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 Sally's legs were hurt in an accident.

 It is believed that a battle was fought here 400 years ago.

 Our dog was not allowed to travel with us.

 You were not called yesterday.

 Was the Tower of London used as a prison in former times?


 This room is cleaned every week.

 English is spoken in many countries.

 Jane is not supposed to be home at this time.

 The sidewalks in this quarter are not swept up every day.

 That girl is said to possess supernatural powers


 The whole city has been destroyed by the earthquake.

 I can't get in. These doors have been locked!

 Those windows have not been closed yet.

 This wooden floor has not been waxed.

 Has uncle John been promoted to president of the company?


 A strike had been organized before the workers were dismissed.

 Had the gas tank been filled before they left? FUTURE  The jewels are going to be hidden in a safe place. my room had been cleaned.  Are these bills going to be paid before they are due? .  It is thought that the painting is not going to be sold without his authorization.  Her attorney is sure that the lawsuit is not going to be lost.m. Before the Richardsons got home.Y. their house had been burglarized.  Hotel reservations had been made before Mr.  The meeting is going to be held tomorrow at 10:00 a. Miller flew to N.  When I arrived home.