and so the time they are little. the logo sweatshirt — fectly happy not only to acknowledge it. a former face of the brand. they have an allure a nonpedigreed children of celebri- Lizzy Jagger (daughter of Mick Jag. indeed. this generation is happy to as- In Paris last month. tened to during his college days at the “It’s terrifying to me to show this to order banning for 90 days the entry of is a plurality undertaking. But it also may signal the sec- ond.

” Mr. he knew curse. making debuts at the Glynde- in Germany. when Mr.) As the musicians began Act later to Berlin. I learn every line and if I can’t pronounce the words. to retire. (Mr. rector of the Paris Opera.” At 15. The conductor Philippe learn Russian and do all the Russian op- Jordan was spending a rehearsal break eras. fection and energy and life in Mozart. “Ah. because you are guar. In the corridor of the Bastille. the score of Mozart’s “Così Fan Tutte. ippe. conductor. the rehearsal ended. During a recitative passage. 7:30 P. I have a cold!” Mr. By 18.” Opera House in London and the Metro- Robert Lepage’s controversial produc. he is juggling preparations for several opera productions and orches. the quality of what he go back to him and realize: That’s part of 6:30 P.” Martina Serafin in father used to tell me it was good. when he assisting Jeffrey Tate on a “Ring” cycle was just 33. Now the di- ductors of his generation. the recitative passages of “Così. cast. iel Barenboim’s assistant for three years phrase. “Really make it strong. where chestra applauded Mr. Sounding mind about how you should sing a role. he left ordinary school for the Mr. “It takes a lot of work. you conduct oper. I feel like my It was 10:45 on a gray. “Even Peter Gelb is maeker. who was appointed the Paris Op. It can be very modern. “His rigorousness. time by Stéphane Lissner. the Royal for a crucial assignment: a full revival of “Così Fan Tutte.” man and Italian to the international of his job at the opera.” duct for half an hour. he was in “Lohengrin. and I This January. one begins.” performances at the Paris Opera this Jordan. as well as engagements been music direc. whose slight cold had get through everything. Jordan said. discussing the potential intention of a of personalities. Mr. using a torrent of onomatopoeic personality and I was immersed in his the chilly Don Alfonso. however. highlighting the orchestra’s through 2021. Jordan was hired as the con. 18 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. short speech to about 70 orchestra and Mr. “See you tomorrow. certmaster of the Ulm Stadttheater in fireman a panoramic view of Paris rooftops. It’s not fun to hear. plans of them. in 2014. wanted. He had already spent an hour with the Jordan spoke about his childhood in Zu- Paris Opera’s orchestra going over rich and his musical training. like Karajan. looking through 12:30 P. astronaut or Back in a Bastille rehearsal studio. “You play the piano he described as particularly vital in Ms.” I of “Così. which as engaged with both the performances he announced through a microphone: ing interpretation. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Weekend music The music director as multitasker MONIKA RITTERSHAUS JEAN-FRANCOIS LECLERCQ sounds. Mr. “More bite. you step in to con. Jordan.” were evident even then. it was time to have a se- ner’s “Lohengrin. Philippe “I was now really my own boss. Jordan the music directorship. “Later. Mr. But you have no idea about guid. where he is in the Opera. “I have loved the intellectual enough ensemble to be able to have two sit on a piano in a German opera house Speaking alternately in English.” he said. Mr. involves cause he also knows how to enchant neously. At 9.M. Team Blue.” on a couch in his spacious office at the Bastille Opera House. who was scheduled to sing ing the chief conductor of the Vienna Lohengrin after a much-publicized Symphony Orchestra. Austria. often successfully interacting with a variety Paris audiences. Jor- Philippe Jordan thrives dan sang the singers’ parts in Italian. with Mr. Mr. . He added in a conversation that part approach that Stéphane has brought to orchestras — coded green and blue — for four or five years and learn your job. calling out instructions between the at the Paris Opera lines. the Aix-en- Metropolitan Opera in the spring of 2019 production of Provence Festival in France. He said he learned but must always look very good. and worsened. Jordan and pended for 10 minutes. he urged them to greater clarity of charge of about 300 people. he was era’s music director in 2007. Lissner world. At 10:30. “I learned conducting the old. never had the 2:30 P. rather. After three years in Graz. er of the opera house. Jordan.” Jordan was taking six singers through triumphs and challenges of the past her ankle. . Kleiber. Jordan’s contract in Paris runs The break over. Lissner gave a rehearsal of “Lohengrin” began. when Nicolas Joel. FEBRUARY 4-5. his theatrical sense.” he achievement in playing Bach at a recent leave then. Revivals give you the chance Kaufmann and say. ing the orchestra and singers through ents is Philippe. ing a freelancer. ately.” Jordan said. Or. spoke briefly in a hoarse Mr. and expression. chilly January hands are tied. “He is clever be- rehearsing and performing simulta. I could back dramatically. which is hard. he gestured to Mr. and he will return to the the company’s bourne Festival in England. diction and meaning. “The quality of the casts that Paris is his preparation. he free- von Nürnberg” at the Bayreuth Festival when he was 33. The or- tions to emphasize specific tonal quali. “you need to feel the rubato of the BY ROSLYN SULCAS language. 64. Kaufmann said in an interview the said in an interview. uses both a singer and a dancer to inter.” Mr. Belgian choreo. Jordan stood out immedi. now almost voiceless. Teresa de Keers. the Paris Opera did- and I’ve made a list and given some sug. Perhaps in 10 years I’ll morning here. Although it was an active tion of Wagner’s “Ring” cycle.M.M. win a con. in Graz. and has swiftly risen to be. “I me and I can be proud of it. he said he was likely to work with the orchestra. at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Clockwise from Barenboim in Berlin. by the time he was 9. The Paris Opera has a large ing the machine. Mr. “When you argue with singers while juggling productions about color or the right tempi. “If you are only monthslong pause to recover from a AGATHE POUPENEY an orchestra conductor. who has he said. with a laugh. “My father was a big called out to Simone Del Savio.” he said. Jordan was working with sonal growth to get away to Ulm. that’s so he went after leaving his post with Mr. astronaut or fireman phase. headed at the come one of the most sought-after con. period. more hate!” he much about this in his first job as a prin. at the Staatsoper. who ties. Today this is out of pret each principal role. he daily basis. said: “Not many musical directors are stressed for the first time in a busy day. ensemble which you work with on a ducted. Lissner New Year’s wishes.” he said.” he said later. Mr. Jordan said as he walked back to the Zurich Conservatory. becom- Kaufmann. phase.” crossed paths with the tenor Jonas In 2014 he added another post. asked about the production and its huge. but told the singers.” he exhorted different sec. “Because you have little action. and the rehearsal was sus- conductor who has not made up his fashioned way. who died in 2006. fashion: You do your studies. “We need to move on if we’re going to etta..M. “I think that one of the ingredi. Jonas n’t have a great reputation compared to. Jor. Lissner.” Over lunch at a nearby restaurant. Jordan. clear that things have to be changed. lead- next day.” he said when grapher Anne rector of the Paris Opera. everything with rhythm and tempo. Mr. chology of working with people is not al- abroad. “Yip-yip!” as the tempo quickened. At any mo. through rehearsals.” staging of Wagner’s “Die Meistersinger Opera since 2007. offered Mr. a marriage with an composer’s operas he hadn’t yet con. De Keersmaeker’s production. the Met. smiled. Jordan said. Born to “Così. and Mr. which was a blessing and a cynical and nasty — lovely!” half the job.” he said — as well dan. with technical staff members in an upper foy. Ger. at 27. “and I had to learn that the psy- season). then the di- “I’ve seen the DVD.” felt that after the one-night stands of be- Paris. “Tssshhhtt!” he hissed during a PARIS quiet section. playing cipal conductor.” concert. he de- wonky seesaw set. Philippe knew he the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps de Keersmaeker. dan on the podium “Internationally.” 11 A. we have to do voice. as studying composition. Mahler. Jor. ing thing didn’t work.” Mr. Kaufmann scooted said that Mr. At 20. “But my to make things better.” At a traditional internal presentation of After a day of “Così. where he worked as Dan. A chorus member twisted anteed a superb musical quality and a Germany. “I never had the “There is such a thin line between per. In August. working on both “Così” and Wag. We always find a solution and an inspir.” an evening stage getting now is really quite frightening. he will conduct a new tor of the Paris ways easy. and completed a rehearsal.” which was two weeks away from the noted Swiss conductor Armin Jor- opening in a new production directed by dan.” he said. gestions. and the daily life of the house as Phil.” which year.” Mr. directed by the politan Opera.” he said. lanced.” the only one of that rious relationship. Jordan resumed ductor’s competition and your career the dancers are moving. He said it was important for his per.” piano diploma — “in case the conduct- Every day is a lot of work for Mr. or only an opera burst blood vessel on his vocal cords.M. PHILIPPE GONTIER ment. cided it was time to commit. After listing some the first act. tral concerts here (he will conduct 49 above. “you’re only doing “Don’t come near me.

the actors trained for six months. what the movements would look like. but some. Batmanglij agreed that instead of kind of radical aliveness. ‘I was crying an expression that could similarly shock complex — for its precision. guage. a scientist..” uniquely cinematic that could be a kind reward?” from a platform 25 feet in the air and a ton. mix. And graphy builds emotion through repeti- they create the ability to open the door tion and allows sensation rather than to another dimension. For executing synchro. One day. they touched something so sublime. 2017 | 19 arts Weekend Choreographing a fight for liberty who has worked extensively with the ‘The OA. “We started to ask ourselves. Marling said.” a brooding Netflix series that moments. is a beautiful question in the series — I Choreographed by Ryan Heffington. perform for each other. the choreo- They bring a dead man back to life. draws power pop singer Sia as well as presented his own contemporary dance works. it a return to the present tense rather than stuck in our bodies. “You see standing up to fear and moving differ. or dance phrases. “What about it taking came up at writers’ meetings. this story gers wiggle out like tentacles. near-death experiences. It was unsustainable. “I would feel this kind her first scene performing them with boundless suspension of disbelief. dis. to be exact. the future or traps to the past. tice.” On “The OA. posi- and a shooting. grips was openly weeping. movements — not entirely unlike a chor- appears from a small town.” complex things about need and betrayal Brit Marling. Ms.” it on camera. Their captor.” he said. “That never else. Of performed pear until midway through) and a To make the movements feel authen.” anything resembling formal dance. We were just two people intensity. The movement is in their nary. actors on “The OA” don’t look like ama. actly what dance has the power to do. face to face (standing. create a involves abductions.’ it’s like.” ments became so possessed of narrative when I was watching it. Heffing- cover over time.. They wanted to try something Ms. the difference is palpable. Both reveals itself through movement — five arms stretch out for a moment like movements. yet primal. idea of using movement as a language the effort. who works with Mr. another prisoner. Marling said. the from the world of dance movement phrases accumulate and grow in power the more they are re- BY GIA KOURLAS peated. — that feels so real. The real surprise is the tioned like a triangle and pressed choreography.” and Emory Cohen script would simply say in capital let. here. ex- or to awaken that would be a counterbal. wanting to break all formed with the right effort and intensi. told them to ignore the mirror and to Can dance change lives? In “The OA. has for 15 years and worked on their 2013 chosen them because they survived film “The East. Marling said. Ryan Heffington. “When people say. right) ters: “And then they do the movements nary experience.” Mr. But that’s not the strangest part about Jerky and askew. Ms. “That is ex- ance?” she said.’ on Netflix. Heffing. it does. which they dis. FEBRUARY 4-5. never.” she said. Marling said she had some expe. ally had to stop doing it until we were on know that it can heal. practicing the Before shooting. speed and “She calls her dancers action heroes. against the chest. who and loss and love and only having these and created it with Zal Batmanglij.” As to what that meant. one of the ence. the crew didn’t know Dance heals if tience (the movements don’t even ap. sync. When executed wings. movement.” tense and so full of feeling that we actu.” . Whether or not it’s true — which I think started to percolate. the five “The OA. ently in the face of it. They attained accuracy. are their only chance ton. modern contemporary dance routine tory. the never trained seriously. the characters perform the movements Brit Marling extreme.” rience dancing while growing up but set. Cohen. who were learning the choreography. blind and adopted. face.” When she and Emory Cohen. Heffington said. faced the mirror to learn how to move in By the end of the shoot. Marling said. “It was so in. left) For a long time. timing — so the cast needed to be drilled Ms. months. words to guide the story.” of antidote to violence or that could be Mr. the movements. Heffington said.” A poetic idea: It’s true that “The OA” requires pa. They go to the Ms.” Mr. movements with which to do it. “The move. “That seemed close to and story and a deep need to communi. but it tic. “What is so impressive is me to the inherent risk and danger in cate that it became quite literally a lan. most potent step. brain experiments sense of order and ritual: A hand. Fin- Even more than dialogue. It in an interview that violence has often “Zal and I are real believers in prac. and that’s an aspect of the story. Marling said: “Every- with the right puts across an eerily poetic idea: that the musical “La La Land. thoughts of the future and doubts about constraints. she can see. there something else that was also the investment of time being part of the and acrobatic: Imagine a swan dive Thomsen. “I think that’s why the incessantly. Heffington’s choreography is face-first landing. As abstract as it is. who has known the show’s creators JOJO WHILDEN/NETFLIX for escape. and then the elbows pull in in unison by five people.” said Mr. “eye to eye. actly. for her. When she eographer’s relentless search for the returns seven years later. Denna happens on set. wanting to tell each other ty.” refers to herself as an action architect. choreographer Elizabeth Streb. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. was an extraordi.” Ms. Part of the story deals with the characters’ struggle to discover the A young woman. “I mean.” she said. these actions sharply and the chin lifts to reveal the have the power to liberate the body. or dance. that made no sense. and Ryan Gosling trained for two in “The OA. Ms. said blood. The choreographed by would be “kind of impolite and raw. heals if it is per. For a group of characters imprisoned “I didn’t want it to become this post- behind glass in an underground labora.” been used as a way to wake up an audi.” Emma Stone nized movements Mr. “And thing fell away. is a long time to get good at something and Streb’s dance experiments are daring thing was missing. (standing. you see it in their faces. ing the mundane and the extraordi. you see it in their bodies. pushes forward. It makes sense that the work of the plays Homer Roberts. who stars in “The OA” teur dancers. she and of alertness in all of my senses and some Mr. breath to breath. movements.

“We’ve always existed tors. and we fill in the Ms. and the International Theater Fes- tival of Chicago. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Weekend arts Puppetry. I SAVERIO TRUGLIA Clockwise from above. “They’re not second-class anymore. the margins entirely by choice. tographed. But also. the show. a virtuoso of the form. So plines. ing adults that puppetry isn’t just kid willingness to avant-garde puppeteer who died in 1984. “‘Made in China’ could not have believe. He regards the promi. THE MUPPET EFFECT On my Sunday morning in Chicago. one of the artistic directors of Manual Cinema. he knows. a major force in contempo- rary puppet theater — said that Ameri- can puppeteers had caught up to the Eu- ropean standard of the craft. puppetry for grown-ups wasn’t on crowd. Q. Anton’s puppets. far. pet nudity almost immediately). But Cheryl Henson — a daugh- ter of the Muppets’ creator. Thomas said. where Mr. Anton ture. And when. I went to the Instituto Cervantes for a children’s show by the Italian company Teatro dei Piedi and watched Veronica Gonzalez. is Jim Henson Company and a producer of part of puppets’ potency. which routinely also includes puppetry. filling me in on Mr.” he Twist lent to the show. a tinge of sadness.” from the French com- pany Plexus Po- laire. I gained experience as puppeteers. I ran into Mr. she has worked at Redmoon Theater. One exception on the horizon: Loompas” for this spring’s Broadway fects that aren’t possible to achieve on. Then he Mr. ed in performance festivals than they Mr.” many actors have be performed. Lookingglass Theater Compa- ny’s “Mr. normal for a Midtown Henson said. Yngvild Aspeli’s “Cendres. I called Mr. Mr. are tiny objects “Puppetry’s kind of an underdog. puppets in “Made in China. Jim Henson. (She nence of puppetry in theater today as went to Wakka Wakka’s “Made in also named the top American cities for temporary. Anton performed his puppet plays a popular art. talked about his prefer. Twist.” a reality competition spe.” “Avenue blanks with When I went there. which Mr. blanks with our willingness to believe. dently modeled on Ellen Stewart. in a corner at the back of the gallery. to see: “The Theater of Robert Anton. the puppeteer Basil Twist — who. intends to fill some of the void left by the Henson In- ternational Festival of Puppet Theater. though.” BEYOND THE PERIPHERY embrace metaphor.” though I hadn’t thought much about it until an exhibition of the show’s Mup- pets two years ago at the New York Pub- lic Library for the Performing Arts. which has won raves in its recent forays to New York. production of “Charlie and the Choco- stage with human bodies. 20 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. of course. She extolled the Chi- cago scene. by showing artists and audiences what the standard was elsewhere. Blair Thom- as. 54. another scene from “Cendres”. per East Side gallery called Broadway and there is something sacred and beau- China” at 59E59 Theaters.” Mr. who built them all in his Wisconsin barn.” in the puppet world. the on the periphery of the dominant cul- Pure puppetry is the ideal for people used to. though? Not everything has to be point in any argument about the art spect and a sturdier infrastructure. who cheerfully showed me Because in Mr. Is it. create a succession of joyous vignettes starring puppets made from her own costumed feet. Mr. I was the age of the children in that audience when my own love of puppetry was nurtured by “Sesame Street. my enduring fondness is nothing compared with the childhood fandom that Sarah Fornace.” a recent show from the troupe Wakka Wakka in New York. puppets are rarely the point of Henson noted. however does the 2015 MacArthur Fellowship for told me there was an exhibition I needed for no more than 18 people at once and But sophisticated puppetry appears to many gains it makes inside other disci. I spotted the bashful Mr.” she said. Thomas co-founded. running until Saturday. when the Henson Founda. who founded the Chicago Inter- national Puppet Theater Festival. more artists are working in the form who runs the Dream Music Puppetry these days. His art is the purest of pure. and a menagerie of gorgeous beasts (a cuddly pig. 11. Not everything can be. Feb. Snuffleupagus. form being on the rise because. in its hermeti- show aimed at grown-ups (there’s pup. puppeteers have a better stuff. an enormous boar) by Mr.. its moment PUPPETS. tiful about it. around. which ran in New York from 1992 to 2000. for a production of pure puppetry: no ac. that Back in New York. Twist. and Mrs. at an Up. “Top Puppet. ence for pure puppetry — a mismatch. It’s a puppet puppet theater after New York: Atlanta. Still. FEBRUARY 4-5. That event changed Chicago. which in the late 1980s ignited his love of puppetry with a visit from a Barcelona company. 47. and the president of the Jim Henson Foundation. and has been a member of his troupe Blair Thomas & Co. and that. It is astonishing how expressive toes can be. rose about 80 percent. Henson did point out. Pennyworth”.” did not allow them to be filmed or pho. applications in shaping public perception — persuad. He laments the advantage that Euro- pean puppet artists have in the sheer op- portunities for their productions to be staged. EMON HASSAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES was surprised at how moved I was to see the Count. LIZ LAUREN The night before I flew to Chicago. Mr. Now 31. Thomas. founder of La MaMa. Thomas told me. Filling in the 1602. where she was at- tending the London International Mime Festival. Ms. But he did acknowledge “a cumula. Thomas. described: FANCHON BILLE a devotion to the Muppets — and to Jim Henson movies like “The Dark Crystal” (1982) and “Labyrinth” (1986) — so im- passioned that in eighth grade she wrote a report about her ambition to be a Mup- peteer. The figures “The Voice. an ica. with minutely detailed faces — one evi. Exposing Chicago artists to interna- tional work is part of the impetus for the festival. Ms. There aged or older. Anton. noting “a plethora of young KRISTIN AAFLOY OPDAN companies who either explicitly do pup- petry” or use puppetry and object work “to create moments of spectacle” and ef.” “War Horse” and the Henson festival our Twist. FROM PAGE 16 lective Manual Cinema. in Amer- was surprised anyway as I looked at the tion raised its grant levels.” she said from Britain. it was like coming upon a mythical creature. . Chicago and Minneapolis. Nearly everyone was middle. with his many collaborative did much of his work. said. it’s gaining power as it goes. where “Chiflón” will PURE PUPPETRY Q” and “War Horse. Meanwhile. In some ways that’s our strength. Manhattan theater but still surprising shot at getting financial support from played in the same way 25 years ago. “is doing the Oompa. . thanks to “Avenue program at Here. wasn’t much call for it center stage. cial that NBC recently ordered from the late Factory. some of which Mr.” That defiance of realism. “All of that was really important to my cultural identity growing up. but I Last year.) tive effect” of “The Lion King. Anton’s time. as forays into theater and dance. just puppets and puppeteers. general arts funders and at being includ. cism. That is the sticking All of that suggests a heightened re. a shaggy wolf. be moving swiftly in that direction.

THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. Jialings — traveled thumbnail view of the Islamist revolu.” Whether this the Purple Heart. tender. I commend him for bly volatile and increasingly dangerous and burned the harvest’s stalks.’ 23 When soap exchange? preposition When do you read? operas first 64 Overcome a 106 Scrape (out) 72 73 74 flourished certain career 107 Go online What books are currently on your On a stationary bike. plane landing. hero. Turkey’s also argue that the most vital literary soldier. D850. into focus. by turns. remain barren until the next year. But splendidly novelists and even poets: Jehanne and phrases that could have been the novelists who the car’s doors with their bare palms faces. The makes them convincing to an Arab ear His second novel.. Don Lee’s “Lonesome much more attention. I love that Berger T A F T S E R I F L I L T agent B A R R A C K S F A C E T I M E 49 Letters of short topper “Maria mostly he wants to hear about Batman. It’s utterly terrifying and party. Watching them. hordes of scavenging boys.” Brian Turner’s ironed out more elegantly. ages to arrange a possible border edly killed at Adowa. powerful book about the necessity and say of an essay showed oneself “OMG!” 57 “Yi-i-ikes!” 85 Rule by a way demptive. farmers cleared delta. along the gentle sloping hills of Kilis steel roofs of backdoor shanties. despite novel brings it’s a richer harvest. of the war weighted by flashbacks relating literature created by Americans not Haris’s life in Michigan with his sister implicated in the corporate machinery — a studio in Dearborn with a foldout Elliot Ackerman They stop here at a small shanty by solitary rider. Daesh). staked his “They left Antep. When they are stopped just geography “Phantom Noise. they are all forth. Here are some books worthy Kia Corthron’s “The Castle Cross the What’s your favorite book to assign to 30 It helps you 74 Send elsewhere ever to host 107 108 109 110 111 of reading in 2017: Thi Bui’s “The Best Magnet Carter. unexpected imagery. pieces in impotent rage. their reflective responses to its taunts Man’s Garden. “Fobbit. FEBRUARY 4-5. he no not the equivalents of the locally exotic Much of this slender novel is set in the ton. “Require crossing through ISIS itself (here earliest name life story photograph known by its Arabic acronym.” the stories of Katey more directly and with more unclut. its enemies to weed out false believers.” According to dier named Haris Abadi. 2017 | 21 books Weekend Nightmare at the border and Ackerman has learned it well — a BOOK REVIEW twilight world of desolate roads. created by the calculation T W O S T R I P E R S E R V I C E A C E Enrique Peña II plane) Time Lords 96 “____ little Twitter feed. “Dark at the Crossing” is unusual in “Green on Blue” (2015).. 52 Org. Best of all.” Nadeem Aslam’s “The Blind Ackerman allows his tale to unfold vital literary ter. toy whose 19 Pinnacles with “the” sides change 20 Sidney 56 Pokey’s pal on 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 depending on Poitier’s 1980 TV how it’s folded The author. comes more into its own: clandestine base it can use to sneak stand it.’ my mother 41 Mark 64-Acrossed for 7 “J to ____ L-O!” 59 Ending with teen 87 Altar black-and-white “Massacre of Supreme Court (Jennifer Lopez 61 Certain constellation looked like? What’s the best classic novel you said. 92 Behind 35 36 37 38 39 6 Material 49 2013 best 94 Fix. 75 Easy-to-carry 117 Took care of 115 116 117 Lies Before Us”. with a 81 Rip off. he notices at once the portraits of Athid agrees to smuggle them all into terrain in America’s overseas wars is narrative and restrain its momentum. the slight strangeness of the exchange. In my 108 Remove fat 24 They’re barrier … 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 night stand? car.” We Could Do”. At the dining table or my measured by or what the from. To my mind.” David Abrams’s improve. John Berger. he argued. 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 101 Drop a bit ugees’ says the Star Wars stories are novel’s spirit that I was motivated to 21 Moretz of bear “Carrie” 103 Arthurian 64 65 66 67 relevant to our age. yond it we hear the constant thud of artillery and mortars. but Telling what must not be told is one of 9 Like over four so” in 1969 or Bill 90 Che Guevara’s hangin’?” Freedom 5 Gift shop item billion people 38 Loo. those novelists. e. many makes the attempt from Antep but fails correspondents have become variants on his first try and subsequently falls of the press eunuchs laconically de. an exiled revolutionary. early winter sun hovered near the the grand Canpolat. 82 Clown (around) 111 60 minuti . the rest of the ren. who. J A C K L O N D O N E L I T E E I G H T 17 Texting while agreement dumb!” 104 Catches off base 3-year-old. the single strip of black asphalt waiting to check into their rooms.g. António Lobo Antunes. tear their own hovel to faces of fallen American soldiers pho. Y A M S T W E N T Y O N E A N T S 14 Reading material 46 Aid for the 75 ____-fi laureates for a Hollywood handy. clutching their translation wasn’t ‘he who sacrifices is hard to say. Ghostbusters and Star Portugal’s colonial war in Angola was 1972 to the Black Panthers. until the moment thetically serious. now lives in Turkey.” Every morning I would his next book on migrant laborers. biblically 61 Part of a stock 105 Poetic 68 69 70 71 fact are complicit with the Empire. brutal and re. You’re organizing a literary dinner T E R E S A S K A B A N D L I T M U S president 43 ____ Gay (W. in pluviometers answers to the 110 Caramel candies 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 book is on my night stand. Be- man. the heed meant something different. served in Iraq. By Elliot Acker. princess behind identify with the rebels but so many in Lobo Antunes. as tify with the rebels but so many in fact 28 Sheena who 69 “Same with me” 113 Getting ready to some are written by people I know.” I find the book endlessly 34 %: Abbr. Berger was the kind of writer we need A F A R O B E S E T A K I N D R E I driving. During that war in nected lost souls constitute the narra- 1936. tographically exalted on the other side. scribed by Evelyn Waugh in Abyssinia and Amir’s alluring wife. Up ahead. Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” on telling everyone what her mother said. these chop the Purple Heart and In a wonderful scene. Where the hills spilled into faithful had built spires.” Phillip Knightley famously “Dark at the Crossing” follows the wrote in his book “The First Casualty. indeed. seen recedingly through the indistinguishable from those on the badlands. web of murky connections Haris man- cerning the “heroic nurses” suppos. How do you organize your books? sang “U Got 70 Move hastily swing 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 for the books that have come off my Organize? the Look” with 71 Also-ran in 2000 114 Lake catch What’s the last great book you read? Prince 72 Gray squirrel. The first line is 40 Get 2 *One who out? 32 Guido who 58 Pacific governing board 84 Change from painted What has your post-election reading “‘You must not tell anyone. He can 13 Professors was the mother Sinai Peninsula C O O L B E A N S D A Y T R A D E R 74 Two-____ ture that I read to my 3-year-old son. lives of students. DARK AT THE CROSSING. Alfred A. Vietnam was the high-water having served with the United States mark for the self-mythologizing and military as an interpreter in Iraq. with “appropriation. and discuss with your students? achieve balance for the night.” attempt of an Arab-American ex-sol- “appears to be over. Akcurun and Ulu dom was an American conception. before dawn by a Syrian Army patrol. e. where Daesh has established a few outside the group appear to under. asks Haris “Hunters in the Dark. he gerate only by a certain degree. the smooth high.” By the Book crossword 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Viet Thanh Nguyen First Ladies 19 20 21 Edited by Will Shortz 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Across 48 Click “Going” 87 Pub vessel 30 31 32 33 34 1 16-ounce on a Facebook 91 Permeates container event. I W I N E X T S S A N S B U S T 27 Enter. Using a digital contact tame their roving journalists. since it seems O B I S P U N K U F O in South Africa hub lyric) “Neighbors” T H R E E B E A R S G I V E M E F I V E 45 Kennedy who 73 Overly 97 Desert NE of the I take comfort in the children’s litera. of it. on audio. Warrior. P L A Y E R T O O L B A R D E A L E R yours” 42 What boats 65 Fictional effort the end of the world. and the wisps flashed like fireflies in all directions. and up through these tributary Haris is interviewed by a Daesh fascinating and topical novel. regime.95. aes. herded bales of cotton way upward. It tells the 20th. — a bold move in a culture obsessed who served in Iraq and is a recipient of horizon. Things occupy what is and then. headquarters buried inside this war. study do? 112 Opposite of 26 Rage 68 Heavy weight standing 91 92 93 I’m too embarrassed to name them. 25 Geneticist’s starred clues from Hershey haven’t read it and feel like I should. Knopf. As are complicit with the Empire. sha. where a teenage acquaint. but also for many adults. is a the road. It is also a Solution to puzzle of January 28-29 39 ____ rally 63 Monster 93 Puts forward. it means I JILLIAN TAMAKI bed. Waugh himself received a tive’s emotional skeleton. way came apart like a river feeding a bears witness. Ackerman.” by unlikely I’ll ever meet him. answer to them of Maria Shriver (smallish car) 98 *… for Nobel B R O E L S E E L F I R O N O N O He will tolerate the tales of Beatrix translated by Margaret Jull Costa. concrete. always carrying more than a tion in Syria and.L. martyrs pasted along the stairwell and Aleppo with some laborers and accepts ruined and now occupied not by journalists but by There are also repeated descriptions key. beautifully curate the music and cook spaghetti. spread across fields. It’s a physical land. which I find soothing. desperados and lethal con men. “Nurse unusual for a young writer in that it unupblown. conversely. of course. but Ackerman’s decision ing. Bao Phi’s “Thousand century history of the United States rewarding to teach. He is among doned by their older member — attack is struck how the expressions on their the money they have brought.” To In some senses.” and he has used them to populate a Antep — whose texture he renders the smoothly laid macadam. In addition. Province. The literal meaning was ‘he who desire not to tell his story through doxical country. M E M O L O N E R S T E A D E A R N 18 Anchor’s place travel ban? informally ____ divided age. and Akhil Sharma’s “A white brothers and two black brothers. a sound “like BY LAWRENCE OSBORNE soda cans crushed underfoot” and a sinister whine of car alarms acciden- “The age of the war correspondent as tally set off. for 99 1941 chart- Potter. Which three writers. has heard of? Haruki Murakami. is self-aggrandizing descendants of the now moved to enter Syria illicitly via war correspondent Ernie Pyle. Where the D850 fed into himself. his experiences as a young medic in gave half his Booker Prize money in S I X D E G R E E S C A S H I S K I N G 15 *… for British “pride” 77 *… for ____” Superman. as 10 “Victory is thinks that a Trump presidency spells performance was like encountering the difficult and dangerous one. as arguably the most rear window. once pleasant city of Gaziantep — or in the day. The landscape — both overseas wars. since that Daesh sometimes dresses up as Elliot Ackerman is certainly one of ruined and splendidly ancient — also of Kilis.. who provides a gathering unease. sometimes it’s a triple. “eagerness mixed with fear. and there flames caught wisps of cot. “Dark at the Cross.” past.” are treachery is the rule in the Syrian ancient Dubrow’s “Stateside.g. O. and used A T E I T A N N T A Y L O R F E N D I prime ministers 50 Alternative to a secretaries of 101 Slice for a Wars. It cast afternoon shadows mosques. Through a cable from his editors in London con. who sitting at the hotel bar writing up the wants to return to Syria for her own destruction of a hospital in Adowa by reasons. do you invite? E A R M O N E Y T R E E Z E N ____ depressing. Flitting in and out of he was their witness. Charmaine Craig’s challenging novel should have gotten Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman 33 Highlighter a roommate. 4 After deductions astronauts 37 “Hmm. Based in Istanbul.g. driving until the into Syria: “From the bellied domes of “It occurred to Haris that martyr. and I failed. to exag. with economical accuracy and with traffic light was strung across the lanes. 29 “No worries” slang oldest person coming. It is of course a common real- governments at war have learned to life scenario. however.” has as its setting the intricate. Seemingly convinced. as a soup You mean my leaning pile of guilt? If a desk. younger boys — furious at being aban. he has created people who are southern border zones with Syria. as data 54 Bills. These three sexually intercon- Italian bombers. for short Clinton in 1970 real first name ing.N. American nurse upblown Adowa.” why he would want to fight with Ackerman’s of reportage? It could be argued that couch — and his time in Iraq domi. Ackerman’s novel is which he immortally replied. Lawrence Osborne’s latest novel is scape that rarely appears in novels. because it’s so rich 35 Reply to “No telescope Star Hotel”. a single traffic. dangers of storytelling. This Carrie Fisher. and from the corrugated When taken in the pure Arabic. arrived when I was so seized by the autobiography 57 Spanish she. The moral clarity of these my touchstone while I wrote “The the other half to fund the research for Y E S F O Y T E G G F I F I D O G 16 Most-wanted pound state hearty appetite A U T O M I E N S S I N S invitees 51 Emphatic 78 “Don’t be so 102 Miner’s strike stories is comforting not just for a Sympathizer. farmland. Daphne and that. now lives in Tur. Ancient pedestrian lanes ran even Jamil. sweating. in the last half.” The journalistic stenogra. which would Kilis’s smaller roads. dangling above narrow for a car. with a pen in hand. ref- ugee tents. at night. ‘what I am about to tell you. it’s a 6 Hurriedly 31 Cousin of 55 Hit record? 83 [Yawn] computer crash. dense with striking and more of — politically committed. 109 Apologia pro vita This is why they are relevant in our cent prose.W. It read. always curious. read two or three pages of its magnifi. I had read it a long time ago. with a double of Scotch. and his first novel. The first third is heavily MUHSIN AKGÜN But what.K. And one could nated by his relationship with another recipient of the ance named Jamil elects to join them. audio. neat.’ Standing at the desk. their cobblestones too longer felt like a voyeur in their war — subjects in your average NPR story. of ‘The Ref. as an commonly used seller by Sheryl election 40 41 42 43 44 45 during cathedral Sandberg 95 Cab destination? construction 53 Pennsylvania 100 Geometric 46 47 48 14 Primitive timer vacation locale. cheap Chinese motorcycles — militant named Athid. in 116 Participate in 112 113 114 shades modern lingo deciding “Miss Burma”. characters thinking and speaking his Ackerman is familiar with the formida. Here ceding to riven pathways of dirt and Haris considered Amir. informally 76 Yapping dog. improves as it moves along rather than phy of war had already begun.” It is. in 1 Superfluous part Life of Adventure and Delight.’” and 44 Mosaic pieces 86 Classical the Innocents” 88 *… for Best 46 Question after a justices … album) conservative I’ve been reading news and opinion recently read for the first time? the rest of the book is about the author musician with 36 Today 3 Emphatic refusal 8 *… for skirt Directors photo finish a Presidential pieces on Facebook and Twitter.’ although that was often part is clearly motivated by empathy and a slow-unfolding nightmare of that para. Since then. but novel about an old man reflecting on Lastly. where most people iden. dead or 44 Best Foreign 66 Like lettuce silhouetto of a alive. most recently. ‘where most people turn to my own. guess 62 Hillary Clinton 89 Ranger’s station 47 “How’s it Medal of They’re utterly terrifying and depress. I wanted to imitate 60 Running a bit 22 Performs. Zongshens. that few of its characters are Western claim within the terrain. ambitious. I read Donald Trump’s Morton version is absolutely riveting. group to the ramshackle border town idea of martyrdom actually is. the reverse. tered velocity. in 115 White who is the 101 102 103 104 105 106 night stand recently. Laboring in the fields. road. rain in America’s The same D850 takes Haris and his He is driven to wonder what the Daesh lead to a terrible end and a realization Schultz. “The Land at the End of the World. as “S. Daphne.” This big. mowed Turkey to fight with the Islamist mili- down by the Japanese on the island of tias waging war against the Assad Ie Shima in 1945. $25. and I run back into the What’s your favorite book no one else D Y A N L O T P O I W E S B E S T 12 Zac of Film of 2005 set 67 West Coast air man” (Queen echo chamber. since my social circle basically hearing Joe Morton’s stupendous the writer’s primary tasks. after Knightley. own language. again. in with Amir. bearing the code name Saladin. for her wit and bravura. To get out of the novel for the first time. The O E U V R E V A M O O S E A R C A D E 11 Mexican shouldn’t do spacecraft 95 Factor in area echo chamber. It shuffled its colors to an empty Lifans. 237 pp. e. Vaddey Ratner’s “Music of through the intersecting lives of two and layered and still relevant to the offense” 79 Cubs’ home PUZZLE BY SAM TRABUCCO / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZ THE NEW YORK TIMES 37 Aid after a 80 Less safe for a Down the Ghosts”. When Haris arrives at the Daesh Daesh.

Farrar. tion between military officials. however. Israel came to view itself as a rages. though she often does so almost tachment. Her mother fulfills all the inadvertently. intellectually can come off as self-indulgent. brittle honesty and blunt nakedness. Katz and “changing the way wars are being floating in front of “The Weapon Wizards: How Israel velopment than any other country.” to buyers from China and India to Co. and I was left to privilege may reveal their depression wander around in a moonscape as an assertion of their common hu. There’s the Israeli official who which have now become “the global tive in the world. From satellites and missile de. Her concern that her own depres. Of her most recent tion might be devastating to her child. In the earlier part of her clichés about Jewish mothers except memoir. . combined with its cisely friendly. In one episode. they note with in a secret facility built underneath a al drivers of Israel’s military innova.. particular demon. pain. though both have been condemned by was still just a gleam in Zionists’ eyes.” she observes. and yet choose to make a big deal about. nearly in spite of herself. everyone world. “She was alert kind. In one telling passage.” It’s hard not to have the same take on THIS CLOSE TO HAPPY: A RECKONING this mordant volume with its waves of WITH DEPRESSION. erarchy. relief. for in- ceremony in 2000 ists Yaakov Katz and Amir Bohbot. or at the very least to approve palpable. writing: “It Famous people use such disclosures to was as though I fell off the end of the persuade you that they are just like earth the minute I wasn’t in the pres- you. but this reader. to the literature of mental illness. but we already knew book. too. but she can hardly say how or desolate book. Katz and Bohbot are similarly unin- hardly more than a ragtag group of ir. “I have pressive to write about being better in Most memoirs aim to seduce. but if your misery loves com. writing of depression in the past tense of him or her. It and sometimes darkly humorous who will cut up the world into bite-size about it. By Yaakov Katz and Amir Bo. she writes about detect how low I am at any given on which she had become reliant. “the Jewish tradition sending them back to Israel in the em. describes her envy of the anorexics on about their precarious inner states as if does not apologize for her descents Merkin gets married. she dares us to disengage that her lapses into inchoate abnega. She to ensure that you admire her not at though she had sailed out to sea while sweating a lot. She herself is never sure that condition’s endemic weight. form of love.” deep sympathy with her underlying “although it demands nothing and be intended as a punishment of every. neighbors relatively docile. aid than every other country in the ber weapons. percent of Israeli R&D goes toward mili. a desperado from way how hard she has worked to mask her she couldn’t have finished this book. and the Military Became Everything. “There is nothing she elsewhere across the globe. . ating weapons deals in Havana night. brains and billions of dollars BOOK REVIEW But Katz and Bohbot aspire to do ers.” How David taries operating within the British Man. she also relates that: If she didn’t feel closer to happy. were cold and unloving. clubs. and parts of the book appear to are often questioned in our post-Freud. “We were tangled up like that only a select. an enterprise that has She knows how foolish it is for a de- crucial manual. scien. academics and financiers. which is an altogether more offers instead of a more recognizable back. Once compelled to arm nation that could.” Yet she knows how unattractive cult for even close friends of mine to seemed a betrayal of a literary persona such demand.” pany.” Readers will a model of an Became a High-Tech Military Super. American security guarantees over the town University Law Center and the au- Air Force Base. in exquisite she also writes. tion only when she was sick. has “become the first country to kibbutz. you will find no better compan. Rosa Brooks is a professor at George- at the Palmahim Weapon Wizards” offers a lively account specialized educational programs de. Israel’s small size. endary Israeli pilot testing French Mi.” She concludes by sharing that she ion. “This alienate with her singular blend of and cruelty are intermingled with you will. Perhaps this resilience is what she out of being me. She describes This is not a was hardly swept away by gusts of in the shuttered-down universe of the of the amygdala. the unit. Absent is any reflection on the POWER. she feels she has symptoms. . Today. the Search for Identity. and she memoir full of actual hospitalizations enough in a down-to-earth way but Merkin writes: “One minute you were She does not try to unpack the function ponders whether her yearning for and suicidal longings. and worries constantly irrationality. she is “shorn of ing that you had suffered from depres. To from more powerful states (and some. but who stances of plenty. sion is a pathetic failure. self-indulgent few need another were too fat unless you were too thin.P. But I still can’t get nose-dives into hell. offer is any meditation on the political and Israel’s best and brightest minds. If “The Weapon Wizards” were a a “The Weapon Wizards” offers plenty the international community. that I wanted to go home. ence of another person — or perhaps I it’s a way of compensating for the meant that the other person fell off the discomfort attached to their glamour. is An Israeli flag lombia and Russia. that knowledge. avoids all the stat. centage of its G. When depression is “a fraudulent bundle of better book. By Daphne Merkin. helps spur innovation. and she dull mark of solipsistic forthrightness. of those. “either innovate or disap. but sonal focus.’ which I realize is sub. Today. . high quality intelligence. the poor little rich seem nonetheless to have provoked in girl. . Daphne Merkin with the long-awaited Merkin’s parents were prosperous chronicle of her own consuming de. acts — or as I choose to believe. with a viselike grip. “Without my mother. an inflated case of malin. “The truth is that no The power of such passages in “This person. as her condition is. As a child. I know. there was the confinement of my child. “How of structure. the families of suspected militants. targeted times obtained by stealth). rael. In the eyes of the world. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Weekend books Descending into darkness “lack of shame. but they hold true for Daph. agency. ian epoch. This is not a how-to-get-better acknowledges. Merkin’s book makes no Merkin observes. She appears empathetic enough to by the sharpness of her observations. and the into darkness. there can be no Into this morass daringly comes clearer summary. they again. not critics.” For those of us who have suf- from death as the great equalizer. Israel devotes a higher per. A more complete an- found ways to circumvent or leapfrog fi. hood. killings are interesting only because one of the world’s six largest arms ex. David and Goliath. and perhaps child left behind at sleep-away camp. them. rael receives more American military fense systems to adaptive armor and cy.” Yet she does emerge. loves to hate. such that it would be diffi. St. which was what I suspected even the could cause vertigo if you weren’t prose. nor even to apologize for it. she confesses.” Elsewhere. Instead. Straus & Giroux. and now there is my adulthood. she are supposed to fall in love with the able. with numerous stance. but descents into a perfect epigram. 288 pp. gagement that her emotional state her daughter. Is. military superpower status. Mary McCar. “The its human resources. She longs to be a better mother to offers nothing back except its own one who hasn’t loved or understood ne Merkin. and easily communicated to policy mak. “The Weapon Wizards” is also largely THE WEAPON WIZARDS: HOW ISRAEL tory of the Israeli military’s technolog. Israel also invests in versity. Israel is now pear. Indeed. time. empathy for my bereft state. Israel has consistently tists and entrepreneurs. of American aid each year.” It is standard fare to say her. but it is part of her and so woven into the fabric of her considerable art that by the end. master the art of targeted killings. end of the earth. but it is Andrew Solomon is the author of “Far thy.” This ruthless intimacy. last few decades have kept Israel’s thor of “How Everything Became War south of Tel Aviv. Clinical misery has taken over tion. Orthodox Jews who. filled with a sense of larger purpose. it is an important addition intimacy that more cautious accounts person in whom every emotion is also interview . The same tinge of self-aware pieces for me?” why. where people were free to And she does so with insight. . book. bleached of reliable human connec- manity. and fought around the globe. Jewish settlements into Palestinian ter- “What was the secret to Israel’s suc. $26. it is a how-to-be-desolate her. fered the slings and arrows of this Vanity of vanities. was inescap. condition or view it as a moral failure. She is not out to demystify life on Park but not very kind in the application of Avenue.” even to herself. ordinary life. I alternated between she is determined to be better at affec. and the future state’s military was biblical allegory. is the role of the United States. even inclined. rael’s culture of informality offers an un. in her telling at spair. all is depression. perhaps even more vulnerable. ability. people with any modicum of seemed to dissolve. attachment and thus produce neurosis and then it becomes morbidly intrigu. I know were suffering from being intractably getting stuck in a stranglehold of de- you up. and “a keen tice of destroying homes occupied by the bracing prospect of imminent anni. ical advances: They aim to explain just derappreciated advantage: “What might. cannot equal.D. signed to bring top talent into the mili. from the early days of Jewish paramili. if not pre. to feel the relief in being able to times so annoying makes it finally her mother even as she professes to life as ‘horrific.. you end up liking her its opposite. like a woeful It is hard to be depressed. is one of those who make a big deal how-to-be. ing to try and map it backward. Yet this very “go ahead and family and self to emerge as an epit. itary needs and challenges are quickly swer to “How did Israel do it?” might nancial and technological barriers. least. could achieve her mother’s full atten- which happens to have unfolded there. in an increasingly stratified However the process works. to research and de.” she complains. through the sale of military equipment research and development. Finally. not as unaware of my turmoil as she there are people hanging on by a and disconsolately — and some might spair. ity and protects against groupthink. self-aggrandizing. as a result. asked to blurb Merkin’s first book. consternation about that fact invites blance to religious faith. I While Merkin nearly boasts of her feels better now. Written by the Israeli journal. . salts a The admitting nurse was pleasant depressed to forsake their condition.” limns the fantasy of the depressed all. and Bohbot are cheerleaders.” The absence of “social hi. Katz and Bohbot There’s the young Shimon Peres. junior soldiers feel free to argue ritory. it would be the story of of good stories about fascinating people. it children’s lives that they cannot have feels like a winning frankness. planes at a Manhattan toy store and Katz and Bohbot. Of her mother’s final illness. De- such confessions have devolved into a pression is a social condition. mil. terested in the brave new world Israel is regulars. Merkin was born into circum. more than just offer a journalistic his. . the shock was of film.. or that we both did. breaking down in tears and repeating tion than her parents were. .” widely viewed as one of the most effec. tary technologies. pride. from her mother on down to the lyzed by psychiatrists and friends and provokes. For all its highly per- hate me” dynamic achieves a real ome of what analysis seeks to locate: a hospitalization she says. context or implications of Israel’s rise to Israel. Martin’s become such a military innovator. might consider this a dubious honor. Children and expressed astonishment at the book’s even an imagined hysteria.” She one. the state of Israel hilation. something to cheer or mourn. this breathless tale of triumph over ad. Surrounded by enemies at its in. were suffering from a disease. Israel’s annual defense budget is effec- porter of 60 percent of the world’s also helps. the way for the contentious expansion of Press. maternal affection might have been an sitting at a dinner where she feels how-to-get.” . the mere fact of writ. Merkin is unlikely to cheer escape from her. FEBRUARY 4-5. Katz and Bohbot note. like so many others. “In my intake She might not be an easy person. Illustrated. There’s Danny Shapira. that were all that mattered. her tight focus on her own the one about unbridled self-sacrifice. and nearly a quarter of date to Israel’s recent emergence as ex. always believing against the you get to blame her. the leg. Israel’s military is tions. made her feel only more alone. who “were clearly and poign.. but we hardly need another one doesn’t know. how the tiny Jewish state managed to makes Israel unique is the complete lack role of the Israeli armed forces in paving hbot. grasp what her children are feeling. Merkin is accustomed to the disen. rarely more than one degree of separa. books on depression are brave. did Israel do it?” Katz and Bohbot ask. Israel.” Meanwhile. which seems like a prison of a different depression. be: pluck. nothing that will undo know. She blames herself so readily that the rest of us stayed on dry land. sense of chutzpah” encourages creativ. she writes: nurses of doing about us depressed careful. she is not interested in universal. you no matter how poisoned. silent on how Israel uses its military BECAME A HIGH-TECH MILITARY SUPER. for instance. 288 pp. as Arieh Herzog. Left largely unmentioned. Seventy years ago. helps start Israel’s drone program in the standard in the war on terror. no one really believes that defenses. she isn’t being self-indulgent. tradition of universal military service.” She verifiably unwell. critical. and about being boring. Katz and Bohbot note that roughly 30 there’s little room for introspection in have to decide for themselves if this is Arrow antiballistic power” tells the story of this transfor. negoti. I know. one actually is. Is- became Goliath drones. Kahn and Bohbot argue. gives it a social context. SVEN NACKSTRAND/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESS — GETTY IMAGES tary and to send soldiers back to school. she narrates betrayed the sacred monster she so gering that everyone suffers from but but we hardly antly victims of a culture that said you next you were admitted back into what happened and how it felt to her. by ensuring that there’s tively paid for by the United States. helping to create.” she thread in Haiti and the Congo and say self-indulgently — ourselves. earning billions each year to place a high value on investments in What “The Weapon Wizards” doesn’t technology. pluck and with high-ranking officers. they showcase the mix of “cutting-edge porters. $27. until you’ve already done it. of people who talked istics about the rate of the illness and engine of her later breakdowns. “The fact is that she is jective and self-dramatizing.” which condenses the relentless sion conferred a badge of courage. a for.. forced to manufacture bullets highlight several interconnected cultur. her a passionate and consuming at- izing. time and narcissism that makes the book at You feel Merkin struggling to see “Yesterday in therapy I described my patients. ception. of education and scholarship” led Israel bassy’s diplomatic pouch. put it. “First depression.” In Is.99. world combined. grace bedclothes.” and wrote that “the BOOK REVIEW book fascinates one by its openness. Merkin is capable of being at once melodramatic and finely nuanced. missile during a mation. she BY ANDREW SOLOMON has so many good phrases about de- pression that it’s hard to choose among Not so long ago. 22 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. who has been much ana. The any experience that is not somehow of reader is saved from diaristic fatigue her. she is perfectly content enough but seemed far away.” Some itself with surplus equipment purchased mer head of Israel’s missile defense late 1960s by buying remote-control air. it is a No one could blame them for their roam as they pleased and seemed and excruciating clarity. or the Israeli prac- BY ROSA BROOKS cess?” Their answer: brains. Merkin RUTU MODAN but only to explain her experience. and her secret conviction bears some resem- self-obsession and ostentatious vulner. also hard for those who have been From the Tree: Parents. like an incessantly replayed loop hurled all the charm and wits I have at a way that sounds permanent. story at the expense of anyone else’s She is domineering. my disposal against my proclivity to describes how entering a hospital after writer. and when it faded. of Israel’s evolving military prowess. She takes a Those psychoanalytic narratives in one is interested in why you want to Close to Happy” is that she refuses all odds that it is possible to be free of the certain masochistic relish in trying to which barely suppressed family drama kill yourself. and we “entertain unhappy thoughts without triumphant.

” required a different kind of logic. or thought I did. It’s clearly in her interests to get her for her and for others.” her words Waiting at a crosswalk one spring. oth. their mother oblivious avoided anything interracial. We parted as friends.” I myself transferring our relationship to heard what he was really saying. The New York Times Magazine. it is clearly need to worry about. stances. There are various problems with your ience. she would ience you: Indeed. she’s asking you to vary the terms of obligations to fice. In this imaginary con. but as the two restless children had dated only women. but I ignored it. walking through the and what he The vernacular for him and those like filled the void in me. the self. But Respect your ternoon. took several weeks’ leave to go see dis. One of our staff (call her A) left to have a legal recourse. holding the phone to conversations now comical. impaired driving is something you But co-workers you have lunch with terms. he in his 30s. Something in me raised a hand to Modern Love object. And with the benevolence listening. Absent a good reason.” I began. unleashed. Today was his bris. had been only this time.C. I time to label. dinner became sex. So you can reasonably baby. afraid of scaring him off. His When she told me. Still felt failed in that at the expense of my had weighed me down. a story I told my friends. then crawl. even a period or going off around the world (Include a daytime phone number. in the frozen-food aisle at an was. It was not smooth. But in Apparently. it was my own feelings of purports. a woman at resisted the urge to call. and I recognized him before he Over time. he mouth crammed full of marbles. I knew what I was doing. If only. One is a problem I am torn. or send mail to The Do I have the ethical responsibility to Perhaps the best outcome would be employee. paper. greeting threw me. say everything I had hauled around for tain to climb. deliberate and measured. He said my draft was “good” and as if it were the 1960s and we were “human” and “filled with conflict. with me getting the “All along. all those with whom you’ve I am the director of a small library. but I believe that she drives herself stop. falling. I saw all the signs that cheated. This may inconvenienced you by doing this be- ers of our group find this behavior quite home drunk. you’re worried about its consequences what is appropriate in this situation? full four hours only if she comes back at ing surreptitiously at her desk in the af. I was but with each one I learned new had wished for in our ending: I’m black non-Jewishness ceased being my my car loan was paid off. they You and your employee had a mutual that’s difficult to justify. It in the back bobbed up and down in where I had left off but ardently suddenly words I didn’t recognize as the best light in which to stand to make felt simultaneously like the hardest their car seats. I felt like a toddler I didn’t know what my own eyes said I started dating again. I again saw that flash of red from My throat closed. Fall. To do otherwise is to mopolitanism” and “The Honor Code: may choose to assume. and portant to respect your ethical obliga. I wish. During an inspired spell. yes. given that. crossing the wrongs were obvious and easy to label. but I had no every season. Kwame Anthony Appiah teaches philos- adult capable of making her own deci. missed him sometimes. I thought maybe the worst was over. religion and her heart When our paths crossed a year and a When two people’s differences lead half later. terms of employment. head. searching for then stand. This that you can’t make staffing changes do otherwise is against our company’s policy to drink at someone (or herself) in a traffic acci. can stay on. Summer. may not have. yes. I realized she was Lilian Oben is an actor and writer amnesia. example. N. Were she to harm are people with whom you have the kind to her to respect that expectation. her work. Soon I speak. I rehearsed for a retake of our His response was long yet concise. I read it versation. Or as if I though critiquing another couple’s tale. I wanted him to find me worthy. How Moral Revolutions Happen. During the last year she her this additional time in these circum- alert her directly to the inappropri. I found In his “I can’t do this anymore. so he shrank shame that were hardest to unload. and the fact based in Washington. and this is a very small town. and that’s surely the real issue. isn’t a legal point: A lawyer could tell down the road. My black non- Jewish body. and I was aware I was going to send it but he went on to state the obvious — to him even before I actually decided. putting me at an inconven. and gratitude to her distracted husband. Basically. do something in order to reduce the one in which a group of you tell her that one to fill in for her (B). it was nothing new. you what legal obligations you may or ager is to manage expectations. They have whatever responsibil.U. But Employee B is better. She is the only one of our small ternoon tippling is probably affecting half hours a week and letting A return for family (with its reminder that she has group who drinks alcohol at lunch. yes. And. said anything to my co-worker about this eotypical alcoholic. problem and became his alone. assuming she drives two and a half hours a week. by the way?” she asked. but unable to our story like bread. whitewash my the one who shrank myself. most likely in the spring. I hesitated. reasonable time. All der as I cried. To have started to replace the heaviness that soften. ever could. For him. didn’t have the resilience to mend. a I felt the words he was about to say in different kind of bigotry. and I saw him in exactly who angry with him. I had The disingenuousness was not. The pain seemed gone. I told her about him forget. felt ready to share it with someone. fact. Even before he spoke. BRIAN REA conversation. You think Em- the habit of having a glass of wine at breach of their rules as because the af. Months passed. say. “You raise some good even though what I really wanted to points. held my. 2017 | 23 living Weekend Confronting race. It’s for her. Two months later. I heard myself objectivity. My Stumped for a reply. I was the him existed. listened to all of my answers. He looked unkempt one who the end. and it rose.” Yet something in me had been call him was a racist. I spent the days after our peared in my inbox. He out felt both frightening and liberating. I missed him but park. in went back to basics. and I less an answer than a test. “Whatever happened with myself to a colorless sheen.Y. I knew. to him. I came up. I shared that tried to exactly who and what he was. you’ll have someone like to return a month later. I was in my 20s. let alone a white one. This doesn’t mean employees. to dent. FEBRUARY 4-5. Ethicist. I let it go. Nor do I feel that I ities you have. until he was just a blip on my dating He had a son now. discussed this are in the same position we have a staff of three. and I contin- and hear his words for what they were. Even if you don’t much care about you here. and I knew there could be He said. I was brave and strong. a black woman must shared history.. To As you might expect. ering keeping Employee B for two and a ployee A’s request for time off with the lunch. nounced she was taking another job for 620 Eighth Avenue. to be sure. tions to employees when they have no ophy at N. I was eager to test out my self-love away. tentatively I emailed him again. with a man at all. You could play hardball and and have written it off as a peculiarity.” this time. time.) . But the onus on a man. der the general precept that she is an Of course.” as Richard and Mildred Loving. do I have any responsibility to for four months. Coffee became lunch. I kneaded one ear. our library is only open a few days a your earlier understanding. our I was shaking. I advertised and found some. to abuse your the office. As who drinks on the job? early 2017.Y. unsure what I was searching for. The children waved. Can you give me some guidance as to tell her that she can come back for the But now I have learned that she is drink. Calling him like. and fall. It just felt like too high a moun. I held a mir. D. them. your colleague is not ILLUSTRATION BY TOMI UM week. fresh. “Come on. A wom. not so much because it’s a Employee B go then? I have been consid. his. My friend listened as if she were sea legs. It was just my BY LILIAN OBEN body. Over coffee with a friend. like further proof of my growth. to blame him. for. however. that I didn’t care. and seemed startled to see me. I told myself. they held. I won. my chest tight. He is the author of “Cos- sions and assuming whatever risks she as you. your obligations than A — with lots of initiative. that means she’ll be on a leave of absence So it’s hard to see why you should refuse The Ethicist erally. honey. I imagine the complexities an I would meet years later described of interracial casual sex in America the sensation as “feeling it in the skin. I have not ple on the road. and self up for his inspection. Another is a problem for your her wishes as to when she returns. chances that she hurts herself or others you’ve noticed she has this problem and Employee B is a model employee. You were right. anything but love. spoke firmly and clearly. it had been easier to be tions.” to whitewash my blackness. only as masses in my chest was like pected but never mentioned. vene here. I had tried lessons while keeping that mantra sorry. years before but tried my hand at ened. Should I simply accede to view. Maybe I had simply hoped it would trying to suppress a gag reflex with a loved her for it. driving while intoxicated? Or more gen. all along. saw me. To have to climb it again relationship. relationship. She abuse your power over them. was employed for four hours a week and Your ethical obligation survives only submit a query: Send an email to ethi- opinion of her behavior with her directly. the details became fuzzy filled the silence with nervous chatter: myself. “I’m sorry you feel that no backing away from the mountain way. If there are any Name Withheld the time you originally agreed.” To have any responsibility to discuss my say to them. Owed. So if you care about recovering alcoholics in your office. standing. 10018. You — plural — ought to help. saw him in a car stopped at a light. you prefer in the job for a while longer. leaving only the pulp substance of to a breakup. you should do something to help her could be particularly helpful in guiding expectation that you’d take her back af. Screaming. he had been only and there were countless false starts. I tried to write. polished front and center. When our eyes met. it’s a problem for other peo. didn’t date casually. even if it isn’t what you agreed ateness of her behavior? Name Withheld tant family. he was always considering long. I reminded organic food store. help but see himself for what he was last word. I twice. as every self-help book was in the passenger seat. seem like a paltry number of hours. but fore) gives you an excuse not to respect odd or even outright wrong. his name blackness. But there was integrity shamed me more than any When I met a woman who seemed back. of relationship that generates obliga. She you have a temporary replacement who just sent me an email stating that be. He erything was mush. including me. It doesn’t. and I heard in his gaze all the words I screen. Employee would disappear. my own tumbled out. At his I worried about reopening a wound I age. this isn’t going to inconven- cause of family gatherings. My feelings were untidy. however. And over the next two years. If she’s like the ster. She rubbed my shoul. fore something pretty serious happens. tions. I have no way of knowing how to see these things. What to do about a colleague more hardworking and independent before returning. wary breakup replaying his words in my but curious. Somewhere on my shoulders. and let why you’re tempted to insist on new A co-worker of mine has recently adopted employers. you would rightly feel bad for hav. I climbed that mountain much I had edited myself during our every day. Before him. to. I had so desperately and easiest thing. Springtime. that I could see that so clearly seemed ror up to his prejudice so he could not end with my letter. you owe it to your advantage. I wanted to prove something: that I was still desir- able. Something flashed red before my eyes. Soon.” is a delightful person and responsible as long as she seeks to return within a cist@nytimes. we need to inter. for as she watched me — patient. that I was black and not Jewish. her. open. I him. ter her maternity leave on the same the agreement in a way that is actually home at least a few days a week. in your BY KWAME ANTHONY APPIAH co-worker’s conduct. and this time I exploring what our future might look did not hold anything back. and the affection in his handle the complexities of an interra. at least not be. love really does start with the wheel. street. What came out was unexpected. power over disclose what I know to her superiors un. my skin. The years had not changed myself that I was black and not Jewish. as I ethical intoxicated she is when she leaves the of. New York. his name ap- Instead. my eyes stung. and all seemed rosy for a that comes from either forgiveness or Parsing emotions that had existed hearing a secret she had long sus. but ev. learning to walk: First sit. asked the right ques. he’d told me. He He responded to the emailed draft explained that he was not ready to immediately. her. Stand and fall. the hardest edges were gone. We had been serious. But all she’s asking for A had said she’d like to return to work in is an extra month or so of time off. But it’s particularly im.com. going to stop on her own. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION SATURDAY-SUNDAY. wondered if he would respond but I hated myself for letting him off so focused on how good it felt to finally easily. “Thank you for the feed- call him a bigot — the milder term — back. As a black woman in so long. and I smiled With hindsight.. ing done nothing. because of him was too much. “You didn’t do ued learning. cial relationship in a country like this. I term potential. I am not inclined. If she an. It dawned on me then how America. and wants to return in 2017. confront her ex — and herself lunch became dinner. I felt myself dered what made me think I could be the heaviness I couldn’t quite place. so I picked up you two. had fooled him by making a racial and but then admitted that he was embar- religious switch midway through our rassed by the story. the should have tipped me off — dropping something else I struggled to articulate rejection of my black non-Jewishness the answer to everything I was ready last of something rose and flew gently my hand when he saw his friends.

a buzzing casino awaits of exotic gardens. and 2:30 Arty acronyms 4 p. a to contemplate a tall cone ringed with esteemed Galerie Matisse. Egyptian film posters. 6 continents. news stories. . Arabic lesson No. concerts and tradi- tional Arabic storytelling nights. largest. focuses on coverage of breaking news in Europe. Arabic lesson No. the city is easier than ever Chérifia.m. which channels the spirit of ing rooms on the lush grounds of the Dar all directions at the Epicurien nightclub. The ums. and provides travel with like-minded individuals everything from politics and history to attractions usually closed to and a standout chicken tajine stewed in ginger and caramelized onions). Moroccan artifacts and Euro. are hardly havens of tranquillity. offers a chance to explore its myriad can recipes and handwork. though the Hindus. 3: souk (market).m. a crop of new muse. seum of African Contemporary Art Al A night out in Gueliz can take you down Maaden (Macaal). radios and the constant come-ons of Like greenhouses. gazebos.575 From $4. by the Cam. Chabi Chic. The classic meat-and-sweet med. a Dufy watercolor and Fez ce.m. including water pipes and wed- sanal traditions. A three-course you find a soaring African mask blowing nent collection. After. The center is the lat- the bourgeois or bohemian path. and stay in luxury or boutique to cultural or natural wonders. istas line the walls. bands channel soul. pools and Marrakesh. A bottle stroll through the collective uncon- Rue de Yougoslavie. He and memoir. on the science of climate is an award-winning writer. lined with glass walls. . Saffron and car. into Le 68. home to a stunning Departing Aug. houses. medina must also rank among the plan- ative spaces is showcasing the talents of et’s oldest. 2017 Travelers Limited to 25 guests in New Mexico Itinerary 13 days Departing March 25. A PHOTOGRAPHS BY DANIEL RODRIGUES FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES palaces to renovated centuries-old pri. settlement. items.-spun mainstream lent inaugural exhibition. with Sunday depar. from upcycled Arabic-language adver. dirhams) at the site’s Café Paul Bowles Laurent (who had a home in Mar. hotels. A few Raspoutine cocktails huge metal ark carrying a pyramid. a wonderland The Kasbah dis- go! the jet-setter Talitha Getty through psy. jects and garments (all for sale) made around 800 dirhams. April 9 and Australia is one of the 17 “megadiversity” Itinerary 8 days Oct. 6. brand new branch of the celebrated Pa. He has helped to lead the organization’s coverage of major • See the center of Saudi oil production on the Persian Gulf. the Middle East and Africa. with and see how the Native and Spanish peoples expert guidance and access to remote regions. Buddhists itinerary explores Australia’s key ecosystems.m. eroonian artist Pascale Marthine pean expats from the arty-intellectual Tayou. The space was dried fruits adds crunch to shredded liers. and a ghostly video montage of set soak up wines from an extensive African migrants relating tales of striv- menu of French and local vintages by ing to reach Europe. Explore the conservatism that grips Saudi Arabia (women. The most atmospheric open-air markets. Echoing with buzzing scooters. Kasbah district. and prepare for Arabic lesson No. This ambitious 12-day India has some of the most varied religions on After thousands of years of Native American earth. worked to create new civilizations. includ- ing harira (a thick tomato-based soup Travel Differently. He was one of the eight of whose nine books over Kashmir from the co’s own Casablanca beer (60 dirhams) Notable works include dreamlike surre. Run by a Casablanca auction at Riad Yima. Three courses are 280 dirhams.595 From $7. the alley at founded by the photographer Hassan chicken in a sweet sea of puréed carrot. bands of color. just south of the fragrant sine. lounge with D. a funky and flamboyant melized onions lends multiple textures (380 dirhams) ups your I. Only and Muslims have not always peacefully was claimed for the Spanish Crown. He has climbed in dirhams). chande. FEBRUARY 4-5. classes. cushions and other décor. the public. pythons. with gambling tables and slots. the disconnected din- . fruit trees. travel the same tra ls as the Spanish. resort. 61 last year welcomed Macma Hajjaj. go where few are allowed to go and experience Middle East. one of the or about $28. from journeys. of Moroccan Terres Sauvages red wine scious. Travel with sion: 40 dirhams. Épices. . joins our March trip. its old city. Paradise found 10 a. grant specimens — in this case from the flickering candles lend a boudoir vibe to the free shuttle bus. hole bar where Moroccans and Euro. Admission is 80 “Jewel of the South. 15. mull the prints. as available. bringing wealth into a region steeped in tradition and heightening tensions with oil-dependent Western nations. The best-kept secret in Gueliz dining is Clock the Kasbah 2:30 p. of Rodin’s “The Thinker. a dimly lighted and laid-back until early March. ponds and trict of Marrakesh. lead Times writers at the concern the land and perspectives of the Moscow. Northern Ireland or the that include after-hours access to Pulitzer Prize winners to Middle East world-renowned cruise lines. (vodka. exhibitions. Desserts are exceptional as well. 2: Yalla! Let’s Khmissa. like green. Already home to the geometric patterns. attack on a hotel in Burkina Faso. The souk of the old dessert. slippers and acces. 150 multicolored camel. photographer Leila Alaoui. For a bohemian vibe. Turn again and pean Orientalism comprise the perma. Books. beer Paysage. Times London Bureau Editor • Understand how oil transformed the region. 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Weekend travel ‘Jewel of the South’ revels in creativity hawkers and storekeepers. dates and sticky pastry on the side and A journalist or subject matter Whether on our land-based Visit locations as diverse as Iran. limited to 28 guests. courtesy of boutiques like to visit. plastic bags instead of fruit. Sewell Chan. (indulgence primordial. nuts and cara. mari- nated eggplant slices around a core of goat cheese quiche. you slip into Le Jardin Secret. each colorful and jew. He has explored bureaus of The New York the Moroccan winery Terres Rouges (45 Pierre Bodo.” features dozens of African is the paper’s lead writer Foreign Correspondent has covered the political and wines are on offer. by the Moroccan Book Now +1-202-750-8073 the glass. 2017 Travelers Limited to 24 guests Oil transformed the Arabian Peninsula. arty hangout in the medina’s southern tively combined. the elegantly manicured grounds of exotic 36 Hours flora. 24 and Nov. from Delhi to Kashmir. From $8. Showing FEATURED EXPERT FEATURED EXPERT FEATURED EXPERT Pointbar. 20 and Oct. One trail passes a reproduction des Oeuvres et Objets d’Art) is an ambi. pumpkin purée with chickpeas and vermicelli) with Times-Selected Experts Small Group Tours and Cruises Destinations That Tell a Story Exclusive Access with diced nuts and a crisp phyllo shard. a handbag created from a recycled cous. most diverse and Moroccan and international artists. Clock. bring a head scarf). includ.Q. a wall sprouting tree committed to trying to save the Southwest through Times. including Delacroix street signs and many Warhol-esque ob. intelligence analysts. The a mix of lectures and informal Q&As. from new luxury takes on traditional artisanal goods. FEATURED EXPERT Learn more on this journey accompanied by New York Times selected experts. in such a short time. portable Meat and sweet 8 p. printed and prac. He joins both mountains around the world. mystical artworks 45 minutes south of home of the arty sories with a 1960s feel. On this coexisted. 11:30 a.” Scale the tower for views of the Arabic lesson No. For the est cultural offering at Al Maaden golf former. Lunch History & Context me seeds and almonds. ing a dense dome of orange mousse en. William deBuys. bric-a-brac fur- ing room decorated with red Berber niture and graffiti murals decorate the rugs and touches of chiseled plaster. without drinks. It means art. “Essentiel Times Science Correspondent Former Times Times Sports Reporter house. grooves during the wee hours. quotient) yet further.m. risian club. mazelike passages and bazaars of the old medina to the modern boulevards of Treasure trail Noon the Gueliz district. Sunday meaning of it all over café au lait (25 ramics that once belonged to Yves St. face pops with radiant hues and crazy while a spice biscuit of pistachios and even redder — walls.) Like a A creative corridor is flourishing along spice market known as Place des ley is elevated to new heights. things get ery turn. breakfast to camel burgers to eggplant- el-like: a bright mound of julienned car- rots scented with vanilla. Built from the ruins of a magnificent 19th-century palace. you’ll Galápagos Islands. Ms. while the eclectic comfort-food Book Now +1-202-750-8073 can start with a selection of small menu roams from all-day Moroccan tapaslike salads. For stylish up. Morocco fountains were inspired by a Koranic verse about paradise: “He will reward BY SETH SHERWOOD them for what they endured with a gar- den .m. Cmooa (Compagnie Marocaine cafe-boutique-gallery where every sur. L’ibzar. Explore this nation’s colorful here can you see kangaroos. gardens and indie cre. tisements and food packaging. galleries. the journey turns up something borhood. Saudi Arabia firsthand. Pleasures and temptations beckon from Nature and culture envelop the paths Ma’assalama! Goodbye! cous sack? It’s here. whose color-soaked street por. including Moroc. He joins our March trip. crafts or fine art opened last year. step into genus of neo-North African haute cui. an but flavors are abundant and innova. soaring minaret of the medieval ticed like never before in Morocco’s Koutoubia Mosque.m.995 damom infuse the dual crème brûlée for two: about 250 dirhams. which cuisine. archetypal or strange at ev- house. An inter. the museum’s excel- Justin Gillis. alongside vintage livened by a zippy ginger sauce and dirhams) and you will fit right in. Until whether it be in architecture. From $10. koalas. pack branches that blossom with colorful the planet from the worst the genres of both history the Himalayas and other effects of climate change. 4: rakesh). or Cuba. Moorish morsels 8 p. in the Gueliz neigh. Booze. Nearby. departures. and territorial impasse change. Crowds are sparse — for now — Time passes languidly at Café Clock. artists who take nature as their theme. they bloom with exotic and fra.” who appears tious new art space.m. far weirder creatures. 1. including the migration wave triggered by turmoil in the • With expert guidance. mirrors and Marrakesh. soul and R&B tunes. Christopher Wren. 70+ departure dates. And. you space. Rhizlane hotel are angular. Admis. 7. the crowded The streets spill over with artistry. Another lands you at a No. then see the modern architectural gem that is Abu Dhabi. red velvety banquettes. where singers and tures at 9:30 a. 1: fenn. whose course already showcases sional Moroccans who fill the couches at large-scale outdoor sculptures. chedelic caftans. 2017 Travelers Limited to 20 guests array of plants and animals. Science & Nature History & Context History & Context Wild Australia Legacies of Spanish and Kashmir: The Religious Itinerary 12 days Native American Heritages Melting Pot of India Departing March 19 and Oct. Sweet-savory hy- brids are especially rewarding. And with a passages and discover some innovative continuing hotel surge. a cozy and convivial cubby. carpets.m. roasted. Inside. ceramics. the sultry space. Admission: 120 dirhams. banquettes — at Raspoutine. Art course 4 p. costs smoke from its mouth. and vin gris — a very light rosé — from alist canvases by the Congolese painter conference in Paris where culture of the American Beijing and United Nations all the world’s nations Southwest. A targeted treasure hunt materials and styles with classic Moroc. lanes of Marrakesh’s medina. Don’t forget your putter when you set most diverse out for Marrakesh’s splashy new Mu- markets on earth. a broth of diced onions and topped by cafe also features regular cooking sweet tomato jelly sprinkled with sesa.com/timesjourneys was fatally shot in 2016 during a Qaeda 25+ itineraries. per person. He joins our October tour. melding 21st-century ding dresses. pop and funk p. artistry is also spilling over into the thanks to stalls selling a wide range of city’s long-admired culinary and arti. pavilions. a hollow giraffe and rakech).795 city.m. the land that is now New Mexico from desert to rain forest to coral reefs. traits of Moroccan dandies and fashion. Seeking Red rooms 11 p. Arabic-language crumbly biscuit base.m. medina’s splintered geometry and the and it’s being uttered. design district is emerging at Souk vate homes. Get out of town 11 a. Sikhs.. tequila and lemon juice. An Arabian night 10 p.J.” From the narrow dirhams for gardens and tower. Escape the crowds with tours The beguiling interplays continue in the the stewed chicken (immersed in a specialist joins every tour. Alaoui View all of our departures at nytimes. . Saudi Arabia and the Emirates: The Past and Future of Oil Itinerary 10 days Departing Oct.. and tastes to dark and smoky lamb. meal for two. dingoes and green sea turtles all religious history. And be sure to wear sunglasses play of vanilla paste. woma journey. a (Musée d’Art et de Culture de Mar.m. many found Travelers Limited to 16 guests nowhere else on earth. that fork through Anima. Amid a cool gray din. (Use the website to reserve hangout Café Friday dates of tea glasses. 24 | SATURDAY-SUNDAY. 2017 countries in the world. join the stylish young profes. airy and Just outside. exploring museums and exclusive entrance form of beef shank with candied lemons heavy broth flavored with cinnamon. and what the future holds. towels. Discover More sweet almond paste. ma- Saturday king the work doubly haunting.