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Worksheet prepared by Mr Nej 




STUDENT NAME: _____ERIKE NJIGINYA_______________

YEAR LEVEL:_____________11__________

Learning Intention: By responding to these questions, I am intending improve my
vocabulary and written expressions.

Success Criteria:

As a student, I can:

 Listen for specific and detailed information on a documentary and respond
to certain questions.
 Re-listen and learn the pronunciation of some difficult words i.e. learn how
to say them.
 Learn new words by checking the synonym list on word document and
sometimes checking the meaning of a word on I can
also ask my teacher for a particular word if I still could not fully understand
a word after I researched.
 Listen and write basic, compound and complex sentence structures.
 Write my opinions in paragraphs and in an essay format.

Review: I will revise the new words I learnt and ensure that I know the meaning
and can say them accurately and fluently.
1. Is Australia racist?


2. What are your reasons for choosing the above answer for the first
survey question?

Because people are racist and I saw it in the video

3. What is the proportion of people born overseas in Australia?

Half Australia

4. “We are a nation built on cultural diversity. When it comes to race
relations we can do a lot better.” What does Ray Martin, the presenter
mean by this statement?

We can improve our relationship to the other cultural

5. “Racism is a festering sore, racism is this problem we need to fix and
the only way to fix problems is shine a light on them?”
What do these underlined expressions mean? Do you agree with Ray
Martin and why?

Talk about it

6. What is the survey question number 13 asking? How many people
agree and how many disagree do you agree that is racial prejudicing
Australia 3 agreed 1 disagree

7. What is the biggest surprise Professor Kevin Dunn the Sydney
professor expressed?

One in five Australians have told us they experience racism in last 12 moth

8. What does 76% refer to?
I would stand up for someone being discriminated against

9. What is the survey question 31 asking? Why do you think they would
be asking this question? How would you respond to this question?
It to see how many people say they agree or disagree

10.What is the name of the first subject? Who is she? (Describe her
background) What was her problem at school?

Her name is Anna born in Mauritius she’s lived nearly her life in Australia
she that only dark person at school

11.What are they testing with the first subject? What are they trying to
find out with this experiment?
Racist behaviour

12.Name three of the disturbing racist comments that two girls made
towards the first subject?
Did you come here by a boat?
How do you write down your name if it’s like making click sound?

13.Some people came to my aid some didn’t? What does aid mean? How
many people came to her aid?
3 people helped her

14.If you live in Australia, you should trying to fit in? What does fit in
mean? How does one of the girls think Anna could fit in to the
Australian society? What type of reaction does one of the men on the
bus stop give? Fit in means wear Australian clothe
15. He was so embarrassed she said wear normal clothes

16.“You are asking some outrageous questions a bystander says at a
train station. If you are Australian, I am disgusted of what I have just
heard. Why did this lady react that way? What does this say about
some Australians?

If they were male they would have list support her

17.“Easier because they are women perpetrators “ What were they
indicating here? Would people have reacted more differently had the
perpetrators been males?

The women at the train station thought the perpetrators were tarnishing
Australia? What does tarnishing mean? How do these girls’ actions tarnish

Ruining Australia it makes Australia racist country
18.Ray Martin thinks that when people don’t know each other they get
afraid and that is all caused by ignorance that results in racism. Do
you agree?

I agree
19.What does 10% refer to? How many people does that equal to in
terms of population?

I am prejudiced against other cultures that’s 2.4milloin Australia

20.Do you have racist people in your sight? Did the second subject in the
documentary have racist people in his sight? By the way who was this
second subject, why had he come to Australia and what was he doing
on the streets of Melbourne?
Yes Jafri he want to shine the light

21.Do you believe the second subject’s protest actions are justifiable?
Yes because if someone don’t speak up it will get more lost

22.What are the messages Jafri trying to get out to people?
He want racist awareness in our society

23.I came here wanting to integrate but people are pulling back from
me? What does this underlined word and phrase mean?
Be like other people understand the law people are not come close tome

24.How do you think migrants could integrate? Should migrants integrate
or assimilate? What does assimilate mean? In the past indigenous
Australians were forced to assimilate. Do you agree?
Understand the law and they should integrate n yes I agree

25.Some people in our society carry stereotyping and prejudice about
other people in our society. This is affecting us. What does
stereotyping mean? Find three synonyms for stereotyping and three
synonyms for prejudice? How does stereotyping affect Jafri? How
would stereotyping affect you?

Synonyms sigma ge

26.What does 43% refer to? What does sentiment mean?

Ant African sentiment stereo typing

27.What are some of the challenges do African background migrants
encounter in Australia? If you had similar challenges how would you
feel and what would you do? Would you feel discriminated against or
racially vilified? What does racial vilification mean?
Police will just stop you for no reason and check u

28 Survey # 23 asks what?
African refugee increase crime In Australia

28.When responding to this question do you think people hold
preconceptions about African background migrants in Australia? What
might be some of these preconceptions? Where might these be
coming from?
yes they violet and they steal

29.Why do you think Jafri chose the AFL footy ground to demonstrate his
protest? Were people nasty to him at when heading towards the
stadium or at Flinders Street? What were some of the nasty comment
made to Jafri? How would you have responded if similar responses
were made to you?
To see people reaction

30.Jafri states that “the first step to solve any problem is to recognise
that the problem exists. When people keep denying racism exists, a
climate develops where racist behaviours will become normalised if
they don’t recognise the problem who will
Rephrase the above sentences by beginning the sentence with: People
will see racist behaviours to be normal if ...

31.Ray Martin’s survey shows 4 out of 5 migrants accept what?
How many percent accept it? How many percent don’t accept it?
19 million

32.19 Million are in favour of what? _Cultural ______________ _Diversty

33.Do you prefer a heterogeneous or a homogeneous society? Why?

Heterogeneous because I would like to know more from other people
34.What is survey question 16 ask? How many respondents agreed, how
many disagreed?
Having a multicultural population has been good for Australia
3 agreed 1 disagree
35.There are a lot of people who are confronted by cultural mix. What
does confronted by mean? Are you confronted by any particular
groups in Australia?
I don’t have particular that I am confronted by
36.“Our survey clearly shows that one group in particular the level of
hatred are growing and getting louder. Which group is that? And why
do you think this happens?

Muslim group I think this happing because of the media and positions

37.“You can either be a mouslim or an Australian. It must be either/or
because the two do not co-relate.” What does this statement mean?
You need to choose things either be Muslim or an Australian

38. “Religious discrimination, is that racism?” What do you think?

39.Certain groups don’t fit in well to Australia. Which groups do you think
don’t fit in to Australia? How can you fit in into a new society? How
should the society make you fit in?

I don’t know bro
40.Does the attitude of Australian’s towards mouslims need to change?
What is the attitude towards mouslims?

Yes I agree because everything you see on tv is trust
41.Islamaphobia, a global phenomenon, is also present in Australia and
we need to address it?
Do you agree and why?
Yes because all Muslim are the same

42.Survey question 38 asks what? “Positive” , “neutral” and “negative”
are the responses. What does each of these words mean?
How do u feel about Muslim in Australia?
43.3% of Australians saw mouslims as a problem against 45% of Indo-
China in what year? And what does it mean?
in 1998 they don’t see Muslims as a problem

44.What increased from 3% to 32% and in how many years this rise
9/11 19 years

45.Who was Mr Nej’s friend in the documentary? What is his job? Where
is he born?

Is name is nail born in Turkish the is the leader of the vic Islamic society
46.Does he think that Australians were racist or hospitable when he grew
up? Did he have any issues in settling in? According to him, what
made Australian’s attitude change towards mouslims?
No didn’t have any issues salting in 9/11

47.Whatever mouslims do nowadays it is seen as controversial? What
does controversial mean? What do you see as a controversial issue in
today’s society?

Raciest present
48.Why does Nail want to replace the mosque? Why would people react?
How is the media helping people to react?

Because they is to many people

49.20% if people would be concerned of what? What do people fear of?

20% of Australia said that they disagree with that place of worship
Islamic will take over Australia