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What Are Your to teach children social and emotional skills Tools for Working on

we can make a positive impact on the

Building Relationships
Feelings? individual childs life but also on the
To begin building a positive relationship with
community of learners that child is a member

of. your child or student some phrases that you

could use include:

Excellent idea for

Scripted Stories for Social
You have worked so hard
Situations Im so appreciative that you

When entering a classroom some Book List

children may be unsure of their new

environment and how to interact appropriately

with their new friends. One way to teach

children these skills is by reading them

Social and emotional development is
Instructors can create a scripted story
one of the domains that are measured when Books on being a friend:
specifically for their student. When created a
assessing the whole child. Children who are Can You Be a Friend? by Nita Everly (Ages 3-6)
scripted story remember to:
still developing their social and emotional I Can Share by Karen Katz (Ages infant-5)
- Observe the child and situation.
skills may demonstrate behavior that can be Thats What a Friend Is by P.K. Hallinan
- Think from the childs perspective
viewed as anti-social. By understanding how (Ages3-8)
Books on accepting different kinds on friends: include a chart that identifies and lists many

I Accept You as You Are! by David Parker (Ages f emotions that a child may have.

3-5) Teaching Social Emotional Skills

Its Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr (Ages 3-


Books about feelings:

Feeling Happy by Ellen Weiss (Ages infants -3)

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain (Ages 4-8)

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Tools for Developing Behavior
Day by Jamie Lee (Ages 3-8) In order to identify and change

behavior the instructor or parent may

Book Nook implement various tools at home or in the

classroom. The CSEFEL website offers

Book Nook provides books for educators that
templates that instructors and parents can
include an activity that will teach the child
utilize while observing their child.
through reading but also through hands on


Book Nook activity for: I Can Share by Karen In order to help children develop healthy

Katz ( social emotional skills educators can utilize

tools listed on the CSEFEL website which