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October 2016

Litho in U.S.A.
C-MAX Energi
HM5J 19G217 HA
United States

Quick Reference Guide

1-800-392-3673 (FORD)

1-800-565-3673 (FORD)

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(TDD for the hearing impaired:
(TDD for the hearing impaired:

Ford Customer Relationship Centre
Ford Customer Relationship Center

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9/28/16 3:52 PM

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2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816.indd 2 9/28/16 3:52 PM

Use smooth acceleration and braking. your drive. A  void extreme temperatures. and minimize the amount of Proper tire inflation can help you in your vehicle could reduce your fuel energy required to heat or cool your cabin. according to the Department 6. Carry the bare essentials. 2. 2 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. tires.3 percent Winter fuel contains slightly less energy your vehicle’s electric range and can for every 1 psi drop in pressure of all four than summer fuel. Find a shady or sheltered spot to help The Department of Energy estimates keep your lithium-ion battery operating 7. 4. while under-inflation could 3. Heat and air conditioning reduce lower your fuel economy by 0.9 liters) the preconditioning feature and setting Department of Energy. charging station by taking advantage of According to the United States You can burn up to half a gallon (1. you can 33 percent at highway speeds and to get the most out of filling your tank. 3.3 percent. aggressive driving of fuel per hour while idling. reduce the amount of heating or air 5 percent in the city. See page 3 for more details.indd 2 9/28/16 3:52 PM . so the fuel blend you prompt the gasoline engine to operate. Check your vehicle’s door sticker for fill up with can impact your efficiency. conditioning you need at the start of 5. Check your tires. Seasonal fuel makes a difference. Use accessories wisely. Idling burns fuel. energy saving tips HELP MAXIMIZE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY BY UTILIZING THESE FEW TIPS 1. Minimize your your GO Times in advance. improve your fuel economy by up to economy by up to 2 percent. too. When you can lower your gas mileage by up to morning warm-up and parking lot waits precondition your vehicle. of Energy. that an extra 100 pounds (45 kilograms) efficiently. Use energy from your home outlet or recommended cold tire inflation pressure.

C-MAX Energi smart start C-MAX ENERGI CLUSTER Use your 5-way steering wheel controls to scroll through your menu choices. unique C-MAX Energi features 5 MyView: Lets you choose your preferred information to create your own custom display. energy saving tips 2 plus an instantaneous fuel economy gauge. An amber bar indicates a negative effect. the better you are driving! function 17 essential information 18–19 3 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. braking and cruising behavior. The more leaves convenience 14 Leaves:  you have. Empower: Provides a power demand gauge with an engine on and C-MAX Energi smart start 3–4 off threshold. The more blue you see. Select the following screens from the Display/Trip and Fuel Economy menus to help improve your fuel efficiency: Engage: Provides separate gauges for gas and electric power. the more efficiently you are driving! C-MAX Energi Fuel Tracks your fuel economy over time to help you try to History:  improve your average.indd 3 9/28/16 3:52 PM . instrument panel 6–7 Energy Use: A green bar indicates a positive effect on your EV range SYNC 3 8–12 per full charge estimate. power management 15 Coach:  Rates the efficiency of your recent acceleration comfort 16 efficiency. plus instantaneous fuel economy gauge. The climate power gauge shows you parking aids 13 how much power the climate control uses. Efficiency Show your short-term fuel economy.

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for more details. 3. O  pen the charge port door. Make and saves most of the high-voltage battery sure the button clicks. (EV) modes controlled through the EV button See your Dealer for more information. The charge port is between the front Choose to drive in electric-only mode for city driving. release the indentation on the charge port »  Auto EV: automatically selects high-voltage battery power door. Lock the padlock. C-MAX Energi smart start (continued) PLUG-IN POWER 4. 120 volt. a padlock* through the hole in the charging coupler button. this mode is the only one available. your plug-in power for later or enable system adjust your power To open. »  EV Now: puts your vehicle into an all-electric power TO CHARGE C-MAX ENERGI experience. W  hen charging is complete. Plug the charging coupler into the vehicle’s charge port.5 hours. confirming you have completely engaged plug-in power for future use when the driver the coupler. power depletes. » C-MAX Energi comes equipped with a 120 volt convenience charge cord. after you charge your vehicle using 1. plug-in power. use your thumb to press in and mode to suit the current driving conditions. 4 *customer-supplied equipment only 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. CHOOSE YOUR C-MAX ENERGI MODE » For faster charge times. After the plug-in and closes. button and remove the coupler from the charge port. This cord allows you to charge the battery using a Unlock the padlock* and remove it. To close. below the CHARGE PORT DOOR AND LIGHT RING climate controls. driver’s seat. the light ring turns off. located in the floor compartment behind the 5. on the center of the instrument panel. Lock the charging coupler into place by inserting is ready to switch to Auto EV or EV Now modes. saving left-hand side door and wheel well. use your thumb to press and during the drive. Put your vehicle in park (P) and switch off your vehicle. and then pulses slowly when charging. 2. »  EV Later: provides gasoline-hybrid driving power. Then press the coupler standard. The charge port light ring flashes twice. staying in electric mode when possible hold the indentation until the door rotates and running the engine when needed. the available 240 volt charging Your vehicle contains selectable Electric Vehicle option provides a full charge in approximately 2. grounded. three-pronged household outlet.indd 4 9/28/16 3:52 PM .

the better your fuel economy. you successfully During Plug-in Power Mode.indd 5 9/28/16 3:52 PM . section of the Settings menu. includes silent AUTO EV MODE key start. the total amount of energy you can get from an external charge (plugging your vehicle in). this is the only in your instrument display. KEYLESS STARTING EFFICIENCY LEAVES When starting Appears after the vehicle has come to your vehicle. The because percentage displayed indicates the your vehicle regenerative braking efficiency. staying in efficiency measured over the last few minutes. 5 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. unique C-MAX Energi features THE BRAKE COACH ECO CRUISE CONTROL It is normal for your electric range estimate to vary from charge to Saves vehicle energy by relaxing charge due to changes in average acceleration compared to standard cruise energy usage. It coaches you to maximize the your gas engine amount of energy returned through may not start the regenerative braking system. Driving style. ‘ready to drive’ indicator light power is depleted. THE BATTERY GAUGE the light displays. Look for the the engine when needed. This fuel-saving feature Provides an automatic use of high voltage Efficiency leaves indicate short term driving allows your vehicle to be ready to battery power during the drive. extreme temperatures and speed when going uphill. drive control. When mode available. a stop. started your vehicle and it is ready a full battery fill represents to drive. drive without requiring your gas electric mode when possible and running The more leaves and vines that appear on engine to be running. Your vehicle may temporarily lose route. You can switch use of heat and air conditioning this feature on and off in the Driver Assist affect your energy usage. If the plug-in the display.

Press the SET+ and release. 3 TILT AND TELESCOPE STEERING COLUMN Unlock the steering wheel by pulling the lever down. instrument panel 1 CRUISE CONTROL To Set a Cruise Control Speed 2 4 A. B. you can press SET+ or SET– to adjust cruise speed. Refer to the 3 Information Displays chapter of your Owner’s Manual for more information.indd 6 9/28/16 3:53 PM . Push the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place. press the OFF button. tap the brake pedal or pull the CAN control toward you. Press the ON button and release. 5-way controls to use the information display. C. then 2 take your foot off the accelerator. Use the left-hand. 1 5 2 LEFT VEHICLE INFO DISPLAY 6 Provides specific information about various systems on your vehicle. To disable. 4 After setting your speed. Drive to the desired speed. 6 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. and choose and confirm settings and messages. customize views. Adjust the steering wheel to your desired position.

With your or the animated Fuel Economy and vehicle in park (P) press the brake efficiency leaves by using the right. Pull to access voice recognition. hand. Press OK to NOTE Your intelligent access confirm your choices. make adjustments. highlight selections and the vehicle. *if equipped 7 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. CD track or See page 4 of this guide for details. preset satellite radio channel*. purse or backpack. you can Entertainment. Owner Manual for more information. MEDIA CONTROLS It may take up to 15 seconds Volume: Press + to increase or to open. Scroll through Press the button again to switch off the menu. 7 FUEL BUTTON 5 STEERING WHEEL  Press to open the fuel door. Press to access the next or 8 EV MODE BUTTON previous radio station. pedal and the START STOP button. Phone. – to decrease volume levels. 8 7 Press to end a phone call. Refer to transmitter must be inside the your SYNC 3 Information in your vehicle for the ignition to start. Press to access phone mode or to answer a call. Navigation* still start your vehicle. 5-way controls. 4 RIGHT VEHICLE 6 PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH INFO DISPLAY While transmitters remain in your Access information about pocket.indd 7 9/28/16 3:53 PM .

visit the website or your phone manufacturer’s website. you can see which services may be available to you. knobs account by visiting the website or calling the toll-free number and buttons do. Press the various icons on your touchscreen to for more information: personalize the many features and settings of your vehicle. WHY DO YOU NEED A SYNC OWNER ACCOUNT? A SYNC owner account allows you to receive the latest software GETTING STARTED WITH SYNC 3 This lets your phone find SYNC. Create your The screen works the same way as traditional or call 1-800-392-3673 (select Option 1 or 2 for language. 2. Register by following the on-screen instructions. SYNC uses a wireless connection called Bluetooth® to communicate with your phone. Customers system provides easy interaction with your phone. Switch on Bluetooth mode in your phone’s menu options. navigation system* and apps. and when you have questions. multimedia entertainment. The For U.) or syncmyride. Set up your owner account at (U.S. then Option 3). After registering.indd 8 9/28/16 3:53 PM . Some services may not be available in your area. call the toll-free number. If you need more details on setting up your phone with SYNC. then Option 3). 8 *if equipped 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. Before You Get Started For Canadian Customers Pair your phone with SYNC 3 (see the Pairing Your Phone with SYNC section in this guide for instructions on how to do this).ford. climate (Canada). Use the touchscreen to explore and interact with your vehicle. Visit owner. SYNC 3 ® A REVOLUTIONARY WAY TO CONNECT WITH YOUR VEHICLE. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT 1. Visit syncmyride. free customer or call 1-800-565-3673 (select Option 1 or 2 for language.

» Phone settings: Pair another phone. Select your vehicle make and model on your device. the touchscreen. Refer to your SYNC 3 information in your Owner Manual for complete details. For more information on park (P). you can access more phone- 3. PAIRING YOUR PHONE TIPS WITH SYNC » SYNC 3 may prompt you to choose your settings for certain features. An audible prompt tells you to search for SYNC on your device. 1. and then make sure that your cell phone’s capability. Say “Call James at home” or “Dial 555-1212”. Make sure your vehicle is in permission to access information. Once you confirm the PIN. Touch Add Phone on your touchscreen. the display indicates when the to begin viewing your entries. NOTE Use the voice commands to make calls. After pairing your phone. set ring tones and alerts. pairing is successful. and visit the website. switch on your ignition and radio. » Text messages. 9 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. PHONE 2. In order to use many of the features of SYNC. Confirm that the six-digit PIN appearing on your phone dependent features: matches the six-digit PIN that displays on » Recent call lists.indd 9 9/28/16 3:53 PM . You can use the touchscreen to place calls as well. you must first pair » Your cell phone may also prompt you to give SYNC 3 and connect your phone with SYNC. see your cell phone’s manual your phone’s Bluetooth is set to ON. » Contacts: Sort alphabetically and choose a specific letter 4.

USING YOUR PHONE Answering Incoming Calls NAVIGATION* WITH SYNC Whenever you have an incoming call. you could say “Call Jake Smith a point of interest (POI). such as hotels. Say the voice command Press Destination on your touchscreen and control and when prompted. 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. at home”. and saves them for later. prompted. Start. “Find a point of interest” and then select a NOTE You can make phone calls by category. Do Not Disturb Mode »  Map mode shows advanced viewing This feature blocks incoming calls and text of 2-D city maps. 3-D landmarks and Making a Phone Call 3-D city models (when available). Remember to say the contact search methods to locate where you button. Press the button with both first and last names to increase »  Destination mode lets you key in a to answer an incoming call. the Press the Navigation icon and then select name and number of the person calling NOTE Enter your phone book contacts one of two ways to find your destination: appears in the display. back to you and dials the number. name exactly as you listed it in your want to go. remaining travel time and 10 the distance to your destination. city or For example. You can hang the ability of SYNC to select the correct specific address or use a variety of up at any time by pressing and holding the contact.indd 10 9/28/16 3:53 PM . messages. SYNC repeats the command You can also use voice commands. disturb off” to disable. press again to initiate the call. pulling the voice control and when ATMs or restaurants. Enter a street address. give the voice command “Dial” After you choose your destination. gas stations. Say. You Use SYNC to make a phone call to anyone still have access to outgoing calls when this Set a Destination in your phone book by pulling the voice feature is active. phone book. give a “Do not disturb on” to enable and “Do not then press Search. intersection. The system uses a variety of screens and visible prompts to guide you to your destination. SYNC 3 (continued) ® GET IN TOUCH USING YOUR TOUCHSCREEN Use the feature bar at the bottom of the touchscreen to access the many features of SYNC 3. The navigation map shows your estimated time of arrival. voice command.

) as they » Send and receive messages. SiriusXM and other media sources. AUDIO No matter how you store your music. View POI button shows which bank of presets icons (restaurants. From here. Set Your Radio Presets » Tune to the station and then press Navigation Menu and hold one of the memory preset SMARTPHONE While you are on your route. CD tracks or music SYNC 3 chapter in your Owner’s Manual and Travel Link* information. you can change buttons.indd 11 9/28/16 3:53 PM . »  Turn List shows all of the available turns on your current route. pertain to each exit. conditions change to cause a major » USB delay on the originally selected route. The audio mutes briefly while your touchscreen view: Touch Menu on the system saves the station. etc. The indicator on the preset » Make calls. tap the preset »  Highway Exit Info displays on the right button. When you use AM and three banks for FM. you can: additional presets. To access »  Full Map. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Just press the Audio icon on the touchscreen. SYNC 3 allows you to use Apple CarPlay Screen View to choose from any of and Android Auto to access your phone » Two preset banks are available for the following: over a USB connection. » Bluetooth® streaming then SYNC 3 provides an automatic re-route. 11 *if equipped 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. POI as a waypoint. refer to the »  Traffic List displays SiriusXM Traffic changing radio stations. If traffic on one of the following devices: for details. and then select the audio returns. FM. you are currently viewing. like For more information. and then CONNECTIVITY the bottom of the screen. Bring in Your Own Music Gain access to any audio source by voice » Use your phone’s voice assistant. if you wish. you can easily go between AM. side of the touchscreen. SYNC makes it yours to enjoy when you are behind the wheel. ATMs. You can select a » Listen to music. and even control how each operates.

indd 12 9/28/16 3:53 PM . such as Pandora® or iHeartRadio® through a USB or Bluetooth-enabled devices. NOTE Cabin conditioning effectiveness vehicle uses its power at any moment. SYNC 3 (continued) ® APPS call the toll-free number for more instead of your vehicle’s battery. See the Why Do You Need a limits cabin conditioning to 15 minutes Power Flow SYNC Owner Account? section. For example. Set your planned display. ECO Cruise Control This feature saves vehicle energy by relaxing Stream Apps Press the Charge Settings button on the acceleration compared to standard cruise Settings menu to see this screen. Value Charging With the Value Charging feature. Please call your utility company for your rate plan limitations and details. Owner Manual. The Power Flow Status displays how your this guide for phone number details. that display your vehicle power settings. Each app gives you different on-screen options depending on the app’s content. page 8 in before your GO Time. the MyFord Mobile app gives you utility rate data that informs you when the cheapest rates are available in your area. It displays control. may be reduced by extreme outside You can view The Power Flow Status CHARGE SETTINGS temperatures or when using information by selecting the Power Flow 120 volt charging. visit the website or from your home (or charging station) 12 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. your vehicle may The system supports the use of certain apps the charge settings options for your vehicle. through the Driver Assist section of Refer to your SYNC 3 information in your departure time (GO Time) to use energy the Settings menu. Preconditioning ECO will appear in the information display Get the most miles out of every charge when you activate ECO Cruise control. This lets you charge your vehicle during the least expensive times of day. The system information. Your system has Energi-specific screens icon from the Apps screen. temporarily lose speed when going uphill. by conditioning your vehicle while you You can switch it on or off in the information still have it plugged in.

The system instructs the vehicle’s front or rear bumpers. Cross display automatically appears Traffic Alert warns you of vehicles in the touchscreen when the approaching from the sides when vehicle is in reverse (R) and uses parking aids the transmission is in reverse (R). colored guides to alert you of your BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert turn proximity to objects. need to watch where the vehicle is moving. refer to the Parking Aids chapter of your Visibility aids do not replace the Owner’s Manual. supervising the system for careful driving. press the button located in NOTE The driver is always shoulder before changing lanes. responsible for controlling the The systems are not replacements » To stop the parking procedure. The into your blind spot zone. grab the steering wheel vehicle. systems only as an assist. mirrors and looking over your » To start active park assist. *if equipped 13 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. on an amber indicator light in the FRONT* AND REAR* exterior mirror on the side of the ACTIVE PARK ASSIST* SENSING SYSTEMS vehicle the approaching vehicle is coming from. As driver with visual and audible instructions with NOTE NEVER use BLIS or Cross the vehicle moves closer to the regard to braking. more details and limitations. BLIND SPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM (BLIS®) AND CROSS TRAFFIC ALERT* REAR VIEW CAMERA BLIS aids you in detecting Provides a visual display of the vehicles that may have entered area behind the vehicle. accelerating and shifting Traffic Alert as a replacement obstacle. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for safety information. Use both or press the control again. Refer to the Driving Can detect an available parallel parking space Sounds an audible warning tone Aids chapter in your Owner’s and automatically steer the vehicle into that if there is an obstacle near the Manual for more information. and intervening if required. for using the interior and exterior tone increases in frequency. the instrument panel below the climate control system. space (hands-free).indd 13 9/28/16 3:53 PM . the rate of the warning gears in order to park the vehicle safely. For complete information.

Use the compartment behind START STOP button while applying the brake pedal before the front passenger seat to store items driving. seconds of each other: 120 VOLT CONVENIENCE CHARGE CORD 1. on your ignition and the battery voltage is above REMOTE START 11 volts. for intelligent access to function properly.indd 14 9/28/16 3:54 PM . See the Keys and Remote Control chapter in your discreetly. if necessary. You can program speed restrictions. and open the liftgate. The 110 VOLT AC POWER POINT* intelligent access transmitter also contains The power point is on the rear of the center a mechanical key blade that you can use to console. When the indicator light is on. press the button on the This feature is available to use when you switch top of the liftgate pull-cup handle. convenience INTELLIGENT ACCESS* MYKEY® NOTE Your intelligent access transmitter MyKey allows you to program certain driving restrictions in order to must be within 3 feet (1 meter) of the vehicle promote good driving habits. storage compartments that are behind the NOTE When remote starting with an integrated keyhead front seats. 14 *if equipped 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. The compartment behind the transmitter. Press and hold the lock sensor your Owner’s Manual. refer to the MyKey chapter in open the door. P  ress the remote start button twice. and secure the lids so items Owner’s Manual for more details. stay in place. You can use it to power smaller unlock the driver door. The exterior lamps Your vehicle includes two under-floor flash twice. Press the lock button to lock all the doors. When remote driver seat contains the plug-in convenience starting with an intelligent access transmitter. the power To remote start your vehicle. press the charge cord. To unlock electrical devices that require up to 150 watts. on the door handle to lock your vehicle. press the buttons within three point is working and ready to use. switch the ignition on before driving. limit audio volume levels and force safety belt reminder chimes to Pull a front exterior door handle to unlock and remain on. AND CARGO STORAGE 2. For complete information.

indd 15 9/28/16 3:54 PM . at highway speeds. use a 240 volt outlet. responsiveness of a traditional gasoline engine. 15 15 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. Use the App to Cruising or Highway Driving: With greater power demands » See your charge status. your vehicle uses the gasoline engine » Set charging schedules when utility more frequently than while driving at city traffic speeds. For maximum efficiency. precondition your cabin when the vehicle remains Stopped: To save energy. the energy normally created either remotely or through your touchscreen to during braking recycles to the battery. C-MAX Energi power management SMART POWER-SPLIT MYFORD® ARCHITECTURE MOBILE APP FOR City Driving: In stop and go driving and at low speeds. the gasoline engine shuts off plugged in. rates are low with the Value Charging feature. from anywhere. Register your smartphone: visit myfordmobile. status of your charge and upcoming charge Accelerating: Step on the accelerator pedal and get all the schedules at any time. and the electric motor stops drawing to download your free app. NOTE Extreme outside temperatures or using a standard outlet with 120 volt charging may reduce cabin conditioning effectiveness. SMARTPHONES the electric motor provides the necessary power. The gas The downloadable MyFord engine kicks in only to recharge the battery or when you Mobile app lets you know the need more power. This is normal. » Set your cabin temperature when setting a GO Time Braking: For added efficiency.

to select your preferred heat mode. 16 *if equipped 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. To unfold the seatback. you have the climate control panel. simply pull up on the seatback to raise it to the upright position. comfort HEATED SEATS* 1 DUAL ZONE TEMPERATURE CONTROL 2 The front heated seat controls are on With the dual climate controls. Make sure temperature control automatically the rear center headrest is in the turns off. called single zone. The single zone headrest to fold them. The passenger side seatback forward. or two. Press the the flexibility to operate the temperature corresponding driver or passenger button with one control. Press the button on the outboard control: Use the rotary control on side of each rear outboard the passenger side. where both driver and front passenger can TO FOLD THE select independent temperatures. REAR SEATBACK To operate the dual zone temperature 1. Pull the lever up to fold the hold the AUTO button. full down position. To return back to single zone: Press and 2.indd 16 9/28/16 3:54 PM . temperature switches to the driver side temperature setting.

» The battery voltage is below the minimum operation voltage. and then pull on the outside handle. Press twice within three seconds. foot sideways or the sensors may not detect the motion. Do not move your You can also use the transmitter to unlock your liftgate. a tone will sound for one of the following reasons: » The ignition is on and the transmission is not in park (P). » The vehicle speed is at or above 3 mph (5 km/h). To open your liftgate hands-free while you are at the press the button on top of the liftgate pull-cup handle to unlatch liftgate: Move your foot under and away from the rear the liftgate. Refer to the Locks chapter in You can open the power liftgate from the instrument panel your Owner’s Manual for more information. Use the molded handle inside the liftgate to help with closing. If the vehicle is running. using a single kicking motion. The liftgate power opens or closes.indd 17 9/28/16 3:54 PM . the liftgate operates only with the transmission in park (P). *if equipped 17 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. bumper. function MANUAL LIFTGATE HANDS-FREE POWER LIFTGATE* To open the liftgate manually from outside of your vehicle. One warning tone sounds as the liftgate begins to power close. If there is a problem with the open or close request. by pressing . NOTE Your intelligent access transmitter must be within 3 feet (1 meter) behind the liftgate for the POWER LIFTGATE* feature to work. or with your transmitter by pressing twice within three seconds.

power mode using electricity from plugging 1. position when refueling. The overfilled fuel may run the tank. Press the button on the center console to open the fuel filler door. REFUELING FUEL FRESHNESS MODE Your vehicle features a locking This feature helps keep the fuel system fuel door and an auto-sealing functional and the fuel fresh. tank eventually becomes stale. C-MAX Energi has a 14. your vehicle operates in hybrid mode.E85 (E85). feature that locks the fuel tank If you operate your vehicle mainly in plug-in refueling valve. down the drain hole which is below the fuel filler inlet. In fuel freshness mode. causing the gasoline engine to run in order 3. nozzle up to the first notch on the nozzle. in addition to its 4. fuel freshness mode AND FUEL INFO cover of the fuel tank consumes fuel until 1.5 liters) filler pipe opening.0 gallon (53L) fuel tank capacity. Holding the fuel » The information display screen nozzle in a higher position can affect the Use only “Regular” UNLEADED fuel indicates that fuel freshness mode flow of fuel and shut off the fuel nozzle with an octane rating of 87 or higher. the gasoline in your off the ignition. NOTE If you do not add new fuel during FUEL TANK CAPACITY Keep it resting on the an 18-month period. 2. The To prevent the fuel from becoming stale. diesel.8 liters) of fuel is remains fuel filler nozzle. leaded fuel or then slowly remove it. Fully close the fuel tank filler door. Hold the fuel pump nozzle in a level During Fuel Freshness Mode high-voltage battery system. » The vehicle runs only in hybrid mode. » Most of the plug-in power stores until any other fuel because it could 6. Do not use ethanol E20 . Insert the fuel pump to consume the fuel in the fuel tank. Put your vehicle into park (P) and switch in without refueling. essential fuel filler door can take up to 15 seconds your vehicle automatically enters fuel to open before you can insert a fuel freshness mode.2 gallons (4. Slightly raise the fuel pump nozzle and EV Now is not available. fuel-methanol. 18 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816.indd 18 9/28/16 3:54 PM . is active. fuel freshness mode is complete. Stale fuel can damage the engine and fuel system. point that the fuel is able to bypass the than 1 gallon (3. information filler nozzle. 5. damage or impair the emission NOTE Do not overfill the fuel tank to the NOTE EV Now resumes when less control system. remain in the tank. before the fuel tank is full with no more than 15% ethanol.

mode. Inflate them to the proper shutdown feature. when the fuel level TIRE PRESSURE AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN* is below 1/4 tank. your vehicle is in the Low Engine Use mode suspends the Low Engine Use mode for as TOWING YOUR VEHICLE long as you continue driving your vehicle. allowing you time to override the a fuel stabilizer if your vehicle consumes as possible. stop and check your tires as soon display. Refer to the United States. canister that seals most punctures caused To receive roadside assistance in the When the vehicle is in Low Engine Use by nails or similar objects.indd 19 9/28/16 3:54 PM . call 1-800-241-3673. Refueling after consuming a full warning light in your information the vehicle if has been idling for an tank in fuel freshness mode also ends display when one or more of your tires extended period. Refer to the Wheels and Tires and Stopping the Engine in your 18-month period. call 1-800-665-2006. chapter of your Owner’s Manual for Owner’s Manual for details. refueling the vehicle ends fuel freshness mode and EV Now becomes MONITORING SYSTEM In vehicles with keyless ignition this Your vehicle shows a low tire pressure feature automatically shuts down available. next time you start your vehicle. When you start the vehicle It consists of an air compressor to reinflate the assurance and support of 24-hour in Low Engine Use mode. the mode. the vehicle runs the engine as Wheels and Tires chapter of your In Canada. Towing your vehicle behind an RV The Low Engine Use mode resumes the or any other vehicle may be limited. a message the tire and a sealing compound in a emergency roadside assistance. are significantly under-inflated. Your new Ford vehicle comes with engine use. If this a message appears in the information NOTE We recommend that you use happens. Changing Refer to Towing the Vehicle on Four the engine oil and resetting the oil life Wheels in the Towing chapter of monitoring system suspends the your Owner’s Manual. Selecting EV Now mode when Owner’s Manual for more details. Before this happens. Refer to Starting less than a full tank of fuel during an pressure. *if equipped 19 2219319 _17a_C-MAX_Energi_QRG_092816. appears in the information display. more information. LOW ENGINE USE MODE The feature automatically keeps the TIRE SEALANT AND engine oil quality in good condition INFLATOR KIT ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE when you drive the vehicle with limited The kit is under the front passenger seat. NOTE In most cases. Low Engine Use mode. necessary.