OF SPE 620 or SPE 634 Field Student

Candidate: Melanie Facinger Check One: 1st Observation _x_ 2nd Observation ___
Supervisor: Kristin Wiseley Date: 7/7/16
Cooperating Teacher: Ann Washburn Number of Students: 1
School: Underwood Elementary Grade: 2 Subject(s): Literacy

Planning and Preparation (AEA: Conceptualization/Diagnosis – Evidence (Candidate)
WTS: 1, 7 – DISP: Respect, Responsibility - CEC: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10)
 Uses teaching resources and curriculum materials that are appropriate in Planned lesson from LLI which is the school’s summer
representing the ideas and concepts. programming curriculum for literacy intervention
 Plans instruction appropriate to students’ stages of development and
learning styles. Lesson was planned for engagement and prior knowledge
 Links new ideas to familiar ideas and makes connections to students’
Planned lesson around student’s interest
 Provides opportunities for active engagement, manipulation and testing of
ideas and materials.
 Knows how to enhance learning through the use of a variety of materials.
 Values flexibility in the teaching process by monitoring and adjusting plans
and adapting instruction when necessary and appropriate.
 Chooses appropriate teaching strategies, learning experiences, and
materials to achieve different instructional purposes and to meet student
 Varies his or her role in the instructional process in relation to the content
and purposes of instruction.
 Plans motivational instruction by relating lessons to students’ personal
 Seeks to find ways to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Classroom Environment (AEA: Coordination/Integrative Interaction – WTS: 2,
Evidence (Candidate and Student)
3, 5 - DISP: Respect, Responsibility – CEC: 2, 3, 5)
Planning and Preparation (AEA: Conceptualization/Diagnosis – Evidence (Candidate)
WTS: 1, 7 – DISP: Respect, Responsibility - CEC: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10)
 Shows respect for the diverse talents of all learners.
 Uses knowledge about human motivation and behavior to develop Very organized. Materials out and prepped.
strategies for organizing and supporting individual and group work.
 Is committed to the expression and use of democratic values in the Calm, supportive environment
 Organizes, allocates, and manages the resources of time, space, activities
Very positive with student
and attention to engage students in productive tasks.
 Knows how to help students work productively and cooperatively with each
Respectful and kind to student
 Uses strategies of effective classroom management to promote positive
relationships, cooperation, and purposeful learning in the classroom. Very encouraging and supportive of student
 Respects students as individuals with differing personal and family
background and various skills, talents and interests .
____Inadequate ____Emerging __x_Proficient ____Distinctive

Instruction (AEA: Communication, Coordination, Diagnosis,
Integrative Interaction – WTS 4, 6, 7 - DISP: Respect, Responsibility, Evidence (Candidate and Student)
Communication – CEC: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9)
 Uses different representations and explanations of concepts when Praised student and gave examples
necessary to accommodate students who approach learning from different
conceptual frameworks. Tying lesson to flashcards
 Uses teaching approaches that address different learning styles and
performance modes. Used magnetic letters to support learning
 Uses instructional strategies that promote student learning for a range of
student abilities. Used wait time for student
 Encourages discussion.
 Elicits samples of student thinking orally and in writing. Encouraged student’s thinking
 Values the development of students’ critical thinking, independent problem-
solving, and performance capabilities by using varied teaching and learning Very organized—all materials were out and ready to go. No wait
strategies to engage students in active learning. time to gather materials.
 Modifies explanations when necessary to assist students’ understanding.
 Organizes, prepares students for, and monitors independent and group Used strategies with student
 Recognizes the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. Flexible! Student knew book. Changed lesson to meet student’s
 Is a thoughtful and responsive listener. needs an interest.
 Communicates in ways that demonstrate a sensitivity to cultural and gender
Supported discussion—made connections to personal life (e.g. “I
don’t like bears in real life, but in stories they’re ok.”)
 Models appropriate communication strategies in conveying ideas and
Tied into lesson with “ent” words.
 Supports learner expression in speaking and writing, and other media.
 Knows how to ask questions and stimulate discussion in different ways. Written portion

Made lesson fun by changing voice for different characters. 
Planning and Preparation (AEA: Conceptualization/Diagnosis – Evidence (Candidate)
WTS: 1, 7 – DISP: Respect, Responsibility - CEC: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10)

____Inadequate ___Emerging __x__Proficient ____Distinctive

Assessment (AEA: Diagnosis/Integrative Interaction – WTS: 8, 9 — Evidence (Candidate and Student)
DISP: Collaboration, Communication – CEC: 1, 5, 8, 9, 10)
 Knows how to select and construct assessment strategies and instruments. There was informal assessment on going during the lesson with
 Uses appropriate assessment techniques to enhance his or her knowledge checking for understanding through questioning and a written
of learners, evaluate students’ progress and performances, and modify portion.
teaching and learning strategies.
 Solicits and uses information about students’ experiences, learning
behavior, needs and progress from cooperating teachers and the students
 Evaluates the effect of class activities on both individuals and the class as a
whole, collecting information through observation of classroom
interactions, questioning, and analysis of student work.
 Uses classroom observation and information about students as sources
for evaluating the outcomes of teaching and as a basis for reflecting on
and revising practice.

____Inadequate _ _Emerging __x_Proficient ____Distinctive

Professional Responsibilities (AEA: Communication/Integrative Interaction – Evidence (Candidate)
WTS: 10 –DISP: Responsibility, Collaboration, Communication – CEC: 2, 5, 10)
 Relates professionally and effectively with the cooperating teacher and Dressed professionally
 Dresses professionally and consistently portrays a professional demeanor. Very enthusiastic and professional
 Is enthusiastic about teaching.
 Seeks out the cooperating teacher to support his/her development as a Works well with all cooperating teachers and staff!
learner and a teacher.

____Inadequate ____Emerging _x_Proficient ___Distinctive

Summary Statement:
Melanie did an exceptional job with planning and executing her lesson. She presents herself to be an experience teacher of young children. She is very
comfortable, uses simplified language and praises her student consistently. Melanie cares about her students and placement and strives to do her best work. It is
apparent that she puts forth effort and dedication to this field placement. With continued exposure and practice, Melanie will be an exceptional teacher! Fantastic
job, Melanie.

Overall Performance: ____Inadequate ___Emerging __x_Proficient ____Distinctive