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DMK 5233 SEMESTER 5 SESI 2013/2014


To make sure the student can Interpret codes and standard, compile and
adopt quality assurance and quality assurance manual (QAM) in welding


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

1. Interpret knowledge of the Quality Assurance information ,codes
and standard, to apply quality assurance activities in welding .
2. Carry out quality assurance activities to produce full report
following the code and standard using appropriate equipment,
formate to compile and adopt quality assurance and quality
assurance manual (QAM) in welding industries.. (P2,PLO 4).
3. Perform the information management skills in Quality Assurance
activities to overcome the problem in welding activities (A2,PLO6)


The Quality Insurance course introduces the learners to Interpret codes
and standard, compile and adopt quality assurance and quality assurance
manual (QAM) so that the compilation is adequate and ready for adoption
and its meets legislation requirement and client quality objectives


2 hour per week for 16 week (Total = 32 hours) b Practical/Assignment/Tutorial/Project session i. Welding Technology by Giachino & Weeks ISBN 0826930638 6. Welding Principles and Application by Jeffus. ISBN 007825069 8.0 COURSE INSTRUCTION Courses will be carried out during 16 weeks of academic studies and will be held in dual language which is in Bahasa Malaysia and English.Larry Jefflus ISBN 0-8273-8240 2. Welding Essentials:Question & Answer (William Galvery & Frank Marlow) ISBN 0-8311-3151-9 4. 7. Welding Principles and Practice by Sack. Harold V Johnson.0 CONTACT HOUR a Lecture session i. Attendance is compulsory for Lecture/Tutorial/Practical and students must achieve above 80% from the total contact hour in order to be eligible to sit for Final Examination . 3 hour per week for 16 week Total 48 hours) 6. Proses pembuatan Jilid II (Zainal Abidin Ahmad ) ISBN 983-52-0105- 6. 1.0 COURSE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA PERCENT (%) Theoretical Test 15 Test Practical Test 15 Assignment 1 15 Continuous Assessment Assignment 2 15 Theoretical Exam 15 Final Exam Practical Exam 25 TOTAL 100 . Welding. prinsiples and applications. WIM Jabatan Tenaga Manusia 5. 5. Welding Principles & practices (MC GRAW HILL) ISBN 0-02-666140-3 3. forth edition . 7.

WPS.1 Materials specification. WQT.0 COURSE CONTENT Week Chapter Contenrt Note 1.14 Range of qualification (Acceptance Criteria) 1.7 Code & Standard.6 Produce quality assurance manual for welding activity 1.16 Welding position .3 Quality Plan ASSURANC 1. 1.13 Conduct welder qualification test (WQT) 1.5 Code of practice 1.4 Quality Procedure E DOCUMENT 1. PQR.12 Perform welding procedure qualification test (WPQT) 1. 1. 3. 1.10 Prepare WPS as per project requirement 1. 5 IDENTIFY 1.9 pWPS.11 Prepare welding procedure qualification record (PQR) 1.15 Parent material grouping system. 1.2 Quality Manual QUALITY 1. CHAPTER 1: 1.8. 4.8 Essential and non- essential variable. 2.

7.3 Produce Welding Work LAYOUT shop layout.4 Calibration procedure. CHAPTER 4: 4.1 Introduction to calibration.6 Detect instrument required for re-calibration before expiry date. 8.1 Type of maintenance. 2.15. 1. MAINTENA 3. EQUIPMENT 3. 14.7 Generate calibration record keeping.2 Purpose of maintenance.5 Identify instrument for calibration.8 Identify type of equipment & plant for maintenance 2. 11.1 PLANNING 4.9 Generate maintenance record keeping 9 MID TERM BREAK 10.17 Method of qualification 6.3 Maintenance management. CALIBRATIO 2. 18 REVISION WEEK 19 REVISION WEEK 20 FINAL EXAM WEEK 21 FINAL EXAM WEEK . 13. 12 MANAGE 3. 10 INSTRUMEN 2.2 Purpose of plant layout 6 & 17 PLANT 4.3 Code of practice. 12. 2. 2.2 Purpose of calibration T 2.4 Produce Maintenance NCE scheduling.1 Type of plant layout. CHAPTER 3: 3. N 2.Week Chapter Contenrt Note designation. CHAPTER 2: 2.