Kuwait International Airport

The Passenger Terminal Building - Terminal II


1 When we look at the plans, the modular sandwich panel system of the The building shall be designed as manufacturer's industry standard.
production system is seen as a prefabricated building,Insulated floor chassis However the chassis design shall be the manufacturers decision per his
information is available on the technical specification. Will these buildings proposed system.
be prefabricated buildings with chassis?
2 Screed is wanted on the chassis. Can we cancel the screed? Because, there The screed will be only at ground floor. Manufacturer should not consider
is chassis already, there is no need for the screed. chassis at ground floor level.
3 It is shown that external and internal walls are 5cm in width. Since the wind Manufacturer should follow his industry standard to meet the minimum
load is 160 km/h, we suggest that external walls to be 10cm in width, and requirements of the specifications and codes. The proposed solutions
internal walls to be 6cm in width. exceeding the minimum requirements is wellcomed.
4 In order to create modular system containers, demontable containers Questions is not clear. Manufacturer will be responsible for transportation
should be 2,40x6,00 m in dimensions. So it can be transported easily. If we (CIF Kuwait) and installation. Transportation and Installation price shall be
think over the composite containers, building sizes are not suitable for this given separately in the proposal.
condition. How should we proceed in this situation. What is your
5 Please clarify if all the windows shall be tilt operated or not. Normally the Please provide til and turn mechanism for the living room and offices.
living rooms receive til and turn mechanism. Toilet's shall be tilt operated.
6 Regarding the required brand of sanitary and electrical equipments and Electrical materials shall have EN/CE certificate. Some of the preferred
materials of buildings; what will be the preferred brands? manufacturers are HES, Nexans or Prysmian no smoke halogen.
7 We couldn’t find the first floor of Administration building. Shall we think that Administrative building will be 1 floor. Floor plans of the dormitories are also
will be the same as ground floor ? being revised to accomodate 20 people in 1 floor instead of 10. The new
floor plans will be issued shortly.
8 Our standard ceiling height is 2.5m so do you need to increase it for air Net ceiling height of 2.5m meter is fine. However, 20cm net space is
condition or sprinkler system such as 2.80m or 3.00m. required inside the ceiling to accomodate future fire sprinkler system.
9 From your General Specification, the wind load is 160 km/h, the sand load is Load conditions given in the RFP is valid. The buildings will be in service
60 kg/m2, are you sure we should design the labor camp according to this minimum 6 years.
load information?
for labor camp, usually don't consider the load information when make
the design, because it is temporary building, will dismantle it after using
several years, like 3 year, 5 years, 7 years, etc.
one of our product is steel structure workshop/warehouse, for this one,
considering the load information when make design is must, because this
kind of building need to use 40 years, 50 years, etc.

the Admin Admin building will be one storey with a new lay out. is this acceptable? 11 External door will be sandwich panel door. this is our 20ft 20ft container house is acceptable. The ground floor is just concrete. Interior doors can be either american panel or MDF.10 For 1st floor. because Exterior doors shall be inuslated as specified. no problem. It is usually EPS sandwich panel door. Can we use MDF door? 12 Window. no 1st floor). the admin building is 1 storey (only ground floor. Floors shal lreceive cemenboard + cement board for wet area. Amendment will clarify building is 2 storey (ground + 1st floor). it. we usually use 18mm plywood board for dry area. 2mm PVC floor leather. the door hinge can not support class XPS or rockwool. 4mm single glazed. is this acceptable? 13 Looking from the drawing and Annex-04 Phase I Building list. This can be either with fire Rock wool sandwich panel door is too heavy. we usually use PVC sliding window. but not Rock wool infill. is it acceptable? . but from the this. with Please comply with the specification. concrete building? 15 Guard house. 18mm fiber Please comply with the specification. screen. Questions_and_answers. if use this as guard house. container house. could you please tell us which one is correct? 14 Booster house. is this acceptable? The 1st floor usually cover PVC or Screed + PVC. please kindly check the attached drawing. no floor leather. could you please ask contractor make this house to be Booster house is also prefabricated. Internal doors shall be "American panel wooden door".