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10 My Greek Vacation Teacher’s Notes

1 Synopsis 2 Individuals. Play the opening segment of the video
Elena shows her friends, Josie and Tom, photos and again (until Tom arrives). Have students underline the
describes her vacation in Greece. She talks about the stressed words. Check answers. Then have students
two weeks she spent on the Greek island of Rhodes shadow read along with the video (see video tip #6 in
where she swam, fished, and took boat trips to different the DVD booklet).
islands. She also tells them that her mom was born Answer key:
on Rhodes. Then she describes her visit to Athens and Josie: Elena, that is so beautiful!
shows them pictures of the Parthenon (an ancient Elena: Isn’t it nice?
temple on a hill called the Acropolis) and Greek soldiers Josie: You are so lucky! I really want to go there.
in traditional uniforms, called evzones. She talks about Elena: I know. I want to go back so much, you can’t
her plans to go back next summer, and now, her friends imagine.
would like to go with her. Josie: I bet. And I want to come with you next time.
Length of video: 3:10min
3 In pairs. Have students work in pairs to complete the
2 Target Language simple past questions in Exercise 3. If necessary, play this
section of the video again to check the answers (from
Grammar: Simple Past; so + adjective; want to + inf.
when Tom arrives to the end).
Vocabulary: leisure activities, months
Language Points: I bet. Cool! Are you serious? Those Answer key: 1 Where did you go on vacation?
are really neat pictures. Hmmm…let me think about it. 2 Why did you choose Rhodes?
3 Didn’t you want to stay there forever?
3 Procedural Notes 4 Individuals. Have students work individually to write
as much as they can remember about each place. Then
A Before you watch
gather information from the whole class to complete the
As a class. Read aloud the list of base verbs. Make sure chart on the board.
students know their pronunciation and meaning. Answer key: The Parthenon – in Athens, on a hill (the
In pairs. Have students work together to write the Acropolis), over 2,000 years old, a temple built for the
simple past form of each verb. You could allow them to goddess Athena;
use dictionaries for this task. Check answers as a class. The evzones – Greek soldiers, wear traditional costumes,
have a special way of marching, everyone took pictures
Answer key: go – went, swim – swam, catch – caught,
see – saw, ride – rode, make – made, stay – stayed,
have – had, take – took, want – wanted C After you watch
Ask students to tell you which verbs are regular and why As a class. Read aloud the simple past questions and
(stayed, wanted – they end in -ed). check that students understand them. You could have
students repeat the questions in a choral drill to practice
B While you watch question intonation.
1 Individuals. Give students time to read the list of Individuals. Tell students to think of their last vacation
activities. Make sure they understand all the past verb (or a memorable vacation). Give them time to write
forms. Tell them to watch the video and check the things answers to the questions. Circulate to help out with
that Elena did. Play the whole video. Check answers, grammar and vocabulary as needed.
asking students to add more information about each
In pairs. Have students take turns asking and answering
activity if they can (e.g. She swam every morning.).
the questions about their last vacation. If you have time,
Answer key: swam (every morning), visited islands you could ask volunteers to tell the rest of the class
(by boat), stayed in Athens (it was really hot), visited about their partner’s vacation.
monuments (the Parthenon), took pictures, made
videos (of the evzones)

Viewpoints D.R. © Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V. 2009

when Tom: What are you doing? she was 5. and in the beginning of Tom: I want to go to Greece so badly! August I flew to Athens. Elena: Evzones. relax. I want to go back so much. clear. guys! because my mom was born there.A. it’s a really interesting place with a time. Josie. Look at Tom: Rhodos? this. around it? Elena Yeah. Where did you go on vacation? Elena: Well. It was very beautiful. 2009 .000 years old! Greece! Josie: Are you serious? Josie: Not really. go hiking. Elena: Yes. first I went to Rhodos. This is the beach near my hotel. It’s really old. go sightseeing. you can’t Josie: Yeah. We Elena: They’re called evzones. Elena just told me. it was really wonderful. The architecture is amazing. 5b Suggested answers: go skiing. Did you get a chance to walk Josie: Cool. but her family came to the U. What was it? Tom: It looks beautiful. lot of history. Have students choose the correct meaning As a class. Tom: That’s amazing. Tom: Wow! Josie: It’s beautiful.S. I swam every morning. The water is so Elena: Yes. 2b. Elena: That’s the Parthenon.R. weeks on Rhodes. And I want to come with you next Elena: Well. imagine! Tom: So why did you choose Rhodes? Josie: I bet. It’s over Tom: Wow. Rhodos is the Greek name. but it was also Elena: Well. right? Josie: Are they wearing skirts? Viewpoints D. sunbathe. Put students in pairs to discuss the kinds of activities they like doing on vacation. Elicit activities that people do on vacation and of the words and phrases in italics. It’s Tom: What’s that? called Rhodes in English. take pictures. spent 2 Elena: Greece. it was a temple of the Greek goddess Elena: It is. I made a video Josie: Wow! Who are those guys?? with my camera. They’re soldiers. but I didn’t catch anything. 4 Video Script Josie: Elena. Josie: Hi. © Macmillan Publishers S. Tom. Viewp ints 10 My Greek Vacation D Language points E Your viewpoint Individuals. Check answers. very hot. Josie: It’s an island. Answer key: 1a. that is so beautiful! Elena: Yeah. It’s on a hill called the Acropolis. Elena: Well. Tom: Really? Your mom was born there? Elena: Hi. write them on the board. The boat Tom: Say again? took us to different islands. Athena. Josie: You’re so lucky! I really want to go there. Josie: We’re looking at Elena’s vacation pictures. Josie: How long were you there for? Tom: Nice. fished. 3a. you suddenly know a lot about 2. de C. Look at this one. And look at this boat. Josie: Me too. Circulate to help out with vocabulary. But I also wanted to go there Tom: Hi.V. I left Little Rock in mid July. Tom. Josie: There are a lot of islands in Greece. Josie: What was Athens like? Tom: Where did you go? Elena: Uh. 4b. Tom: Fourteen hundred? Elena: I know. I think there are about fourteen Elena: Isn’t it nice? hundred. go swimming. eat in restaurants. buy souvenirs In pairs. I did.

let me think about it. Elena: Hmm. Look at this. Written by Ingrid Wisniewska Design: Wild Apple Design Ltd. It’s their Tom: Are you planning to go back? uniform. de C. Well. And they’ve a really interesting way Elena: I sure am. Viewp ints 10 My Greek Vacation Elena: Yeah. Elena. It’s gorgeous there! photos. Viewpoints D.V. Elena. in that case. Josie: Didn’t you want to stay there forever? Elena: Well. Next summer.A. they’re really pretty actually. And Josie: No! I want to go with her. Tom: OK. Tom: Can I come with you? Elena: You see? At first. 2009 . It was spectacular. but I also wanted to come home. they stood over there. I made a video. of marching. © Macmillan Publishers S. can we both Tom: Those are really neat pictures. It was a wonderful vacation. it was wonderful. There Tom: You do? were a lot of people there and everyone took Josie: You bet. then they marched up and down. come with you? Elena: Thank you.R.