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Summary of “A mysterious visitor”

Even that moment, the partner of Sherlock Holmes didn't believe him yet about how the
murderer and his victim went in a cab, how the murderer was tall and all about the case.

Nevertheless, they went to the policeman's house and the police told them that a man with a
red face arrived being drunk. The man with a red face had gone to a ring. And in that
momento, Holmes put a notice in every newspaper saying that the ring was found.

In that evening, a old woman arrived to the house and she asked the ring that was of her
daughter. She took a cab and Holmes jumped onto the back of the cab, but when the cab was
in motion the oldwoman -that really was a young man dressed up as old woman- jumped out.

That part was very interesting beacuse the murderer was slier than Sherlock Holmes, although
Holmes was very intelligent. I like so much that, the situation was surprising.

Summary of “Gregson's account”

According to Gregson the events were differents. The victim was an american -Mr Drebber-
who was staying in London with his secretary Joseph Satangerson. The murderer, according
to Gregson, was Arthur Charpentier, an officer in the Royal Navy.

Gregson said that Arthur Charpentier hit him with a stick. Before, Mr Drebber and Alice had
been struggle because he wanted that Alice married with him. In that moment, Arthur
Charpentier stopped them.

To Gregson, Mr Dubber was hitted with the stick that had Arthur. And, then, he pulled the
body into the house. Also, for Gregson was murdered by Charpentier.

The chapter is strange because is only a narration about a perception, is a version of the thing
that happened. Maybe, for the next chapter there will be more precision about that narration.

Jhon Castrillón