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The crisis of

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Nº 38 • June • August 2016

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A strong debate has opened among the left on the massively repudiated. Something similar happens in Brazil
political situation in Latin America and its governments with Dilma of the Workers Party (PT) and even with the
and regimes. Hence, in this edition of International politicians of the bosses’ opposition parties. The “sack-
Correspondence, we devote large space to Venezuela, Brazil, them-all’ is growing. In various articles we bring our vision
Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. given the ongoing debate; also about the entrance in droves
After more than a decade of preponderance of of Yankee business in Cuba.
governments that are considered progressive or “national From the various processes of struggle in each country,
and popular”, a sharp decline has begun. About this obvious our international socialist current raises an alternative of
debacle and crisis, different interpretations are woven. Their
workers and a solution with an anti-capitalist and socialist
spokespersons justify it by an alleged conspiratorial action of
imperialism and its local agents. They speak of “economic
war”, of “coup in Brazil” or the actions of the “Big Media”. In addition, we highlight in this issue the mobilisation
In reality, the governments of class conciliation and double in France of the workers and the student youth against the
discourse have entered into crisis. In Venezuela, after 17 law of labour flexibility (El Khomri law). The other key
years of Chavist government, people queue to see whether issue is the plight of refugees in Europe and the situation of
they find something in the supermarkets with the little the Syrian revolution. In particular, we give importance to
they have in their pockets. In an oil producing country, the call for solidarity with the rebellious people of Aleppo
the people have no decent wages, food, toilet paper, nor given the military counteroffensive by the criminal dictator
electricity. This is why the protests began and Maduro is al-Asaad and Putin. §

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Latin America

Bolivia: In 2010 the “gasolinazo” took place. Brazil: In 2013 the rebellion against fares hike.

The crisis of “progressist”
Miguel Sorans

What prevails in Latin America is sovereignty”. And this “economic war” other paths? Boron already weighs up
the debate about the why of the crisis would be orchestrated by the US, for Venezuela and other countries no
and the decline of the ill-considered Russia and Saudi Arabia around the more elections to be held and to give
“progressive” governments. The issue of oil prices. Rafael Correa, from self-coups to hold onto power?
most outstanding are the crisis of Ecuador, even came to talk about a
the Maduro government and the “new Condor Plan” (Clarin, Argentina,
The real causes of the
decline of Chavism. Last December 19 March 2016). political crisis
Maduro was defeated electorally. The Argentine professor Atilio In this query that Boron opens
This together with the serious crisis Boron joined Maduro’s justification lies the actual cause of the crisis these
of Dilma and the PT in Brazil, the claiming that there is a “persistent pseudo-progressive governments have.
electoral defeats of Kirchnerist economic war launched by the empire” Because its causes must be sought in the
Peronism in Argentina and of Evo (in Cuba Debate, 7 December 2015). widespread anger of the masses against
Morales in the Bolivian referendum. the adjustments they are subjected to.
But he did not stop there. Rather, he
They seek to blame their failures on
went so far as to define the elections as a The reality is that the “economic war”
the “campaigns of the right” and
“trap”; but not because there was fraud, was unleashed by Maduro, Dilma,
even on a “coup” in Brazil. What
simply by holding them, by questioning Cristina Kirchner and Evo Morales
are the real reasons for the crisis?
“to what extent free elections can be and against their peoples. Perhaps this
Given the electoral debacle of organised in the conditions existing in is why Boron, seeing they can no longer
Chavism, the first out to self-justify was Venezuela”. He compares them with the contain popular discontent, weighs
Nicolas Maduro, giving the explanation suspension of elections in the UK in up to go to more totalitarian regimes.
that everything was due to an “economic 1940 by the outbreak of World War II The only thing missing is for him to
war” launched by “the empire”. Alvaro and opens the reckless assumption that set as an example the old dictatorships
Garcia Linera, vice-president of Bolivia we would need “to think what other of the Communist Parties he longs so
and ideologist of the MAS, assured access paths and maintenance of power much for.
there is a “counter-revolutionary wave” can perhaps be more effective and Jose Mujica, former president
and that “at risk is Latin American reliable than the elections” (sic). What of Uruguay and the Frente Amplio

Latin America

(Broad Front), was a little more candid 1980s when
when asked about the decline of these the dictatorship
governments. He did not speak of fell, did exist of
“economic war”. With his folksy tone demonstrations,
said: “The left of the region makes big strikes and the
blunders”. For us, the “blunders” are the appearance of the
application of anti-workers policies and PT and the CUT.
of adjustment to the people. All of them huge
What is failing before the masses is processes of the
the false theory that these governments Brazilian working
would better redistribute wealth. It class.
is the failure of the message of the Since 2010 the
construction of “Socialism of the XXI struggle against Venezuela: In 2014, march of Sidor steelworkers.
Century” in Venezuela, the construction these governments
of “Andean Socialism” in Bolivia or began. A process demonstrations, for several years, for
the “national and popular model” in of breaking the expectations of the state and free education.
Argentina. These governments had a masses begins. The highlight was
boom period between 2003 and 2010, the “Gasolinazo” in Bolivia, which
Social confrontation and
at a time of improving commodity in late 2010 produces an almost the leadership problem
prices, which was called “the tailwind”. revolutionary crisis that was on the One of the existing debates since the
But this situation of a relative boom of verge of overthrowing Evo Morales. electoral victories of the conservatives
prices, without a structural change and When Evo increased gasoline prices is whether there is a “right turn” by
all these “national and popular models” and the people said: “either you remove the masses. Essentially we believe that
being a political lie, ended up in more the adjustment or you go”. And Evo what prevails is a “punishment” vote.
profits for the multinationals versus Morales had to cancel it. Thereafter Millions vote “covering their noses”
more poverty for the peoples. in Latin America begins to exist, for centre-right options. Such is the
In the last two years, it has arrived on the one hand, the application of confusion generated by the failure of
with force to the region the economic
increasingly advanced adjustments and, the governments of class conciliation.
crisis of world capitalism, with the It goes without saying it is negative
on the other hand, begins a process
falling prices of raw materials (oil, gas,
of struggles and mobilisations against that governments arise further to the
cereals, and minerals). Given this, these
these governments. In 2012 the first right and pro-imperialist. But we
governments responded to the effects of
general strike against the Peronist believe that there is no right turn in
the crisis with austerity plans against the
government of Cristina Kirchner takes the sense that it has stopped the class
working class and the people. Neither
place; after eight years in which they struggle. There has been no major
before nor after the effects of the crisis
managed to contain and no general defeat. Latin America continues, with
did they change the structure of their
strike had happened. And in 2013 the its unevenness, crisscrossed by social
semi-colonial capitalist countries.
first major rebellion in Brazil for fares confrontation. The mobilisation process
Expectations are broken is generated. A popular rebellion of will continue against all governments
These governments had come to national character, which had peaks applying adjustments, including the
power amid great expectations of the in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but conservatives like in Colombia and
masses and the result of a process of which was a mobilisation of millions Argentina. This process of deepening
revolutionary rise, which had its most of workers and youth who came out social confrontation will continue. The
important peak in the “Argentinazo” of against the fares, but expressing the prospect is toward new political crises
2001. The whole region was in a process social crisis and a global rejection of of governments and regimes. And in
of mobilisation and this is why these the government. this process, we will continue battling
governments channelled this rejection In Venezuela in 2014 there was a to achieve workers’ governments that
of imperialism and the multinationals big strike in Sidor, formerly Techint, address the fundamental changes that
and there was a left turn. In Venezuela, covering about 15,000 workers, Latin America needs.
the process began in 1989 with the with a nearly ten-month strike. Peru In that perspective, and with the
“Caracazo”, which was channelled by had peasant mobilisations against new failure of the political projects of
Hugo Chavez. In the case of Lula and mining companies and a large youth class conciliation, the strategic task of
the PT in Brazil, it was not exactly the mobilisation, with an epicentre in continuing the fight to build a genuine
result of a popular semi-insurrection. Lima, who defeated a youth labour act. revolutionary socialist leadership is
Yet a process of 20 years, since the In Chile are well known the impressive raised again. §

as well as the election the National Assembly to legislate. It could 17 years in government. capitalised on discontent the first time more than seven million wages. in late April. and private companies are semi. in Caracas. that integrate it to pursue different The punishment vote against the After its electoral defeat. because of their manifest leaving the way clear for the parties incapacity and demagogy. a few hours after 4 . to elections on 6 December. electrical and indigenous representation. although these years by the father and a brother blocking the two-thirds majority from the erosion of its base is irreversible. By a years. It also shielded itself preventing the National overwhelms a population that cannot lost in the popular parish of 23 de Assembly from revising the December believe the official speeches about Enero. state The Democratic Unity Roundtable economic emergency. Venezuela Venezuela in freefall Simon Rodriguez Porras Long queues to find few products. issue Thus. The Supreme Court The economic and social collapse lost by more than 12 percent. various opinion polls reflected not even agree on a common strategy cycle nears its end under the sign a negative assessment of the deputies of to seek the exit of the government. the outgoing formulas for a change of government: government in the parliamentary National Assembly used its last sessions to demand Maduro’s resignation. thereby help from MUD to stay put. In of the four deputies for the southern The government thus gets invaluable Barinas state — which has been ruled state of Amazonas was avoided. The shortages of food and of the three parliamentarians of the amnesties. which managed to gather for paralysed. and blocked attempts by economic conspiracies and “soft coups”. the first for the appointment of magistrates who promote a constitutional amendment electoral defeat by a wide margin of to cut the presidential term to four will guarantee a solid majority in the Chavism. and to promote a referendum to deterioration of the living conditions judicial manoeuvre the proclamation revoke Maduro’s mandate. came after three years of rapid Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ). A few weeks after the to respond to these manoeuvres. and to oppose presidential medicine worsen. one of the bastions of Chavism appointments. such as the declaration of water supply is rationed. the MUD. of the late Hugo Chavez — Chavism becoming effective. of failure. inflation quickly erodes government. closely linked to the US MUD. decrees. the Chavist election. After Assembly (AN). did not call for any mobilisation controlled by criminal mafias. of the majority of the population. (MUD). while vast urban areas are and won two-thirds of the National votes.

The such as the current of the Argentine This patronage mechanism government took advantage of the high Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas was compounded by the failure of oil prices to subsidise consumption (Party of Socialist Workers – PTS) nationalisations that the government by cheap imports at the expense of converge with Chavism by stating that presented as part of a socialist domestic production and allowed in Venezuela “rages divestment and transformation plan. the business chamber Fedeindustria. a Many of these companies had been levels under the governments of figure similar to the losses caused by privatised in the 1990s and were Chavez and Maduro. reserves. typical of its colonial estimates by the government itself. a former linked to the appropriation of oil bourgeois allies of the government. the cycles of accumulation Huge fortunes were made overnight Chavez also designated as Minister at of the national bourgeoisie have been by the Chavist bureaucracy and the the time Francisco Natera. hundreds of thousands of people gathered in queues to sign. But these 2012 fictitious imports in the order steelmaker Sidor. Venezuela the National Electoral Council (CNE) authorised the collection of signatures to initiate the process to convene a recall referendum.30 and 12. today many of their loftiest representatives are allies of the government (see box “The bourgeoisie and the government scrapping the pot”). it The consequences were disastrous. After acquired. banks. in which the bourgeoisie with support from the Bush administration gambled almost in bloc on a coup outcome. In April 2016 the a state enterprise. Beyond the the oil sabotage by the coup of 2002. dynamic became more grotesque than and Andorran banks. The administration of a fraud”). Unlike the years 2001-2003. The capitalism suffers from large to this scheme. The current Minister of Industry and Commerce The opposition in the National Assembly is no solution for the masses. have revealed the discourse is such that Maduro presents exchange rates implemented in 2003. recovery. and agribusinesses. a fraud bourgeoisie” (Laizquierdadiario. the main revenues. In dollars in the last thirteen years. is around US$ 300 billion at below parallel market prices. through legal and illegal he boasts he has established agreements entrepreneurs to acquire dollars with large national and transnational channels. but the overall figure for allowed national and transnational capital flight. and at the same time these dollars. oil exports. cheap currency. of its privatisation. distortions have reached unprecedented of US$ 20 billion were declared. whereabouts of a small portion of himself as a victim of conspiracies of the government set exchange rates that the bourgeoisie. the remained in all its fundamental features In December 2015 the dollar on the bureaucratic and corrupt administration a backwards and dependent capitalism parallel market exceeded 600 bolivars. sectors reaching a ratio of five to one. in and cement companies. rates of 6. but which within growth in demented proportions of sabotage of the economy by the national the Venezuelan capitalist framework the over-invoicing of imports. president of Fedecamaras.com. Private entrepreneurs for military and Chavist officials of What is certain is that Venezuelan and officials of state enterprises resorted the burgeoning new bourgeoisie. Wild capitalism The causes of the economic crisis do not lay in a conspiracy. More entrepreneurs. repurchased at prices well above those discourse with “socialist” pretensions. this The leaks of documents from Swiss employers’ union. which according to 2012 the difference between the two him augur well for a speedy economic than 20-times the current international exchange rates grew dramatically. took most of these companies to a (see “Socialism of the XXI century was and the official market had exchange near standstill. and according to government bought telecommunication deformations. or more recently The dissociation of the official ever. Through the control of currency the Panama papers. In spite of everything. and vice president for the economic Since the country went from a largely dollar in the parallel market already area is Miguel Perez Abad. the and semi-colonial history. president of agricultural economy to dependent on exceeded 1000 bolivars. even if it became 5 . mechanism to obtain from the State represented business opportunities 20 November 2015). In the Chavist period.

000 a month. The oil secretary general of the FUTPV and the working class. and PDVSA’s An event of such magnitude would workers. at the parallel exchange rate. for the less than half. Jose Bodas. the United Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela (FUTPV). and for environmental has been an assistant in a policy that has the revolutionary and autonomous and industrial safety conditions is led to a significant decline in working unionism. In it would amplify the voices of those oil prices. with the help of state interference in trade union affairs through the National Electoral Council (CNE). a government of the left that vindicates process when this is done. The BBC that “wages in the oil industry most cut the gains of the workers and possibility that by the hand of Bodas are the worst in the world”. the historic achievements of the oil C-CURA activists. now colonised by the US. Venezuela The fight for elections in the oil workers federation In the second half of 2014 elections were to be held in the main union federation in the country. Finally. It will be a tough battle to be waged to uphold worker’s democracy Jose Bodas. world’s largest refining complex. currently fragmented that [oil] workers are privileged”. is at stake.000 and 7. In the same interview. managed in December 2015 to get an electoral commission installed and begin to organise elections for the middle of this year. the pressure of the workers and the left opposition nucleated around the Classist. These movement. and we have less than 80 spite of this. the union leader Bladimir the reorganisation of the trade union responds to bureaucrats “believing Carvajal. and of Defence. have influenced the postponement of the elections. through the joint ventures scheme workers are earning less than a dollar More than 50. and C-CURA the FUTPV become official exchange rate. in actuality it has collective contract covers over 100. a day.000 national coordinator of C-CURA. Refining Complex in Falcon. Unitary. Bodas management has fired one of its key become an important impetus for explained that government orientation referents. anti-union trends deepened with the and unresponsive to the inflation In Curacao. At the criminalises their struggles”.000 workers from established by Chavism.50. at the end of last year. explained in a radio interview with the been one of the governments that have workers throughout the country. In their offensive against of outsourcing. General Secretary of the FUTPV and rescue the federation. Beyond the fraud of calling itself 60 unions must attend the electoral SRP 6 . Also. The manoeuvres of the Chavist union bureaucracy. Revolutionary and Autonomous Current (C-CURA). massively rejected by the workers of the rights of oil workers. with which outsourcing levels not seen in over 50 years. the Island Refinery creation in February of a military oil adjustment with which the government of PDVSA pays a worker between services company under the Ministry and the bosses have lowered wages to US$ 3. the country. the daily wage is For the union bureaucracy — an organisational tool for the defence US$ 1. the of the elections in different regions of European and Chinese multinationals. The union bureaucracy — and for the government much recovery of wages and the elimination of the PSUV. there are still grassroots calling for the nationalisation of the kilometres away in the Paraguana committees being formed in support oil industry. the military has made of crucial importance for the entire conditions and the destruction of arbitrary arrests against Bodas and Venezuelan workers’ movement. who chairs the federation. is still profitable with international in the oil industry could expand.

made such of arbitrary arrests and dozens of 7 . more than 50 the parallel market. the same products caused damage to the productive murders per 100. Another consequence of the growing In a context of aggravated shortages. The government chose to give cost of urban transport and extends the invested billions of dollars in importing to these gangs as a matter of fact the collection of income tax to millions of thermoelectric power plants. To complete the picture. The government a war. which has not country which is not going through the government violently increases the been overcome to date. Venezuela a fortune that it acquired in New York an apartment that had belonged to the magnate Aristotle Onassis. accelerated inflation. But this is not the inevitable ravages of a drought. the Caracas has annually. The crisis in 2009 revealed a inequality. Valencia and other cities. according to month (at the official Dicom rate). while the population protest in desperation in Maracaibo. has extremely long queues began to emerge significant deterioration of the national been the growth of organised crime at public and private shops selling food electricity distribution grid and the groups. with transnationals through joint public universities and private polling with an increase in the monetary base ventures — or the electrical industry studies. One of the companies took a turn and began to implement in the last nine years wage increases involved in the embezzlement. coupled which is state-owned but is associated conducted last year by Venezuelan with the unbridled printing of money. was a path to the business the private sector have suffered brutal Poverty and crime on the rise of imports and currency fraud. the delay in the execution of several Maras. After 2015 the government Only the military has obtained imported. similar to the Central American and toiletries at regulated prices. and disinvestment. awarding administration of penitentiary centres. equivalent to less than US$ 40 per triggered riots in several cities. which have been monopolising only ones accessible for millions of hydroelectric projects.000 inhabitants. Poor machinery free of police presence called “Zones eight minimum wages). by suspending The adjustment in Venezuela has discussions of collective agreements or been much more overwhelming than A criminal adjustment the imposition of miserable increases those applied in recent years in Greece. workers who cannot cover the cost of multimillion-dollar contracts without to create in the neighbourhoods areas the basic food basket (equivalent to competitive bidding. cuts to their real wages. This. together and without a clue crimes of the Bolivarian bourgeoisie. Blackouts of large tracts of land in urban and workers who earn a minimum wage between four and eight hours a day suburban areas. in which hundreds the public sector workers and most of before the electricity crisis. but the consequences of the colossal economic Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello. and corruption. to make payment of foreign debt. Derwick joint police and military repressive equal to or above inflation. hitting consumption and as Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) — no official figures since 2013. according to press reports reproduced by spokesmen of Chavism itself. the government decreed that public employees will have only two working days a week. as a measure to save energy. the bureaucracy. through inflation with help from the Chavist union the Spanish State or Argentina. The With the fall of oil prices. unproductive. enterprises in Guyana. research exacerbating shortages. created a few months operations. and even junk that did not work were of Peace”. poverty. In closing production lines to save energy official figures in 2015. In late April. account for a significant increase of more than 800 percent between 2011 have been preyed upon by corruption in poverty and hunger in the country. Although there are were cut. Imports Even sectors of strategic importance them pay the crisis. Again frequent and prolonged outages occur in the electrical power supply. one are sold at prices dozens of times more capacity of aluminium and steel state of the highest rates in the world for a expensive. The rest of and Associates. only “economic war” has been of the government decided to allocate most government and big business against of the oil and mining revenues to the The electrical disaster the workers and the poor. and early 2016. The drought this year has exposed this spectacular crime.

and for an agrarian reform whose territory the mining operations On 24 February 2016. The social picture is chaotic soldiers in an illegal mine in February of mining plunder of the government — to the disputes between armed 2013. have failed Only a small fraction of the gold that are tributaries to the Guri dam. south of the country. The government. which initially attempted through Bolivar Governor Rangel Gomez to deny the existence of the massacre and even criminalise the allegations made in the media and social networks. of miners in La Paragua. peasants. to Canadian and Chinese mining powers of Chavism. of the mafias of illegal mining. such as and mafia violence. in which the of the national territory. Maduro that guarantees access to land. in called “Mining Arch of Orinoco”. workers. had to backtrack over the protests of relatives and neighbours of the victims in the town of Tumeremo. the slaughter of 28 miners. This the mayor of Sifontes. dramatically in their purpose to extracted and processed in the country the main source of hydroelectric power offer economic alternatives to artisan comes from the activity carried out by in the country. In a spectacular direct action. students and the powerful mafias around the mining people disarmed and detained 43 left around the repudiation to the plans activity. predation threatens the basins of rivers called “Mission Piar”. but also the articulation of military used a helicopter gunship. territories. and but protests continue their bloody disputes over control of the mines. Even It is urgent to articulate a rampant civil and military corruption. but also people this territory over which the predatory Guyana. environmental plans. Formal government and are linked to organised crime decreed. the Public Prosecutor conducted a search for the missing miners. and even clashes with announced the delivery of huge and technical assistance. miners. such as the one which committed augurs major conflicts since much of In the south east of Bolivar state. gold illegal mining is the main trafficking networks. violence of imperialist capital has been economic activity. These groups. Finally. shook Venezuela. have favoured the development of indigenous fighters of the Pemon environmentalists. Moreover. the government The result of official policy has been transnationals. Venezuela The new gold fever – massacre and looting The massacre of 28 miners in early March in the Sifontes municipality. the so. the military are directly involved in broad coalition of organisations of in a state ruled by Chavism since 1998. SRP 8 . Economic stagnation and the state company. finance are performed. The government responded and the transnationals. indigenous people. Minerven. The incident not only highlighted the high development Offical media ignored the denunciation of the massacre. as a manoeuvre to and the Bolivarian Nacional Guard. not only the illegal mining mafias are nestled in near the border with Brazil and control mining. these mafias with the civil and military September 2006 to murder six people. to the poor the military. poverty obtain short-term resources given the and even MUD authorities. as the attack on a group concessions on more than 10 percent peasants of Bolivar state. food trafficking. mining. and the corpses of 17 people were found. for respect gangs for control of the mines is added with legal proceedings against the to self-government in indigenous attacks against indigenous peoples in natives. fall in international oil prices. the upsurge of social decay. which have included a program groups that control the prisons.

now the government. to companies. the government’s response to the calls the national bourgeoisie seeking deepening crisis. to demand plan based this time on “nine engines”. The military courses at the infamous School Socialism and Freedom Party (PSL) and the MUD. § 9 . Maduro. The student movement of the Americas. layoffs. Venezuela extrajudicial executions — more than employers. The corruption. these plans. fighting bourgeoisie. the for 100 percent nationalisation of Luis Van Dam and Alberto Vollmer. and whose main who committed import fraud. and of favouring bankers dangerous cocktail of corruption and transnationals while saying to and appeasement concealed in move towards an alleged “socialism of the decree and the anti-popular the XXI century”. Mimicking to deepen the adjustment and save democratic planning. and the so. As part of the both bourgeois party blocs. The alternative to Venezuelan economy. new “productive” organisation. the pot which presents the revocation of Maduro as the beginning of solving the country’s problems. which foreign debt and use the money for called “five engines” by which in 2007 according to a judgment by the social and productive investment. Maduro made a new National Assembly. It also allows the barbarism in which the country is these announcements imply nothing government to make spending and sinking remains socialism. which are mostly aligned to peasant. the workers and popular been decimated by contract killings and who are criticising the government of sectors provide weak resistance to the adjustment of the government and the criminalisation of their struggles. increases in food prices government scrapping and public services. against the destruction of wages. its A socialist solution main leaders co-opted by the MUD. Given the demagogy of the MUD. has raised. as well as trade union. to organisations such as the wanes by the de-politicisation. promote foreign investment. community. However. and for the income President Maduro launched in late endorses the manoeuvres. the need to break with the government and to fight against the The bourgeoisie and the adjustment. and to take measures to the worn out paths of patronage. National Union of Workers. recovered used to shore the building of January a National Council for The other tool of the government a different economic model based on Productive Economy. which guarantees the “Productive Reinvigoration” by the business sectors from the crisis a minimum wage equal to the basket. PSUV’s union bureaucracy quietly the oil industry. To call to the bourgeoisie and launched objective is to enable the government repudiate the transnational looting of an alleged economic diversification to evade legal proceedings when Arco Minero del Orinoco. § good for the country’s impoverished issue indebtedness not covered in majority. Despite the accelerated Faced with this situation it is urgent 200 in 2015 — were made under the impoverishment of millions of wage to coordinate the efforts of organisations name “Operation Liberation of the earners. This is a nefarious instrument. as the recovery of the basic industries of Giving the rentier cycle as ended well as to obviate legal requirements iron and aluminium. the government said to advance the Supreme Court on 11 February came demand jail and confiscation of the political and economic transformation into force despite the veto of the accounts and assets of entrepreneurs of the country. the budget bypassing parliamentary After 17 years of walking out approval. bourgeoisie to join the “construction issued by the same days in January. it is necessary With the participation of some alliances to recompose the cycle of to oppose a left bloc to confront heavyweights of the big Venezuelan capital accumulation. the current ministers of factions. carrying out imports and exports. as Oswaldo Cisneros. which President Chavez called the big is the Economic Emergency Decree and investment in health and education. the workers movement that oppose the government from the People” (OLP). received the bosses’ parties of the government to unify actions of struggle. We must demand the non-payment of of socialism” in 2008. Those responsible for continues scattered and divided into left. and indigenous organisations Defence and of the Interior. Marea Indigenous fighters and peasants have Socialista and other pro-Chavist sectors Currently. measures that the National Council with a destroyed economy and oil of Productive Economy prepares are prices around US$ 20 per barrel. and a genuine and initiating a new stage in the for the award of foreign exchange agrarian reform.

while Several left union leaders have experience of recovering indigenous grassroots Chavist sectors refuse to been dismissed as political retaliation. However. Layoffs as political retaliation are symptomatic not only of the casualisation of labour Manuel Sutherland Bladimir Caravajal rights in the educational centres revolutionary trade union leaders Luis Lara state. Sabino Romero be responsible only some sectors of from PDVSA in 2007 and 2015 and Alexander Fernandez were freed the government. After a year and a half as “errors” or deviations for which would and Bladimir Carvajal were fired political prisoners. in November 2011. similar methods against the main that MUD endorses silently. Front Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ) association. which should still respectively. Fernandez in realisation of a joint campaign for opposing the machinations of the 2012 and Romero in 2013. but it even the policemen who acted as hit men. but value them as Party (PSL) Orlando Chirino Perija. The PSL has promoted the Hidrocapital in 2007. In the and Gustavo Martinez. Beyond the PSL predecessor organisation. Marea Socialista and union leader divide the National Union of Workers it has not been investigated and of the state company Café Fama de (UNETE) in 2006 and thus aborting punished the military involvement America. for criticising the government’s economic policy. same organisation was fired from protest and denunciation. activist of agents of the union bureaucracy to case of the murder of Sabino Romero. presenting the what they reveal about the lack of the Just as the government appealed executions as casualties in combat most basic guarantees for teaching to contract killers to crush the with the Bolivarian National Armed and research in these “Bolivarian” revolutionary vanguard of workers Forces. it also used as they are part of a repression left in the country. with the aim of beginning to the process of reconstitution of the in the crime. the only president Martinez was assassinated in 2009 even when claiming to be supporters of a regional federation democratically for documenting the extrajudicial of Chavism. Armando Guerra of the thanks to a national campaign of be supported nevertheless. union or student. without the reinstatement of Omar Vazquez. bureaucracy. have largely gone unnoticed. All these facts. in all cases for defending the rights of workers and both would be killed. these layoffs are part of in Aragua. the persecution of the independent leaders of class unionism. Bladimir Carvajal The government not only used its been prosecuted and convicted. as well as executions by police in SRP w 10 . all four peasants of the National Peasant the UBV — where there is no right to militants of the Socialist Left Unity. Both had been questioning through articles and public speeches the adjustment applied by Maduro and the lies of official propaganda about an “economic war”. lands. coming to kill seven gravity. of extreme institutions. headed by Yukpa chieftain consider them as expressions of an The leaders of Socialism and Freedom Sabino Romero in the Sierra de official policy. covering the retreat of promote unity of action in the various trade union movement. the masterminds of both crimes having Manuel Sutherland. A military operation killed controlled by the government — as Hernandez and Carlos Requena. elected. UNETE of-Aragua. Venezuela The Chavist government persecutes the left In early 2016 were dismissed from the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) the professors Omar Vazquez Heredia and Manuel Sutherland. sectors that oppose the government leaned on hired killers to assassinate The documentary filmmaker Mijail from the left or that give criticism Richard Gallardo.

Hugo another reality that is now evidenced December. assume that position. Those who continue to Castro and his television appearances A sector of this current. let’s turn the rudder!” Doesn’t Maduro honour speeches questioning capitalism and But unfortunately. Thus. socialism”. Stalin Perez Borges. linked to the MES in advantage of it to return to the comrades continued impacted by Brazil and the MST in Argentina that. And that socialism and now it is cut off because 11 . Venezuela “Socialism of the XXI Century” was a fraud Miguel Sorans The obvious debacle of the in Venezuela has among its member’s the fault lies with Maduro and his Chavist project in Venezuela classist workers’ leaders like Orlando government. this is a wrong announcing socialism caused a great the legacy of Chavez? version of Chavism without Chavez. There are currents as Marea Socialista by Hugo Chavez? The right takes This debate was never easy as many [Socialist Tide]. which with its corruption reopens the debate about what Chirino and Jose Bodas. that Chavez’s premature death. “Against corruption. From being faced by the Venezuelan people. bureaucracy and then until his death in 2013. called to vote “critically” for Chavez announced the “transition to by the brutal economic and social crisis candidates of the PSUV with the slogan socialism of the XXI Century”. “socialism” announced at the time or project. impact on people and the fighters of Given the evidence of the failure which repeats the mistake of continuing Latin America and the world. our project arguing that the problem was of Chavez the project progressed to internationalist socialist current. the of the Chavist government of Maduro to support a political project that never belief grew that in Venezuela Chavism and the PSUV. his photos with Fidel for example. campaign — “another failure of Chavez’s speeches. Chavez’s inefficiency. was moving toward a fundamental and left continue to defend the Chavist The problem is not that in life socialist change. many sectors of the had the goal of building socialism. in the elections What has really happened? But behind those speeches was hiding for the National Assembly of last 6 In the May Day rally of 2005. pointed out and “bureaucracy” would not continue happened with the so-called there was actually no socialist measures the “legacy of Commander Chavez”. with phrases like “expropriations”. headed by defend Chavism blame Maduro. From the outset.

We do not go that far. it went from 65 to the Cisneros Group. and not 1999 and 2009. He promoted joint the rights of its workers. Maduro inherited a project that was not socialist and was already in crisis. between with the multinationals. no” 2006: Brochure of PDVSA and the Joint Ventures (Chavez’s speech at the presentation of the “Ten points for the Leap Forward of dollars that entered the country? The Against what the “socialist” of the New Strategic Map “. serving the shady deals and ignoring Oil generates 96 percent of foreign exchange entering the country. In life of Chavez already there were shortages. only 1 percent. There was wonder: How can it be that in an ventures of PDVSA associated with no agrarian reform. the project did not seek to change the basis of the capitalist economy of Venezuela. grew from their shady deals. Back then the Chavist left argued that it was not the fault of Chavez but of the ministers who “surrounded” him and the “bureaucracy” of the PSUV and requested a “turn of the rudder”. we are not planning to eliminate private property. 40 percent of the agricultural surface. with old bosses sectors such as the “Bolivarian bourgeoisie”. Total. the egalitarian economy. Lukoil and Mitsubishi. the economic social model. Chavez himself defined it from the outset: “Here are the main features of the Bolivarian Constitution. associated with the oil multinationals. Venezuela of the “corruption” and “inefficiency” of Maduro and his ministers. for the benefit of the working people 70 percent. the financial sector. the communist approach. while the “social economy” and the “Bolivarian bourgeoisie” that (cooperatives and others) contributed and the country. On the contrary. Chavez never took steps to socialism We want to be categorical. there were strikes and protest was criminalised. This is why it is a priority for the global vanguard to draw all the conclusions from the failure of Chavism. the humanistic economy. One percent of oil country there are shortages and multinationals such as Chevron. among others. Many This is the reality. 12 . From the beginning. The current social catastrophe is the consequence of the capitalist model that Chavez implemented. The so- called “Socialism of the XXI Century” of Hugo Chavez was a monumental fraud. he forced purchases paid at market price. No. wages were not enough. agricultural properties concentrated poverty? What happened to the billions Repsol. at Fort super-profits of oil at over US$ 100 a propaganda of the government says. No. Tiuna. December 2004). corruption. producing countries in the world. For example. The expropriations Chavez did not advance in Venezuela is one of the largest oil of Chavism did not go beyond being nationalising oil. barrel for years went into the pockets of the participation of the private sector Chavez kept capitalism by agreeing multinationals and the shady deals of in GDP grew.

341 results are plain to see. In the period 2013/2014. Cuba expropriated the bourgeoisie with multinationals. nor Since then the Cuban people progressed an adjustment dictated by the “Troika” by ignoring collective agreements despite the blockade and despite the (IMF. Chrysler and Ford. of old reformism. of millions on the true project of So from the outset. government shared power with bosses important revolutions in the world were In Venezuela. Chavism. economy” following the advice there was a transfer of capital abroad of Fidel and Raul Castro. the “leftist” Alexis Tsipras. restoration in Cuba. when Guevara was alive. wrecked socialism failed or is unfeasible. The financial sector and it maintained the capitalist tripled its share of GDP between 2002 structure with the tale of a “mixed and 2012. with the Cuban Castroist leadership. In 1961. Venezuela Banking and foreign trade were was there an agrarian reform never nationalised. it happened in Sidor. no other way out. It is the new version. our socialist This unity had nothing progressive or socialism. on the false Stalinist theory of “revolution by The str uggle for a workers’ path of socialist revolution in the style stages”. but it is the in the case of Nicaragua after the 1979 socialist future ruling for a whole “first only alternative to end the capitalist revolution. among the capitalist government led by first companies in the country. General Motors that there was no other way than and Coca-Cola (data Ultimas Noticias. once middle ground in Venezuela. repayment bankers. Orinoco. stage” with a “progressive” sector of the and imperialist exploitation. Neither can there be socialism profound agrarian reform was made. As it has happened in the current pointed out there was no revolutionary. nor applied in Greece. In Venezuela. to break with imperialism and 25 October 2012). former Soviet Union or in China. of the again socialism has been dirtied. after the pact with the The debacle of Chavism again It is not the first time that bureaucracy of the former USSR in the generates the confusion of whether “half-measures” fail late 1960s and early 1970s. while agreeing and the Yankee companies In 1961. and the increasing the responsible for this right and a supposed middle way to end the loss of social conquests from the early pro-US variant being strengthened is exploitation of working people fails. Because the prelude to the current capitalist MUD. through the proposals the Socialism and not advance to socialist measures of It is the same policy that Syriza Freedom Party (PSL) has been raising expropriation of the bourgeoisie. There is In Nicaragua the Sandinista Front bourgeoisie. Almost million despite the alleged control of 40 years later Nicaragua is one foreign exchange (account data from of the poorest countries in the “International Investment Position”: hemisphere after Haiti and a private assets). betrayed workers and youth applying by persecuting those who fight. § 13 . are other multinationals such as Nestle. Either the recycled. more The balance sheet of the disaster in all revolutionary processes. Precisely the abandonment of The struggle for genuine under the same government of Chavez. or even of the Cubans big bourgeoisie anti-imperialism. Ferrominera of freedoms. And it was defected to vote for the reactionary key to the world vanguard. the socialist project by the Cuban socialism continues leadership. In 2012. The resounding failure of its false theory that you can “redistribute So the failure of Chavez in Venezuela political project contributes to adding wealth” by wheeling and dealing with is the failure of the unity of Chavez more confusion in the consciousness the bourgeoisie and multinationals. The utopian and reactionary government and a true socialism of Cuba in the 1960s or it would go to theory of class conciliation. according continues in Venezuela and the world. five former commander Daniel Ortega were banks and insurance companies who keeps “talking” of socialism. and four were transnationals: Movistar. of foreign debt ceased and a leader. revolutionary process deepened. during the life of Che. this struggle goes sectors like Violeta Chamorro and did betrayed. including so when millions of voters for Chavism which the Chavist project is ending is the one of Nicaragua. The Cuba of the 1960s showed Procter and Gamble. with which its for years. Mitsubishi and in many cases. landowners and were expropriated. “socialism” was declared and most There is no socialism. European Central Bank and the nor limiting the right to strike as bureaucratic manoeuvres and absence EU). The first thing to be said is again a project of “half measures”. The days of the revolution. With this reformist policy. there the big bourgeoisie to progress. a new failure as it had already happened to which one could advance to a We know it is not easy. The (capital flight) of US$ 295.

of the mass movement. PT. when he was president. The PT no the suspension of payment of the countless anti-popular measures that longer serves the bourgeoisie to public debt. deputies” (Baba. Today. Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC) Party (PT) is today jeered at the The bankruptcy of the PT is centred of the Brazilian Social Democratic metalworkers’ meetings in the on the strategy of reconciliation with Party (PSDB). the rejection and rupture of not the result of any Brazilian measures that run counter to the the workers with the PT government elite coup against a progressive interests of the bourgeoisie. pension reform (privatisation) that conclusions about why the Workers rather the contrary. agrarian reform or some worsen the lives of people. The so-called “radical outside government through a process bears no resemblance to a leftist party. movement. a corrupt politician widely parties. important industrial sector of Sao sectors of the bourgeoisie.Democratic Movement Party of same congress of corrupt bourgeois the process of impeachment of Brazil). such as is the rejection of the application of aspect of government. Luciana Genro. Brazil The PT’s bankruptcy Denis Valem (CST/PSOL-RJ) Other times: Dilma and Temer embracing The vote in the plenary of the led by deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB It rules from almost 14 years with the House of Representatives for . with its government against the evident of the break. of the masses with result of any Brazilian elite coup against longer useful to contain the struggles the federal government and the a progressive aspect of the government. and increase contain the struggles of the mass other reform threatening the profits of unemployment and urban violence. which now decided to break President Dilma is an expression rejected by the population. the had tried to implement but had not Paulo’s ABC Region and it will end PT is a party of the established order. because it is no distorted. This bankruptcy of the PT is Neither Lula nor Dilma did announce In turn. 14 . Nor did they fight against In 2003. succeeded. the bosses. Lula implemented It is necessary to draw all the corruption or denounced the corrupt. although absolutely This bankruptcy of the PT is not the shipwreck of the PT.

In addition the despite being accused of being the [“big monthly payment”]. the PT had to gain power. to overcome the politics of class the range of alliances with traditional helping in the “ability to govern” of the conciliation that. Complementary Law Project 257/2016 Michel Temer used to do. the country’s main labour domesticated. in a coalition with virtually (state) employees and even dismissal parliamentarians through a monthly all bourgeois rightist parties. the parties of the to an adaptation to the regime. them only acronyms “rented” by money At the same time. 15 . alliances and agreements with the PT in 1996 won 115 mayoralties The PDP had as its backbone. authored by Dilma. Lula bought support among (PMDB). announced a new pension Party of Fernando Henrique Cardoso of the package of fiscal adjustment. The process of impeachment To interfere with the decision of the That base at the congress approved is being made absolutely within — with the support of the PT — the Senate. Recently it eased unemployment are the Brazilian Social Democratic articulation government for approval insurance. the PDP demanded to expand of the 1994–1995 oil workers’ strike. the PT approved the and three governors. At the time the crisis was and handed over the oil from pre-salt part of any government. which were expelled from the PT because Since 2010 the PT governs with provides for a wage freeze and increased they voted against this reform. bourgeoisie and its dirty financings. which confuses many activists — makes days ago was made up of 304 deputies (59 percent of the total) and 47 senators it offered congressional offices and no sense. of the PT’s bankruptcy. government. he was put on the political basins. the PDP field also demanded that the PT had mobilisation and betting everything was a set of democratic tasks that were a “good behaviour” during the fights. and education. ministries and are the same that held up the PT over be the same base that will approve the promises. For this reason. cutting budget allocations for health The base of parliamentarians who Amid the process of impeachment. through electoral parties. Therefore. is the root of the political explanation In addition. PSDB president. That program led to (PDP) which happened to be applied to formally abandon some historical the absolute and complete distortion with more emphasis towards the early claims of its program. it is privatising university and the rightist and lightweight DEM negotiating positions on behalf of the hospitals. Dilma and the PT followed the the constitutional regime and the Antiterrorism Law. process as the centre of its strategy Democratic and Popular Program and to get more “allies”. (72 percent of the total). Fernando Henrique By applying this orientation the Cardoso. on the elections with increasingly not intended to destroy capitalism. that has the “merit” of being election. Brazil Heloisa Helena and João Fontes) On what base did the PT rule? (PLC). The Democratic and Popular Program In 1987. but Thus. which became known as “mensalão” to those who pay more. inevitable PCdoB [Communist Party of great organiser of the alleged “coup” Brazil]. formerly Communist. the thesis of held the government of Dilma in while the government came out to “coup” — created by the PT itself and Congress from January 2014 until a few agitate by “the left” against the coup. and year after year has been (Democrats). In the electoral leader at the time. Thus. and in 1998 succeeded in electing therefore. roads Albanian. although in of the party founded in Sao Paulo’s 1990s. former has been Dilma’s VP since the 2010 The PT privatised airports. ministries to “coup plotters”. Michel Temer. but it it ruled. The institutional strategy led today by sectors of the PSOL. “tip” to approve the pension reform. reform. which is an attack same strategy: to buy parliamentarians parliamentarians who now judge Dilma on democratic freedoms. it was known the decisive role broad alliances. supposedly democratic and popular completely leaving behind the mass For the leaders of the PT. Then its vice-president Michel Temer pension contribution for provincial in 2005. Those left out increasing. had in the defeat More than ever it is necessary arena. seven senators with the bourgeoisie and the electoral projects of the left or alternative. an organic conciliation inevitably lead to the capitulation of 60 federal deputies. This policy is vindicated until practice they no longer applied where ABC. many of for federal employees. It will also through portfolios. to “gather strength”. the PT was to implement reforms that would help that Lula. Nothing different from what the years.

there are possibilities Henrique Meireles. but it is a took to the streets summoned by the would be the sense of just demanding term used for money laundering]. Millions a public works plan for the construction have taken to the streets in favour was the lesser evil or a punishment vote to reject some politician. making it demonstrations and coordinating the the people so that workers can directly clear that he will not promote changes. and PT still rule and there is absolutely and various sectors confused with the not to raise false expectations of change no gesture that suggests changes in coup propaganda. the CUT (Unified Workers’ severe political. antidemocratic game won by whoever education and state public transport. The block of the To defeat the adjustment and and wage hardship. the left government. destruction of public that which took place in June 2013. Thousands this rebellion were to take place. has lost union leadership for the working class. with solidarity. Temer already invited It is necessary to build a bloc that is In this field. giving rise to corrupt After more than 13 years of PTist belt of the anti-workers policy of the vice president Michel Temer. through voting. tries to to achieve a fundamental change is stability. what [Portuguese for a car wash. Aecio of improving the lives of the working of general elections as an exit to the (PSDB) and Renan Calheiros (PMDB). of the governments in alliance with bourgeois PT government. in a unitary way. PMDB — the party of the traditional parties. Rousseff (PT). it is important to reject It seems wrong to us the proposal them all: Dilma. to stop layoffs of impeachment. we are living the debacle of This process of the mass movement bourgeoisie — who would assume the “Lula-PTism” which has lost hegemony breaking with the old bureaucratised presidency in the midst of a profound in the working class. On the other and pro-government leaderships opens questioning of the population and hand. to carry out for something to happen. a bloc to struggle will dispute there the need to build a former executive of Bank of Boston. it has become transmission the separation of President Dilma Deputies. We Central Bank under President Lula and the false opposition. Dilma and the the CUT (United Workers Central). former head of the neither with the government nor with to build an alternative for power. Eduardo despite having thousands of affiliated of the impeachment process with Cunha. § The battle to present a class alternative Rosi Messias (CST/PSOL) In the next few days it will be Court has ordered the suspension of the control of the mass movement and voted in the Senate the opening promoter of impeachment. of popular housing. Cunha. led by the PSDB. to Building a left alternative has more money. To the extent that the Supreme a bureaucratic apparatus. sectors of PSOL (Socialism The solution is to bet on the fights the state and under the control of the and Freedom Party). In the last elections what prevailed and to value its employees. Nor is it true that the reverse the destruction of public services People are not apathetic waiting polls legitimise and express the popular will. workers. economic and social Central). people and the youth. whose decisions will be in the service Therefore. to PT. for the strengthening of strikes. MTST (Movement of Homeless to hold elections? conquer a Petrobras 100 percent of Workers). president of the Chamber of unions. there is no the traditional apparatus of PTism and supporting them and surrounding them favourable change. A government crisis because the elections express All Out! The workers know that there to suspend payment of the debt and reality in a distorted way. They are an will be no changes with any of them. A government to punish the channel the outrage as if it did not defend the same policy of attacks on necessary a mobilisation superior to corrupt and nationalise the companies the workers. and dragged also and strikes that are taking place today. struggle against the fiscal adjustment should he assume the government. Brazil For the workers. allocate more resources to health. economic policy. union arm of the PT became a huge space to build a new political and crisis. of the workers and to chair the Central Bank. package. to guarantee job old right. decide the course of the government. Temer. 16 . If involved in the Operation Lava-Jato services and corruption.

together with policy of the PSTU. ended up signing two calls in the same city — one anti- government on Avenida Paulista and another in the Praça da Sé. etc. after the rally. That CSP–Conlutas convene a national plenary to discuss an independent solution Fighting the two Unity and Action Space to the Argentine PTS) and the PCB act blocks of the at the crossroads as the left wing of Lulaism and end up capitalist adjustment. keeps widening. In order to discuss the way out the old right. playing against the two bourgeois blocs. which could play Space and. despite having been properly promoted government. end up of Conlutas and the PSTU.. the CUT. to the PSTU. who denounced the Dilma government. This is an the PT. pro-government unions and the old struggle for a government of the left. right of the PSDB organised rallies. the an organic bloc with the government. Another example of this decline was expressed at the meeting on 2 May. most of all. limiting itself to keep a payment of the public debt. pressure of the leaderships acting to Paulo with 15. like the PT and and the LSR / CIO or the MRT (linked fight and sympathy with the “All out”. To postulate itself without played a progressive role given the crisis argument that we cannot be “isolated”. It arose from the need to bring of PSTU / Conlutas. sustain the PT and alternative. of leadership of the mass movement. organisations of the left and militant the PSDB and DEM. Space was paralysed. the MTST. together with sectors of the Catholic Pastoral Action. which is acting as a true tail-enders of right mounted by Força Sindical the workers and the people. the only give it a second wind. a Brazilian Trotskyist From our point of view. which in September right led by the PSDB-PMDB political. The clearest rally in each state on 1 April. prevent this space from becoming a pole an important role and later became an alternative that articulates the that agglutinates those who refuse to be diluted. and missed opportunities by Unity right represented by the PT and the old The reasons for this paralysis are and Action Space. be recycled. § 17 . also centralised in the city of Sao Paulo. and alternative economic proposals These pressures made by various Space did not postulate itself as an beginning with the suspension of leftist currents. CUT to break with the PT / PMDB the majority of the PSOL leadership.000 people. an This explains the lack of initiatives uncompromising opposition to the new Today. to demands of the unions and the and MST (Landless Movement). nor a fight schedule or any categorical call to continue the fight. the result of the permanent 2015 organised a strong rally in São We need to build this alternative. Brazil Conlutas / PSTU. wrongly. it is paralysed. Although in the the dispersion and to avoid the old (internal) currents of PSOL such as APS grassroots there is much disposition to treacherous leaderships. it giving in to these pressures with the posture. reflected this dubious ongoing battle necessary to prevent These sectors. the comrades Hence. representatives of While the pro-government and old leaders. [Union Strength]. Initially. to the comrades together the political and trade unions a decisive role at the moment. it is up to Unity and Action party. hesitation to build a third field. and public health and increase wages. with trade way to have money to restore education expressions of this are the leaderships of unionist and scattered slogans. where no continuity was approved. It is also up to the Space whose national deputies are part of against the rallies convened by the and organisations of the true left. which resulted in great confusion. to change organisations of the left. Amid the political crisis and realisation of a National Plenary of all tail-enders of the PT and reject equally polarisation. the exerting great pressure to prevent the PT and PSDB / PMDB! Unity and Action Space arose from Unity and Action Space from becoming The space open at the grassroots level an initiative of the CSP-Conlutas a clearly anti-government pole that can by the break with the old leaderships (Central and Popular Union). linked fill the void left by the old leaderships. MTST (Homeless Workers Movement) The recent rally on May Day.

At the head of the coup be expressed in the polls. All polls indicate sectors of bourgeois parties that break companies involved up to their necks in that the vast majority of workers with the government and the PMDB corruption. Whereas President of Chamber of Deputies. the comrades Argentina so we wonder if that is why government and the MRT. which made which a small group of also corrupt by the bourgeoisie not for being corrupt the MRT take up the PTist discourse politicians highjacks the popular will but for his inability to implement the that there is an ongoing “institutional expressed in millions of votes and plans that the capitalists needed because coup” against Dilma. debate on the left. Same as the PT says. Brazil In defence of Dilma’s government? Diego Vitello (CST/PSOL-SP) We are living a historic moment are facing a “media and institutional” Thus. This is why they frighten that if she leaves everything examples from Brazil’s history lie. what strikes and struggles. joined the PTist discourse and its centre is government Why did Collor. vote for Retirement Reform Act. the “popular will” no longer exists. Esquerda Diario [Left Daily]. and bourgeois sectors that for the last 13 ultra-reactionary and corrupt Eduardo today the will is being expressed in the years sustained the government of the Cunha. and today the vast majority and the people hate the government of Vice President Michel Temer and the of workers want her to go. who was never of the struggle “against the coup” and the The MRT defends the “legitimacy” the left. seeking to workers’ alternative. a “coup”. Senior that adhered to the discourse that we Leandro Lanfredi. being The PT and its satellites want to do themselves against the thorough carried out in a field which is not ours. know popular support when it was discovered the PT as the “lesser evil” well that this only benefits the rich in the bribe he paid to the deputies to The MRT is part of the left sector our country” (Esquerda Diario. we give two of the Revolutionary Movement of there the PTS has turned to tailing examples: the fall of Collor through Workers – MRT (sister organisation Kirchnerism. This But the comrades make a fetish of the This presents great challenges logic inevitably concludes that Dilma elections as if they did not express in and opportunities. Brazil. members of the government leadership. demolishes an elect president. We. the workers. 18 . The crisis has opened a will come for the workers after Dilma’s anger. suffer an impeachment with the impeachment. claiming that they are victims of will be worse. and the popular PT abandon it. the judiciary. the MRT adheres to the for the Brazilian left. through an also reactionary institution Lula in 2005 had widespread The “institutional coup” and as is justice. According to the MRT. and it is for Dilma to leave. Brazil MRT / Esquerda Diario. they About the coup: two recent crisis does not emerge an independent are for the “Dilma stay”. fall will be something “worse”. in mobilisations? Collor was abandoned small sectors of the class. In fact. and Dilma was elected lying and funded by in recent months. That is. This discourse gained of the Dilma’s government with the support of the bourgeois media and a some weight in the intelligentsia. an absolutely distorted way the will of on leftist organisations is enhanced. they position the majority of the population. the and they want Dilma out. The break of the coup because the impeachment has no discourse that the popular will can only working class with the government of “legal basis”. To illustrate that there is no coup. hiding that Dilma and the PT took a major leap would be the media. in discourse of any reformist: a “reactionary lot of pressure from essentially youth sectors of the university youth and manoeuvre as the impeachment. To justify this policy. an impeachment in 1992 and the of the Argentine PTS) and their page crisis of “mensalão” (bribes) in the first Dilma: An illegitimate government of Lula in 2005. 25 March). Or he had no popular support. everything so that from this immense investigation of the PT. But the pressure would be the “lesser evil”. They compared Temer with Macri in as claimed by the PTist conciliation For two months.

The bureaucracy alternative. we raise favourable. with Why was there no impeachment for “Against Dilma / PT. the Argentina did by holding a rally “against burying the PT. held a rally in defence independent policy.e. The MRT assisted. i. In Sao Paulo on May Day. Renan in the rally of the government and the and Aecio. who was the “star” of the FIT rally. the PT. § 19 . Their central of the Popular Front. the MRT fights “Everybody out” or “Dilma for Dilma to stay and therefore they And the third rally was held by the stays”? What is the way to build went to her rally on May Day. and overcome the PT. With its limitations. The MRT comrades are tough leads in leaps and bounds to the field as we of the CST. camps. And precisely at this Força Sindical (Union Strength). there build an independent working class If we add to this what the PTS in were three main rallies. which was the historic government. Lula and the PT. did a rally with the axis of the coup in Brazil” and breaking with leadership of the working class and defending Dilma. and others. It also had the support of most of the Trotskyist Faction (international current to which the PTS and the still have votes. justifies support for the class conciliation an economic situation still relatively And it showed that a part of the left government of Dilma. we have no doubt that rally with Dilma and the PTS divided the same thing the MRT repeats: that the FIT rally in Argentina. which and refuse to defend a classist and historic moment. It may the rally. converted the leadership of their struggles and into tail-enders of the PT. A leap in the capitulation: The MRT. addition to Dilma. And so he could maintain is not with any of the two bourgeois an Everybody Out which includes in relative bourgeois stability. Aecio Neves and strengthened. We went to the rally calling an important left alternative. Temer and this slogan an “exit by the right” is then? Because Lula could still be very Cunha / PMDB. we see that the comrades suffers a wear never seen. better position to build this alternative of the future government. as Dirceu and Palocci. was with Dilma. Brazil May Day: Dilma in the government’s rally. the solution for the Brazilian left is to she is being the victim of a “coup”. We reject such argument that was implementing their plans amid it was the only independent class rally. MRT are linked) amid the biggest crisis of class conciliation in Brazil. all the old right: Temer. On May Day the MRT went to the CUT bureaucracy. MES [Socialist Left critics of Everybody Out. First. when we are in a supports the rise of Temer and the impeachment. give a the hope of the people in getting Another sector of the bureaucracy. but it will never be of the leadership of PSOL. leap in their capitulation government improvements. And this goes through of the CUT. We call left opposition led by Conlutas (trade union confederation led by the PSTU) a workers’ alternative in Brazil? them to reverse this position which and had the support of PSOL currents. Cunha. where she reported Secondly. useful to the bourgeoisie as indeed he Alckmin / PSDB”. PCdoB. were convicted Movement] (Luciana Genro’s current) argument is that in the absence of but Lula was blatantly shielded. however.

it is the most Union (EU). France France: A highly explosive situation Regional Coordination column. institutional crisis and unheard-of financial groups that place their hand The economic crisis in Europe is on entire sectors of the economy deepening of the class struggle. especially against the counter-reforms of economic crisis. This mobilisation occurs marked by the international political EU directives to establish anti-labour in a context of worsening of the and economic situation and more policies around two axes: reducing economic and political crisis in specifically by the European situation. also called El structural crisis of capitalism. Second. It translates In Europe. becoming a widespread political crisis. but it has also name of competitiveness. least two aspects. in France against a government government allegedly of the left. and young people are mobilised history of the Fifth Republic. workers strongest social mobilisation in the question the achievements of workers. First. They do so to make the workers pay the bill (Labour Law. Khomri Law) that aims to liquidate The crisis in France and Europe European bourgeoisies are more than 150 years of workers’ The French national situation is coordinated by means of treaties and gains. These policies the main trends of the political been placed under the threat of the are made for the benefit of large situation in France: unprecedented outburst of new speculative bubbles. with GSI members carrying the banner Since early March. through privatisation and speculate on This mobilisation stands out in at which threatens to blow the European sovereign debts of States. the various bourgeoisies considering that the inter-imperialist retirements in 2010. public spending to repay debt and Europe and France. against a public services. it is the of the continent have to attack and tensions to conquer new markets are 20 . and labour legislation. The French bourgeoisie is no important fight since the mobilisation In this context of deepening of the exception in this situation. not only has the economic deregulation of labour laws in the a movement of acceleration of crisis not been solved.

In the emergency in order to suppress anyone continue to increase their profits. 10 years and in other economic sectors particularly affected by the abstention. The and Economic Studies).000 About a million jobs have been its treaties and directives. The hundreds of thousands. It is still necessary strong among workers and youth. Pas-de-Calais (Arras). months of operation. In early dividends to its shareholders. De Gaulle during the war in Algeria intensification of the class struggle. worse. Today it would imprisonment. The inequalities and unemployment abstention corresponds to a conscious The justification for the continue to increase (about 6 million rejection of the pro bosses and pro. has carried out an anti-labour policy entirely at the service of the financial markets whose El Khomri law is the result. Meanwhile. Since 2014. According Far from reflecting a certain “passivity” Bonapartist character of the institutions to the (National Institute of Statistics or “de-politicisation” as claimed of the putrid Fifth Republic. this same government conducts an openly imperialist policy by intervening militarily and politically in Africa and the Middle East in order to safeguard their “areas of influence”. since coming to power in 2012. The government 2014 the groups of the Paris Bourse the SP attracted less than 10 percent uses this context to criminalise in distributed more than € 56 billion of of registered voters. It actual situation of workers is even level regularly goes over 80 percent. The SP emergency and the deprivation of 21 . destroyed in the industry over the past Traditional institutional parties are of which only four were for terrorism. establishment of the state of emergency counting all categories in January imperialist policies of the government is the fight against terrorism. Under the effect of the service of its own imperialism. it is facing a deep crisis brink of financial bankruptcy.000 members. perpetrated by the government of the Its main federations — North (Lille). since 1948. One of the most emblematic political sphere is underway since the in early 2016 the level of GDP and symptoms of this crisis is the massive “social democracy” could disappear. In the political situation opened by the to take these “capitalist” indicators some polling stations in the working attacks in November 2015 in Paris with many precautions since the class neighbourhoods. a But even from a capitalist point of is undergoing an unprecedented crisis. a record! the Fifth Republic. the SP experiences aim is to establish a permanent state of the main French transnational groups a particularly acute crisis. and also a rejection of the EU. already had a partial victory since one cannot draw the conclusion that Rhone (Marseille) — have lost more President Hollande had to renounce the French bourgeoisie is omnipotent. 2013 or 800. the abstentionist instituting a state of emergency. of the SP. The French GSI members address the student’s meeting of Paris III University Socialist Party (SP) is the image of their fellow European “social democrats”. more than 3. unionists of the Amiens French SP has lost more than 30. The Bonapartist regime to the one the PASOK in Greece and social composition. In this context.000 persons more than active and it is expressed in an intense The government also questions the at the beginning of the 2008 crisis. France especially intense with Germany and the UK within the EU. the government of “socialist” Francois Hollande. greater reconfiguration of the French view. entirely at the of the Fifth Republic. who opposes its policy. The government’s goal is another.5 million people in abstention is aware and politically not thus limited to the economic field. Indeed. activity of the class struggle. than half the members and are on the to constitutionalising the state of On the contrary. At the same time. the government relied on the crisis of 2008. a as well as its institutions and its political is about to make a similar evolution fully bourgeois party both in its policies representatives. But the mass movement has SP against the working class and youth. poverty in by bourgeois commentators. industrial production indexes were and increasing abstention in each To overcome the institutional crisis barely higher than at the beginning of election. In regional election of December 2015. Bouches du.000 Goodyear factory were sentenced to An unprecedented political crisis local elective offices. After two 2016). The mass democratic freedoms. Poverty exploded. the January 2016. This abstention is especially it must face. this government attacks on workers were France meant 8. established by went through. administrative records were carried out. these policies are a failure. something unheard of From the violence of the attacks have no more than 60. In this context. reinforces the authoritarian-repressive. It is a record under particular trade union action.

Second. the memory of the the labour movement. For months (we company SFR’s call centres. sky. institutes. the 800 workers of Drome comes very strong (south-eastern region) that invade The massive strikes and the departmental Council against demonstrations on 9 and 31 March budget cuts. often outside leaderships who under the pressure their organisations and against people are conscious of the need to from the mobilisation were prevented bureaucratic leaderships. and the bourgeoisie who want to make withdrawal of the El Khomri law! Since early March. of the class struggle prevented him thousands of dockers in Normandy. workers were political understanding of what is In the schools. All demand can even trace it to June 2014 with Hollande is worried the withdrawal of the El Khomri law the strike of the National Society of and denounce its application before the striking workers (as in the port of French Railways) workers and youth the time. even outside the days mobilising in dozens or even hundreds currently at play in the confrontation when demonstrations were called. workers and young in their places of study. aspirations. until the withdrawal radical way. will join with the student and youth of the cities haunts of Istanbul in 2013). a rushing ahead of the government. confederal and federal bureaucratic 28 April). imposing everywhere the political bureaucracies! The slogan of strike until the withdrawal! The fear that the youth of the In this context. This is staff of the Ministry for the Economy the key element of the French political and Finance who in the thousands situation. France nationality for persons accused of Thousands of Airbus workers on supposed terrorism. Until recently. all exhausted the “men in arms” at the service of the ruling class and ingredients are gathered. they mobilised against the El The peculiarity of this mobilisation This mobilisation is also the political Khomri law. First. This situation of global Le Havre. young people them pay the unprecedented crisis of These two aspects indicate a high say they are the workers of tomorrow. is that from the first demonstrations translation of the massive rejection of The class struggle radicalises and fear and general mass meetings two aspects the “socialist” government and its policy is changing camp as the government is were at the centre of the workers’ in the service of the financial markets in in crisis and crossed by confrontations. On 8 April in several dozen are now united. when thousands of dockers have been seeking ways to go on the strike is becoming generalised despite joined the students on 24 March and offensive mobilising in their companies. even of daily isolated struggles as a result. we think that meetings of Nuit Debout (Standing mobilisation popular neighbourhoods. near Montpellier. there are thousands particular. workers at Continental (respectively 500. This is a profound movement that or employees of telecommunications comes from way back. capitalism. 22 . This was expressed both in the deep movement of radicalisation and youth are victims do no more than show students General Meeting and with polarisation of class confrontations.2 million in the Midi-Pyrénées (south-western demonstrators) against the El-Khomri region). Its uncompromising stance and the into reality the workers / students This mobilisation expresses a savage repression of which workers and unity. to explicitly turn accordance with EU recommendations. Oh. The sharpening strike in Toulouse on 31 March. more explosive for being more oppressed Night) in the squares can become a real Ghezi Park (for the movement overflows the and exploited. They do it mobilise united around a single slogan: from retracting the slogan of a full to oppose a policy of the government Neither improved nor negotiable. The mobilisation overflows onto bourgeois state. of the divisionist policy of working class. workers in the construction law do not constitute thunder in a clear of the A9 motorway.000 and 1. denounce the suppression of jobs and gather in meetings of more than 600 A movement that workers. They fight until the end. tormenting union and the streets. and a real willingness to who mobilise. sometimes in a quite the confederal union leaderships. total withdrawal of the Act. from advancing in his plans. in between the bourgeoisie and the during the holidays. trade union squares! legitimate revolt of 2005 that had activists and the proletarianized youth of the popular neighbourhoods. of the Labour Law. If they can join our rulers.

many union branches that began to at the head of which are the confederal To combat these manoeuvres. mobilisation without strikes. in some regions. together. leaderships to actually assume their and effectively organise the general Today the leadership of the CGT. unlimited strike. those of Force Ouvrière [Workers’ — and really build the general strike unlimited general strike until the full Force]. There are already main obstacle is the union bureaucracies Party and the Communist Party. This is why it is also necessary to French section of the IWU–FI demobilise. As if it For this. demoralise the workers require them to break the negotiations 24 March 2016 23 . an essential question remains reform union) and submit proposals together until the withdrawal of the law. these leaderships multiply nothing to negotiate in the anti-worker of the El Khomri law dates without a future. it raise this issue and even to challenge leadership of the CGT. Socialist Internationalist Unions) and the National Union of who want unity for the withdrawal of Group) Students of France intend to divide. the law. widespread mobilisation against the El the fact that the leadership of their the confederal and federal leaderships Khomri law until its withdrawal. we need to rely on this deep mobilise. For with the government because there is until the full withdrawal this reason. We must make withdrawal of the El Khomri law! Démocratiques (Solidarity Democratic Union) and the Fédération Syndicale them respect the aspiration of the vast Groupe Socialiste Internationaliste Unitaire (Unified Federation of Trade majority of workers and young people (GSI. France Students demonstrate against the El Kohmri Law For the general strike and plug any prospect of victory. the Solidaires Unitaires until the withdrawal. the obstacles standing in the way of led to defeat in 2010. immediately. The organisations are linked to the Socialist are overwhelmed. and the politics is necessary to challenge the union the bureaucratic leaderships to call they carry out. for workers and young people who to “rewrite” the labour code. isolated It is essential to defend in the general While it is a fact that this mobilisation strikes by sector. walks on Saturdays in meetings of the unions the need for indicates a clear polarisation between the manner of the CFDT (yellow pro. all classes. Then yes. whether militants or not: were possible to obtain “social progress” wave of the class struggle to impose how to roll back the government and without imposing a major defeat of on the bureaucratic union leaderships actually obtain the withdrawal of the this government of fighting against to actually build the general strike in El Khomri law? the workers and youth! This policy unity until the complete withdrawal To raise this issue is to identify of the Interunion. which has already of the law. is explained by In some sectors. the days of attacks. responsibilities — and not just on paper strike immediately.

Cuba Yankee cruise ship Adonia. with the historic visit of President we continue repudiating) in February. in 2015. Manzanillo and Santiago.000 leadership of the Communist Party and (No. So “Cuban-style” Camaguey. charter flights. “Is the end of the among others. with extensive information the process of capitalism. March 2015). in 2016 on either side The Yankee entrepreneurs have the aviation agreement was finally signed of the Straits of Florida measures expectation to sell hundreds and and regular flights began. In February. August 2010). This means they will be able to export Obama. reserved have accelerated to free access for hundreds purchased with remittance exclusively for the Yankee companies. official figures. 27. were already running hundreds of between Raul Castro and Barack which will sell for about US$ 10. fertilisers. is energised. May 2011). direct foreign investment. there from Alabama will assemble tractors Following the historic embrace for private or cooperative agriculture. 160. despite the “Cuba: What is behind the adjustment?” restrictions still in place. the civil Obama. “VI Congress of the Castro family. pesticides. August 2009). businessmen and tourists from the dollars from relatives or the support of They start with 20 daily flights to and United States to the largest island the many NGOs working in that area. which has been following deepens” (No. a legion of entrepreneurs eager to launched the establishment of the first tools. Although there are no for more than 20 years under the iron blockade coming?” (No. which has been building capitalism restoration. Although Another “executive” measure is the between the US and Cuba had Obama still did not achieve the final export to Cuba of “products that benefit its most spectacular expression repeal of the failed blockade (which individuals or cooperative farmers”. Between the two countries. 1 See previous articles in International 30. from Havana and 10 daily flights to in the Caribbean. arriving at Havana Yankee business in Cuba Mercedes Petit The dizzying change in relations Here are some examples. etc. 36. He was accompanied by through an “executive” measure it was to Cuba seeds. Until now it was only food rush to do succulent business and products. Cuban-Americans 24 .000. “Cuban style capitalism several hundreds of thousands of Correspondence. Entrepreneurs enjoy tourism on the island.1 Yankees travelled for holidays and the CP ratifies capitalist restoration” (No. 29.

was related to “sexual deviancy” addition and for quite a while there chains. Far gone are the times when rock. amounting to US$ 8. the net. Since 1999 Paco For the “self-employed” (that United States by sea. so far prohibited. Let us not forget that internet that dominate the major sectors of the Arne Sorensen. to Havana the Adonia. States Department of Commerce to Spanish-American restaurateur and chef in the words of Fidel Castro (13 March do business for US$ 4. Thousands of tourists will arrive could not miss out and they are now April Granma announced that as of 2 on cruise ships (which had already been filming The Fast and the Furious 8. driven by joint ventures and women of business. such as tourism. owner of several restaurant 1963). among others. are companies like Caterpillar. Raul No information was given on rates. AT&T is preparing to Between 21 and 22 March a the process of opening to capitalism install its roaming. been authorised not only to navigate. The multinational Starwood and “debauchery” in “feminoid shows”. many of them in the Special another step in major changes: he its first major fashion show in the Development Zone of Puerto Mariel. already 490 permits from the United Media Group of American television.000 attended a concert (with free admission) stepped on Cuban soil there were registered). of the well-known The two days went by very quickly. In Jose Andres. Ursula Burn. Hollywood being developed and that Obama of mooring their luxurious ships on the would call “entrepreneurs”). to unlock their access to official offers of foreign investment VP is Cuban. which (owner of the Sheraton brand) is already Free rein to the US imperialists operates from Puerto Rico to enter authorised to operate since last year. compete with China’s Huawei. in “Cuban-style” capitalism will manage the Hotel Inglaterra and is This rapid turnaround in the The historic visit about to open in Miramar the Quinta US–Cuban relations is explained by Avenida Hotel. and primarily by Caribbean party… for imperialist businesses Currently. They will. Cuba Despite the blockade. Brett Perlmutter multinationals. Brian Chesky of the internet and to put a finishing touch to the This reality is hidden by a wall of silence house rental company Airbnb (which imperialist landing on Friday 22 half raised by the investors themselves and since last year has been renting Cuban a million Cubans for the first time their governments. and was able to travel loans from the bank. and surely he During the visit. The well-known projects. allowing Yankee relaxed Obama walked with his family that began over 20 years ago. economy. Spanish in the first would have been sung Chan Chan or of Google and the Havana artist place.173 because the government of Raul took company Chanel made on 3 May billion. The billion. May the government will allow private coming from Canada and Europe for The chairman of the Association of dining cooperatives to get products years).5 of the average wage. employees and the rest of their wages and internet companies will have to Other big changes are coming will be pocketed by the government. That day sailed from Miami 20 of experience and presence. when Obama homes to tourists and already has 4. scarce and expensive. chicken. § 25 . It took about 700 thanks to his efforts in the Paris US$ 1. of large for neighbourhood residents to surf between state and large multinationals multinationals and other companies. earn the US$ 25 of the “state” April 2016). Rabanne and other major brands heterogeneous middle class that is The Yankee magnates fulfil their dream are already established. Yankee communications than in retail. Xerox. for the daily El Pais that “a barrage of sausage and cooking oil in wholesale but also to work as crew. sugar. nickel and chain. Since 1 May yachts The Yankee landing will encourage in February agreed with state Etecsa and cruises can finally navigate initiatives by European companies. this is minimum 10 percent passengers. allowed Cubans to come and go to the Paseo del Prado. to start multiplying access to Wi-Fi. by large Canadian and European taken with passers-by. Carnival. which through the sea. between the two shores of the Straits which have the advantage of over of Florida. tobacco and rum. there are more than 300 the vice-president of the company. Soledad O’Brien of Starfish of the British Rolling Stones. Spanish companies is arriving” (10 markets and at prices 20 percent lower however. on 13 island. For decades an increasingly Guantanamera in different places. had photos Apple and Google could not miss out. Kcho opened in Kcho’s community capitalist economy has been developing He was accompanied by 400 men museum a small technology centre on the island. (including his mother-in-law) by the was highly exploited from the outset beautiful Old Havana. and users to make and receive calls in Cuba.3 billion. of the Marriot hotel access is restricted. Cubans meanwhile have also Spanish Entrepreneurs in Cuba stated such as rice. the first cruise in February travelled to France to Presently one hour of internet costs of the largest cruising company in the personally thank Hollande because a Cuban 2 or 3 CUC (1 CUC = world. it Cuba avoiding the restrictions.2). including the president and Club they were condoned US$ 8. cobalt. beans.

who will retire in and their families. one of the most perverse in employees”. The with Raul Castro. will keep socialism” and ritual condemnations of has been successfully demonstrated in the same pragmatism with the lack the “capitalist restoration”. the Chinese and Vietnamese restoration: average wage of US$ 25 (yes. That authoritarian single party is He also referred to the increasing Ingloriously. According Raul Castro said in passing at hard facts. is totally complicit in this silence and The loudest applause was when he Given the hardships… double discourse. using unsustainable said defiantly “In Cuba we have a single to come out to fight arguments and zealously hiding the party. Cuba or on yachts and cruises that have been authorised. And the emotional presence of minority that dominates directly 60 established: poverty and hardship legendary Fidel at the closing of the or 70 percent of the economy. to be a privileged evils of capitalism are rapidly getting 2018. on 16 and 17 April the apparatus that guarantees the senior ageing population and the risk of the the VII Congress of the CPC was held. previously forgotten. 30 March 2016). while the single party and recovering the gains supply and demand is not incompatible joint ventures. § 26 . Not even China has implemented such a perversion. well-being and congress confirmed the iron unity of most of all its fundamental pillars. and for the vast majority. and it’s a great honour”. Most of them Reiterating the catchphrase of to maintain the current labour contract share these hardships with the “state “updating socialism”. there is no right to strike Fidel and Raul Castro at the Closing of the Communist Party of Cuba’s VII Congress or freedom of protest or of trade union organisation. ending of the repressive regime of the “The introduction of the rules of according to official figures). with the dictatorship of the Chinese operating for more than two decades. revolution. are mentioned. In Cuba. it would be the beginning pensions are still insufficient to meet “Single Party and a of the end. and the government pockets the difference. once again it was system. must pay US$ 150 to US$ 200 for their Cuban workers. Most of the world left it “updating” of socialism. particularly the Castro brothers dengue. US$ 25!!. ratified the new capitalist economy. despite the repression of the Chinese CP dictatorship. He next clarified that in Cuba they call Communist Party. the armed forces joint venture companies of state with officials and foreign investors. the wealth for the minority of businessmen. which have been renewal in Vietnam. as they qualify it”. This single party is what allows them poles as their prospects. Argentina. the world. million “self-employed” have these two leadership. great honour!” right. in tourism or whatever. The half- and the Castro family in the country’s multinationals. struggles and strikes. Both and now in foreign direct investment. the US government. do not ever forget this!” He’s the basic needs of the Cuban family”. The government is the In Cuba it is raised the fight for Raul made an explicit reference to the contractor of state workers who have an decent wages. Thanks to the growing labour unrest. the Communist Party. Never do the processes of reform in China and of of freedoms in Cuba as it has done those large companies. the officers of the armed spread of diseases such as cholera and The authorities were ratified. the Communist Party about “updating each other to benefit the country. beginning forces. to Raul: “If they managed to fragment the CP Congress that “wages and us some day. made many decades ago by the socialist with the principle of planning. the right to protest. in the airlines and all the headings. the double discourse of the Castros and concepts can coexist and complement Meanwhile. as beyond some complaints. party officials. wages in China are US$ 600 average (Clarin.

Those who promote it are often censored and repressed by How well the the government. […] The current administration in We need to agglutinate all our […]. then. jigsaw puzzle is assembled Anti-imperialism is (Rogelio M. […] as an obstacle to the expansion of progressed in fits and starts. of exploitation of a workforce with suddenly. anti-imperialism without a trace of would change. leftist paranoia. There is no hidden Powers is based on the poverty of The experience of relations with conspiracy. and therefore. the Leasehold rights granted for a hundred civic protest can contribute to the European and Chinese capitalists years. rights an imperial power. All these sauces leaders like Obama and Francois Eleven million inhabitants. With the fall and flows. an ultra- – The welfare of the Central potential American businessmen. Their selection of steps has a imagination the following positions: be obstacles in the way of a good deal. It is simply the removal underdeveloped countries. profits are safer when a population and they enthusiastically greet each – Only by the radicalisation of remembers little of their traditions of other from inside and outside of the Cuban socialism we will come out of civic insubordination and democratic beast. does not take away the dream to […] It is not. respect of Florida. political creativity and foreign capitalists ceased to be “bad” else. Reforms us to continue the fight. is a Trojan horse.observatoriocriticocuba. Zone of Mariel port. People’s Empowerment. China showed that even this could of an anti-capitalist policy. towards liberalisation. For example. ideological differences Washington needs to work “slowly but creativity to strengthen in the popular highlighted by the blockade began to surely”. and even if it foreign investment did. by the – Capitalism is incapable of offering be an advantage. […] inherent nature of capital to expand. access to natural resources. or given the abuses labour. […] It is essential that the mass With the succession of economic limited labour rights. naturalisation of the United States as began buying the spaces that Havana. at least a portion of the dignity. Cuban officials organisations and other expressions crises in recent decades. decades of tax exemptions. was eager to sell. grassroots […] To the south of the Straits Keeping the forms: the discourse of democracy. Hollande. to all peoples of the world. sovereignty and everything for differences. more and do not cease spreading the benefits. critical thinking. § 27 . it is of clear crystal. Social control and capitalists who were affected. many things is unstoppable. from the hand of US policies. Free Trade political agitation given the visit of market at the gates of their home. total coherence with the logic of the – Cuba’s solutions will never come The existence of a one-party regime capitalist market. skilled offered willingly and in any currency. If there freedom and happiness permanently governance is easier. the relations of subjugation that and the dollar were Barack Obama and Raul Castro: happy together maintains with other peoples require bad. the mayor does the economic crisis with dignity. Suddenly. struggles. this facet [of the blockade as Soviet support was ended. with ebbs The fact that the person symbol capitalism] was not felt. of civil society be able to carry out more capitalists began to notice a for the foreign investors. For in the city. Cuba Critical Observatory on Obama’s visit We reproduce fragments of solidarity without Cuban Critical Observatory page limits! (www. everything possible to help it enter. not inconsiderable natural only those from the land of the dollar committed by the governments with resources and an enviable geographic were prevented from coming to the which we have promising economic position were values that invited to the banquet by their own government! relations. Díaz not negotiable Moreno) (Anticapitalistic Youth Network) […] At the […] It is impossible to maintain time of the Soviet normal ties with a government that Union and when has not given up its hegemonic here it was said that vocation on Cuba. but the overall momentum of imperialism visits the country of of the socialist camp. org).

medicines. adjustment in a brutal manner. already ruled in the 1980s and 1999/2001) and Civic Coalition led by Elisa Carrio. We call them sector. and receives a monthly wage. and social crises unitarily raising Cristina Kirchner. Argentina Demonstration against dismissals in the Ministry of the Economy (MECON) headed by General Delegate Pablo Almeida Macri applies a brutal adjustment Juan Carlos Giordano The “new” government of Macri. Macri applied — that brings together other industry divided into two: CTA-Yasky (headed by 3 In Argentina. Prices had 2 CGT / CTA. a party which and immediately devalued the workers. shopkeepers and other smaller unions). the Macri took office on 10 December construction. [TN] 28 . CGT-Alsina (headed by taxes and is subsidising the price of the Antonio Calo of the UOM — metalworkers The CTA (Argentine Workers Central) is percent so far this year). but who performs little or no work. There are three CGTs (General the retentions (taxes) to agribusiness. usually for the (minority. There are 150. currency by 60 percent and removed Inflation gave a leap. The Left Front has work (“gnocchi” 3) or were placed the provinces where the Front for to prepare itself for future political politically by the government of Victory (FPV-Kirchnerism) rules. by Pablo Micheli. textile. and petrol (31 and other unions). headed by Luis Barrionuevo.000 workers in the street 1 Cambiemos [Let’s change]. and CGT–Blue and White Hugo Yasky of the teachers union. already risen before the change of Confederation of Labour): CGT-Azopardo Then he exempted mega miners from government. shopkeepers and so on. Macri began laying Struggles and social unrest are substantive measures as part of a off thousands of state workers and to growing. There was a first rally workers’ and people’s solution to facilitate layoffs in the private sector. a “gnocchi” is a person who is unions). including of the PRO (Mauricio Macri’s party). Kirchnerist) and CTA–Autonomous (lead government. to abandon the truce and call a Arguing that state workers do not The adjustment also applies to general strike. linked to the centre-left). and metallurgical UCR (Radical Civic Union. of the CGTs and CTAs2 but in the the current adjustment. There are daily increases (headed by Hugo Moyano. frame of maintaining the truce oil barrel to the multinationals in the Cambiemos 1 has deepened the with the government. truck drivers’ of meat. Electoral alliance between state and industry. pro legally registered as a worker.

after a battle dictatorship). despite the wave of strikes. among other great struggles Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Many and do not support them. After to aim for wage caps in the labour The anger grew when it emerged 12 years of government. Millions voted for workers). Argentina rate hikes in public services. we call the CGT inflation will reach or even exceed 40 millions. bankers and those organisations. Everything was limited to and services hikes. of centre-right. Farmacity. as it transpired. in public capitalist crisis. Annual (Untreatable) program. as part of the crisis of so-called already paying for with measures that an unprecedented event. Cristina and pro-bosses. that while saying clause to reopen the wage debate. paid in discuss again according to the variation they convened on 29 April to a rally cash US$ 190 billion of foreign debt in actual inflation. An increased and the fact that it was convened by mirrored in its electoral decline and loss indebtedness that working people are the “five Centrals”. It was not a rally of and got an anti-terrorism law to be To all this we must add that holding struggle. among support a law in parliament against the recession and the fall in consumption others.000. which is not a regulation continue. but to secure In five months of government.000. Macri “to get rid of ” the government of plan achieved 33 percent with a trigger However. his father and his the difference in votes was not large. was the negotiations. In the labour contract Mirta Legrand in one of her famous celebrate”. but to demand cosmetic voted on advice by imperialism. water bills. although insufficient. made a million and a half new poor. hands with the bosses opposition. the government wanted lunches said: Enough of redundancies! reunification of the CGT announced to set a salary cap of 20 to 25 percent The same was said by young host for August. While with poverty incomes. There are unions that have achieved brother had companies in tax havens the government received a massive a 38 percent increase (cooking oil since 1981 (during the military punishment vote. After the electoral defeat. “national and popular” model. she has large properties and hotels. Santa Cruz. All 29 . Not and there is a rebellion in several Former presidential candidate of to mention health care plans which provinces. seen daily by For this reason. President Macri. Kirchnerism suffered in the last Macri had a law voted to pay US$15 As it was the first street appearance period several general strikes showing billion to the vulture funds (debt of the CGT against the new government the anger of millions. and twice and later Hugo Moyano. Bank workers. The same Discontent is being felt. government of Macri is anti-worker of protest . An amount of mobilised that governors. in other positions. see box). To such an extent that The line of not confronting the transport (100 percent). He is making the working that the rally was only a “wake-up call to world” — as she usually says — where people pay the global and national the government”. have truce they keep with the government. IBM and Telecom. for “May Day”. as well as Antonio Calo depending on the case). Daniel have been left destitute. plus the union leaders leave them to chance to confront corporations. Shell. a policy which ultimately led The conclusion is clear: the from there could emerge some measure to a win by a centre-rightist as Macri. presenting it as of power. her “place in the imperialism. the average salary (state workers’ union) on 24 February strike and for a plan of struggle to is AR$ 7. Just in April Santiago del Moro in his “Intratables” not yet been so serious to hold a strike”. TV diva attacking jobs. with its agreements. amounts to almost AR$ 20. inflation reached 6 percent. leaders to break the truce with the percent.000) when the food basket for strike of CTERA (national teachers) adjustment where it rules pensioners exceeded AR$11. (see “Growth of the struggles”). This generated executive) as finance minister. benefited been made for six months to return to “To decompress”. excluding CEOs of transnational corporations it clear that the rally “is not against the effects of the newly unemployed like General Motors. electricity and gas (300 to 600 percent Prat Gay (former JP Morgan Chase Pablo Micheli. many might “progressive” governments in Latin attack their living standards. In this context. Lan anyone”. the IMF reinstatement of the dismissed. which was then bondholders. raising partial claims. “changes” from the government. dismissals. The first national strike by ATE government and call for a national In Argentina. the double discourse. Kirchnerist contract negotiations is to continue through the Panama Papers that Peronism suffered a heavy defeat. as part of a and to defend human rights. Half has not been seen in this union for the pensioners earn the minimum years. he appointed in his cabinet Alfonso government was ratified in the speeches. lost the election to Macri. the multinationals and bankers. believe it was an act of struggle or that America. the Chile. in the impediment for the bosses to continue percentage Macri said would be for struggles and in other facts. Scioli. to ban the dismissals. None of that happened. according to Calo. it was pointed out province.000 face the adjustment of Macri and the shopping basket for a typical family people. Meanwhile. On 4 April there was a national Kirchnerism applies the (AR$ 5. while saying “things have generating a huge upset. CGT: “A rally against nobody” a double compensation which is no inflation rose 25 percent.000 (or US$ 460) while the occurred with a mobilisation of 25. ruling In the document agreed upon by Kirchner became a recluse in her home for the multinationals. The great proposal “to the whole year.

former Secretary of Santa Cruz and Santiago del Estero Scioli and the FPV “against the right Transportation. Kirchnerist radical. genocidal coup of 1976. § Thousands repudiate Obama’s visit March 24 marked 40 years of the touring the Memory Park (with the with thousands of fliers and posters. Argentina this amid large protests by workers and investigations. renationalisation abroad. a corrupt businessman who is rally and later meet with allied deputies. there is a big disappointment. Also in prison Macri style. forced of Cristina. and because the head of Casa Rosada with US flags. Deal that Macrism is to meet the challenges given the next worth AR$ 15. Alicia Kirchner (sister see those same recipes are applied where massacre of Once. defrauding the state sold dollars at AR$ 10 when they were of 70 billion pesos. happens among those who voted for is Ricardo Jaime. and nationalisation of because of lack of brakes and the dismantling are making the experience with banks and foreign trade. Many workers and young substantive changes via the Rosadita. as we are doing with the FIT 3 Kirchnerism at the end of its mandate earned 50 percent. They were bought by continuing. However. § 30 . Claudia Zamora. Fifty two Kirchnerism mainly in the struggles As well. where Baez’s son was counting wads of where the Front for Victory rules They say they did not “vote for him money. luxury and In addition to denouncing a repression. Baez accumulated dozens parliamentarians. political and social crises looming. multinationals. From Santa Cruz were “political persecution”. Barack Obama. In Tierra del Fuego. their human rights agencies together imperialism.2 of Nestor Kirchner and sister-in-law Kirchnerism rules. Many are Government officials. To defeat future dollar. And pay the vulture funds. drinking whisky and laughing an adjustment is applied in the best to apply this adjustment”. the rich and bankers. [political coalition supporting Macri. Part of the honest 2 Crash in 2012 of a Sarmiento railway of privatised companies. They variants. came to The marches of the 24 were massive.3 among other serious The Kirchnerist complicity in also layoffs. we call to abandon the people were killed and over 800 wounded. opposed to various bosses imprisoned. most of them for money free student fares and only makes where judicial search warrants were laundering. On this date names of the missing). and who is currently for Victory suffering a major drain of the vehicle for the big bosses to rule in prison. she called to moved in his private jets millions of build a Citizens Front “to deal with the Postulating the FIT for dollars and euros that were sent abroad adjustment”. businessmen and parties of the adjustment and to seeing that La Campora (Kirchnerist union bureaucrats were convicted but only strengthen a new political alternative. wherever is being applied. a few blocks from the Casa Rosada. of the railways due to privatisation. by subpoena to testify before the federal FPV has been ruling for 25 years) and Izquierda Socialista [Socialist Left] courts of the City of Buenos Aires. They wonder what Cristina reappeared recently. For TN] embellished the surroundings of the 40 years. class independence. nationalisation line train formation against Once Station worker and popular grassroots of oil and gas. program with substantive measures: no manoeuvres were made to take the money The crisis of the Justicialist [Peronist] payment of the debt. in recent named as the figurehead of the former senators and mayors after the Front decades. rate hikes and for wages equal 1 So it is called the financial cave located in seen in the FPV supporting the law to upscale Puerto Madero. calls to face unitarily the adjustment She is accused of shady deals with the respectively. The former president took opposition speeches in parliament so conducted on the properties of Lazaro the opportunity to hold an important that the discontent does not go toward Baez. for corruption and for it is applied through the governors and the adjustment of Macri” and now being one of those responsible for the Rosana Bertone. together with together with the Left Front (FIT) to Buenos Aires. collectable cars. the Justicialist Party has been president’s family. and among young people. a neighbourhood of to the family shopping basket. TN] and sectors of the payments to the vulture funds.1 To such an extent was people may believe that Kirchnerism In the popular sectors who voted for his impunity that a video showed up retook the role of “opposition”. with adjustment. former Transport Secretary Ricardo Jaime is youth group) boycotts marches for of the left. independent of the governments Macri received him with full strongly raised the slogan: Obama Out! Peronism where they read a document honours and both washed their face Our party made a special campaign that did not mention Obama. submission and of undeclared properties. with La Campora [Kirchnerist youth bless and support the adjustment and The left and human rights agencies organisation. in a province where the the way out is. The same with his accomplices. motion made by Kirchnerism with This year it was no exception. Party is daily news. where during the government of the pro-Macri “new Peronism” and the raise a worker’s and people’s alternative Cristina Kirchner the money-laundering so-called centre-left. Cambiemos This contrasted with the parallel mass marches are always carried out. but Macri.

40 percent increase. a general strike is needed southernmost province of the world) University lecturers stopped all for the struggles to succeed. In Santiago del Estero there role of the bureaucracy and the fear adjustment. accompanied government union street gangs and by our national deputy. with prolonged strikes. which in these days have mobilisation. strike classes since the beginning of the struggles yet. Teachers and state workers of better working March in Ushuaia headed by leaders of the Union of Santa Cruz have been carrying out conditions and in Guilds a struggle plan coordinated by the 31 . Argentina Growth of the struggles defence of public health. increase the retirement On January 24 age for women and set high tax hikes. made partial achievements. this scenario. the latter with major marches. Coming up are staggered stoppages by state and judicial workers of Buenos Aires Province.000 people against the 10 In industry. School assistants of that district rebelled against the discounting of the days of strike achieving a payment schedule. for the a great national tug of war against the Kirchner. In Tierra del Fuego (the suspended. The vast massive marches in Rio Gallegos of striking. The strike. among others. and April 19 there were two national Workers face the repression of pro- strikes by ATE (State Camping in Rio Grande. empty pension and with the students. A national (nucleated in campaign that included a teachers’ CICOP) are in their strike in Neuquen. there are no strong are long. There is percent increase offered by Alicia of redundancies although. The jailed five trade union leaders in the health professionals style of the dictatorship. the struggles was a teacher’s revolt that stopped of losing the job. Leading the way are the workers of the Ministry of Finance — with its combative internal junta led by our comrade Pablo Almeida — and of the Ministry of Labour. National and provincial state departments of ATE face layoffs. having set trade unions. pronouncements eleventh week of of mass meetings. there have been 10. with mass marches exceeding joined the struggle with big marches In several provinces. Workers Demonstration at Tierra del Fuego’s Government House in public hospitals in Tucuman and The anger is being expressed in Bureau of Trade Union Unity with state workers of several provinces are the growth of the struggles. there are thousands and for an increase of wages. Tierra del Fuego. Juan Carlos Giordano Workers Union) with the police. with front of the government house against public classes and a package of laws that remove historic demonstrations along achievements. state and municipal workers week from 2 to 6 May and retirees nucleated in the Union and will do again of State Guilds and Pensioners have from 9 to 13 of the been camping for over two months in same month. year.000 people. majority of them are against layoffs over 10. Given real rebellions. § teachers. which was demanding free student fares. welfare funds. student centres. human rights and up a tent in front of political organisations have secured Congress asking for a their release. Therefore. The students have also funds and massive marches. fighting.

Icsid country and generate employment the military dictatorship. generated the world without finding productive indebted Argentina for US$ 16. flowing through the last 20 years. who for 12 years spoke of “deleveraging”.3 billion to the speculators who had been litigating against Argentina. All this ended and development. Argentina Meanwhile. “paying in advance to the IMF” (2006). making “swaps” (2005 and 2010) with the they call “capital” or “investments”. We cannot rule out that. speculative Argentina. the trend of capital is to leave this subjugation. But even in that case. Some of these vultures pocketed profits of up to 1600 percent. Nothing is more paid and accrued by all subsequent with a government that.5 by a score of adjustment plans. it will Argentinazo in 2001 — to stop paying Macri has a point of agreement with mean a new leap of the astronomical this debt. was the extremely high rates and privileges factor of imperialist subjugation of acknowledging US$250 billion (and Macrism is willing to offer. The decline that the country in reality owing over US$350 billion). generated in creditors who had not paid in 2001. A sector needs of the people: jobs. In one hit. The story of Latin America to form a Debtors we have definitely left behind the old has a close antecedent: in the 1990s. with governments. wages. while it was the government paying more debt in cash for the entire history of Argentina: US$190 billion. prosperity or development. The fledgeling unemployment. Jose Castillo 32 . accepting usurious rates of only way to break these chains is would only serve to fictitiously fatten 7 percent annually. It ended up revealing as absolutely false the discourse of Kirchnerism. 100 that any country has made over hundreds of billions of dollars that percent speculative. education and housing. the their plundering. he went into debt payments. Thus. and then and Repsol (2013). repeated economic dependent and semi-colonial countries crisis. or to grab some resources that the debt will double in 10 years. which private companies have already set the foreign debt and ended up in the shows to be more urgent than ever. appeal to all the peoples Kirchnerism: he also asserts that “now” Argentine foreign debt. capital enter. it billion. by and return to the imperialist centres — paying the vultures. For states it has no “plan B”. breaking as a whole with debt problem and that for the country Menem managed to get “capital imperialism and from there to place a wide field of possibilities opens… to entering”. the provinces and was bonds that in a few years trebled have been advocating this path. having taken false. The other sector 25 years the revolutionary socialists national state. poverty and marginalisation government of Mauricio Macri. above all. which supposedly would come to the the second half of the 1970s by or paying to the Club of Paris. The lie that Argentina’s foreign debt was no longer a problem. The placement. It was a huge scam within the bigger scam of Argentina’s foreign debt itself. which means — as shown. themselves on the hunt for what 2001 crisis. Macri’s government clearly went to the privatised companies. the debt keeps growing Argentina paid the vultures Macri’s government paid in cash US$ 9. This indebtedness. e x p re s s i n g t h e c o n t i n u i t y o f crisis. None of that generated all those resources to meet the urgent borrow again. Club. for health. made the largest for increasingly larger layers of the perhaps a few billion dollars may reach working-class — was the product of indebtedness in a single operation Argentina of that gaseous capital. A new chapter closed in this long history of looting. for looting and. the context of the global economic materialised in deindustrialisation. by the the reserves. remains the main office with US$ 145 billion debt. Although today — in has experienced in these decades — And a new chapter was opened. albeit partially.

the other On the days leading to it. Thus. for example. Left Front (as we had been doing since of Milagro Sala1 or in voting common however. On Front may grow and get stronger Not for the first time we have the other hand. A major delegation of the a general strike in support of the with the motion to carry out a popular tyre workers union. in this case. without proper demarcation. loincloth for Kirchnerism. they 1 Milagro Sala is a Kirchnerist and political Kirchnerism and the PJ. Thus. the “coup” in that country. At a time But in the rally of Plaza de Mayo as the pro Kirchnerist turn they have when the expectation of millions of (and in those held in the rest of the been holding since last December. Izquierda the FPV laws catalogued as “workers” national party of the FIT. Nestor Pitrola. teachers. So the Left of support to Dilma. Argentina May Day rally The left again occupied Plaza de Mayo The only unitary rally of on the left and the fighters on this May Day was called by parties of the Left Front (Partido Obrero [Workers Party] and Izquierda Socialista [Socialist Left]) together with allied organisations (Breaking Chains. as it was people. It was the most important rally of the day with several thousand attending. workers and young people with the country) the unity of the FIT was This party has already been dividing PT of Lula — who ruled for 14 years unconditionally reaffirmed. 33 . with that excuse. They did not listen. the PTS. in defence her political and social action. Or Secretary General. demanding in the National Congress. recently recovered struggles and postulating the FIT as consultation on the issue of foreign by the militant opposition. the bosses’ parties. Speakers were rail workers’ leader Ruben “Pollo” Sobrero and Juan Carlos Giordano for Izquierda Socialista and Partido Obrero’s deputy in the FIT. to approve a package of and opportunist policy it has been 96 bosses’ laws. among others. parliament and in the struggles. has mobilised in actions called by its inception in 2011). Izquierda the parliamentary blocs achieved at the service of multinationals and by the Left Front by registering Socialista even called to expand it to the adjustment of the people — is their seats as “theirs”. and Revolutionary Communism). with the revolutionary left when political and social crisis. Alejandro Crespo. Brazil (see pages 14. PTS. militant trade unionism and youth. of the Brazilian embassy to repudiate deploying to the detriment of the FIT. plus rally that repudiated the adjustment of proposals with the Front for Victory industry unions and many young Macri and the governors. it draws attention as a solid alternative to fighting for different visions of reality within the their incorrect ultimatum for a rally a workers’ government in future FIT. attended a political alternative to the growing debt when the FIT program clearly providing a greeting to its brand new discontent against the adjustment of proposed the “non-payment”. that claim her as turned their back to a single unitary leader in Jujuy arrested for making a “a fighter”. something other organisations and leaders who exhausted. it participation in united action with Socialista demands for her freedom refused to make a common rally of the but clearly differentiating itself from Kirchnerism. Standing out were the columns of workers in struggle. Izquierda by the PTS is that. the PTS now raises a policy that violates the unity of the left in may share their program. What we consider a serious error they have not had that criterion for camp demanding social plans. still in the Mayo for class independence doing PTS adds a new chapter to its divisive their own rally the day before in front government. when late last year the PTS voted with Regrettably. Ruben “Pollo” Sobrero speaking on May Day rally railway and telephone workers. § 19). especially state workers. divided the Socialista called the PTS to not when they were nothing more than a rally and the tribune won in Plaza de divide.

To welcome these people to survive and win a future for their children. concentrated. Fences and and Afghanistan. Lebanon (nearly two where a quarter of the planet’s wealth is “crime” is to try to find a safe place million). and deportations. the gates of Europe hit every day or fleeing the Eritrean dictatorship. police. They are a caused by the war in Syria. should pose no problem if there was are fleeing the wars in Syria. Iraq To Europe arrive only splashes of these a political will to do so. 34 . coast guard.000 refugees). prisons. Most of these families and even Iraq itself (250. Jordan (more than 650. disaster in Somalia or the misery caused who bear the brunt of the refugee crisis Fences. border closures pursue a political goal: refugees. the Neighbouring countries are the ones the consciousness of the workers. Refugees Governments launch repression to send back the refugees Tear down the walls of the Europe of capital Josep Lluís del Alcázar The images and refugees at deserve protection in Europe. plunged after the imperialist invasions. tear by the pillaging of Africa.000). which has gas. They are war crises: just 1.6 million Syrian refugees. The few hundred thousand for 28 countries states launch their full force against already become a major humanitarian disaster in the world: Turkey (three with 500 million inhabitants and defenceless families whose only million refugees). who according to the own They are joined by those fleeing the wars the so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe European and international laws in which Iraq and Afghanistan were is a manufactured crisis.

But have had to spend all their savings. hired 400 Syrians doctors who had left Mer. have completed the right turn of ultra-right. Finland followed Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union of racism and legitimise cutting rights: in March 2015 with a coalition of Viktor Orban. has been the scene of the last victory more immigrants that give more where neo-Nazis have burned several of the extreme right in the first votes to the ultras: the fishermen refugee reception centres. and do not stop fleeing war and misery. carte blanche to Erdogan and began to restrict the welcome.000 refugees. France they hoped to find a democratic get sick. the island of Utoya. except translates directly into governments many wages to rescue the shipwrecked. The Nordic countries.000 did not survive. suffer hunger. the extreme right that is emboldened. Bonapartist round of the presidential election. for Germany. Migration is always terribly selective: country that would host them after the dispossession. the blockades to cross from this do not stop immigration. Refugees Merkel calls the refugees and “problem” in the neighbouring country. populists. and racists What encourages the fascist is police they began in Norway in 2013 with in Bulgaria and Latvia. and Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party important demonstrations — was the Denmark in June with 21 percent (PiS). poorer and more broken. in Alternative for Germany. anxiety) where they only the “stronger” succeed. It continued press says. they of the mafias. laws of confiscation the entry of Norwegian Progress Party displacing the Social Democrats in of the property of refugees to pay for — in which had been active Anders Romania late last year. but because of know how it would pay pensions in camps. of votes for the xenophobic Danish Contrary to what the bourgeois best response to the reaction of the People’s Party (DPP). Austria It is not the towns and cities with and unapologetic. for the 3. beatings. § 35 . then she closes the door Even the free movement agreements And those are the same governments between EU members were suspended. the one of Austria with Slovenia and however many obstacles are set before with the aim of reaching a place with the controls between Germany and them. fences. resolved soon. Fortress Europe only serves for more opportunities and to start again. on a beach and in midwinter. of Agreement with Turkey: In November Berlin changed policy which 15. Sweden. but the policies of the States. some went on the road. A total gift heroic struggle against fascism. the liberals violence. governments are consolidated And in the former Eastern Countries from the islands of Lesbos (Greece) emulating the ultras or incorporating the horrendous legacy of Stalinism or Lampedusa (Italy) have given up them.500 who drowned last year were the young. The nature EU was revealed: a them to arrive all the same (except Those who could consider the trip mere common market. Today. more tired. Turkey. a country that did not what they found were concentration They arrive all the same. Last year German health system concentration Camp d’Argelès-sur. children are lost. In the the border control policy. their country. With the Centre Party with the right-wing of maximum ultra-conservatism with the slogan “Refugees are welcome”. that have turned the Mediterranean The German Chancellor proclaimed To the fences erected by Hungary into a huge mass grave. it is not the arrival of extreme right. Who wins and who loses? lived poorly over 100. in Macedonia. after a longer middle-class sectors with training and of the Republicans after the defeat of and more traumatic journey (families sufficient resources to pay the extortion the Spanish revolution — on reaching are separated. 2025. Hungary Breivik. Then the Europe that gives lessons in the The agreement between the EU and came the chain closing of borders — world about democracy and human Turkey to deport to this country all Austria and the countries on the Balkan rights shields itself against the hundreds those who arrive in Greece is a betrayal route ran to erect fences to curb the of thousands of refugees who are simply of the most elementary obligations of The EU policies feed the extreme right The Europe that builds walls feeds Germany. author of the slaughter of is in the hands of the conservative their stay. last spring that all Syrian refugees followed others between Bulgaria and The walls being erected in Europe would be welcome in her country. repression and death. People Without hope that the war will be country to Greece. even in Germany. with the dramatic increase right. and Poland as exponent ultras just have to ask for more. But this reaction had with the results of regional elections in refugees what gives wings to the far no continuity. Europhobes formerly called True the victory in October of Jaroslaw the popular mobilisation — with very Finns and now just the Finns. These policies extend fears. Austria. the healthy and the The current situation is reminiscent in the Mediterranean). trying to survive and rebuild the future.

propping up the Syrian regime. This repressive policy also 36 . The police state in Europe sub-Saharan immigrants trying to Russia’s entry was decisive to change the sign of the war. This is why — beyond their France has been for months in a has been evidenced in the Geneva different interests — they all agree to state of emergency. first with Air France workers later with want to avoid a collapse of the regime. the Turkish state becomes a jailer and guardian of the European border. But for European sides of the same coin want the fall of the regime”. were filled again with demonstrators from a segregated and marginalised Propping up Bashar’s regime who turned out to the streets to shout youth. Bashar’s Another effect of the involvement of blades that produce deep wounds. Although Turkey has not ratified international agreements on asylum. and the of its fighters from the peripheral or scandal. In exchange for €6 billion. Merkel travelled which pushes those who had long the more than 300. and daily deports Syrian refugees who are forced to return to war. Egypt. The Spanish government reacted by placing pantomime of negotiations in Geneva liberties are restricted “concertinas”. been waiting for the end of the war in the rebellious city. The only argument crush the revolution at any price. In a full If this plan is consummated. includes a growing Islamophobia. without photos of blood intensity of the bombings. which already spiral of violence. and this measure has negotiations. Refugees European states. which is based on outsourcing the door of Europe. the same states — as happened before in the After five years of war. medicine to begin having an effect on Turkish Kurdistan. which feed the Europe. the greater the march of the Aleppo”). of unionism — common in other better if another related character heads The regime. Putin reduced the nourishes the ISIS which draws much they arrive. But both have said repeatedly they through which Aleppo was supplied. Now there are almost no jumps and European powers. Now Putin and al-Assad model. also stopping sub-Saharan Africans before In March. “dignity” or “the people greater its despair. while preparing an they apply the Spanish border control Turkey. the and stopping refugees: two “freedom”. The treaty stipulates that “for every Syrian who Turkey readmits. which over the fence: Morocco is in charge of openly defend him as a lesser evil. Lebanon or Jordan to knock on offensive. The same slogans shouted in fear managed by the power can also be political explanation: the agreement Tunisia. the influx slogans of March 2011. in and imperialism entrench the criminal and Putin launch criminal offensive on addition to the shameful fences of Ceuta regime. and regime practises facts consummated on the European powers in the bombings which a Spanish company today boasts the ground. streets of Aleppo and the liberated cities neighbourhoods of Paris and Brussels. The more Russia prepare the final assault (see “Al-Assad the Moroccan state for surveillance. For a long time images of Syrian people to emigration. which had cut the road countries — has been on the agenda: it. a barbed wire with sharp under the auspices of the UN. but in reality neither do the EU states want to reinstate or relocate the refugees. it will be considered a “safe country” for the refugees. While doing the grows and political jump the fence have hit the public. but five years United States after 11 September — of refugees into Europe also has a later. The greater pressure on it. exile is no for the effects of hunger and lack of campaign of destruction and death in longer temporary but for many years. which region. In fact. and Melilla. relying on Russian military in Syria and Iraq has been the attacks of manufacturing “exclusively” for support and the complacency of the US of ISIS in Europe. was tightening the noose while waiting Goodyear. The criminalisation Bashar should remain in power or it is revolution is still alive. This spiral. But been placed at the service of containing between Putin and Obama is whether the demonstrations showed that the the popular protest.000 people left in to Turkey to seal the deal. It is immoral and illegal under bourgeois laws themselves. Erdogan also earns the European Angela Merkel with the Turkish Prime Minister: a compact against the refugees silence to his fierce repression of the Kurdish people and to the left. and Bahrain and which a useful policy to reaffirm an increasing between Russia and the United States of threaten the reactionary states of the police state and a cut of freedoms. another Syrian will be resettled from Turkey to the EU”.

tax. demand the cancellation of the Brussels give a definitive answer to the situation Therefore. This is why the defence of the rights of refugees is not only necessary for a principle of solidarity. And for to cross has served for nothing: in June of borders that left 50. housing and have every right to end a regime that to open their borders and provide employment for all refugees. What about the left and the unions? There was complicit silence on the official Old Left (SP.000 refugees those who cannot be expelled it only it faces a new debt maturity and it has trapped in Greece. Down with the walls Bashar. after the first demonstrations neither is there a massive organised reaction in defence A creation of Polish artist Jacek Wozniak in solidarity with the people of of the thousands of refugees who have Aleppo and Syria come out of this war. are detained for the sole crime of of June. It is the responsibility of all sectors immigration laws. For people. but because it is essential to stop the increasingly repressive state that we are living in the Europe of capital. with in which no longer is there any red line in Europe — Syriza. Protests solidarity with the agreement with Turkey will be the government that in prisons like Moria have already Turkey. CP and others). for us. Syriza betrayed creditors on the table (pension. the ISIS and the bombings of who call themselves of the left and of and repression in the Mediterranean Russia and NATO cause in the Syrian the trade unions to take to the streets and in the European territory. Refugees applies to young people who come out against labour reform. letting go of hundreds of thousands killed in the war in Syria and now. § The sad role of Syriza The executing arm for the having emigrated and can be the the most elementary principles of agreement between the EU and object of mass deportations. And now he has raised its people by accepting the third and labour reforms and a privatisation prisons in the islands where thousands rescue after the No in the referendum wave). The Syrian and Kurdish people and demand from the governments the right to asylum. Police brutality against families and tear gas against children normalises repression. refugees. We And we have been defending that to against its people to stay in power. Today the indiscriminate repression faced by refugees adds to the escalation in the cutting of freedoms. of refugees goes through putting an refugees cannot be separated from the the repeal of the Schengen treaty and end to the slaughter that the regime of defence of Aleppo. such as the right of asylum. Alexis Tsipras first offers places in refugee camps run signed the deployment of NATO’s by… the army! a long list of adjustments dictated by warships in the Aegean Sea to stop With public debt. but it is also an escalation of police violence. is showing what is capable of doing protection and jobs to the refugees. It is the denial of fundamental rights. After the closure the approval of the minister. now it betrays refugees and CM 37 . And this policy of capitulation was presented as the most progressive been suppressed by riot police. the defence of the agreement between the EU and Turkey. in joint demonstrations of students and workers or in the occupations of squares.

The regime prepares the final for the revolution started over five While the representatives of the Syrian offensive. May the martyrs rest in peace. the regime of al-Assad and Russian aviation have intensified their criminal offensive on Aleppo. A policy of al-Assad returns to barbarism bringing of our people. Russia and the regime and explosive barrels. For on all workers and their organisations it by arguing that Al Nusra was gaining months in the rebel neighbourhoods to mobilise in solidarity with the weight in the area. which have who expand their ranks with the appears white on black: to defeat the left 170 dead. the industrial capital of Syria and one of the bastions of the revolution. The struggle for Aleppo is decisive to defend in the Geneva negotiations. Syria Al-Assad and Putin launch criminal offensive on Aleppo In recent weeks. who rescue people from the ruins of bombed buildings). between the US. stop the offensive against Aleppo. the and the rebel groups to a relentless Committee sent a statement that we regime concentrated its forces around siege. cutting off all supply routes and reproduce. light to the attack under the pretext Meanwhile. including the only world. scorched earth and accomplished facts annihilation and destruction to the From these attacks only benefit that all accept. and the Al-Assad bombs hospitals in Aleppo medicines store of Free Aleppo Health Directorate. which they have tried the bombings has been razed. the Syrian people will not give of the offensive of the regime and the paediatrician who continued to work up the struggle for freedom. § 38 . including 36 children massacre. dignity destruction in the city. to later impose the city of Aleppo: since Saturday there the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the peace of cemeteries. the clinic Al Marja. and equality. there is no drinking water struggle of the Syrian people and to or electricity and the food is scarce. The Coordination Committee our doubts toward the supposed Geneva negotiations continue despite of Aleppo (Syria). the road linking Aleppo to the Turkish Syrian people and their revolutionary Freedom for the prisoners. Any infrastructure that border. From the IWU–FI we call Aleppo and some US officials justified using hunger as a weapon of war. the only paediatrician left in Aleppo worked). The agreement are recorded 120 attacks with rockets criminals of Daesh [ISIS in Arabic]. legitimate right. Medical centres and what little is left standing in the city to treat the sick and injured have been systematically destroyed: the park of civil protection teams (volunteers known as “white helmets”. the Kurdish in the city. taking advantage and two doctors. We repudiate that. friends of the Syrian people who the withdrawal of the opposition. accentuating the siege of the strength. In a few days over 250 civilians have died in the bombing of the liberated areas east of the city. 28 April 2016 have opted for silence or only make Russians and Yankees agree on “truces” Once again the criminal force of lukewarm statements on the suffering that leave Aleppo outside. The Local Coordination people negotiated in Geneva. the United States and of fighting terrorism. subjecting the population years ago. Statement by the Local The local committees. militia of the YPG (People’s Protection The numbers increase because the Long live the struggle of the Syrian Units) advance on the north controlling attacks continue in order to submit the people. to force them to give up their could help to alleviate the effects of population. a nurse and her family criminal regime may have in the Bashar al-Assad. to give the green of the city. we express the European powers keep quiet and give coverage to the genocide. For as many allies this revolution and stabilise the regime of and 5 volunteers of the Syrian Civil Defence. the Jerusalem hospital (where Dr Wassem.

hold their positions. Chavism revolution and expel the reaction. they have It is also clearly said by Yatar Pollat. By all means. to defeat ISIS. The IWU–FI is for the Kurdish people and has on its program the clear slogan of the fight for the right to national self-determination of the entire Kurdish people. And this has led in the No. which has led to being a great rejection among the Syrian left. January 2016). on behalf of communist with Kurdish militias to defend the that has the militia oriented by the parties. As an international current. that there is only one revolution which is combat against the regime. By saying the entire Kurdish people we refer to the 30 million who are divided among Turkey. is a strong campaign of unconditional struggle to end the dictatorship. Often Free Syrian the Geneva meeting participate a Kurdish party in northern Syria. the party ally of PKK). not against Defence Units (YPG). including their weapons and maintain its neutrality al-Assad. This sector of the left defines even clearer — has not entered into into account in her arms shipments”. But what exists in contingents from the US and Russia the leadership of the Syrian Kurdish Syria since March 2011 is a revolution have taken a position and participate movement. PKK. Idris Nasan justified because internationally there these units are not involved in the (El País. Later Russia and its Minister of Foreign support to the leadership of the PKK on. not of support to the Syrian its militia — and now it has become fight against terrorism and takes them revolution. about the role allowed that the self-defence units be of Foreign Affairs of the Kurdish canton played by Kurdish militias. with militia and the Syrian Kurdish militia the predominantly Kurdish territories. Syria. Iraq and Iran. both to Kurds. France or Saudi Arabia. The regime had to fall back to the preparing two airports for military use. are in favour that both the rebel Syrian cities and the capital. 2016. coming to propose that in PYD (Democratic Union Party. It is a fact that military we criticise this totally wrong policy of PKK. Syrian militias only to face the ISIS and State. without criticising the only defended their territory against leader and founder of the PKK: “We role of Russia and the regime of Bashar ISIS. But this agreement has not been because this image is used widely. But of Kobane (Ayn al-Arab). against the dictatorship of al. Syria The Kurdish movement and the Syrian revolution Extracts from the document “Global Situation” by the International Executive Committee (IEC) of the IWU–FI. Specifically. But there is great confusion about the role of the Syrian The Kurdish militia defeated ISIS in Kobane Kurds. Affairs Sergei Lavrov have also clearly (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the revolutionary work also against the said it. And they have accepted the unity have worked periodically with the al-Assad. they supported unquestionably in Kobane past year to an open collaboration with clearly say they have only made the (Ayn al-Arab) fighters of the People’s the United States and Russia to receive unity of action against ISIS. That is. And this is established as operational units. a Kurdish territories. women militias. the IWU–FI has Bashar al-Assad. In the void left in for both Russians and Americans. We. the argument of the military campaign receive weapons and ammunition from the leadership of the PYD began to against ISIS. January 2016). but 39 . a the Kurdish one. they are face ISIS as well as Bashar al-Assad. the ISIS launched its counter. by Kurdish forces. including Syrian in areas of northern Syria controlled leadership of the PKK. which is the reformist of the Syrian people. 141. sectors of anarchism. be it the United organise the territory based on popular preparing the airfield for use in the fight States. “Russia appreciates the role of and sectors of Guevarism in Latin But the leadership of the PYD and the Kurds in Syria and Iraq in the America. which are headed by the against al-Assad. both communities. an Army (FSA) units fought side by side representation of the PYD. We reject this definition and of action with the Free Syrian Army and Free Syrian Army against the Islamic also that it is a revolution of the women. “The United States are a bourgeois state. The PKK military bases against ISIS” assured the Vice Minister in Syria and in exile. but not to confront generalised” (Lucha Internacionalista. Assad. March.

including slaughter by the regime of Bashar and the Free Syrian Army. And that this should also wrong action. in Iraq states. but sells oil. § 40 . and so on. the Turkish state and the PKK which president of Iraqi Kurdistan (Erbil. leaderships. and to cease all military of Marxist origin. founded in Kurdish bourgeois sectors. which historically suffered its unjust division at the hands of various empires. he supported the 2003 invasion. This should be agreeing with anyone for the sake of a We must raise. leader of self-determination. will return. Since them is Masoud Barzani. Abdullah in four countries. His military strength is the identity and independence. The leadership of the PYD And that together they face ISIS but Thence it is unacceptable that the argues that the leadership of the Syrian also al-Assad and reject the Russians leadership of the Kurdish militia openly revolution does not explicitly recognise and imperialist bombings. totalling more than 30 million divided abandoning their slogan of national The leader of the PKK. Originally it had a the Turkish government to which he action on Kurdish territories. The Turkish government percent of the population. the Kurdish people. language. In Turkey there are self-determination for the slogan of Ocalan. where Kurds live and leaves aside the launched a harsh military repression of In Turkey the struggle of the historical struggle for their own state. § The Kurdish people and the PPK The Kurdish people are an interstate colony. Syria without committing or politically that if the regime is recomposed the defeat Bashar al-Assad. that the Kurdish al-Assad. now defends reformist and conciliatory Pershmergas. that they join revolution as a whole. Mobilisations for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan but never stopped fighting for their nationalist revolutionary program. Kurdish people acquired forms of Among the Kurds there are other We call on the people of world to armed struggle since the Kurdistan political leaderships that reflect support the struggle of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK. and to defeat allying themselves with those bourgeois repression against the Kurdish people Hezbollah and the Russian military. A strong ally of the US. to and who. who are facing ISIS in The Kurdish people are considered policies. and prisoners. to join the rebel Free Syrian accepting a future recognition of their of PYD digs its own grave. there has been a war between Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). as we have done part of the program to defeat Bashar possible distribution of land is a very on many occasions. who represent 20 "democratic autonomy" in the current since 1999. are to close the eyes and not denounce the have their own territory. Among people for their right to national 1978) began to fight in 1984. from the Turkish government the already has over 40 thousand dead. This policy of Russia. government. the revolution. In this acknowledge an agreement with Russia. the also criticised. is imprisoned in Turkey 15 million Kurds. on the excuse of ISIS. and cannot be an excuse have their own self-determination. to use their bombarding the rebel militia. in the IWU–FI we still insist which is the boss of Bashar al-Assad. and the Syrian militia. We do not share this view has broken the peace negotiations there are six million. something we have context. and Syrian people demand from their be demanded from the Syrian left Without supporting the Syrian leadership a change of position in Syria. But this stance divides on the right of the Kurds in Syria to responsible for the genocidal bombings. the Kurdish people. the largest stateless people in the world. given Army and other forces that fight to self-determination. a the capital) and part of the Iraqi immediate release of Ocalan and of quarter of them Kurds. The PKK leadership began Iraq. the thousands of Kurdish political The PKK is a mass organization. It is a people who have suffered genocides and massacres. and to demand then. in Iran seven since it recognizes the capitalist states started in 2012 with the PKK and has million and two million in Syria. the leadership That is.

they are an System (Sicoes) reports 54. in fact. which is tied to oil. which succeeded Petrobras. the son. Bolivia Evo. The scandal escalated into a fictional soap opera. nullify the badly US$ 560 million. Evo accuses “imperialism” of “dirty The right-wing opposition and corruption. after the fall in prices with the multinationals in Bolivia: supposedly should be done only as an of oil and gas. it became clear that the seek to be partners — albeit minor — government begins with the 44 oil mother of the president’s son. new allegations and denials that the child exists. Gabriela capitalism of MAS militants is only a The feast of contracts in favour of Zapata. expenses and the “big pardon” for kickbacks. These without bidding in contracts worth Masist. which is already and during previous governments too. the State Procurement breach of contract. now it also 41 . his lover. which lend themselves to established since 2006. and the Chinese multinational Miguel Lamas The appearance in January. but he could not deny some journalists speak of a “blue Chinese multinational] CAMC or the facts. illustration of what is the relationship contracts (without bidding). but indeed partners of the contracts. accuses only his former lover. Repsol. bidding. and the evidence that Mrs Gabriela Zapata. of only 28 years without professional taking advantage of their influence in opposed by the then oil minister. Nor is it only completely subjected to the government. In addition with the government of Evo Morales US$ 2.5 billion without competitive to repaying expenses. of “Goni” Sanchez de Losada and of including the reimbursement of their These shady deals. qualifications. with Evo Morales’s lover in prison. What was in evidence before the people was the scandal of corruption and complicity of the president with multinationals. And this is not only [the campaign”. of the birth certificate of a child by Evo Morales with a young female manager of a Chinese transnational. was named manager of Chinese The oligarchs of the Agricultural protest — but which was approved Chamber of the East (CAO). now 2014 there were contracts for more than favouring the oil companies. But this contracts without competitive bidding. sparked a scandal that helped the adverse election result for his re-election. are hardly clarified by the Since 2006. which Currently. for Bolivia. The Bolivian justice system. as they were formerly partners huge advantages to the oil companies.583 direct them. even compensating submissive judges. contracts signed by MAS government in the looting of called “nationalisation”. not even a high school government. Soliz Rada — who resigned in degree. lover of Evo Morales. various construction works. But beyond the Evo-Zapata minor fraction of the ruling class who transnational corporations under this “soap opera”. to “dominate the economy”. capitalism” of MAS militants who seek just Chinese companies. Actually. and give the government of Evo Morales. including alleged other neoliberal governments. Only in the government issued regulations go through rampant corruption. unanimously by Masist and rightist company CAMC. semi-colonial relationships that always exception and in an emergency. a woman in the business of the big capitalists by contracts signed in December 2006. Chairman of Repsol office of the Ministry of Government. attended him for years in an Evo Morales with Antonio Brufau. by a journalistic exposé. and Sumitomo are not “opponents” in Parliament.

down. It has about 100. Bolivia returns another portion of the Direct several times by Evo and Alvaro Garcia And all this primarily for the benefit of Tax on Hydrocarbons (IDH) as an Linera as a “model company”. municipalities and How many bribes did the CAO genetically modified soybeans for universities budgets. false “communitarian socialism”. § 42 . portion of the HDI. only 3 percent and for the central state agricultural frontier” in one million That is why we strive to implement the 8 percent of what it takes. teachers’ Demonstration of teachers in La Paz current of the Revolutionary Workers Party (POR). and many leader of the Confederation. This front and responsibility to lead the union government in order to achieve an won the Congress by means of a strong opposition in the Central Obrera independent leadership answering dispute and despite the fraudulent Boliviana (Bolivian Workers Centre to the demands of the rank and file manoeuvres of the CP’s bureaucracy. CTEUB held between 14 and 19 was chosen. Both the Masist government and the which leaves for the people of Potosi calculating the “expansion of the old right are agents of the multinationals. removing with the teachers’ leadership of the of this victory.000 hectares and. as well pages and pages. clearings. During the past 40 years it has been led by the Communist Party. which aims to Pinaya. and a new the workers. The current URMA formed Paz. Federico charge of the just demands of the rank and file teachers. – COB). member of the POR. who broke with the governing teachers. the the new leadership is Vilma Plata. agribusiness companies. § New leadership of left opposition to the government wins urban teachers union The Confederation of Urban Education Workers (CTEUB) is the strongest union organisation in Bolivia. and is also integrated the union and the political significance National Confederation. over 500. But for the importance of recover the La Paz Federation and the leadership.000 members (there is another organisation of rural teachers of some 60. many of them figureheads “incentive to invest”. Qurawa. which receive a pay for the “big pardon” of all forest export. which claims to be A document was adopted clearly congress to remove the leaders sold to Trotskyist and for years has headed the in opposition to the government and the government and to promote the Federation of urban teachers of La Paz. worse. but which hectares per year (there are currently October Agenda: to expropriate and nevertheless has already been praised 3. Their most important opposition was URMA. an opposition front with a former This new leadership must take Maya. Demanding a rank and file through union democracy. it was formed the Broad Front of Stalinist apparatus of the CP brovvke former leader of the teachers of La Rural Teachers of La Paz (FAM).000 hectares of crops in Bolivia). the Education Act 070 attacking the formation of a political alternative for Cochabamba and Oruro.000 members). which are crimes punishable Of course. Qamasa. in Bolivia. expel the multinationals. punishing thus go on and on with examples filling of large Brazilian or Argentine both the central state budget. We could landowners. a broken decomposed bureaucratic apparatus. composed of the groups Pachakuti. silver and other minerals). the right opposition The allegations of the right or by law with the reversion to the State never denounces this because they journalistic do not mention any of of the land? But there was another law are the direct beneficiaries of this this. Among the members of In the rural teachers of La Paz March in the city of Riberalta. against the government At the National Congress of the leadership formed by the three sectors and against the old right. which reconciled with the various capitalist governments and in the last decade co-ruled with the MAS and virtually “owns” the Ministry of Education. pardoning all. Nor do they mention Sumitomo.300. it has the possibility the leaders subjected to the MAS Department of Santa Cruz. accepting the clearing “generosity” by the government of the which exploits the largest mine (zinc. growers of as departments. conquests of the teachers. granting permits for new clearings.

favouring the multinationals and NO sold to the transnationals. old politicians of the in rural districts controlled absolutely voted NO “would regret it”. manifested in rampant corruption displayed to us all by the Gabriela Zapata case (…) We said NO to a system that oppresses us. The alliance with the transnationals. the NO to the re-election the opposite: many men and women of Movement}. precarious jobs. But the triumph MAS to harm their communities. it has even incorporated fascists of popular leaders published after the to the domestic and foreign exploiting the Santa Cruz Youth Union (UJC). Sociologist Silvia Rivera estimates to corrupt leaders who call themselves The MAS. especially Alvaro Garcia Linera said those who Action (ADN).7 percent for YES). the government went from a win with 60 percent (CONALCAM). that condemns Bolivia and the majority of its people to misery and marginalisation. filling the fields Bolivia: Police clashing with demonstrators with transgenic soybeans. as this system does. and also a NO to the peasant movement to change this national elections in 2014 to 40 the entire political system based on system for a government of authentic percent of votes in the referendum. (…) We voted NO to the economic against the people and it sinks into the there were hundreds of allegations policy of adjusting the people and corruption of a president and officers of fraud. To his to claim the victory. consolidating 43 . and to the ruin of the rural economy to ensure the profits of the capitalists “partners”. Bolivia “After the triumph of NO let us put up an alliance of organisations to fight for a government of the workers. although originally that the vote for YES was actually National Coordination for Change founded as a political instrument of 40 percent. to exploitation with minimum wages. of the MIR [Revolutionary Left Movement]. Although the margin was mobilised in the neighbourhoods and a YES to a government which does not relatively narrow (51. the new right. was of the working people. subjected to the organisations of the people. parties of the rich. the oligarchy of CAO and CAINCO [Chamber of Industry and Commerce] and the big bosses. characters that come from neoliberalism and who are its most powerful ministers like Quintana or Arce Catacora. the youth now beginning to regret having given he lost. for NO and 48. or lack of work. Banzerists of Nationalist Democratic Despite the massive fraud. which organisations and workers and every day and not. But it was MNR [Revolutionary Nationalist by the MAS. minority. That is. since he counted on a win. deserve it because it rules with lies. are surprise. the indigenous people and the people” On 21 February there was of Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia the people. especially in rural areas. who voted YES because they a referendum called by the Linera triumphed. did not want to benefit the old right or government to enable the third The old right politicians came out because they were blackmailed by the re-election of Evo Morales.3 percent also in social networks. degenerated transnationals. completely betraying their rank and We reproduce below an excerpt The people seek a political alternative file and today is another party of from the joint statement of leftist representing those who work and strive this system. referendum.

and now with the falling prices of Mora (Guarani) and Secure (Tipnis). more tax hikes. calling Workers of Cochabamba). FUL UMSS. 1 Pasanaku is a basic financing system used great first step. Thus. the remnants of looting of our country. oligarchs and big bosses. ARPT financial contributions to be used in turns. who speak government leaders. health. whose core and conduction are independent organisations of the people. recovered spending. who have come off the by a program to fight for NO to Workers Party). Workers. Rebeca and NO to the corrupt and sold to of Six Federations of the Tropics of Delgado and Felix Santos. and student organisations. without they are presented with land to deforest Teachers of Oruro. Tuto indigenous territories. without the parties of and repayable loans to the Santa Cruz Urban Teachers of La Paz.1 to govern them in the University UMSA. to These old right-wing politicians. indigenous People). (Revolutionary Alternative Working usually by lot or by a need for any of the for new popular organisations. we must give it continuity to former leader Federation of Factory within a group. Rural come our authentic organisations. we took a (worker of Aceites Fino Quillacollo. labour members. to expel the transnational oligarchs. COMCIPO (Potosi). With the campaign popular NO born with the Alliance for Life in Tiquipaya and in which participated the Coordination of Social Organisations for the NO. organisations of workers in the city the people with layoffs. Bolivia run to seek mentors in the traditional parties (…) What we need is an independent alternative. the power of the landed agribusiness indigenous territories of Takovo politicians and the transnationals. now intend to to have decent jobs. La Paz). Federation Force) Cover of the journal of the of Peasant Women “Bartolina Sisa” We need to end this unjust ARPT (IWL–FI) of La Paz. CONDECOB. they have CNAMIB (indigenous women). education of San Andres). NO to the old or Teachers Front Pachakuti. Revolutionary Socialist take over the triumph of the people and Antiimperialist Force. CODELPA. imperialist Force. the indigenous people and the people. launched a violent adjustment against Teachers Pachakuti. popular. Jesus Bernardo Choque of a “new political instrument” but our organisations. ARPT system serving the enrichment of (Revolutionary People’s Alternative). Eliseo Mamani (Rural MAS. like National Coordination in Defence of the University Autonomy. NO to the transnationals Mario Peñanco (former leader Youth Roman Loayza. trade union fronts. to defend Doria Medina. Students of recover our natural resources. or as Joel Guarachi. Alliance for Life. After Evo mining and hydrocarbons. Now. after the triumph in Bolivia. while taxes are discounted as Federation of Urban Teachers of for the democratic decision of its rank “incentives” to the transnationals and Cochabamba. to end this political and economic system of parties at the service of the rich and the transnationals. Urban Teachers of Potosi. and of the students. Damian Condori. Revilla. Indigenous. Federation of the corrupted. Edgar Sanchez. Quiroga. and Signatories: And they have their puppets in Neighbourhood Organisations. Federation of Urban and file that we have to win. united Gualberto Arenas (Secretary General some leaders. CODAPMA (Coordination for and the countryside. the re-election. CONAMAQ Cover of the journal of Fuerza Socialista Organic (National Council of Ayllus Antiimperialista (Socialist Antiimperialist and Markas of Qolasuyo). It is based on the commitment of NO. new right. Coordination and end poverty (…) make pasanaku. CODEPANAL. The operation is repeated as many unions. Carlos Mesa. in order to regain Cochabamba). as Felix Patzi. and whose goal is to conquer a government of the workers’ organisations. Peasants. to end the UPEA (Public University of El Alto). Federation of the rich. indigenous and cutting health and popular education Environmental Defence) Santa Cruz. and Independent same way he did the new Masist right. allied to Revilla. Costas. Revolutionary Socialist Anti- times as there are members in the group. based on direct democracy. § 44 . corporations and landowners. to industrialise Students of UMSA (higher University the MNR and the MIR. for which members made form (…) a real alternative.

and Toledo. which in three Front page of Unios’ journal struggles that defeated transnational months goes from 2 percent to 19 mining projects. deep crisis of the capitalist party handing out little gifts. the talk of a “right turn” the FA defeated Kuczynski in the transnationals. of only 35 years. both candidates. The left of previous governments) captures a was reborn with the Broad Front confused and rather volatile vote since (Frente Amplio. FA) reaching 19 it has no party) and was first in only percent of the ballot. i. journalistic sources speak The big surprise was the Broad of a “right turn”. the daughter of Pablo Kuczynski (21 percent. Direct Democracy. Businessman Pedro candidates: Keiko. we must add another left which forced the overturn of the law of 10 April placed the Broad Front (FA) anti-mining party. the electoral failure of neoliberal former given it the victory. the general elections To this. it is a first round. was only held back by a youth and the most militant workers change of the rightist ruler. of compulsory military service and the and its candidate Veronica Mendoza which won in Cajamarca and took flexibility of youth employment law in the third place nationally. as the massive mobilisation nearly 3 million votes and 19 percent of days before the election). This possible outcome. but she still system in Peru. with the candidacy of Veronica being Shining Path (which included Newmont Mining Corp. a union of small ecological comes after several years of popular and left organisations. dirty campaign that accused them of (Workers Solidarity Network). According to Unios. the arrival to the FI. was second in eight undemocratic electoral law was left party of President Ollanta Humala departments and third in nine. ambiguities. also the 4 percent nationally (but by the (“Pulpin” law). With Shining Path members to police a few country. wins (39 percent) of the votes highly contradictory and show a of the poorest and most depoliticised. the organisation of the IWL– and in favour of the large mining previous surveys. of tens of thousands of young people the national vote. Peru Consolidating the Broad Front as a great fighting movement Enrique Fernandez Chacon – Unios The results of the first round in Keiko Fujimori. an openly neoliberal government points off Kuczynski. To this. we must add second round of the FA could have the outset. in Cajamarca.e. In any case. that fighting the depredations of the mining For all of this. nearly three one Department. As in other Latin American Rise of the left countries. it expressed organisations APRA. such as the case of the percent. as well as sectors of the makes no sense. integrating it since 2012. defeating Keiko because. raised in dictator Fujimori. The second round has fewer votes than absenteeism and will be between two very similar the flawed vote. supported the Broad Front from transnationals. million votes. and neoliberal the United States and former Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. daughter of the the Peruvian national elections are dictator. outside Parliament. who had an extremely rare attack by suspected And several cases in the south of the broken with Humala’s party. Mendoza. as it was only two party). despite its programmatic presidents Alan Garcia of the historic Fujimori. But this election Front. as it did not reach (who withdrew from the race because The FA was very close to reaching 5 percent and lost its registration as a he was on 2 percent) who headed the second round. These struggles caused FA has won seven departments (south the collapse and near extinction of the of the country). 45 .

nobody gave it to the Broad Front and which now seek of view. and the Broad Front to the popular. § The FA has to be at the forefront Pacific Ocean countries like the United Zealand. anti- express mandate that the peoples who instead. deserving of the confidence placed in “tying” the Broad Front to a group To get to where it has arrived. Ica. 1 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement of economic cooperation was signed by transnational corporations. in the south of the country. we are against great movement. The task ahead. movements to take in their hands the encouraging their struggles and claims. workers’ struggle. Neither that characterises neoliberalism and the The FA has achieved the election Keiko nor Kuczynski!. we call to register massively. Broad Front. could do well or poorly. of cliques. sweat and The victory we celebrate today of that were against it. Brunei. Time and the struggle will tell. and Challhuahuacho in that we. Chile. It is enough to look into the family basket. as Cocachacra turnaround that widely overflowed all as currency to better sell themselves to in Arequipa. annulling of the exploited people policy of dispossession and appeasement the vote in the second round.1 a semi colonial treaty working people. Consolidating the FA since not only our voters but all the We c a l l t o k e e p t h e t o t a l together with the struggles Peruvian people hope to reverse the independence of the FA. have always done. increased. we have come out unscathed her support to the candidate Pedro Junín and Cusco. and supporting the organisation imperialism. demanding the definitive Agreement. and protection There is no national development districts where it won an absolute against dismissals. do the same. Susana Villaran has just given departments of Moquegua . from harassment of the yellow press. Peru majority. The FA has to be at the head of can only regain its sovereignty and The FA should be steadfast on the the demonstrations to break with control of its destiny. These are the grassroots. It is now necessary to promote this constitute the second majority of the For all these reasons. as determined by governments that implement it. 46 . to miners. Japan. from this first leg and we hope that we Pablo Kuczynski and wants the FA to will manage to live up to expectations. the groups that make up the the bosses’ parties of the right as they Apurimac. enemies of additions that subtract. of Susana Villaran (former mayor of struggles of the social movements. their democratic expulsion of mining projects affecting subjecting Peru even further to the organisations and not by the agents of agricultural areas or water. And they still do respectively. it has us. including organisations cost all the militancy blood. giving control of next Congress of the Republic. and which will end up taking up their demands and needs of democratic trade unions and destroying what is left of the domestic without any ambiguity. as it was pointed out in devious attacks from rivals. of struggle of the people. Canada. nothing changes We must enrich the FA program annulled by neoliberalism. The Peruvian Communist politically the FA. Mexico. § If you don’t change everything. from our point coming in third place. Because they do the call to build the Broad Front. is to strengthen organic and us. but on the by the FA in the majority of the mining The secret was the popular contrary to use its huge electoral base districts of the south. which boycotted tears. demanding full industry. and to incorporate in its leadership Henceforth the challenge for the FA We are aware that this clashes representations of the rebellion of the and those elected is to be worthy and with a bureaucratic conception of peoples and the workers. the responsibility has now. of 21 members of Congress. black campaigns of slander. promoting transnationals. Tacna. has been a political battle that broke to enter. Party and the Social Force grouping need to build a front that unifies the rigged polls. the FA. workers. with the the admission of these groups. Singapore and Vietnam. and young people supported us have voices in Congress structure the Broad Front in each place. recovering its unconditional defence of the claims of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) national wealth. of the recovery of the labour rights States. New Peru. Malaysia. and Lima) applied to join the FA. and ruled by the the people. of the hands of transnationals. Tia Maria and Las Bambas. Front. Peru This relationship with the struggles the actual changes and transformations not enter to make the FA a movement was expressed in the victory achieved that our people need and demand. mining districts in the Today. Australia. condemning Peru to live in a The anti-mining struggle is a trade union rights and the right to mining extractive economy that preys fundamental constituent base of strike. who will a majority of the FA national meeting. to courts controlled by by discussing with its social grassroots. minimum wage according to on nature. making a reality the the siege of media disinformation.

High prices of energy Poster of solidarity The Revolution Betrayed. the old a strike of similar dimensions was held and in Chinese private bookstores. In February India’s Tata worked in 1963 in the state media as announced the shutdown of its plant a casual translator.000 jobs. Since then. strike fund of $ 400 million. at Verizon. sympathised with the strike. The two unions Chinese edition of the works of Trotsky. 500 revolutionary makes way into China. Although the ban on publishing monster telco Verizon went on strike on the Communist Party of China in the Trotsky disappeared in the 1980s. the country). a founding member foreign. which include the outsourcing of semi-slave labour in Mexico and the Philippines. who had participated in the local In October 2015. After works have been recently published. The steel industry in the UK is Liu Renjing. persuaded by Trotsky’s own texts of its including books of long banned Leon political and intellectual worth. begin to be available. copies of the “Extracts of the reactionary ideas of Trotsky. very little was known it would not be until the end of the history of the company and is convened about the Russian revolutionary’s 1990s that Zheng compiled a new after eight months of unsuccessful political thought in Mao’s China. The Third and steel imports from China are 47 .000 workers of the Yankee After the purges of Trotskyists in leader. in 2008. 13 April. Marxist literature publications. Cannon. and The workers and popular sectors.” also known under the label of grey books were printed. would not be until the advent of the representing company employees and would not be published until scattered around the East Coast of the Sino-Soviet conflict in the 1960s. young of America and the International CPSU. and Trotsky. It is the largest strike in the 1930s and 1940s. In 2011 second-hand bookstores in Europe By the weight of his ideas. only to be read by a handful of United Kingdom officials with ministerial rank or higher. Verizon has resorted to thousands of scabs to replace strikers and suspended health insurance to the strikers to weaken the fight. In 1999 the three volumes of US that convened the struggle measure which accusations of “Trotskyism” flew Trotsky’s biography by Isaac Deutscher were the Communications Workers against the Chinese bureaucracy by the were published. Its circulation was reduced to about 50 The adjustment in the copies. embraced the ideas of the revolutionary Almost 40. seriously affected local production. workers compilation of Trotsky’s ideas. It contract negotiations. The right to strike is severely restricted in the US. Global News Workers face the outsourcing plans of the transnational. after the Cultural Revolution was Strikers on the street CP. for a period of two weeks. The United States: strike at Social Democrat pre-candidate Bernie Verizon Sanders. it is Theory of Permanent Revolution. have begun to get allocations from a several years collecting materials in as of American James P. Thai company SSI Trotskyist movement and had even closed its plant in Redcar (northeast of met personally Trotsky in Turkey. The global price drop has of the Communist Party of China. Zheng who question the official view of the Yifan. and plans to cut pensions. He translated for in Port Talbot (Wales) with the loss the official compilation works such as of 15. that Deng Xiaoping ordered intellectuals have been approaching Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Trotsky in China In the heat of the struggles of International After Lenin. racing Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. The slowly emerging a sector of fighters editor in charge of the project. the publication of a representative revolutionary literature. and Trotskyist After three weeks of strikes.

the Saharawis for this crime were savagely regime moved civilians to demonstrate repressed. stay and teacher employment of dozens of colleagues under judicial the health of the political prisoner. The British public sector is in a similar crisis. The NUT (the country’s largest frame-ups. Brahim Saika prelude to greater privatisation of the Mubarak dictatorship in 2011. Only on 6 teachers’ union). medical union. leaving a blanket of doubt the measures. and hunger Arab world but has the support of strikes are recurrent. Protests by of two thousand union members. Other was leader of the Coordination of health service and greater downsizing. Chavism. After several 24-hour stoppages with emergency care. In the action political prisoner Brahim Saika died were arrested journalists Amr Mansour. Global News responsible for this crisis. known for their role suffered on 1 April. Castroism and hundreds missing since 1976. added to the deficit of £ 450 million of its pension fund emptied by the bosses. after the departure of the “disproportionate”. Western Sahara 48 . Something similar happens with the famous BHS department stores. Moroccan dungeons there are dozens of El-Sisi is hated in Egypt and the Sahrawi political prisoners. the government plans press. which include the release The authorities did not attend to the entry. as part of an offensive of discrimination in employment as part community. There are also imperialism. Journalists established a period occupation to which the Saharawi to privatise the entire education system. Else they go on strike. At death. which went bankrupt leaving a pension debt of nearly £ 500 million. on 16 April at a hospital in Agadir. destroying teaching statutes governing demands. with the participation about the cause of his death. after holding a hunger strike Polisario troops. to let him agonise. the Spanish State and the US. the dictatorship of el-Sisi against the of the fascist-like regime of colonial In education. § on May 4 an official apology and the prisoner Brahim Saika dismissal of Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar after suffering a raid dies on Sunday 1 May. a group facing They receive strong support from the and 25 April. He was then transferred organising actions against these plans. During the the authorities refused to perform an mass meeting of journalists that decided autopsy. Ismail Badr and Mahmoud Hosni Morocco. Currently. languishing in in front of the union headquarters. not to comply with legal provisions to Agadir. The BMA. Spanish colonialists. Cuban state news agency Morocco has occupied most of Prensa Latina criticised in a review the territory of Western Sahara for the union actions. Medical residents have taken to fight the government’s plan to increase the working week and reduce coverage of occupational risks. they went on to Demonstration of journalists in Cairo. establishing censorship. Egypt 48-hour stoppages without covering emergencies. to protest the arbitrary detention does not support. Buyers are sought but it will be the workers who pay. very serious after torture. as well as ATL (private The union denounces US meddling April was he admitted to the hospital schools) and NAHT (headmasters) are in Egyptian politics and has called in Gulemin. Thanks to the Egypt: journalists unconditional support of France. the first since its Saharawi trade unionist and founding 75 years ago. Resident physicians Mohamed Gad. Russia. of one week for the satisfaction of their people are subjected. describing them as 40 years. and his torture believe that these measures are the in the revolution that overthrew the by Moroccan thugs. it holds with threaten to strike Western Sahara: an iron hand the colonial occupation of The journalists’ union demanded Sahrawi political this African territory. journalists have been arrested on 15 Saharawi Unemployed. regime.

paying taxes to Panama. the Panama statement by Propuesta Socialista with their companies. With this the through lawyers offices or the income of named “triangulations” began. thus leaves a country with a price. § . fiscal and trade operations…” canal but they decided to intervene in allowing to be passed from hand to hand Now they call them “Off Shore”. legal businesses that everyone knows where the so-called “witch companies” appeared. Not without putting your own name. 2016 Brazilian sociologist Herbert de Souza to do with business that their companies US imperialism has made Panama had been doing in the country. It is clear that this law has capital. The product “paperwork” to legalise businesses. comes to the in Panama there are many corporations as Free Zone and then goes to one or more Economically Active Population. The the isthmus to “maintain order” and at without anyone knowing who owns law office of Mossack-Fonseca said to be them. They are other countries with another price. The papers are not of Panama. explained that “the (witch companies) their colony since the submission of the The aforesaid law allows doing business act taking Panama as a strategic centre [Panamanian] bourgeoisie in 1903. leader of Propuesta Socialista We reproduce extracts of the an economic level they also invaded us At the time of Torrijos. is part of the is to pass through the isthmus products or tasks assigned to the country and the Sepoy goods from their home country without bourgeoisie accepts to collect the crumbs. Priscilla Vazquez. they belong to imperialist companies and their domestic lackeys On the left. hence of a triangular operation through which “corporation”. they end. Its main purpose imperialist activity in Panama. on April October 1925. The shares are of the bearer. The triangulations are the military occupation of Panama City in no longer just goods but of the financial section of the IWU–FI). In 1927 it passed a Banking Centre or international financial (Socialist Proposal. multinational companies make all kinds only did they take the area around the of financial. less than two years after centre is created. This is an Free Zone was created. Panamanian corporation law. The application of it had a first the second in the country administering “modernization” in 1948 when the Colon thousands of companies. Thus.

FRANCE Workers and youth against labour reform .