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Employee Safety: Your Life Matters

Goal #1 Goal #2 Collaborative Learning Objectives:

Raise awareness of the need for facility safety Ability to implement established safeguards
Audience: Audience: These two objectives use collaborative learning
The learners are employees of Solid Waste Services. The learners are employees of Solid Waste methods. The motivation behind this training is that
Behavior: Services. learners can interpret the instruction shared as they
The expected behavior is to be alert of hazards and Behavior: participate with their co-workers in both the learning
safety matters that may present at the facility. The expected behavior is the implementation of and the instruction. A large portion of their day is
Conditions: facility safety measures spent at, or in close proximity to, this facility and
Learners' performance will be measured at the end Conditions: with the other individuals participating in this
of the training with a quiz, during safety drills and if Learners' performance will occur in safety drills and training.
there is ever an actual emergency at the facility if there is ever an actual emergency at the facility. These individuals work together, quite often, on
Degree: Degree: projects, tasks, and assignments. Because they have
The standard for acceptable performance is 80%- The standard for acceptable performance is a already formed these relationship cohorts, it only
100% accuracy on the administered quiz and demonstration that roles and responsibilities are makes sense to use this social method of learning for
ongoing demonstration of awareness by responding understood. a topic that, in a real-life scenario, could depend on
to emergencies as outlined in the Emergency Action these same relationships and recall of the training.
Plan. Objective: The collaborative learning method is much about
During mock safety drills, employees will perform interaction and having the learners to do something
Objective: correct facility safety measures as outlined in the as they interject responses to the potential dangers
Upon completion of this training, employees will company's Emergency Action Plan. outlined in this training. This type of training will
demonstrate gained knowledge of facility hazards give the learners a sense of ownership and impose
and safety matters by obtaining 80%-100% accuracy more lasting and effective learning than if it were
on the final quiz. only lecturing.
Instructional Strategies and Activities: Instructional Technologies:
Learners will be divided into groups of eight throughout the duration of (Instructor led portion)
the training. As the training progresses, with lectures and various activities, Lap top and audio video equipment
learners will bond with group members and begin to develop o PowerPoint presentations will be used by each facilitator
recommendations for implementation of facility safety that will be used PowerPoint presentations will have videos
throughout the organization. These recommendations will be guided by the embedded
facilitator through the activities outlined in and relevant to the training o Advancer remote so that the facilitator(s) has the
freedom to roam the room
Icebreaker the training will commence with an icebreaker which
o Microphones
will be used to 1) introduce the learners to the facilitator and vice
One lapel microphone for the facilitators
versa and 2) familiarize grouped learners, who may not know each
Two wireless microphones to be used by learners
other, with one another and establish levels of trust that have not
during the case studies and Q&A segments
yet been considered.
(Web-based portion)
Lectures there will be two facilitators who will each lecture for Computer
the length of 30 minutes each. o The facilitator for this portion will need a computer to
upload content; learners will need a computer to access the
Case Studies/Scenarios each group will receive two case content
studies/scenarios to analyze. One will be given after each lecture to E-learning software
reinforce what has been taught and to allow learners the o Solid Waste Services utilizes Plateau as their e-learning
opportunity to take ownership of the learning process. Learners platform. The departments IT division will need to
will be given 15 minutes to work through the assigned case establish credentials for the facilitator to be able to upload
study/scenario during which time the facilitator(s) will navigate content or provide a point person who will receive the
through the class making themselves available to answer any content for upload.
questions from the groups. Groups will be given the opportunity to o All learners have credentials for this platform and will
share their case study/scenario as well as their response. receive credit through the system and a certificate of
Note because of the nature of the training responses may vary and completion once the course and quiz are completed.
may not be exactly text book answers because they are situational,
nevertheless, responses should adhere to the principles expressed in the