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Leighton Luquin

Mr. Rios & Mrs. O’Dowd

Anatomy & Physiology

20 March 2017


Diseases can be caused by the different lifestyle, diet, culture, and society a person has​.

Like the mexican culture, their food is profoundly greasy and give people more calories than

needed. Also in the U.S, approximately 68.8 percent of people are obese, that is more than two

thirds​.​ These lifestyles and diets people do are whether or not the reason why they get diseases

that involve their daily motives​.

A disease is a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant​.​ It also can

prevent your organ to function properly and do its natural job​.​ In our society diseases that we can

get are: Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, High cholesterol, and Gallstones​.​ But the main

umbrella of these diseases is the cardiovascular diseases​. ​The cardiovascular disease is a heart

condition that include diseased vessels, structural problems, and blood clotting​.​ Basically if a

human gets a cardiovascular disease, they will have difficulty breathing and getting oxygen

throughout their whole body. This can lead into heart attacks, which was 25% of death in


A Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes can impact a person’s mental health in many

forms. When a person’s blood pressure is up, they get a temporary or a more severe case of

depression. For some you can also get a varying level of anxiety or stress. As for the spiritual

health aspect of a human being, your emotions and attitude differentiate from others​.​ If you have

a poor diet, you will be more likely to be negative or grumpy; while having a healthier diet, you

will be more positive and in a good mood than the other person who supersized his order​.​ One’s

physical health/condition when having diabetes or a cardiovascular disease tend to make the

organs at risk​.​ For example, Coronary heart disease (CHD) can clog the arteries with fatty

material called plaque or atheroma​.​ With arteries being too narrow, then the heart muscle will get

less blood flow, which can lead to symptoms of angina​.​ Also with High Blood Pressure, one can

have an increased chance of eye problems, strokes, and kidney problems​.

Statistics say that cardiovascular diseases have a prevalence of 1 in 4 deaths​.​ More than

half of the deaths were men. While for the changes is not looking good at all. In 2016, about 17.3

million deaths occurred and by 2030 there will be 23​.​6 million if people don’t change their

eating habits​.​ Also the amount of people with these diseases differ from where you live​.​ The

U.S leads everyone with the most obese societies in the world, while south east asia has the least​.

High cholesterol, diabetes, and other diseases can be prevented by exercising and burning out all

those calories that you don’t need in your system; also you can burn out the fatty material in your


I would say my diet and health is pretty normal. Even though there are days where I don’t

eat well, there isn’t really a big difference from what I consist in my daily values. I just need to

be more consistent with my meal plan and try to watch what I eat when I get those late night

cravings. I also try to stay in fit and exercise as much as possible.

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