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Plan of Book 3

Titles/Topics Speaking Grammar
That’s what friends are for! Describing personalities; Relative pronouns as subjects and
Personality types and qualities; expressing likes and dislikes; objects; clauses with it + adverbial
relationships; turn ons and agreeing and disagreeing; clauses with when
turn offs complaining
Career moves Talking about unusual careers; Gerund phrases as subjects and
Jobs; unusual careers; job skills; describing jobs; discussing the pros objects; comparisons with adjectives,
summer jobs and cons of jobs verbs, nouns, and past participles

UNIT 3 PAGES 16-21
Could you do me a favor? Making unusual requests; making Requests with modals, if clauses,
Favors; formal and informal indirect requests; accepting and and gerunds; indirect requests
requests; messages declining requests

UNIT 4 PAGES 22-27
What a story! Narrating a story; describing Past continuous vs. simple past;
The media; news stories; events in the past past perfect
exceptional events

UNIT 5 PAGES 30-35
Crossing cultures Talking about moving abroad; Noun phrases containing relative
Cultural comparisons and culture expressing emotions; describing clauses; expectations: the custom to,
shock; moving abroad; emotions; cultural expectations; giving (not) supposed to, expected to, (not)
customs; tourism and travel abroad advice acceptable to

UNIT 6 PAGES 36-41
What’s wrong with it? Describing problems; making Describing problems with past
Consumer complaints; everyday complaints; explaining something participles as adjectives and with
problems; electronics; repairs that needs to be done nouns; describing problems with
keep + gerund, need + gerund, and
need + passive infinitive

UNIT 7 PAGES 44-49
The world we live in Identifying and describing Passive in the present continuous
The environment; world problems; problems; coming up with solutions and present perfect; prepositions of
current issues cause; infinitive clauses and phrases

UNIT 8 PAGES 50-55
Lifelong learning Asking about preferences; Would rather and would prefer; by +
Education; learner choices; discussing pros and cons of gerund to describe how to do things
strategies for learning; personal different college majors; talking
qualities about learning methods; talking
about personal qualities

vi Interchange Third Editon Page 26 of 102

listening for solutions about an island that is sinking an effective method of protest. listening for comparisons the workplace Unreleased consonants Writing an informal e-mail request “Borrowers and lenders”: Asking Listening to people making. asking for a favor. lending accepting. and giving an excuse Intonation in complex sentences Writing a newspaper article “A double ending”: Completing a Listening to news broadcasts. listening for likes and dislikes “Strategies for Keeping Your Job”: to make a seating chart for a Reading advice about behavior in dinner party Self-study: Listening to descriptions of careers. into the ocean devising a strategy Self-study: Listening to people talk about problems in their city Intonation in questions of choice Writing a short speech “Learning curves”: Choosing Listening to descriptions of courses. and declining requests way people in different cultures or refusing to lend items Self-study: Listening to people respond “yes” and “no” making plans. “Yes or No?”: Reading about the classmates to borrow items. listening to repair redecorate other people’s rooms people describe their jobs Self-study: Listening to people’s problems with items they bought Reduction of auxiliary verbs Writing a letter to the editor “Make your voices heard!”: Listening to environmental “The Threat to Kiribati”: Reading Choosing an issue and deciding on problems. listening to a TV show in which participants complaints. “Learning Styles”: Reading about between different things you want listening for additional information different kinds of learning to learn Self-study: Listening to a student describe online classes Interchange Third Editon Page 27 of 102 vii . listening friend a classmate to find out about for descriptions of people “You Have to Have Friends”: personality characteristics Self-study: Listening for likes Reading about making and and dislikes about people keeping friends Stress with compound nouns Writing about career advantages “The dinner party”: Comparing Listening to descriptions of summer and disadvantages people’s careers and personalities jobs. listening to opinions entries about moving to another about customs country Self-study: Listening to people’s concerns about traveling abroad Contrastive stress Writing a letter of complaint “Fixer-upper”: Comparing problems Listening to people exchange “Trading Spaces”: Reading about in two pictures of an apartment things in a store.Pronunciation/Listening Writing/Reading Interchange Activity Linked sounds Writing a description of a best “Personality types”: Interviewing Listening for opinions. “Strange but True”: Reading story with two different endings listening to a narrative about a tabloid articles about sensational past event events Self-study: Listening to a news story Word stress in sentences Writing a tourist pamphlet “Culture check”: Comparing Listening for information about “Culture Shock”: Reading journal customs in different countries living abroad.

processes. might (not) have. disagreeing has to be. . . regrets describing regrets and the time. talking about ads and for. controversial issues different opinion. the future in the future in. describing turning points. slogans since. Making conclusions. once. since. explanations. about things to be accomplished adverbs and prepositions: during. volunteering needed for meeting challenges. media or made. predicaments and advice hypothetical events. could for predicaments (not) have. defining and entertainment industry nondefining relative clauses PROGRESS CHECK PAGES 98-99 UNIT 15 PAGES 100-105 There should be a law! Giving opinions for and against Giving recommendations and Recommendations. have done.Titles/Topics Speaking Grammar UNIT 9 PAGES 58-63 At your service Talking about things you need to Have or get something done (active Everyday services. infinitives. Complex noun phrases containing Challenges. UNIT 14 PAGES 92-97 could (not) have. because of. ago. biography. modals + self-improvement verbs. tag questions for opinions UNIT 16 PAGES 106-111 Challenges and accomplishments Describing challenges. agreeing and should be. giving reasons clauses and infinitive clauses with businesses. has got to be. unexplained events. until. social controversial issues. ought to be. goals with the future perfect future and would like to have + past participle PROGRESS CHECK PAGES 112-113 SELF-STUDY viii Interchange Third Editon Page 28 of 102 . after. talking Referring to time in the past with Historic events and people. offering Past modals for degrees of Pet peeves. discussing traits gerunds. Describing purpose with infinitive Qualities for success. giving advice (not) have. successful describing features. asking for and giving and passive). accomplishments with goals. future continuous. due to. offering a opinions with passive modals: issues. as soon as. to. past modals for opinions and advice: should (not) have. describing certainty: must (not) have. the moment. the present perfect and simple talking about the past and the past. by behavior and personality. must be. accomplishments. the the media be + past participle. frustrations. would (not) have Behind the scenes Describing how something is done The passive to describe process with How a movie is made. making suggestions recommendations. and the reason PROGRESS CHECK PAGES 84-85 UNIT 13 PAGES 86-91 That’s a possibility. for. advertising for success. opinions. from . describing careers in is/are + past participle and modal + professions. predicting the future with will. and future PROGRESS CHECK PAGES 70-71 perfect UNIT 11 PAGES 72-77 Life’s little lessons Describing rites of passage. may reactions. advice or suggestions with gerunds. Milestones and turning points. Time clauses: before. and rewards. for. giving reasons with because. describing regrets and hypothetical situations hypothetical situations with should not have + past participle and if clauses + past perfect UNIT 12 PAGES 78-83 The right stuff Describing qualities for success. and negative questions UNIT 10 PAGES 64-69 The past and the future Talking about the future.

listening “Young and Gifted”: Reading about for people’s goals for the future exceptionally gifted young people Self-study: Listening to a person’s experience in the Peace Corps Interchange Third Editon Page 29 of 102 ix . “The Wrong Stuff ”: Reading about business plan for a small business listening for features and slogans advertising failures Self-study: Listening for qualities that help people make friends more easily Reduction in past modals Writing about a predicament “Photo plays”: Drawing possible Listening to explanations. in India listening for steps in a process Intonation in tag questions Writing a letter to a community “You be the judge!”: Setting rules Listening for solutions to leader for common offenses everyday annoyances. listening for personality traits about the kind of movies made movie Self-study: Listening to an interview. making predictions together Reduction of have and been Writing a letter of apology “If things were different”: Listening to descriptions of “If You Could Do It All Again”: Imagining different possibilities important events. listening to predictions about political and technological Self-study: Listening to past changes that bring people closer events. listening to Reading about people’s life choices for the way things have turned out regrets and explanations and regrets Self-study: Listening to people describe changes in themselves Reduced words Writing a TV commercial “Entrepreneurs”: Designing a Listening for reasons for success. Improve different points of view self-improvement Your Life”: Reading about of parents and their children Self-study: Listening for what techniques to improve memory people need to have done Syllable stress Writing a biography “History buff ”: Taking a history Listening for opinions about public “The Global Village”: Reading quiz figures. “The Blue Lights of Silver Cliff ”: conclusions about situations listening for the best solution Reading a story about an Self-study: Listening to situations unexplained phenomenon and reacting Stress in compound nouns Writing about a process “Who makes it happen?”: Putting Listening to a producer describe his “Hooray for Bollywood!”: Reading together a crew for making a work. listening “How Serious Is Plagiarism?”: to issues and opinions Reading about plagiarism Self-study: Listening to concerns and people’s opinions about its about issues and problems severity Stress and rhythm Writing a personal statement for “Viewpoints”: Taking a survey Listening to challenges and an application about volunteering rewards of people’s work.Pronunciation/Listening Writing/Reading Interchange Activity Sentence stress Writing a letter of advice “Because I said so!”: Discussing Listening to suggestions for “Improve Your Memory.