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Paragraph 5 & 6

There was an instance in Gaza were its economy was devastated by years of
sanctions and decades of conflicts and many families sent their children to work at
the trash dumps, streets and workshops but although Israel eased its blockade in
the middle of June allowing them in consumer goods and little has changed in
Gaza’s poorest families that cannot afford food or clothes and usually rely on aid
help and Gaza has a 40% of unemployment which is largely sealed off from the
outside world by Israel and Egypt since 2007 when the Hamas militant movement
seized power in the territory and the people that saved the children from Gaza were
the UK based aid group one of the kids was Raed Ahmed Moussa and he has been
working at a Gaza workshop fixing car engines since he was 13. As his father is
unemployed and Raed supports his extended family of eight brothers and sisters
from his father's two wives.
One of the kids that works at a young age is Moussa Suhail Obeid he is 13 years old
and Moussa Suhail Obeid collects plastic and steel at Gaza's main landfill, near the
Gaza-Israel border. He is paid half a shekel for every kilogram of scrap he gathers,
making him 5 (80p; $1.3) to 8 shekels a day and he has explained what happened
and how he did this he left school this and he’s not going back. he was never a good
student and he knows he isn’t going to be a doctor or a teacher, so he decided to
quit because he is convinced it's a waste of time, But that's not the only reason his
dad is unemployed and he has nine brothers and sisters who badly need food and
money for school. His brother works in a factory that makes plastic pipes for
agriculture but he works only when they have raw material