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8 Shopping with a Friend 1 of 2

A Before you watch
1 Write each word under the correct picture.

jeans  purse  shirt  shoes  skirt  summer dress

1 2 3

4 5 6

2 Work in pairs. Write down any other words for clothing that you know.

B While you watch
1 Match the questions to the answers. Watch the first part of the video and check your answers.
1 Good morning. Can I help you? a I’m looking for a summer dress or a skirt.

2 What are you looking for? b Yes, that one’s very nice, too.

3 $99. It’s expensive. c No, thanks. I’m just looking.

4 What about this orange skirt? d Yes, of course.

5 Excuse me. Can I try this on? e It’s right there.

6 Where’s the fitting room? f You’re right, it’s not cheap.

2 Watch the second part of the video and answer the questions.
1 Why does Emma like the dress?


2 What does she buy?


3 How much does she pay?


Photocopiable D.R. © Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V. 2009

R. Will that be everything? That looks nice. but also fashionable. D Language points Complete each dialogue with the correct expression. 2009 . How much is it? It’s $123. © Macmillan Publishers S. Put the sentences in order to make a conversation. 2 S tay in your pairs. Yes. I want this jacket. 2 Sales assistant: Why don’t you look around? if you need my help. E Your viewpoint Work in groups and discuss these questions. The fitting room is right there. Can I try it on? What about this brown one? Yes. Then read the conversation aloud. Photocopiable D. it’s important that they are cheap. of course. thank you. 1 Good morning can I help you? Yes.A. 3 Emma: Do you have a purse to match this dress? Sales assistant: Sure. 1 Do you like shopping? 2 What is important to you when you buy clothes or shoes? cheap / comfortable / beautiful / fashionable / nice color / right size When I buy clothes. Excuse me  Let me know  Just a minute 1 Sales assistant: for a minute. Viewp ints 8 Shopping with a Friend 2 of 2 3 Watch the third part of the video without the sound. What do you think is happening? What are they saying? Take notes.V. . I need to help another customer. I’m looking for a jacket. C After you watch 1 Work in pairs. Role-play your own conversation between a customer and a sales assistant in a clothing store. de C.

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