Nick Granitzski

High School Band Plan
Goal: The band will play with attention to dynamic intensity and
variation in order to successfully execute the soloistic lines.
Assessment: The difference of dynamic should be over exaggerated at
first. Attention to dynamic range will be assessed through the soloistic
nature of the flute and clarinet line following the opening. Listening
for intonation in the solo lines in order to assess breath management
and creation of a variety of dynamics.

Warm-Up (3 minutes)
 Play through teaching material entitled "Chorale for Deir'in De"
o Listen to dynamic shifts
 Is there enough contrast?
 What's the balance between the brass and woodwinds
 Too much tonguing?
 How accurate is the intonation?
 Is the fermata cut off secure?
Rehearsal (5-7 minutes)
 Run through M.1-22 of “Deir'in De”
 Rehearse M. 1-5 ALL PARTS
o Focus on dynamic contrast of the pianissimo to fortissimo
o Exaggerate dynamics and engagement of breath support
 Rehearse Clarinet and Flute solo lines M.6-14
o Introduce concept of solo line
 What makes it different from a tutti section?
 More freedom in line?
 When to swell??
o Incorporate dynamic talk from earlier and put in those
elements of contrast
Closing Activity (2 minutes)
 Run through all of M.1-22.

continue playing the following section .o With attention to discussion of dynamic variation and solo line o If more time exists.