FCE 2015 Mock #3

Collocation Expression Verb Pattern Structures Phrasal Verbs
Protect sth against View sth = watch sth deny + -ing have sth done Move about = desplazarse
Consist of Sight sth = to suddenly see sth / sb deny + that have sb do sth Move Over = dejar el sitio
In charge of Its business is NOUN / -ing = “Lo mero suyo es …” belong to Go to sb = enviado a alguien
responsible for (from) all over the world

1. enthuse _______________ noun person The (1)_____________ says to wear evening dress. INVITE
2. modern _______________ verb The house was (2)_____________ rebuilt after the fire. EXTEND
3. delight _______________ adj Jean bought two (3)_____________ houses in Italy. DELIGHT
4. invite _______________ noun Kevin, a long time bat (4)_____________ , had a bright idea. ENTHUSE
5. employ _______________ noun person Have you seen the (5)_____________ of our garden? TRANSFORM
6. extend _______________ adv All the travel (6)_____________ have been taken care of. ARRANGE
7. possess _______________ pl noun Her photograph is among my most prized (7)_____________. POSSESS
8. arrange _______________ pl noun I look forward to (8)_____________ my old house. MODERN
9. transform _______________ noun Annabel has been a hardworking and responsible (9)_____________. EMPLOY

1. ‘Whose is that fur coat?’ she asked. 7. She arranged for her neighbour to walk her dog while she was away.
belong had
‘Who _________________________________________ to?’ she asked. She _________________________________________ by her neighbour while she was away.

2. I’ve never eaten walnuts before 8. Gunilla had to take Mrs Carling’s children to school.
time responsible
It’s _________________________________________ eaten walnuts. Gunilla _________________________________________ Mrs Carling’s children to school.

3. ‘I didn’t hit your car deliberately!’ Emily said to the man. 9. Lucy doesn’t swim nearly as well as Kate.
denied swimmer
Emily _________________________________________ car deliberately. Kate is _________________________________________ Lucy.

4. Carrie doesn’t run as fast as Sarah 10. ‘I wasn’t anywhere near the bank that day,’ he said.
runner denied
Sarah is _________________________________________ than Carrie. He _________________________________________ anywhere near the bank that day.

5. Whose job is it to choose the actors’ costumes? 11. I had never met Pia’s husband before
responsible first
Who _________________________________________ the actors’ costumes? It _________________________________________ I had ever met Pia’s husband.

6. A lawyer will sign this document for you. 12. ‘This car’s not mine,’said the old man.
have belong
You _________________________________________ this document signed by a lawyer. ‘This car _________________________________________,’ said the old man.

Edgar Chinos

Edgar Chinos .