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Kahoot Questions

What is NOT a teratogen?
Medication Smoking Alcohol Fruits
Developmental Psychology research ends after childhood.
True False
A researcher who is interested with how the environment influence human development is
taking a _______ approach.
Nurture Nature Psychoanalytic Cognitive
The foundational theories of Behaviourism includes which?
Classical Conditioning and Psychoanalytic Theories Operant Conditioning and
Psychoanalytic Theories Constructivism and Psychoanalytic Theories Classical and
Operant Conditioning

Alexa D:
An embryo and a fetus are two different terms for the same period of time when a fetus is
True False
Piaget subscribed to the _____ theory, meaning that children build their world based on seeing
the causes and effects of their behavior.
Constructivist Building Developmental Conservation
Which of the following IS NOT a principle of critical thinking
Occam’s Razor Replicability Correlation vs Causation Evaluation

How does a experimental group differ from a control group?
An experimental group is randomly assigned while a control group is not
A control group is randomly assigned while the experimental group is not
An experimental group has a something done to them, whereas the control
receives no experimentation
None of the above

Alexa B:
Bi-directional influences = children’s development influences their experience but not vice versa
True False
Which of the following is a myth of childhood development?
Childhood fragility Constructivist theory Object permanence Scaffolding
Attrition is a particular problem in _______ studies
Cross sectional Experimental Longitudinal All of these
Interpreting evidence in a way that aligns with your own opinions is
Post hoc bias Confirmation bias Representativeness heuristic Availability heuristic

What does it mean when a study has high external validity?
The ability to draw cause-and-effect inference
The findings are generalizable to the real world
The findings are not generalizable to the real world
None of the above
What is considered to be the “vision” area in the brain?
Occipital lobe
Temporal lobe
Parietal lobe
Frontal lobe
Which brain imaging method uses magnetic fields to indirectly visualize brain structure?
Computed tomography (CT)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Positron emission tomography (PET)
None of the above
Which stage is NOT one of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development?
Abstract Operations
Formal Operations

Which group of people would have “cohort” effects?
a.) People with schizophrenia
b.) People who have depression
c.) People who lived during the first world war
d.) People who died in 1960
Which one of the following is not one of Piaget’s tests:
a.) Object Permanence
b.) Assimilation
c.) Egocentrism
d.) Conservation
Little Albert is a famous experiment on fear conducted by what psychologist?
a.) B.F. Skinner
b.) Albert Bandura
c.) John B. Watson
d.) Sigmund Freud
Olfactory neurons recognize different odourants in the air using what characteristic?
a.) Colour
b.) Size
c.) Chemical makeup
d.) Shape

1. Nurture is to “experience” as nature is to _______________.
2. What is the belief that early experiences are more influential to development than later
Childhood Fragility
Occam’s Razor
Freudian Theory
Infant Determinism
3. When a fertilized egg becomes a ball of identical cells with no specific function, it is
A zygote
A zygyst
A blastocyte
A blastocyst
4. What is the term that describes an inability to see the world from others’ perspectives?
Object Permanence
Concrete Operations

Ed wears his lucky boxers before a game and his team wins. Thus, his boxers caused them to
This is a sound statement.
This is sort of illogical.
This is an Ergo Fallacy.
This is a Post Hoc Fallacy.

A more socially developed toddler communicates more and thus experiences more
This is an example of a bidirectional influence
This is an example of a social influence
This is an example of a cultural influence
This is an example of nature and nurture

1. Interrater reliability is when a test is consistent with the results over time? a) T b) F
2. Naturalistic observation has High internal validity? a) T b) F
3. Effects due to the fact that groups that lived during one time period, can differ from other
groups is called? A) Cohort effect B) longitudinal design C) Cross-sectional effect D) Post Hoc
4. Which of the following examples forms part of Kohlberg’s Scheme of Moral development? A)
Scaffolding morality B ) Preoperational morality C) Postconventional morality D) Formal

Schemas: conceptual frameworks a person uses to make sense of the world
A) True
B) False

First level of Kohlberg's stages of moral development in which the child's behavior is governed
by the consequences of the behavior
A Preconventional Morality
B Postconventional Morality
C Conventional Morality
D Predevelopmental Morality

What variable can impact the apparent relationship between cause and effect?
1. Independent Variable
2. Confounding Variable
3. Dependent Variable
4. Variable Star

Sue drinks wine often during pregnancy and Ann drinks one glass total. Which is true?
1. Sue’s and Ann’s children face equal birth defect risks.
2. Ann’s child faces no risks.
3. Sue’s baby will definitely face birth defects.
4. Both face risks, but Sue’s are more likely to occur.

1) Claims must be capable of being disproved. This is known as
a) reliability
b) validity
c) falsifiability
d) ruling out hypotheses

2) _____________ is learning that isn’t directly observable.
a) insight learning
b) latent learning
c) higher learning
d) explicit learning

3) Stranger anxiety begins at about ________ months of age.
a) 7-8
b) 8-9
c) 9-10
d) 10-11

4) Temperament is early appearing and slightly genetic in origin.
a) true
b) false

The capacity to learn new ways of solving problems is called...
a. Fluid intelligence
b. Crystallized intelligence
c. Abstract thinking
d. Convergent thinking
A child thinks that clay that has been stretched has become bigger. He can't perform…
a. Object permanence
b. Assimilation
c. Conservation
d. Scaffolding


Which of the statements below is true
1. Your genes can affect your development
2. How genes influence development is affected by life events
3. Some genes only activate in response to events that occur in your life
4. Genes come in small medium and large
5. A, B, and C are true

A baby playing peek-a-boo with her mother worries when the mom hides, what best explains
a. Egocentrism
b. Object Permanence
c. She is deeply concerned about global warming
d. Nature – this baby was born with a nervous tendency

What is NOT a benefit of Longitudinal design
a. Shows long term effects
b. Can help clarify findings from cross sectional studies
c. Shows effects across generations
d. None of the above

Which of the following is a weakness of collecting quantitative data
a. They are not as rich as qualitative data sets
b. They are vulnerable to social desirability
c. They are affected by the mood the participant is in
d. It is more difficult to analyze the data


What is the Post hoc fallacy?
1. The false belief that because one event occurred before another, it must
have caused the latter event
2. The false belief that because one event occurs at the same time as the other,
they are correlated
3. The false belief that because one event and another are the same, they must
cause another
4. The belief that hawks were previously used as mail carriers

A good example of scaffolding is:
1. Katie’s parents continuously do all of her homework for her
2. Katie’s parents taught her to subtract, and as she got better at it, they
gradually removed their instruction
3. Katie’s parents let her learn to subtract completely on her own
4. Katie’s siblings are very mean to her.

The area of the brain that deals with executive functioning is:
1. Occipital lobe
2. Temporal lobe
3. Back lobe
4. Frontal lobe

What is the recency effect?
1. The tendency to remember words at the beginning of a list
2. The tendency to remember words at the end of a list
3. The tendency to remember words in the middle of the list
4. The tendency to not remember recent events

Piaget would consider you to be in the ____________ stage of development.
A. Sensorimotor
B. Formal operations
C. Concrete operations
D. Preoperational

Which activity demonstrates the concept of “egocentrism”?
A. The “draw a person” task
B. The “cat wearing a dog mask” task
C. Harlow’s Monkeys
D. The “three mountains” task

What is the gap between two neurons called?
A. Dendritic gap
B. Neurotransmitter
C. Synaptic cleft
D. Axon terminal

What is not an example of a neurotransmitter?
A. Cocaine
B. Glutamate
C. Serotonin
D. Adrenaline