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Name :- Vishwas

Sub. :- M.M.

Company :- Yamaha motors

Mitsui & Co. It produces a range of motorcycles for domestic consumption and export including the FZ. Ltd. Sports Bikes Parent Yamaha Motor Company. In 2008. and YZF.. Ltd. Ltd. .History :- India Yamaha Motor Private Limited (IYM) is the wholly owned Indian subsidiary of Yamaha Motor company. In August 2001. India ters Key Hiroyuki Yanagi (President & people Representative Director) Products Motorcycles. Scooters. SZ. Fazer.. Ltd. Type Joint Venture Industry Motorcycle Founded 2001 Headquar Noida.. Mitsui & Co. Japan (YMC).Japan Joint- investor with Mitsui & Co.. Yamaha Motor Company. entered into an agreement with YMC to become a joint-investor in India. Saluto. it became a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co.Japan made its initial foray into India in 1985 as a joint-venture with Escorts Group.

This project has been a rewarding knowledge. Raju ACKNOWLEDGMENT I have benefited a lot from project during the second term of our Course MBA. Website www. VISHWAS KARIYA . I take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of those People who helped me in successful completion of this project and also express my special thanks to Prof. Dr.yamaha-motor-india. Rathod (Faculty Guide) who provided me an opportunity to do this project. I have got into the various aspects of YAMAHA MOTORS by analyzing various information sources on the Internet.

precise and sharp handling  A sophisticated chassis with unique bodywork Price :- 27.. The team understood just how special the original VMAX was to its owners .00. During the late 90s Yamaha's VMAX project team started to work on the rebirth of a legend.000 INR well as those fans who admired the bike without ever riding. The project team identified the following goals that would enable them to create a worthy successor to the legendary original model:  Awesome acceleration feeling together with strong performance  Distinctive.Products :- VMAX the Legend continues.

braking and launches. slides.and yzf-r1m's Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) delivers ultimate handling . (We R1) Developed without compromise using YZR-M1 MotoGP technology. 199kg and 1.405mm .All new Yamaha YZF-R1. front wheel lift. Price:- 25.00. 200PS.000 INR YZF-R1 . and comes with even higher factory specification . 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) offers controllability over traction. the R1 was born for the track.enabling every racer and track rider to discover their true potential. Its Communication Control Unit with GPS allows to look at lap times and other running data on an Android-based tablet .YZF-R1M YZF-R1M race motorcycle is a special version of the all new R1.

braking and launches. 7 bhp.420 onwards .000INR  Yamaha Saluto RX 110 cc. 98 kgs Ex-showroom. Price:-22. Its central nervous system is a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that constantly senses chassis motion in 3D. slides. creating controllability over traction.wheelbase give an insight into its capabilities. front wheel lift. 82 kmpl. But it's what you can't see that makes this focused superbike so special. Mumbai 50.00.

62 kmpl.834 onwards .398 onwards  Yamaha Alpha 113 cc.1 bhp. 104 kgs Ex-showroom. 7 bhp. Mumbai 54. 62 kmpl. 7. 104 kgs Ex-showroom.  Yamaha Ray-Z 113 cc. Mumbai 54.

8. 7.207 onwards  Yamaha Saluto 125 cc. Mumbai 58. 78 kmpl. 105 kgs Ex-showroom.1 bhp. Mumbai 57.  Yamaha Cygnus Ray ZR 113 cc. 66 kmpl. 112 kgs Ex-showroom.2 bhp.744 onwards .

9 bhp. 50 kmpl.999 onwards  Yamaha SZ RR V 2.421 onwards . 11.0 149 cc. 103 kgs Ex-showroom. 7 bhp.  Yamaha Fascino 113 cc. 134 kgs Ex-showroom. Mumbai 70. 66 kmpl. Mumbai 58.

 Yamaha FZ16 153 cc. 135 kgs Ex-showroom.712 onwards  Yamaha FZ V 2.291 onwards . 13 bhp.8 bhp. 132 kgs Ex-showroom. 13. Mumbai 78.0 149 cc. Mumbai 85. 50 kmpl. 58 kmpl.

0 149 cc. Mumbai 87. 13 bhp. 45 kmpl.0 149 cc. 45 kmpl.900 onwards . Yamaha FZ S V 2. 13 bhp. 137 kgs Ex-showroom.463 onwards  Yamaha Fazer FI V 2. 132 kgs Ex-showroom. Mumbai 92.

Mumbai 1. 134 kgs Ex-showroom. 148 kgs Ex-showroom.25.  Yamaha YZF-R15 S 150 cc. 20.22. 42 kmpl. Mumbai 1. 16 bhp.130 onwards .3 bhp. 43 kmpl.202 onwards  Yamaha FZ25 249 cc.

7 bhp. 22 kmpl. 42 kmpl. 16.4 bhp. Mumbai 1. 169 kgs Ex-showroom.25. Mumbai 3.  Yamaha YZF R15 150 cc.44.488 onwards . 41.514 onwards  Yamaha YZF-R3 321 cc. 136 kgs Ex-showroom.

4 bhp. 1. SENIOR MANAGEMENT Executive director Vice president Associate vice president Chief general manager Deputy general manager 2.000 onwards HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE OF YAMAHA MOTORS LTD. MIDDLE MANAGEMENT Department chief manager Manager . 113. 191 kgs Ex-showroom. Mumbai 10.  Yamaha MT-09 900 cc.20.

It uses a very simple. Assistant manager 3. to reach out to its customers which is as follows : There are two movements involved in the above distribution system : . Has a very systematic and well developed distribution network. two-way distribution system. JUNIOR MANAGEMENT Senior suprident General supervisor Supervisor Distribution network Yamaha motors ltd.

yamaha motors ltd. . With such an extensive distribution network.1 Primary movement – from the plant to the depot 2 Secondary movement – from the depot to the dealer Its distribution network covers 500 dealers through 22 depots spread all over the country. Is sure to reach every part of the country.