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Question Bank for V class EVS Summative Assessment-2 Page 1 of 22 V/EVS/SA2/QB/SANKAR/2011-12 12 21 Chapters . What if it Finishes...? 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. . Like Father, Like Daughter 22. A shelter so High! When the Earth Shook! Blow Hot, Blow Cold Who will do this Work? Across the Wall No Place for Us? A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story Whose Forests? On the Move Again Page 2 of 22 V/EVS/SA2/QB/SANKAR/2011-12 12. What it Finishes...? Very short answer questions |. Choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks. petrol pump, naturally, solar, petroleum, two-third, cough, bicycles, big machines, petrol, ground, diesel, 18, engine, fuel, refinery, petroleum, damp a) Adalaj step well is about km away from Ahmedabad b) There were hardly any on the highway. c) Vehicles run on d) Vehicles stopped at the for fuel. e) On the posters at the petrol pump, itis written that and will not last forever. f) Petrol is formed but very slowly. g) Petrol is found deep down under the h) is a smelly, thick, dark coloured liquid. i) We get kerosene, diesel, petrol, engine oil, wax etc. from j) Petroleum is cleaned and its products are separated in a k) We need to pump the petrol out and clean it. |) There is a lot of smoke when wood is burnt. m) energy is renewable and unlimited, n) About people in our country, use cow dung cakes (uple), wood and dry twigs, etc. 0) We should switch off the when we stop our vehicles at a red light. is a health hazard caused due to the smoke emitted from vehicles. . Tick (v) the correct answer. What is the advantage of using CNG over petrol? i) It can be filled in cylinders ii) It gives out less smoke. ili) It gives more power. iv) Itis freely available IIL. 1 mark questions. (Short answer questions) a) Where is Adalaj step well located? b) Why was a child sitting in a rickshaw coughing badly? c) From where do we get petrol? d) How is petrol pumped out? ) What do women in the village use to make a fire to cook food? Page 3 of 22 V/EVS/SA2/QB/SANKAR/2011-12