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For International Business Stage 2
Student Rep

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Dilusha and I’m currently in my first year of International
Business with a Year in Industry. I have lived in Germany for the past ten years,
but I’m originally from Sri Lanka.

Why vote for me?

• I am organised and I have excellent time management skills
• I want what’s best for all of us students and I would love to hear everyone’s
• I believe I am approachable as well as professional
• I can maintain good relationships with students as well as
• I will be available most days for meetings with you, as I will be spending a
lot of time on campus in the library
What I will do if you elect me:

1. More drop-in hours….
I will work towards increasing the number of drop in hours with
lecturers, seminar leaders, and academic advisors, especially towards the
assessment period.

2. Academic advisor!
Do you even know who yours is? What they are there for? I aim to make
sure that you do.

3. Year in Industry / Year Abroad
Next year will involve a lot of decisions being made. I intend to make
sure we are all well-informed and ensure that it is a smooth transition.

4. Your Input!
Your ideas are important! I will do everything I can to represent your
ideas and opinions, so that we have a great student experience next year.

Thanks for reading!