Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment


Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details
regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure.

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when

Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes).

Objective: Students will be able to write a narrative on their field trip to Springs Preserve. They will be
able to give an account on three of their most favorite items/animals observed. Students will be able to
give at least one detail about each of the three items chosen.


Bubble map Word Bank Pencil

Writing paper Computer Crayons

Day 1: Introduction/brainstorm

We came back from our field trip, and we just had a non-academic conversation on our field trip.
We were all just talking to one another while we were on our bathroom break. We mentioned animals
we saw, cool items that were displayed, our favorites, and even a few mentioned why.

Upon returning to class, Students were asked to grab their clipboards (I use these daily) and a pencil as
I passed out a white paper. Students sat on the floor and I had my promethean board ready to jot
down our long word bank. We sat there without touching our materials. We decided that the first
words that needed to place on our word bank were “Springs Preserve” and “field trip”. We then
discussed all the things/ animals we saw at the Springs preserve during our field trip. Here we filled out
our word bank together. Me on the Promethean, them on their paper.

I had students turn to their friends (the seating on the carpet is set so the green squares turn around
to face the orange squares. I allow them time to talk by timing them to allow partner A to share, then
thank, and partner B to share, then thank. I then ask students to state their three favorite details by
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment

whispering their ideas out, and putting their hands on top of their head when done. Here I can gage
who’s ready for step two.

I then ask students to circle their three favorite from their word bank.

A they are doing this I work into the prewriting stage They all have one circle map divided into three
sections. (I looks like a peace sign with a circle in the middle). I then ask students to put the top three
picks in each small circle.


Our three items we saw (be it animals or displays) are then placed in the three small segments of our
thinking map. I divided one map into three sections because I have given students one map for each
idea and they lose one or more. Less is more in first grade. The less they have to ‘hold on to” the
easier it is to complete assignments that are stretched out like these. Here is where I pause. Ask
everyone to the floor. I explain that everybody should have written their three ideas in the smaller box.
The next step is to number the larger parts of the segments ias 1., 2., 3. Here students are to give
three reasons/ facts/descriptions of each of the three items they chose. So each segment is numbered
1-3. I let students go back to work as I walked around making sure they all were following the directions
I had given. If I saw students were done with that part I asked them to put away their writing,
clipboards, and grab their math folders and continue on their math assignments until I was done with the
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment

class. If students were up to date on math they were able to D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read).
This concludes day 1.

Day 2: Cont’d. prewriting/ first production

We picked up where we left off. We sit on floor and I model how I want them to share their three
details with a friend. I have a student stand next to me and we fist greet each other, then we share our
three items. We take turns. I allow the students to do so. Greens and oranges share. I then call their
attention. I put my graphic organizer up and model how and where to place the three numbers on their
sections. I then model how I come up with my three details for my ideas. I repeated my ideas out loud
before I wrote them. I then wrote the three, I made sure that they saw I only wrote keywords showing
them that they don’t have to write complete sentences. I then let students go back to their desks, or
favorite writing spot to complete their graphic organizer. I allow them 10 minutes (timer displayed) to
complete their 3 details/reasons/facts/descriptions for each item. At this time, I check on my struggling
writers and keep them on task. I ask them to tell me what they can say about each item. I “save” their
three answers on each finger, and then have them repeat them back, before finally asking them to
write them down. At the ring of the buzzer I ask all students to clean up their areas and leave all their
materials (paper/pencil) on their desk and come to the floor.
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment

First Production

I take out my first production writing and ask students to sit with their partners and discuss a good
topic sentence. One key detail here. Students do not have very specific seating on the floor. I only have
them in A’s and B’s (at their table) so A’s sit on one specific row color and B’s on a second color. We
decide to come up with a topic sentence that tells me who, did what, when, and where. I have a poster
with these to assist in topic sentence. Who: My class, did what: went on a field trip, when: today, where:
to Springs Preserve. Here the students came up with the topic sentence. I ten write it out on my paper.
My class went on a field trip today to Springs Preserve. I explained how we can change it
around and write it differently. I had them work in groups of four to change the sentence. We then
presented our different topic sentences. Several students like other sentences, and I secretly agreed. I
took my paper off of the promethean and set up the timer. Students are to write their topic sentence.
I gave them three minutes to do so and then come to the floor, after they wrote their topic sentences
and came back I had them help me write about my first item. They said you should write “First”. I wrote
First, I saw my favorite animal the gray fox. I then explained how we write the following three sentences
that explained the gray fox. I then wrote the second one and did the same. This is where they all wrote
on their own. They chose their comfortable spot to write, and I began conferencing. There are days I
can conference with six students and there are days that I only get to one. We did this for 25 minutes
and then put it away in a writing folder.

Day 3 : First production/ revision

I start writing by asking students to come to the floor. We finish writing my second and third item, with
three detail each. I showed students how they can check off their items and details as they finish writing
to make sure they wrote all the information they brainstormed. Students are then asked to return to
seats and find their comfortable seating to continue and complete their first production as I conference.
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment

I make Revisions at this time as well. I ask students to go back in their writing and underline the parts
they wrote in their circle map. A few students realize they missed information and rewrite their work.
They don’t fight me about having to rewrite. If I see run on sentences I ask them to fix them. This takes
our whole writing period. I also allow 15 minutes at the end of day for students to catch up. I
conference during these fifteen minutes as well.

Students have a checklist edit page, they can circle their capital letters in green (green means go)
and fix their capital “I”s. They use red to put a punctuation (red means stop). I do not emphasize
Day 4: Final Drafting and Sharing
too much on spelling as many of these words are phonetically spelled.
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment

Students will type their stories and save on our shared drive. They will type halfway down the page to
make room for their drawings. Students will be able to do this during writing time, computer time and
when they get finished with other work early. After finishing, students will share in the Author’s Chair. I
will make this a random act and will pick one student from each table group. They will sit on the
Author’s Chair. These students are taking ownership of their own writing and their own revisions. Sharing
is always a fun experience for all. Below you can see a few published samples.

narrative piece 5 4 3.5 3 2.5
The event is Event is Event is Event is clear Event is given No event given
elaborate with elaborate; elaborate but not clear
short sequence Exceeds with
of events details
Details are 4 or more details 3 details 2 details 1 detail provided No details
given to provided about provided about provided about about actions, provided
describe actions, actions, actions, thoughts,
actions, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, feelings
thoughts, and feelings feelings feelings
Use temporal Uses 4 or more Uses 3 temporal Uses 2 Uses 1 temporal Uses no
words to signal temporal words words to temporal words words to temporal words
event order (i.e. to describe describe to describe describe to describe
First, Second, transition transition transition transition transition
Next, Soon, between between between between between
After, thoughts. thoughts. thoughts. thoughts. thoughts.
Provides a Gives a detailed Gives a detailed Gives a Gives a No conclusion
concluding conclusion with conclusion with conclusion conclusion, but given
statement 2 or more details 1 detail is unclear to

Total Points: _____ out of 20 _____ out of 16 _____ out of 14 _____ out of 12 _____ out of 12
Total Points:_____ out of 20
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment
Arriaza’s Springs Preserve Field Trip Writing Assignment