In the professional circuit parties they are usually best of 3 sets.

Each set is played 6 games, with at least 2 sets of difference, so you can
get to 7 games. To get the two players to 6 equal in a set, you must be
played what is called "Tie Break" (Sudden Death) on 13rd game, where
they get 2 times each of the players on wins to reach 7 points, whenever
you have 2 points of difference at least.

The track is a rectangle of 23.77 meters long by 8.23 wide. It is divided
into half by a suspended with a height at its central portion and 0.914 cm
at its ends be a height of 1.07 mt network.


The ball shall have a uniform outer surface and shall be white or yellow. In
case you have seams, they will be without stitches. The diameter of the
ball is greater than 6.35 cms. and less than 6.67 cms. and its weight not
less than 56.7 grams, or more than 58.5 grams. The ball will bounce more
than 135 cms. and less than 147 cm when dropped from 254 mts. on a
hard surface.


Rackets that do not meet the following specifications will not be approved
for play under the Rules of Tennis: a) The hitting surface of the racket must
be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings connected to a frame and
interwoven alternately where they cross ; and cordage will be generally
uniform and, in particular not less dense in the center than in any other
area. The strings shall be free of attached objects and protrusions other
than those utilized solely and specifically to limit and prevent tearing or
damage or vibration and which are reasonable in size and placement for
such purposes.


Players will be located on opposite sides of the net; the first player who
concedes will be called "Server" and the other "Receiver".


Server, throughout the execution of the service: a) not change his position
by walking or running. It not is considered that the Server has changed his
position by walking or running "by slight movements of the feet which do

 When the server commits two errors or faults of serve consecutive what is known as a double fault. B) Not touch with either foot any area other than that behind the baseline within the imaginary extension of the center mark and side lines. .  When a player throws his racket at the ball and hit it.not materially affect the position originally taken. if it was only 1 service will be the 2nd serve and if the 2nd service lose the point.  When a player fails to return the ball over the net.  When it hits the net and goes to the opposite field throwing the first boat in this. the player will repeat only 2nd service said. the serve must be repeated again and the player will even continue being the two balls that side. In the case of the 2nd service from that side. THE SERVE In the Service: If a player performs on 1 service and the ball hits the net and goes to the correct service box.  When the ball hits the player or anything with except his racket. If the ball is not within the appropriate box service will not be repeated.). although this is subject by hand.  When the ball bounces twice followed in the same field. WHEN YOU WIN OR LOSE A POINT  When the ball goes out of bounds of the track (essential to know that the lines are part of the field and therefore it if a ball bounces on some of them.