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Sensible solutions

Every purchase decision boils down to one single question
about the product: how you feel about it? Also in the case of
elevators and escalators, it is the user experience that makes
the difference.
This is why KONE places the user at the heart of everything.
User experience tells us how people feel when interfacing with
technology, and this drives the development of KONE solu-
tions. All KONE designs undergo extensive usability studies.
KONE compiles user profiles to figure out how to best serve
different kinds of people and business segments. Evidence
shows that conscious decisions about details such as the size
of an elevator car or the speed of an escalator simply gener-
ate more revenue for customers.
User experience is a dimension of People Flow™, the
science of transporting people in buildings smoothly, effi-
ciently and safely. KONE offers its customers a complete
range of People Flow solutions – escalators, elevators,
autowalks and automatic building doors as well as mainte-
nance and modernization. By understanding the needs
of various user groups, KONE is able to offer its
customers solutions that, in turn, best serve their
business objectives.

Matti Alahuhta
President & CEO, KONE Corporation

Tytti Mård. largest real estate trade show. Marko Haikonen. Keilasatama 3. Laura Laamanen. Liisa Kivelä. Anne Korkiakoski. KONE’s new tools help way to get together in the world’s for futher service development. maintenance provider. Porvoo ISSN 1798-4246 441 763 Orders. Paris Opéra. Custom Publishing. PEOPLE FLOW DAY KONE’s first ever People Flow™ 10 SOLUTION BY SEGMENT Different segments have different 18 MIPIM 2011 KONE World proved a great new 23 Day brought in valuable findings needs. 14 20 TRENDS Reducing the energy consumption of PARTNER EXPERIENCE The Netherlands-based elevators and escalators plays an increasingly Schiphol Group selected KONE as its primary important role in buildings. KONE Corporation. customers find the right solutions. Director L Editorial Staff: Kimmo IC ECOL A Editor-In-Chief: Simon Barrette Editorial Board: Simon www.kone. Finland. P. addresses. Charlotta Korkman. And then acts upon it.O. Christina Poulsen. FI-02150 Espoo. Producer. +358 204 751. www. Suvi Silvanto RD BE NO Published By: Sanoma Magazines Finland. +358 9 1201. feedback and story ideas: peopleflow@kone. Box 7. People Flow is KONE’s stakeholder magazine. Graphic Designer Reprographics: Tuukka Palmio and Raimo Tommila Cover Photo: Hongqiao Transport Hub Printed By: Kirjapaino Uusimaa. PEOPLE FLOW | 3 CONTENTS 1/2011 6 12 USER EXPERIENCE “How does the user feel?” REFERENCE CASE KONE was chosen to is one of the most important questions KONE modernize the elevator of the legendary frequently Printed matter . Managing Editor.

• Palais Royale rises way over 300 meters. collaborative approach. Furthermore. “We have been able to meet all of the IN INDIA technical requirements. The India Technology and Engineering Center serves KONE business globally. We at KONE India see this as a landmark achievement. they are India’s fastest. KONE’s factory in Chennai produces elevators for the Indian market as well as Bangladesh. the luxury tower will have ameni- NEWS ties such as a cinema. the first super-tall building in India to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum rating for environmental sustainability. cricket pitch. demand for safe and comfortable vertical transportation solu- READ MORE ABOUT KONE tions is growing at a fast pace. Traveling 7 meters per second. hotel. Singapore and Malaysia. Nepal and Sri Lanka. tall buildings are beginning to take centre stage in India.” KONE’s solutions deliver the best user experience paired with superior eco- efficiency. KONE India. badminton court. Chennai additionally forms a base for modernization in other Asian-Pacific markets such as Australia. man- aging director. spa. commu- LIVING HIGH nication transparency and strong relation- ship” were key in helping get the order. The company is strong not only in the residential segment but also in the office. On top of its 100 apart- ments. soccer field and three swimming pools. “consistent efforts. With the infrastructure segment booming and availability of space be- coming a constraint. Palais Royale is. According to Neeraj Sharma. KONE’s global team has worked with us to ensure we provide the right techno- logical to 1984 and today it operates all around en_ST/products/residential the country through its 40 branches. Mumbai Palais Royale’s 74 stories scrape the sky at 320 meters. The residents reach their floors using KONE’s elevators. . in fact. 4 | PEOPLE FLOW India’s tallest residential building is being equipped with KONE elevators. RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS: KONE’s presence in India dates back www. Simultaneously. retail and infrastructure sectors.

accessibility to the College of Pharmacy building.kone. state’s oldest universities. Year awards. “We communications chief Anne Korkiakoski. convention using the effective KONE EcoMod™ moderniza- and exhibition center. KONE completed the project crowned by a bridging sky park. Its other build. Helsinki 2012. we aim to increase our collabora. 2 KONE MonoSpace elevators and 18 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators.” • and Urban Studies.” says Eric move around in cities – and to offer this in an attractive and functional way. is one of the “New construction. area director “During the World Design Capital year. “The WTC Doha ciples KONE incorporates into its products and services. three-and-a-half months ahead of schedule ings include a museum. KONE’s vision of de. where the defunct escalators had been used as sort in Singapore featuring three hotel towers. are proud to be once KONE has gained wide recognition for its design work. Tower will be a unique livering the best People Flow™ experience is to make it easier for people to landmark. estimated to be completed in retail space.” says KONE’s marketing and the Middle East. two theaters and a casino. KONE won the award for the best The University of Illinois. being the first again associated with elevator and escalator company to receive GOOD DESIGN awards from The MZ & Partners and Chicago Athenaeum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design Arabtec. KONE provided better calator modernization” project. It will also have 2 KONE MonoSpace® scenic eleva- tors. Elevators” and the best “Es. US. stairs for years. The 243-meter tower will have 18 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators with the KONE Pola- ris™ hybrid destination control system.• . is located in the main business area along the seafront. Maziol. for KONE West and tion with architects and designers around the world as well as present our South Europe and latest design philosophy to a wider audience. PEOPLE FLOW | 5 Landmark for Qatar Qatar’s new and luxurious World Trade Center will feature KONE elevators and esca- lators. It is designed by MZ & Up with design Partners and developed by Qatar General Insurance Company.• Award-winning projects KONE gained ample recognition at the industry KONE manufactured and installed 152 elevators leading magazine Elevator World’s Project of the and 10 escalators for the project. More about KONE and design at www. The ideals behind the WDC Helsinki 2012 match with the prin. The high-rise. The Marina Bay Sands is an integrated re. The main contractor is Arabtec Construction KONE is boosting its design by partnering with World Design Capital Company. tion solution.

Now picture yourself in a different head of People Flow at KONE. solutions. spacious and impec. The question: How does the user feel? understands that the success of elevator is stuffy. KONE shopping mall during an why KONE keeps asking the following end-of-season sale. speeding toward the ceiling in the User experience is a term denoting comfort of a cool. any product hinges on one key overcrowded. whereas a experience is a key dimension of People poor user experience drives consumers Flow™. At which with technology. on every floor. user ence drives revenue growth. flustered and begin to perspire. It stops It’s at the heart of everything we do. pleasant to use? In KONE’s case.” affirms Pekka Korhonen. This isn’t and drives the development of all our your idea of a relaxing shopping day. User experience spe- mall would you prefer to spend your cialists ask three basic questions: Is it time and money? fit for purpose? Is it easy to use? Is it It’s a no-brainer: a good user experi. You feel It differentiates us from the competition thing: how people feel about it. This is Like all industry leaders.6 | PEOPLE FLOW TEXT SILJA KUDEL PHOTOS JUHA SALMINEN AND KONE PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST P icture yourself in a busy into the arms of the competition. the science of transporting peo- . slow and “We place a huge focus on the user. mall. how a person feels when interfacing cably designed elevator car.

head of People Flow at KONE. We think about each group’s needs and take them seriously. PEOPLE FLOW | 7 “Seniors. active businesspeople – they all have different needs when moving in a building.” says Pekka Korhonen. families with kids. 800 THE NUMBER OF KONE EMPLOYEES WHO TOOK PART IN THE FIELD ON PEOPLE FLOW DAY .

information in marketing buildings to respondents in eight different countries particular target groups such as seniors. added value to customers. Our Last year KONE publicized the results of personal experience is the only way customers are asking us how we profile its People Flow Opinion Poll. and safely as possible. You can support them in generating more experience research. The poll revealed five EYE FOR DETAIL A good user experience often boils distinct elevator user profiles and four KONE leads the industry in user experi. By making sure your tenants “WE PLACE A HUGE FOCUS ON THE USER. tangible. “The message is sinking in. efits of adopting a more user-centric ap. “Based on the a front-runner. CHARTING USER EXPERIENCES touch and feel. (To find out which profile matches your “A successful user experience enables edge comes only from years of intensive personality.” .8 | PEOPLE FLOW In India. each with their ence enhancement – but it also brings optimal elevator car size or escalator specific concerns and preferences. speed.” universities and compile user profiles to consider how large crowds can move Korhonen is happy to note that shed light on the needs of different user through the building as smoothly as years of ‘education’ are paying off and groups. All our designs might assume that everyone is thinking revenue.” around the world.kone. Take a residential proprietor.” says Korhonen. Such a detailed level of knowl. down to a variety of details such as the escalator user collaborate with “When we design a solution. traveling on an escalator can be a unique experience for many. and puts KONE in the role of survey at www. possible. we first such as comfortable elevators. IT are happy. and they are beginning to use that hensive survey charting the opinions of explains Korhonen. you reduce the risk of losing DIFFERENTIATES US FROM THE COMPETITION. Understanding their proach. higher rent by offering added luxuries We do basic research. a compre- to design a truly successful product. efficiently them. Around two million people use the Delhi metro daily. Added to that. we “We conduct many types of user ness of different user concerns. tives.” users. you can collect undergo extensive usability studies. “The survey really raised our aware- evidence of our extensive studies. ple in buildings as smoothly. research. A high tenant turnover means lost rent and high maintenance costs. yet we also think about each many customers are recognizing the ben- individual and everything they see.” asserts Korhonen. for example. complete the quick online customers to reach their business objec.

We addressed this start a new project.” • . “We put ourselves in the shoes of the same thing when boarding an eleva. By observing this is far from true. to come. This ness of our personnel and generated was causing overcrowding on the plat- a large database of information on user form and presented the risk of someone needs. achieved. but as the key ence data for different building sements. By going out “We discovered that many subway and willing to learn more. “We are proud of what we have page 10). platform straight up to street level. “People Flow Day raised the aware. says Korhonen. The database will by developing software for fully auto- be utilized over a period of many years. possibly even saved lives. KONE’s researchers the equipment.” now to become an annual event. Many didn’t thing that keeps us in the game. users were in the city for the first time rently the forerunners in user experience observing real-life situations and con. We are cur- to over 70 cities around the world. Korhonen promises. It’s important to go out into of project-specific research that has led ments that made the station safer and the field and find out what they are to important practical improvements. excited or KONE offers another good example able to introduce concrete improve- indifferent. company-wide focus at KONE for years KONE employees did on People Flow studying the interaction between ticket.” mated passage. equipment and hu. We go through it every time we falling on the tracks.” A team of observers spent four days User experience will remain a key This is precisely what nearly 800 making observations in the subway. hop on the escalator – we fixed this by ferentiate our company. Different people A 2009 study of the Delhi Metro by the whole chain of behavior. button to catch the elevator from the emphasizes Pekka Korhonen.” says Korhonen. but we are always humble research project to date.” really feeling. platform size. and were unsure about how to use research. slowing down the speed. Day last October 27th (see story on ing. but we must continue improv- ducting interviews. KONE’s most ambitious field man behavior. Some were scared to ing in the future as well – not just to dif- collected a vast amount of user experi. but the poll revealed IN THE USER’S SHOES stand their perspective. relaxed. the locals so that we could really under- tor or escalator. we were might be nervous. PEOPLE FLOW | 9 “The user experience is and will be at The project was such a success that it is understand that you have to press a the heart of everything KONE does.

• Building type: Public transportation Users want: “Clear signage. Here in different types of building during a typical weekday. • Elderly commuters expressed concern for • Over 26. visitors per month • The breakdown rate of older equipment highlighted the need for regular servicing • 10 elevators.10 | PEOPLE FLOW TOUCHING BASE AROUND THE GLOBE TEXT SILJA KUDEL PHOTOS KONE Commemorating its 100th anniversary on October 27th By making on-site observations. these Flow™ Day. elevators. “Keep right” an average weekday signs on escalators would separate slow and • 8 elevators. tram lines and the bus upon disembarking. HELSINKI. • The subway can be confusing for foreigners. interviewing customers. fast movers and increase passenger safety. everyone followed. KONE organized a showcase event named People talking to the public and filling out questionnaires. . connection to long-distance The crowd exhibited “sheep-like behavior” trains. network. Navigation 1961. including 3 KONE and modernization.” MOUNT ALVERNIA HOSPITAL. built 1982 took a false turn. the hospital is a busy hub of traffic all day and night. If the leader of the pack terminal. non-profit hospital built • With its 24-hour clinic. easy access. CENTRAL RAILWAY STATION. • Building type: Medical Users want: “Clear signs and instructions. last fall. where and why people move KONE serve its customers even better in the future. extensions added 1963–2010 is made easy. 24 automatic doors Clear multilingual exit and ticketing • Customer: Helsinki City Transport signs would reduce bottlenecks.000 and helpful personnel.000 commuters on their safety during peak hours. SINGAPORE • A private. Nearly 800 KONE employees visited 125 sites representatives gathered first-hand insights that will help around the world to learn how. 2 units currently • The conversion of two outdated units will under modernization by KONE reduce waiting times and ensure that wheelchair-bound patients can use the • Customer: Mount Alvernia Hospital elevators without an escort. up to 10. 14 escalators. quick exits. local commuters navigated the subway confidently. are some of the discoveries they made. thanks to the U-shaped layout • 303 beds. good lighting. cleanliness. FINLAND • A key link in Helsinki’s subway • Despite ongoing modernization.

up-to-date Users want: “A superior user experi- comfort. 3 further existing elevators • 3 KONE EcoSpace elevators. CHENNAI.” by the international clientele. Deloitte. Users want: “Accurate. • Concern for the safety of businesswomen is Traffic flow could be improved with the • The building would benefit from a destination a special focus at the hotel. with wide hallways and during lunch breaks. Multilingual signage is valued up-to-date signs. 5 floors.440 elevator trips made weekly. to the ground-floor dining rooms at mealtimes. whom they regard as close team members. Users want: “Safety. Only trusted service technicians are allowed clearly marked exits and amenities. • Scenic elevators must be kept spotless • Elevator capacity is stretched to the limit • The onsite personnel communicate fluently inside and out to maintain an immaculate three times a day when everyone migrates with KONE and other subcontractors. One of the floors addition of one more passenger elevator. are unable to navigate stairways. 7 floors. INDIA AURORA. elevators are still functioning efficiently. control system. including 2 scenic 10 in wheelchairs • Occupancy: approximately 100 elevators. access solutions ence. PEOPLE FLOW | 11 HOLLANDVIEW TRAIL THE RIVERSIDE CENTRE. development housing 37 office 282 rooms. five-star image.000 guests per month 131 community members. built 2009. tenants would benefit if hall position • Frequent travelers crave variety. • The spacious lobby provides excellent • The desk personnel provide friendly guidance. The property but clear signboards would further efficient elevator service. 30. accessibility. music and lighting. the community is completely reliant on access to elevator banks. particularly when office is reserved exclusively for single women and is • The pristine building is optimally designed workers converge on the food court staffed entirely by female guards and assistants. companies including the Australian to be converted by KONE this year including 2 passenger elevators Stock Exchange. for People Flow. SHERATON PARK HOTEL AND RETIREMENT COMMUNITY. BRISBANE. Older into this restricted-access area. built 1986 • 6 KONE elevators. The hotel indicators were visible from all sides to show could occasionally change its elevator which elevator is responding to the call.” . AUSTRALIA TOWERS. Many residents is superbly maintained and all original improve guest orientation.” integrated into building design. multilingual signage. levels and a retail plaza. Xtrata • Customer: Sheraton Park and 1 simplex passenger elevator • 24 KONE elevators Hotel & Towers • Customer: Hollandview Trail • Customer: GPT Group Wholesale • Building type: Hotel Retirement Community Office Fund • Building type: Residential • Building type: Office buildings • With 13. CANADA • A high-end retirement community • Busy waterfront high-rise • A five-star hotel built 1981. security.

was and can accommodate 19 persons. Designed Part of keeping the building in by Charles Garnier.200-seat shape for future audiences is ensuring theater was home to the Paris Opéra that its elevator systems are up to from 1875 to 1989. The Opera’s original elevator haven’t visited the neo-Baroque was made of wood and adorned with building have heard of its famous luxurious fabrics. or While operas are now performed at the Paris Opéra to most. • based partially on true accounts. Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of tion work began to make the elevator the Opera. 12 | PEOPLE FLOW TEXT LAURA PALOTIE PHOTOS KONE CASE KONE WHERE THE MUSIC HAPPENS T he Opéra Garnier. moderniza- ghost. the Paris Opera’s is one of the French ballet company still performs at the capital’s legendary Garnier. . the Opéra Bastille. which was later spun into more accessible for disabled guests. the 2. In 2009. Broadway’s longest-running musical Today. Even those who date. landmarks. the car has automatic doors by Andrew Lloyd Webber.



E levators can play a surpris. and it goes ning to bear even more weight. And simply keeping “Eco-efficiency at KONE is up to pace has never been on the agenda at everyone in the company. For KONE. It is part of consumption from elevators is begin. sustainability is a major buildings account for 40 percent of the differentiating factor. paving the way to- Eco-efficiency is the ability to create wards better use and management of more while using fewer resources and natural resources. El.” says Timo abreast of the latest developments in Pakarinen. Unrelenting innovativeness and long- term thinking has helped KONE become A COMPETITIVE EDGE an industry leader. operations. ciency provides a real competitive edge.” much higher. PEOPLE FLOW | 15 Earning a place at the top TEXT RANDEL WELLS PHOTOS KONE AND JUHA SALMINEN Hard work and reliance on hard facts take KONE to the front of the race towards sustainability. We walk the KONE. tainable Development. The ingly large role in the en. elevator and escalator industry can do ergy efficiency of a building. vice president at KONE. and energy effi- world’s total energy consumption. its part in combating climate change by According to the World helping reduce the energy consumption Business Council for Sus. It’s hand-in-hand with social responsibility. the percentage of energy portunity to differentiate. energy efficiency. evators and escalators currently account Environmental Excellence is a key strat- for anything from two to ten percent of egy that impacts all aspects of KONE’s a building’s energy consumption. our corporate responsibility. . of buildings. As the overall efficiency of buildings “Eco-efficiency is not just an op- improves. creating less waste and pollution. the aim has been for something talk and do what we promise. crucial for elevator technology to stay which is a priority for KONE.

” high-rise buildings. it weighs less thus improve the eco-efficiency of the earn it with real facts. the regenerative drive harnesses CUTS THAT COUNT industrial automation – but applying this extra braking energy during elevator There are many ways an elevator im. both consumes energy and presents a – as much as ten times longer. From obtaining reducing both mechanical and electrical into the building’s power network and raw materials to manufacturing. SMART ENERGY USE ever. . The KONE EcoDisc® is a complete. KONE’s European volume elevators con- KONE MiniSpace™ KONE MonoSpace® GETTING THERE FIRST sume 60 percent less energy. Of the total chanics and slower movement of internal of environmental advances made in CO2 emissions from an elevator in a low parts means the KONE EcoDisc also has a other industries. a technology ECO-EFFICIENCY LEADERSHIP WITH that can recover up to 35 percent of an INNOVATIONS AND elevator’s total energy consumption. “Eco-efficiency leadership is not some. trans. but the simplified me. Much like modern and concrete results like our VDI A-class tion motors.16 | PEOPLE FLOW “YOU HAVE TO EARN In the early 1990s. pany set an ambitious goal: to reduce source of potential energy. each stage in an the KONE EcoDisc cut down on energy elevator’s life cycle leaves a mark. lights that use up to 80 percent less Cutting energy consumption of eleva. In 2008. A-class is the highest possible rating. technology to elevators and dramatically use.” gearless hoisting unit. the biggest mark by far comes tional motors. displays and air conditioning compared to its 2006 volume offering. KONE announced in November of 2010 that it had reached this target. With only one potential energy to be recovered and emphasizes Pakarinen. than half of conventional geared trac.” wasn’t new – synchronous axial motors braking energy to recharge their bat- were commonly used in robotics and teries. tion achieved the A-class rating under the VDI 4707 standard. real innovations. ing for volume elevators in Europe and Asia. First used in high-speed elevators in CONCRETE RESULTS. The introduction of the KONE EcoDisc® in 1996 made these traditional solutions obsolete. Conventional halogen rise building. energy consumption was. Car lights. elevators by 50 percent in four years with a light load. The recovered energy can be fed pacts the environment. use by up to 70 percent over conven. TAPPING POTENTIAL energy. The vertical movement of elevators added benefit of a much longer lifespan ous priority to KONE. KONE’s volume and US volume elevators coming in at elevators using the KONE MonoSpace® solu- 50 and 40 percent. elevators. consequential application of eco-efficient solutions. Today. German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ing- tributing to the energy consumption of enieure). this technology was later made available to low-and mid-rise buildings as well. New KONE elevators can also make use from its day-to-day use. When a car Advances in power management energy consumption of all new volume descends with a heavy load or ascends also help optimize energy consumption. How. excess energy is usu. over 70 percent comes significantly longer life expectancy. Traditional motors and lifting KONE was the first company to reach this rat- mechanisms were energy-hungry obsta. lights have been replaced with LED from actual usage. with Asian In the summer of 2010. port and installation. the com. cles for eco-efficiency. company’s elevators. respectively. fans are turned off when the elevator car Thanks to systemic. KONE’s regenerative drives allow thing you just take into the market. “You have to moving part and no oil. The underlying technology electric and hybrid vehicles that use certification. VDI 4707 is a European SMOOTH LIFTING guideline established by the Association of Hoisting is one of the major factors con. Not only does used elsewhere. ally lost during braking. The LED lights also have the tors during usage was therefore an obvi. KONE introduced the regenerative drive.

As much as 90 percent of all building stock already exists.” says Pakarinen. an efficient car fleet. “In addition. The power level of drives can also be set to a low-energy ‘sleep’ mode when the elevator is idle. concentrated efforts from everyone at KONE to push barriers and find new innovations for improving eco-efficiency. Consider the thousands upon thou- sands of old elevators. “Voluntary sustainability ratings for products and solutions are becoming common and are increasingly required by customers. presenting a major opportunity for KONE’s modernization solutions that can bring energy savings of 50–70 percent. are putting tougher requirements on all aspects of the building. PEOPLE FLOW | 17 is not in use and turned on again when passengers arrive. and an increased use of virtual meeting tools to avoid unnecessary travel are just a few more examples of the many ways KONE strives towards its strategic goal of Envi- ronment Excellence. “We must focus on further develop- ing the eco-efficiency of our solutions as we continue to modernize existing elevators and escalators.” Beyond technological developments. Staying there requires continued. this includes implementing smarter manufacturing techniques using LEAN and Six Sigma practices. KONE actively invests in its operations. The elevator industry can make quite a difference in the world’s STAYING AHEAD energy consumption. says vice president 50 percent. we continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our own operations. Green Building certifica- tions. • . the pack is only the first hurdle. for example. Water and waste management is also being im- proved to reduce overall consumption. KONE Combining all the aforementioned never settles with what’s been technologies has allowed KONE to cut achieved but strives to find more efficient ways to save energy the energy use of volume elevators by in buildings. Eco-efficient delivery and packaging. But getting to the front of Timo Pakarinen.

horizontal autowalks. Another signifi- ing builds on the success of a similar cant recent development has been the tool that has been in use for elevator creation of the KONE EcoPack. NEW PLANNING TOOLS FOR SMOOTHER MOVEMENT TEXT JUHA RUDANKO PHOTOS KONE K ONE is rolling out new TravelMaster™ 110 for commercial. toolbox will be available for KONE’s “As an additional service. as for escalators and autowalks.” explains Sascha stand-by speed operation mode. There’s definitely lubrication-free chains). the architect up its environmental promises.” . Further People Flow involving extensions are already planned to also escalators and autowalks. regen- Klenke. The customer can enter basic way of promoting KONE’s comprehen- specification data into the tool on Kone.4 m/s) or features to improve eco- Basically. It will well as specification documents which consist of optional features to reduce the customer can download and utilize energy consumption (stop & go and in tender invitations.18 | PEOPLE FLOW Fluent People Flow is pivotal to the success of shopping centers such as the 313@somerset shopping mall in Singapore. vice president of escalator sales erative technology and a reduced speed and product marketing for KONE. been demand for this. ESCALATORS AND AUTOWALKS ARE IN USE DAY AND NIGHT. KONE’s new set of tools for escalators and autowalks is helping its customers achieve more efficient People Flow™. he says. the KONE provide an environmental product “IN CERTAIN SEGMENTS. and the elevator Klenke emphasizes that KONE is able toolbox has been very popular. tools to help its custom. we will volume escalator products. a new planning. include KONE solutions for inclined and “The architect toolbox we are launch. “the new tool saves efficiency (LED lighting solutions and time for customers.” to give its customers hard facts to back- In the beginning. and it will generate drawings. of 0. and the KONE TransitMaster™ 120 for ers with planning better infra-structure applications. sive range of energy efficient solutions com.

ly new KONE TransitMaster™ 165/185 ment encompasses locations such as horizontal autowalk.” calculation tool KONE EnerCal. so the choice of an escalator has a large impact on the design of a new building. PEOPLE FLOW | 19 GUIDED ESCALATOR PLANNING “Escalators are essential to People Flow in large buildings. shopping malls.” says Klenke.” For heavy infrastructure use. “The same technology is used for autowalks. but the infrastructure segment doors with state-of-the-art customer requires escalators. using our and night – they have to be durable. railway stations managing People Flow for its customers. They are happy that all a lot of specific information. the better. relevant information can be found in “We’ve received positive feedback one place. KONE sales representa. is available in both print and electronic the new guide. support and services. People Flow. While printed guides quickly tion necessary for planning escalator go out of date. and subway systems.”• .” This is why KONE recently launched the Escalator Planning Guide. with heavier components and a longer tives are able to provide project specific lifetime. developed especially for architects. and usually require escalators Furthermore. a full portfolio of escalators. meanwhile. customers to download updates from “The planning guide makes life easier KONE’s servers to ensure that they have for KONE customers. particularly to the elec- versions. Escalators and autowalks in such energy consumption calculations for our locations are often in constant use. It gives all the basic informa. department stores and Klenke emphasizes that KONE pro- supermarkets. elevators. whereas the KONE DIFFERENT NEEDS TravelMaster range is geared towards KONE sells escalators and autowalks to the commercial segment. Master™ escalators. The commercial seg. and automatic building both. hospitals vides a complete range of solutions for and offices. tronic tool. “The earlier we are involved in the plan- ning process. day own escalators and autowalks. form “We bring it all together. Airports. the electronic tool allows installations.” adds Sissala. KONE provides the family of KONE Transit- DIFFERENT SEGMENTS.” declaration sheet that details the full “Locations such as airports. as well as hotels.” says Mikko Sissala. and offer the bulk of the infrastructure segment. marketing manager at KONE. The guide. Escalator planning requires from customers. which is the necessary planning information can not usually part of an architect’s core finally be found in the same place and expertise. say that it’s easy to keep the information Customers have reacted positively to up-to-date. KONE’s latest two main segments: commercial and addition to its portfolio is the complete- infrastructure. including the stations and subway stations have high carbon footprint of manufacturing it. railway life cycle of the product. because all the the latest specifications.

Schiphol needs partners who know airports inside and out and share the company’s commitment to perfor- mance. “Without customer expertise. international hubs. This ambitious goal sets high expectations on the company’s partners as well. you get the right functionality. sustainability. A SHARED VISION THE Schiphol Group’s ambitious vision re- quires much more than quick response times.20 | PEOPLE FLOW TEXT RANDEL WELLS PHOTOS KONE A irport operators don’t have it easy. Airports. particularly the large. Despite the challenges. . These massive. and KONE is proud to have Taking it to been selected by Schiphol Group as its primary maintenance provider. With the right installation and right maintenance. are extremely com- plex in their operations. The task of managing complex logistical processes. you cannot be a good supplier. Netherlands- based Schiphol Group has a clear goal: to ensure a positive customer experi- ence while reducing equipment-related costs. department manager for Schiphol Terminal Real Estate. multi-use facilities demand many differ- ent types of People Flow™.” says Jos Scheffelaar. and cost control. tight security protocol and high traffic volumes can be overwhelming.

. KONE has become a key strategic partner for airport operator and developer Schiphol. PEOPLE FLOW | 21 45 OVER 45 MILLION PASSENGERS TRAVEL THROUGH AMSTERDAM AIRPORT SCHIPHOL YEARLY NEXT LEVEL Thanks to a comprehensive teamwork process.

the ability to offer cohesive this is a challenge that we can win. Thanks to their diverse skill set. their trust in KONE Along with strong performance. world.” solutions to airports is a culmination of The on-site service mechanics are all the knowledge KONE has gathered trained to handle various kinds of equip- over the years.180 installations maintained. of development. we believe For Bos. • Over 500 companies at the airport and its international support team led planning is a major part of the relation. After Voted the best European airport in lapsing. moving to a 24/7 year-round service 2009. And from another maker. using the latest technol. • 87 autowalks particularly important at airports where “We don’t wait for the customer to • 857 doors even a minor disruption in traffic flow ask us to do something. • 60. Performance is new ideas to Schiphol.” says Bos. com. KONE now handles through the eyes of our customer. to the next level. from individual pro. the company • 4th largest airport in Europe savings in construction. including: OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE cesses and tools to major equipment • 180 elevators Service performance is a strong indica.” “We can be anywhere at the airport Schiphol was also facing challenges within 30 minutes. had become the airport’s sole mainte.” affirms Bos.000 workers in the airport zone “But most of all. “Take. nance provider for elevators. but the In 2005. to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. beyond the realm of Dutch airports. space and en. They currently have investments Schiphol and KONE work together on availability of all assets that are in our in over a dozen airports around the improvements by trading expertise maintenance contract. KONE began servicing third. • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service them to choose our solution. Their original plan re. A FRUITFUL RELATIONSHIP AMSTERDAM AIRPORT quired digging into the floor. nel and materials to the right locations ogy and really boosting energy efficien. cy as a result. KONE further expanded boasts impressive numbers: Track™ solution that would result in its responsibility. with a new autowalk installation in Amsterdam. By 2010. • 1. We knew it could with personnel and supplies on-site. escalators. so we did not can be handled in a quick and efficient bother with refurbishment. We did a full manner. performance and reducing costs. “We can advise on future “We face the challenge of improving • Four airports in the Netherlands investments and offer solutions based People Flow for our customers as well as • Four airports in central Europe on life-cycle costs and underlying causes the return on investment for Schiphol • Six airports in Asia and the Americas of call-outs. security clearance and transport logistics mance expectations. the years was crucial to Schiphol’s se- Schiphol account manager at KONE. fast becoming a major international CLOSE TIES “We must optimize the reliability and player. including: and insights. and more.22 | PEOPLE FLOW “This is not just about how we KONE’s excellent track record over ABOUT SCHIPHOL handle call-outs. in very little time.” concludes Bos. they are field call-outs. All every piece of equipment in Schiphol’s Schiphol Group has expanded well aspects are considered when improving maintenance portfolio. not to mention freedom in locat. baggage systems. projects. We tailor our ser. SCHIPHOL floor was not thick enough to handle party equipment in addition to elevators embedding the autowalk without col. KONE can get service person- replacement. lecting the company as its main main- GROUP ”We are looking at the bigger aspects tenance provider. KONE is responsible for all aspects • Over 1. Group. • 45 million passengers per year ergy. model in 2007. A full-time. • .” adds Michiel Bos. never meet Schiphol’s current perfor.” mitted service crew is on-site 24/7 to With worldwide investments. ment.” says Bos. • other customer-specific solutions can lead to a domino effect that nega. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol KONE presented its KONE Inno. vices [to each customer] and take things tively impacts many areas of business. Together with KONE. doors.” says Scheffelaar.4 million tons of cargo per year ing autowalks. for example. ship. and doesn’t hesitate to present • 56 escalators tor of commitment. an aging elevator they can respond to any problem.

KONE WORLD ENTERTAINED had a chance to meet specialists such as 400 CUSTOMERS DURING THE 2011 MIPIM EVENT IN KONE Major Projects’ Johannes De Jong. CANNES. The Citroën C-Zero car was displayed KONE. stand reflected our brand and made tors had the chance to sample food us stand out among the thousands of and beverages from around the globe exhibitors. KONE show. where we really presented. MIPIM brings to. the world’s largest real estate trade show held in Cannes. Motor Show last October and two cars in Cannes this year. and enjoy world music performed by internationally themed hospitality con. This year. France this March. strike deals. Custom- ers. were given to the guests.000 high-profile visitors and a strong KONE presence assembled at MIPIM. FRANCE. In addition to the premiere of the new KONE corporate film. More than 400 customers. a wide range of the latest marketing materials. highlighting some of its most important this 100% electric car at the Paris “KONE had a very strong presence markets and references worldwide. Located opposite the Palais des Festi- sionals to explore major inter. both old and potential new ones. Reference yearbooks and KONE 100 gether the world’s largest Stories books. E very year. are being tested in Nice and Paris. KONE signed the order for busy and excited. We also introduced a new. assembly of real estate profes. PEOPLE FLOW | 23 AROUND THE WORLD with KONE at MIPIM 2011 Almost 2. Our new exhibition While learning more about KONE. the KONE World premises offered national property development projects. describes the atmosphere as very cased its international expertise by at MIPIM. artists native to the KONE markets cept. visi.” The KONE stand in the Palais des Festivals attracted a lot of interest over the four days of the exhibition. vals. nearly 20. this interesting media representatives and industry get-together was held on March 8–11. a less formal venue for networking with connect with potential partners and customers. KONE World. including . events manager at various KONE countries.000 exhibiting companies. professionals met KONE experts from Minna Nuutila. engaged and networked with the cus- tomers.

000.CASE: LUCAS OIL STADIUM Maintenance team makes a difference.8 million square feet 2 KONE hydraulic elevators (167. multi-purpose facility linked to a newly expanded convention center. Indiana. the stadium has capacity to host NFL Super Bowl games. Serving crowds of 70. The challenge for KONE is development of a specialized. hotel and entertainment district. Challenge The demanding logistics of a world-class sports facility leave no margin for error.000 9 KONE MiniSpaceTM elevators Area: 1. With seating capacity of up to 70. seamless experience for fans traveling through the Lucas Oil Stadium. ensuring a smooth. Lucas Oil Stadium provides an exciting venue for high-profile events in Indianapolis. the building transportation systems must deliver efficient People Flow – and that means maintenance specialists must be at the top of their game all day.225 square meters) 3 MEI purchased traction freight/ Architect: HKS Inc. A state-of-the art. service elevators Contractor: Hunt KONE CareTM Plus maintenance Construction Group agreement . comprehensive maintenance program that anticipates the unique needs of equipment in an aggressive-use environment. every day. Fast facts Lucas Oil Stadium: KONE solutions: Completion: 2008 14 KONE ECO3000TM escalators Capacity: 70.000 in concentrated bursts.