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School Experiences Log Directions for students: Complete both sides of this form for each school in which you complete clinical schoo! experiences, each semester. At the end of the Semester, submit the form to your instructor, who will place it in your ‘education departmental folder NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education) sets a standard for al candidates seeking initial licensure as teachers and other school professionals: Candidates are expected to study and practice in a variety of settings that include diverse populations, students with exceptionalities, nd students of different ages. Name hg A BLED Advisor Kia JONES Semester SPFING 17 carse (LEP 3p, 3303 ites te | OO PRS cae eee NG Course READ 3200 MQ Instructor MY AZ,LUCE Purpose of Glnical Experience | MB Schoo! Union AGAdEOMY system UNIO Grades) Ket Subject(s) ALL 2 «200 students Ww Urbon Characteristics of the students (check Gy 200-500 students -«d-_ Suburban ail that apply} of 500-800 students Rural of Performing ot grade level 800-1200 students G_Global/Internctional offertoring below grade level 1200-1500 students. Magnet orming above grade level 2 1500-1800 students Other characteristics: O/ sttesteerted 2 > 1800 students charter Limited English 4, International Special education African-American Wf, Asion Hispanic ‘Multi-recial Native American White ditional Tnfermetion: % of students on free/reduced lunch __—% of students scoring at the proficient level or higher —_% of students scoring below grade level Other Complete the Attendance Log and Teacher Verification on reverse side ¢<)< 22 ‘School Experiences Attendance Log [endaere None Heorthor teakicy Phoneg9q-3a8 606 | YY Teacher Name Paige, Hinson Phone 104-A63- 9616 Email Phinseneunionavadem).org School union Academy Grade 4-th| Date Time Involved Purpase/Activity(ies) Teacher Se Lh int roduut ions Paega iS) 3|I Thrs observation Pastgobthacs 3 [4S Amat dbSOvOr Lan s fay rtl-thes> 3} he eyes: Observations Dug. fess {Tee iae DbStIVONS —— Paeg rfl fred 3/20. sa ebhese pbsuvesions Darth Hue» Ac Sh YS 9[2L This. OF At paced for 32 vhrs, OOS. Ln GATONs T (4B, ainausunl) Duy tr 1G apeerval fal alt Hits: con Dh H— 23