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What Are the Missing

Contents of the
Third Secret?
by Father Paul Kramer, M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

This edited transcript of Father Kramer’s speech is the
result of his more than 30 years’ study of Catholic prophecies
in the Old and New Testaments, as well as prophecies
pronounced by Catholic saints over the past 2000 years. This
vast knowledge, together with his penetrating analysis of
current events and his study of Fatima, qualifies him to tell us
— at least in part — what are the missing contents of the Third
Secret. His work here is helping Pope Benedict XVI prepare us
all for the horrifying events about to overtake us in the near

efore I speak prop- Father Joseph Schweigl,
erly of the contents of in 1952 on the second of
the missing part of the September, met with Sister
Third Secret, you’ve been told Lucy in Coimbra. He was
today that there is no part of sent by Pope Pius XII. He
the Third Secret that’s miss- came back to Rome; he was
ing, and of course others are living at the Russicum and
dealing with that in a much he reported to his confreres
more detailed manner. at the Russicum, that the
Who is Telling the Truth? Third Secret is in two parts.
One part deals with the Pope,
What I would like to point
and as we know that portion
out, however, in that regard,
of the Third Secret that deals
is that if Cardinal Bertone was
with the Pope was revealed on
telling the truth when he said
the 26th of June 2000. Father
there is no so-called “fourth
Schweigl said there is an-
secret,” there is no part of the
other part of the Third Secret
Third Secret that is missing,
but he could not divulge the
no text missing, then various
contents. But he did say: logi-
other individuals would neces-
cally, it is the text that follows
sarily have not been telling the
the “etc.” when Sister Lucy
truth if Bertone had indeed been
wrote in her Fourth Memoir:
telling the truth.

The Fatima Crusader 32 Summer 2010

“In Portugal the dogma of the dangers to the Faith and
the Faith will always be pre- the life of the Christian, he
served etc.” referred to other Marian ap-
Then there was the state- paritions, and he referred to
ment made by Cardinal Sacred Scripture. That what
Ratzinger. Cardinal Ratzinger is in the Third Secret corre-
gave an interview that was sponds to Scripture, it cor-
published in November of responds to what has been
1984, and it was a very reveal- mentioned again and again
ing comment made to Vittorio in many other Marian appari-
Messori in the interview. tions.
Because he said that the Third In referring to Scripture
Secret deals with “the dan- he specifies the eschatologi-
gers which threaten the Faith cal texts of Scripture when he
and the life of the Christian, used that phrase in Italian, i
and therefore (the life) of the novissimi [“the last things”].
world.” In that portion of the Some have rather disingenu-
Secret that was revealed on ously tried to argue that when
the 26th of June 2000, there we speak of the “last things”
was nothing there about the we are talking about death,
dangers to the Faith. judgement, Heaven and hell
We can recall that the then- — the four last things. But that
Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, is not possibly what Cardinal
Bishop Cosme do Amaral, Ratzinger was talking about;
made a statement, I believe that is not possibly what Our
in 1984, at the Technical Lady was talking about. If we
University of Vienna declar- want to learn about the four
ing that the Third Secret of last things, we need only to
Fatima deals with the issue consult the catechism; it is
of the loss of Faith. And he very clearly set forth there.
made reference to the loss of Our Lady did not come down
Faith on entire continents. from Heaven to impart a sim-
Fatima and ple catechism lesson.
Sacred Scripture When the Cardinal spoke
of the last things, he was re-
Now this is very revealing
ferring to what the prophet
when we connect it with this
Daniel said would take place
pronouncement of Cardinal
in the end. He was referring
Ratzinger. Because when
to the end times — the last
Cardinal Ratzinger spoke of

Summer 2010 33 The Fatima Crusader

speak. we know. tological things. the Antichrist. we can trace cen. operating among us. if not in detail. and there same word in connection again we come to the ques. It is for this reason in Sacred Scripture. the eschato. the man of sin. with the Third Secret. In a know specifically what is single word. the continuous unfolding of Current Events in Light the mystery of iniquity. contemporary geo-political veal the Third Secret because developments which serve The Fatima Crusader 34 Summer 2010 http://www. There tion of the loss of Faith. On another occasion logical texts of Scripture. Scripture. eschata. Catholic prophecy. was the problem of sensation- Saint Paul. in the ap- vealed in the not yet pub.pdf . If we consider what has al- speaks of the Great Apostasy. And if Getting more deeply into you were to make a careful the mystery of iniquity inso- study of world history and far as that is revealed in the specifically of the history of Third Secret of Fatima. of Fatima. we dition.things. or as we would say he thought there was a dan- in Greek. deal with the contents of the uity reaches its culmination Third Secret and I will make in that which is foretold in an assessment. of Sacred Scripture and The Culmination of the Catholic Prophecies Mystery of Iniquity So today I am going to And that mystery of iniq.fatimacrusader. chatological texts of Sacred ing about the Third Secret. I will show the Secret of Fatima. in the es- that Pope John Paul II. appearance of the son of per. The escha. ready been said by the most And this Great Apostasy credible authorities about must take place before the the Third Secret of Fatima. I will also observe said he was not willing to re. in most the parallels that we see in specifically that which is re. I will the Church. lished text of the Third Secret in the messages of Our Lady. This Cardinal Ratzinger used that is the Third Secret. proved Marian apparitions. revealed there in the Third Saint Paul in that text says the Secret. Letter to the Thessalonians. age by age Friday. be speaking on that topic on tury by century. in his Second ger of sensationalism. and that is what I will mystery of iniquity is already be speaking about today.

He is gifted with a penetrating mind. some of the things that will Some years ago. This talk is the result of over one year of research and reflection. this great tribula- Dee. for us as the signs of the times Now that is something foretold in prophetic mes. Cardinal take place in this great chas- Ratzinger told Howard tisement. that would be truly sensa- sages and in Sacred Scripture. Paul wrote about in Sacred To these gifts. the revelations made by Our responds to what is revealed Lady in Her approved appa- by Our Lady in the Message ritions. tional: a chastisement that is From this we will know just worse than the flood. Credibility tisement that would be worse Let it suffice to say that than the great deluge. There Our Cardinal Bertone’s Lady foretold a great chas. we should consult other pro- ment of these events foretold phetic messages and texts. for over 30 years. of Akita in Japan. And if how close we are to the fulfill.fatimacrusader. travel and a facility with reading and speaking foreign languages.pdf . studied Catholic prophecies and has researched and lectured on the “Mystery of Iniquity” that St. who was at that time tion foretold in Scripture and the Ambassador of the down through the ages by the Philippines to the Holy See. he has added many years of diligent study. Saints and in the messages of that the Secret of Fatima cor. the when Cardinal Bertone tells flood that is spoken of in the us that there is no part of the Book of Genesis. Third Secret that has not yet Summer 2010 35 The Fatima Crusader http://www. Father Paul Kramer is a priest raised up in these times to help us better understand the time we live in. together with a willingness to see things from a different perspective. we in Scripture and in the Marian can specifically enumerate apparitions. He has.

“in Portugal it were true what Cardinal the dogma of the Faith will Bertone has said about the always be preserved etc. logical texts of Scripture.fatimacrusader.been divulged. credibility or lack thereof — we see none of that in that the lack of credibility — of portion of the Secret that was Cardinal Bertone. was not making an invention. lie and make an inven- for a Vatican press conference tion. That Father Joseph Schweigl the Novissimi. lying. That Pope John Paul II in Third Secret as spoken of by Fulda was not making an in- Cardinal Ratzinger and the vention when he said that in The Fatima Crusader 36 Summer 2010 http://www. Because if ing that phrase. He came revealed on June were it not such a pathet. I with the revelation of the think charitably the most I Secret the period of history could say about his outbursts marked by the lust for power is if he was not deliberately and evil has come to an end. well let us loss of Faith as spoken by consider for a moment the Bishop Cosme do Amaral.” Third Secret. Giuseppe De Carli. saying that piece. ically false statement. then would the Roman Church of being a we say that the man personal- comedian. that deals with the Pope and There is definitely a prob. The dangers was not making an inven- to the Faith that are in the tion. I would Because if De Carli is telling call it comical — not that I the truth. did he fabricate the story where one is expected to deal that the Third Secret is divid- seriously with such issues as ed into two parts? One part the Secret of Fatima. ceives others. if Cardinal Bertone would accuse a Cardinal of is telling the truth.pdf . then it means Who’s lying? Who is telling that Cardinal Ratzinger was the truth? I think it is quite ev- not telling the truth when ident that Cardinal Ratzinger he spoke of the eschato. In out with a statement on the Cardinal Bertone’s mouth- 26th of June 2000. himself deceived he de- Now. the other the words follow- lem of credibility. 2000. that would not suit ly sent by Pope Pius XII to in- his dignity as a prince of the terview Sister Lucy about the Church — but I will say such Third Secret was inventing? comments would be far more Did Father Joseph Schweigl. appropriate for late night the personal emissary of Pius television entertainment than XII.

both the published text and Now there are some who the handwritten text of Father deny that the Pope ever made Bonifatius. I want to because this “might find it much more believable encourage the Communists to that only one man is lying take certain steps. sented to me when I was in pened to have lived in Fulda Fulda. that the Well.the Third Secret it is revealed Pope’s comment on the Third that the oceans would flood Secret and a journalist pub- entire continents and millions lished her own transcript in would die from one minute to a German publication.” So there is and I will leave it at that. I read the next. something in the Third Secret Portion Still Hidden that would at least give the Definitely there is a por- appearance. And If Cardinal Bertone is one of the reasons why he telling the truth. the impression. ting them into the mouth of tion about the Third Secret Pope John Paul II. And there was com- for some time back in the ear. of these people were lying: vealing the Third Secret was Pope John Paul II. A German priest. plete and total agreement be- ly 80’s. There has been the state- cies exactly what it is that ment made by Archbishop Pope John Paul II was refer- Capovilla. we know from other entire Secret has been pub- Marian apparitions and from lished and there is nothing other very credible prophe- left. tion of the Secret that has not that there would be some- been revealed. Father the Pope gave his discourse Bonifatius and the German to some German pilgrims at journalist certainly were not the crypt at the Cathedral of inventing the words and put- Fulda. but I hap. who on one occa- ring to when he made that sion has told one story and on remark. wrote no more to it. which was pre- that statement. and he gave his answer.pdf . And I know that when tween both versions.fatimacrusader. Cardinal because he said he did not Ratzinger. Father he was asked a ques. has been saying. there’s no more down the transcript of the Summer 2010 37 The Fatima Crusader http://www. And there are thing that would give the not too many people who be- Communists encouragement lieve what Cardinal Bertone to take certain steps. another occasion says there is a Father Bonifatius. then all mentioned that he was not re.

denied. The Jesuits. that and definitive. Perhaps this would ex- But it is foretold in Scripture. My question Secret we will see the culmina- to Archbishop Capovilla is tion of this mystery of iniquity. something of the Third Secret — not that the Church will be Dogma Denied! defeated totally and entirely. He was a vastly him before he died. He studied at positions. He was like to hear the answer to that a personal friend of mine. Here positions are occupied by we’re already getting into Masons. and all Pius IX. that since both versions can. was he telling the Marini worked nearly forty truth when he talked with years in the Vatican before he Solideo Paolini. died nearly a year ago. we Malachi the Secret than what has in our times. In Vatican Under 1996 Monsignor Marini told Masonic Occupation me when I was visiting Rome. He wrote works 2008. He wrote a book with the is the Masonic occupation? startling title The Decline and Monsignor Marini said key Fall of the Roman Church. plain why you have dogma in the Book of Lamentations. for exam- How high in the Church ple. which is a solemn the inhabitants of the world condemnation — solemn would not have believed. it was ing the truth now? I should in May of last year. You look at the adversary and the enemy paragraph number 6. or is he tell. question.” (Lam.” The last time I saw the Biblicum. The Third Secret of Fatima he said and he made this ges- was summed up best by ture. The late can do nothing because it is Malachi Martin worked in Masons who occupy the key the Vatican. Monsignor Marini told of fiction but not only fiction. I knew him for 35 fiction. “Our hands are tied. The late Monsignor Mario not be true.pdf . We have the text of where we read that “The the Syllabus of Errors of Pope kings of the earth.fatimacrusader. in October learned man. speaking of the Roman Curia. And in the Third been published. me: “We are under Masonic some of his works were non- occupation”. it con- should enter in by the gates forms to the criteria stated in of Jerusalem. 4:12) This the 1983 Code of Canon Law text is sadly fulfilled already for an infallible pronounce- The Fatima Crusader 38 Summer 2010 http://www.

Vatican II. where I have declared that the Church has explained the entire history an irrevocable commitment of the Church and that the to ecumenism. And he said the error batim. He is the one who in the Liturgy. Vatican II. The disorientation in- into this because I’ve already habited the mind of the Vicar written about this in my book of Christ on earth. Yet since text. definitive that it bears the We have the most forceful theological note of infallibil. incompatible with the teach- Ecumenism was created by ing of religious liberty and Continued on page 42 Summer 2010 39 The Fatima Crusader http://www. almost exactly as that of ecumenism is such that it doctrine is set forth as a truth would destroy the Church to in the Second Vatican Council its very foundations. that is like taking the our Church’s hierarchy at the 95 theses of Martin Luther very highest levels. I won’t go too deeply level.ment that is not quite as sol. truly the diabolical disorien- we don’t have anything that tation referred to by the Third contradicts dogma. Pope John The Suicide of Altering the Faith Paul II. And we see there the con. We look and saying: There is no her- in the encyclical letter of Pope esy there but we’ve got to John Paul II. interpret it according to tra- and we see the disorienta- dition. diabolical disorientation in Well. have anything that contra. we are told that the yet we hear so many times Church has an irrevocable again and again and again commitment to ecumenism they will tell us that with for the sake of unity. The problem Tradition of the Church and there is that ecumenism is the Sacred Scripture are utterly greatest threat to the Church. This is the Second Vatican Council. Sufficiently solemn and Tradition and Scripture both.fatimacrusader. condemnation of ecumenism ity. The statement is ab- tion was at the very highest surd. Animos. we don’t Secret of Fatima. Ut Unum Sint. A reversal of ecumenism as set forth in emn as the dogmatic defini. made by Pope Pius XI in his demnation of the doctrine of encyclical letter Mortalium religious liberty almost ver. And so we have tion. at Every Level but it must be interpreted ac- Sister Lucy referred to the cording to tradition.pdf . Diabolical Disorientation dicts the doctrine of the Faith.

vaded the Church and before There is one religion which is it invaded the Protestant de- a divine institution — that is nominations. by the super- promote ecumenism for the natural power of God through sake of unity. It is through Faith and yet we are told that we must the Sacraments. No oth. there is Ecclesiastical Governance. So there is the bonds of communion. Catholic Faith. Ecumenism is the not have the power to confer greatest obstacle to unity. outside of that that ecumenism. before it in- Faith there is no salvation. and the grace that we receive from Almighty God God’s Foundation for Unity and the Sacraments that To understand just how ab. one Baptism”. and the bond of bonds of communion. there cannot be communion ism promotes unity. and grace. Freemasonic “Unity” he states: “one Lord. bond of Faith. ecumenism had its origin in the Catholic Faith outside the churches of the Reform: of which there is no salva. They do Church. ( So surd is the idea that ecumen. Continued from page 39 Grace is Necessary for Eternal Salvation the greatest. It is er religion on earth is a divine of Jewish origin: the idea of institution. one Faith. Or as the First Vatican back further and we will see Council stated. As Pope John Paul II him- 4:5) self declared in Ut Unum Sint. There is the one Faith.What Are the Missing Contents of the Third Secret? the divine and Catholic Faith. moted by Freemasonry. the bond of the Where there are these three Sacraments. This is why there natural religion as the vehicle is no salvation outside of the of salvation for the Gentiles. brings about salvation. because it is This was the teaching of the The Fatima Crusader 42 Summer 2010 http://www. We can go tion. the Protestants. the formulation of Saint Paul. was first pro- the Catholic religion.pdf . Faith. in what bond of Faith. the bond of the does unity consist? There are Sacraments and the bond of the three bonds of unity: the Ecclesiastical Governance. most mortal en- emies of the Church for the Mere human doctrines can- purpose of destroying the not gain salvation. In unity.fatimacrusader. we need between the Church and any only to consider what are the other religion.

So what unity will ecumen. Notre Charge Apostolique when poser Felix Mendelssohn — he warned about the coming wrote this and I provide the one-world religion. impressed by this great spiri- It is Freemasonry that tual tribulation. the greatest would set up in the world a and worst persecution of the one-world religion with this Church that there ever will Jewish/Protestant idea of have been and ever will be. Great Apostasy that Bishop ing with: the Great Apostasy Cosme do Amaral was speak- and loss of Faith. referring to the will bring that about.Jewish rabbis. but to the contem- unity in Christ. entirely.pdf .com/cr95/cr95pg32." The coming per- be communion in doctrinal secution. tion. This is the what the Third Secret is deal. when he said in one of his the bonds of communion. the coming tribula- diversity. This is the con- the unity that will be created tent of the Third Secret that by ecumenism is the unity has not been revealed. unity. will be worse than the The False One-World great flood and the persecu- Religion Built-up from tion will be worse than the Ecumenism. and what ing about. log- soon undergo such suffering ically in the absurd notion of such as the world has never Protestantism that there can seen before. that Cardinal Ratzinger was Now we can begin to grasp speaking about. the doctrine of unity. And the Jewish Pope Saint Pius X warned philosopher Mendelssohn — about in his 1910 encyclical the grandfather of the com. but what porary mind which has been fed such a superficial under- Summer 2010 43 The Fatima Crusader http://www. Our Lady specifically spoke ism bring? It will not bring of Russia. Apostasy ancient Roman persecutions.fatimacrusader. The Suicide of and the life of the Christian Altering the Faith in the Liturgy. It is discourses: “Mankind must coherent strictly. This is precise quotation of the text the great danger to the Faith in my book. The idea that all the Great Tribulation Coming Christian denominations can Soon in Third Secret co-exist in peace and harmo- This is what Pope Pius XII ny and unity is absolutely in- was speaking of just after the compatible with the Catholic end of the Second World War Faith. Bishop sought after for centuries by Cosme do Amaral was very Freemasonry. Because loss of Faith.

I should like to point and the look on his face. as in effect that Vladimir Putin is the revised one. But close we are to a world war. but the authors first decided on put- interesting thing is that when ting that photograph into the President Putin warned his book. bishop in the Vatican last year something so terrible that is and when I pointed out how about to erupt in the world? close we are to the next world And make no mistake: the war breaking out he could time is now very. it is Look. be- The Fatima Crusader 44 Summer 2010 http://www. Bush that a much more intimate con- there was going to be a terror- nection between international ist attack on the United States terrorism and how it is direct- and they would be using air- ly leading us into the great planes. Many bishops World War III I have spoken with have no difficulty grasping it and they In order to understand how understand exactly why. very close. Putin and George Bush derstand when I and my co- profess to be friends. and still is. friend George W. It will be Cardinal Bertone was saying happening soon. you would have thought by a war between Russia and the the archbishop’s comments West. tween Russia and the United alities it seems hard to grasp. nal idea for inserting this and pointed out that the photograph into the book time for the next world war was simply to show what is closing in on us.” connection that I did not un- Well. five years ago I fore they he an- about the end of the period of swered to me: “No. you open a space alien who’s got secret the cover and there you will armies on the dark side of the see the World Trade Center moon. Russia and the West world being already finished are partners. that lust for power and evil in the can’t be. no.standing of geo-political re. they’re friends. Towers burning shortly be- Similarly. as in the first edition of I had said something to the The Devil’s Final Battle. that out. not grasp it. — that this is ridiculous. But there is a deeper Schroeder. George Bush paid no clash of the superpowers. The origi- spoke to a man in Germany. There was.fatimacrusader. How could Russia play a role I was talking to an arch- in something so horrendous. they’re friends.pdf . Putin and Chancellor absurd. States and their allies. Well.

That’s the good news. And is the most frightful? I’ll say this Nineteenth Century text this: We know from Catholic says they will fire their mis- prophecy the next war will be siles on North America and brief. said these attacks Union and China. conquered and brought into pens after. 2005. This empire of the stand how close we are to the north — consisting of Russia next world war. strong”. in the Moscow subway and A Father Fattecelli compiled the subsequent bombings.pdf . World War III ly was behind that attack and In the prophecy of Zachary the attack in London on July — the Armenian Jew who 7. independent group of And what against North America. space of what was the Soviet cent speech.attention to the warning. And then there would ists. North America will fall and be The bad news is what hap. the prophecies and published the attacks on Russia. in a re. but we are dealing with be the war that the proph- covert false flag operations ecy refers to as “the strug- of one state against another. bondage. gle of the strong against the Now we can begin to under.” dimensions as occupying the President Medvedev. tion known as Al-Qaeda. As one them in a book called Day of of the Russian government Anger: The Hand of God Upon experts on terrorism said: an Empire. That is the were organized by a North empire that will use great Caucasus Islamic group that guile and deception as we is linked with that organiza. then you will be able converted to the Catholic to decipher the message of Faith — published in 1854 President Dmitry Medvedev was the edited text of the when he spoke of the recent prophecy of the revelations attacks: the bombings made that he received from God.fatimacrusader. and the glasnost and per- If we understand the origin estroika of Gorbachev before of Al-Qaeda. we understand the scheduled demolition of we are not dealing with an the Soviet Union. The 1854 Prophecy of If you understand who real. The next phrase is Summer 2010 45 The Fatima Crusader http://www. That empire is de- “These attacks are an act of scribed in its geographical war against all of Russia. had in the period of Detente. There will and China — will go to war be a world war.

it This is the Third Secret. the Jewish sounding name.” I said no more. but a prediction.pdf . I didn’t need to say any more. Now it is a very simple mat- Masonic False Accusations ter. they said. is out of hatred for the Jews How close are we now to the that he is saying this. it is told the owner of the radio pagan.fatimacrusader. I this interview and the B’nai think what is fundamental is Brith Association. I mention to a [web] search engine and that because in spite of the very easily find the text. Look magazine. not the pagan Minister of Israel. But the great war that will usher in Anti-Defamation League is the godless empire. accused ships the God of the Jews. it worships pagan know the truth of the matter gods. There have been books I mention this because written asking the question. You can go priests that he slew. this priest is anti-Jewish. pagan is a person who wor- Ben-Gurion. this text published in 1854. B’nai photograph of the page of Brith is Masonic. Sons of the Covenant. anti-Semitic. 16th of It is then that Zachary says in January 1962. “Well. read Look magazine. A me of fabricating the text. The prophet Elijah. the one- not Jewish. about twenty years ago on trying to answer the ques- a radio program I spoke of tion: What is a Jew? he Ben-Gurion. Let’s examine a prediction the Masonic Association. ecy. ships the gods of the pagans.” ation League presents itself World War III in the as a Jewish organization and Third Secret they say: Well.the most frightful thing of all. it worships the gods of station. So I B’nai Brith is Masonic. a Jew is a person who wor- Defamation League. the sitting Prime was the Jew. It is part of the world religion of Masonry? B’nai Brith Masonic Lodge. It made which is not a proph- calls itself by a Hebrew name. nev. the Anti-Defam­ first-born of hell. “and then the whole world And when you publish this fell under the dominion of the quotation. it worships the god that The Fatima Crusader 46 Summer 2010 http://www. but An interview was pub- they are no more Jewish than lished on the 16th of January the priests of Baal who were 1962 in Look magazine — an slaughtered by the prophet interview given by David Elijah. er made this statement. the Anti. if you want to the pagans.

it merits only to be piece of Masonry when he hated. And in the time of triumph So when I point the finger of the Immaculate Heart of at Masonry it is not out of ha- Mary. Cold War will end. which is day by day destroying the nation states of Europe and making them into a Masonic superstate. rooted and wiped off the face We can see that there were Summer 2010 47 The Fatima Crusader http://www. Hate Iniquity the Great Chastisement. this is part of the planned Masonic One-World Government and One- World Religion. was worshiped by the priests of the earth. As Freemasonry. It is an or. five stated in 1962 how the world stroyed. Very interesting he feated. but rath- is a detestable diabolical in. This is ganization that must be up. off the face of the earth in Love Justice. of Masonic Victory (Psalm 44:8) It is out of hatred And so the text of that in- of the diabolical iniquity of terview of David Ben-Gurion the worship of demons. er he is speaking as a mouth- stitution. mouthpiece of the Jewish That is truly something people or the Jewish religion worthy of hatred. but it is out be the devilish institution of of hatred against iniquity. Pope Leo XIII said will change in about twenty- that Masonry must be de. to be opposed and de. “you have loved what is right and David Ben-Gurion’s View you have hated iniquity”. there will no longer tred for the Jews. of the who is not speaking as a false gods of the pagans. According to Father Kramer (see article starting on page 32). very interesting.pdf . And the hand of of Baal who were slaughtered God is going to wipe Masonry by the Jewish prophet Elijah. when the friendship with.fatimacrusader. Scripture says of Christ. very. The European Union Headquarters in Brussels (see article on page 68). Masonry or the Israeli nation. it is not an institution places the context at the end that we can seek ecumenical of the Cold War.

the Independent States. the Cold War we need to have don’t be alarmed by all this talk something that will frighten of Gorbachev impose a world government told the Communist Party: on the people of the world. President Gorbachev to the Around 1973 in their papers Communist Party when he you read that after the end of said: “Gentlemen. the global- this way and they’re going to ists worked together for that tell us that the problem is that The Fatima Crusader 48 Summer 2010 http://www. In his autobiogra- 25 years later — there was phy he says he is working for that well-known speech of the one-world government. don’t be afraid of this.” Four years later that imous fear that we can use to democracy came. Anatoli Golitsyn published a A crushing burden of taxa- book. ing classes especially. don’t and that will be this thing be alarmed by this. and the Commonwealth of And. So last December at the metic.already the plans to end the institution they refer to as Cold War in the manner “global governance” — what that it was ended. comrades. that in 1987. That will into the Russian Federation be taxed away from them. In 1995 sition of global carbon taxes.pdf . he said that we call global warming. policy using carbon credits Global Governance and such to de-industrialize the world. In fact 25 David Rockefeller calls “one years later. Only Cosmetic Crushing Laws and Taxes He said this is only cos. these changes will only Copenhagen Conference. The Perestroika Deception. coming democracy in the Soviet There will be a need for unan- Union. tion that will rob the work- foretelling the restructur. and the ing of the Soviet Union that poorer classes. glasnost and the all the people of the world. which that they need to survive to brought about the transfor.fatimacrusader. on the other hand. climate change. they be cosmetic. duction. It is to lull the were talking about the impo- Americans to sleep. will decrease pro- In the Club of Rome. of the money Gorbachev undertook. buy food and to provide for mation of the Soviet Union their basic needs. What they’re going founded with the money of to create is artificial shortages David Rockefeller. in 1987 — exactly world”.

it’s not that the world things as in the Club of Rome is over-populated. of 1962. by President Obama. un. going its own perestroika. the Rothschild front tainly looks that way with man Maurice Strong was the policies being instituted there.we have too many people. David Rockefeller was becoming socialist? It cer- there. Then he said Medvedev held up a coin an. that is a euphemistic They were discussing this in phrase to describe socialism. spoke of these changes der the auspices of the United that will take place after the end Nations. Europe will become a ȱfedera- nouncing the coming of this tion of autonomous states hav- global unit of currency. In one ness — de-industrialization. He said that discussing taking farm land America will by then have and developed land and become a welfare state with turning it back into wilder. David to their plan in the year 2012. already the Prime At the Wilderness Confer­ Minister of Israel in January ence in Colorado in 1987. but the kind of socialism that you Summer 2010 49 The Fatima Crusader http://www. So all of these is not that there are too many people are talking about these people. And at that conference. regime. and ing a Socialist and democratic Prime Minister Putin advo. David Ben- Last year at the G-20 meeting. Then they will foist on under President Obama the the world a global central United States is now under- bank. Socialist USA? Edmund de Rothschild was Is the United States now there. And Global Financial Crisis that’s not just my opinion. but they in the early 70s. it will culminate in the year And Gorbachev stated that 2012.fatimacrusader. I They let it be known that was watching on Russia Today they were planning for a last September an interview global financial crisis and that with Mikhail Gorbachev. 1987. As Gorbachev have artificially engineered foretold in 1987 the end of the by design the economic crises Cold War and coming democ- that will culminate according racy in the Soviet It central bank. a planned economy.pdf . its tral bank for the whole world. this convention was of the Cold War. Gurion foretold this in 1962 in you may recall that President that interview. own restructuring. there will be one cen. Ben-Gurion. word.ȱ Not socialist like the cated the creation of a global Soviet Union collectivism.

ducing carbon footprints. state? All these things have cerned with setting up the happened. it has happened. foretold would take place at the imposed on all of the member end of the Cold War. Supposedly. How Christopher Story in his book many people could have The European Union Collective: dreamed that one day the Enemy of Its Member States. in a united federated state.had under national socialism appear necessary. the United States become social- ment of what was foretold by ist. the fulfil. world federation of continents. That’s a Gorbachev called the reality. is not carbon taxation and re- ganda of the Nazi Movement. and it then will have become a fed- is described very well by erated Eurasian state. is only an excuse to make this That is the world government The Fatima Crusader 50 Summer 2010 http://www. bureaucratic — dictatorship Europe has become ex- like the directorate dictator.U. It is not a coincidence when the United States be- that they announced this at comes socialist. when Europe the same conference where becomes a federated state. actly what David Ben-Gurion ship of the French Revolution.fatimacrusader. Then European Union the new he said the Soviet Union by European Soviet. the kind of taxation eral union of independent that was recommended at states? Ben-Gurion foretold this the Copenhagen Conference. And the comes a federated Eurasian conference was really con. they announced the need for when the Soviet Union be- global governance.pdf . Once the states of the European Union Cold War is over you will see from Brussels. it is for climate So what happens after that change. And they in Germany but without all say that the ultimate remedy the racial Germanic propa. you will see Europe become David Ben-Gurion. drastic reduction of popula- democratic — one might say tion. What is the next institutional framework for thing that happens? Ben- global governance — which is Gurion says there will be the to say for world government. and the climate change issue That’s the world government. we find the institution of into a Commonwealth. but We are now under a very un. a fed- taxation. Soviet Union would be in- Among the institutions of the stantaneously transformed E.

pdf . This worship is the with a political doctrine here. 2010 that the pedophilia scandal is predicted in the Third Secret. be the world federation of Ben-Gurion’s religion. Vatican City in Darkness Pope Benedict XVI revealed on May 11. that this will be the fulfilment It is their published agenda to of what was foretold by the establish in the world a “New prophet Isaiah. he was not a Mason. World Order”. the one-world Blasphemy Masonic republic. apparently like that of Jesus Christ Himself. Then he scribed when God showed goes one step further. He also pointed out that in the near future. It was de- cated in Jerusalem. He ties it into a belief system. Let us pray that Pope Benedict XVI will soon release the FULL text of the Third Secret so that many more people now slumbering will wake up. was de- ters will be the Supreme Court scribed — if I remember of Mankind that will pronounce correctly — in the seventh judgement on all the nations chapter of the book of the without appeal.fatimacrusader. Peter’s. That will be lo- prophet Ezekiel. for whom the sun is the rep- Summer 2010 51 The Fatima Crusader he con- the prophet Ezekiel the vi- nects this idea not to secular- sion of the abomination: the ism — we’re not dealing with elders of Israel worshiping something Jewish or secular facing toward the rising of Zionism. we’re not dealing the sun. This is It’s blasphemy because the what Ben-Gurion is talking prophet Isaiah was a Jewish about when he says there will prophet. St. like continents. solar pagan cult of Masonry. it is foretold the Catholic Church will undergo a kind of Passion. that has been promoted by and he blasphemously says Masonry openly since the 1730’s. and its headquar- that of the Mason’s.

If you are a Mason. I don’t As Christians we worship have the time to go too deeply the God and Father of Our into that. 2001. The Baal worship the Jews.. the Secretary for Foreign The God of the Old and the and Commonwealth Affairs. the Taliban in Afghanistan to The Fatima Crusader 52 Summer 2010 http://www. a list of thousands of that God.resentation of the pagan de. “the base”. Son and Holy Ghost. because you don’t worship ity worshiped by the ancient the God of the Christians and Canaanites. in 1989. republic — was the attack of It’s a contradiction in celebration in that year. from 1997 to 2001 — the God of the prophets. They Order will come into being are the synagogue of satan. the United Kingdom — that the God of Abraham.. was you’re defined as Christian taken from a computer da- or Jew insofar as you worship tabase.. Isaac would be Robin Cook at the and Jacob. This is the mys- that was the archenemy of tery of iniquity revealed in Almighty God and the Jewish Scripture. time.. Al-Qaeda. mujahideen who were willing you worship the demon gods to be recruited and trained. September 11. So if you’re a vealed in the year 2002 that Christian or if you’re a Jew. means Father.” eleven years in the future No Such Thing singling out. The new age was nor a Jewish Mason inaugurated with pompous Clearly they are not Jews.pdf . “They say that they are Jews said that the New World but they are not Jews. “the base”. The Planned And this is why Saint John New World Order tells us in Apocalypse 2:9: George Bush Sr. the God of Moses. Lord Jesus Christ — God the Al-Qaeda. pointing to the as a Catholic Mason year 2000. but There can be no such thing what really started motion as a Jewish Mason any more into the New World Order than there can be such a — to the one-world Masonic thing as a Catholic Mason.. What is the base? The Jews worship the God of The Foreign Secretary of the patriarchs and prophets. of Masonry and you cannot Did it serve the purpose of be called a Christian or a Jew. in Arabic. New Testaments are one and to use the official title — re- the same God. prophets.fatimacrusader.

says this attack is an act clement of Russia and even. Towers were an intelligence quered as the consequence operation. we see it that will dominate the entire in the writings of the think world. in book.. Osama bin Laden terests were served? is not leading all these ter- We look back into the 1990s. that whole re. rorist attacks in the United Zbigniew Brzezinski writes a States. tank called The Project for the World War is New American Century was Extremely Close outlined a plan calling for re- Now. to set up the one- the head of State security be- world Masonic republic. Francesco Cossiga — Freemasonry to dominate more importantly. to be dominated by the what is needed is a catalyzing United States. . Vladimir Kosin.pdf . Medvedev said it is Al-Qaeda itics outlining the plan for that attacked Russia. The United new Pearl Harbor event.. President and it’s a book on geo-pol. in Spain. to bring about the encir.. terrorism ex- gion of central and southern pert of the Russian govern- Asia. The Grand Chessboard. But whose in. who was the world. . Their country was con. And in order to set in tanks that have been hired motion the process that will by the government to for- bring about this state of af- mulate their it did not serve So it was not Osama bin their interests. ment. The fore he became President of Rand Corporation (it should Summer 2010 53 The Fatima Crusader http://www. of war against all Russia. that the United States to conquer blew up the Moscow subway. in Bali.harbor terrorists to attack the Italy — stated three years ago Twin Towers in New York? that the attacks on the Twin No. Indonesia. of that attack. States and Britain working to- The former President of gether through Anglo-Saxon Italy. Afghanistan.fatimacrusader. their for- fairs where the United States eign policy. We see it in the writ- superpower in the world ings of Brzezinski. And tual conquest of Russia.. in Britain. A globalist super will have global dominance. we can understand building American defenses how close we are to a war to establish the United States between Russia and the as the unipolar monolithic West. In President Dimitri Medvedev 1999 in a document by a think points the finger at Al-Qaeda. state. Laden.

a major war. which works for the Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry United States rec. need to be forewarned so as Of course. and we Russia and China. In the West the United Germany. Russia will wage World War II. This has been foretold again They want you to think that and again. Whereas. Twenty-one days be- press but not in the Western fore the planned attack on press. geo-political ambitions of rectors). (1 is waging wars of conquest Thess. These are the mes- its war of aggression that sages of Our Lady to Sister brought into being World War Elena Aiello. It was Soviet Union was attacked published in the Chinese first. States government tries to Let us not think that Russia portray the image that it’s un. in fact. Saint Paul says. he was planning for a Russian it must be against some big. What gave In the apparitions ap- Russia the opportunity to proved by the Church. they are fulfilling the same The Third Secret Warns Us role that Germany fulfilled — We Need it Now! in the last century. Hitler struck first. Russia will overrun pose the Iron Curtain? It was Europe. ommended last year that the Stalin waited too long. invasion of Germany. And now the United States “Despise not prophecies”. Terrorism is some- of the Saints foretelling these thing that is being unleashed The Fatima Crusader 54 Summer 2010 http://www. but the ger power than Iran. 5:20) This is especially in Afghanistan. will make that same mistake der noted that Zbigniew upon the world to serve the Brzezinski ’œȱoneȱofȱRand’s di. and Russia will respond. It was when war with secret armies on Hitlerite Germany launched America. since the Fourth the great threat to the world is Century we see prophecies terrorism.pdf . II. Our spread its errors. to conquer Lady speaks of Russia wag- Eastern Europe and to im- ing war. Iran is too small. and it is their true at this time because of announced plan to conquer the coming war and tribula- that entire region for the sake tion and the great persecu- of the encirclement of Russia tion under the one-world and the eventual conquest of Masonic government. He United States get involved in knew what Hitler was up to. again. this in your daily newspaper. you won’t read to better prepare ourselves.fatimacrusader.

pdf . and it reveals pre- when he said: “Despise not cisely the horrifying* Century after centu- ry the Blessed Virgin comes down from Heaven to warn us precisely about the coming war — as She did in Quito. Ecuador (400 years ago). In their ignorance of what Bishop Manoel Pestana (Bishop is really happening in the Emeritus of Anapolis.” | Secret of Fatima deals with *As Pope Benedict suggested on “the dangers which threaten May 11. Brazil) addressing The Fatima Challenge. we don’t believe it. will consecrate Russia to Me. it is far more specific. But God sends prophecy to us. The Holy Father to our Faith and to our lives. responds to predictions of ally from Our Lady?” But Sacred Scripture”. some people look at Fatima and Sister Lucy’s full the Faith and the life of the text of the Third Secret and Christian. http://www. we violate The phraseology of Our Lady the principle set forth by Saint is cut and dry. So if eral. warn us what we must do My Immaculate Heart will to face the present dangers triumph. and therefore (the ask: “Can we believe that this life) of the world.things. as She has done again and again. as Cardinal the last things. It corresponds to what painted the picture in gen- is revealed in Scripture. ter- prophecies.” “It cor- text of the Third Secret is re. Ratzinger said. Because It is a gift to warn us. warning us about the tremen- dous war that will soon take place in the world. has been This is the content of the mentioned again and again Third Secret of Fatima that in many other Marian appari. precisely the Third Secret. that is not the end. And that is what Cardinal Russia will be converted and Ratzinger was referring to a period of peace will be giv- when he said that the Third en to the world. not to what will happen in the end? reveal something new but to Our Lady said: “In the end. world. has not been revealed.” rible events that are soon to Our Lady Wins in the End break out in the world. very much to Paul himself in Scripture the point. I’ve tions. 2010.