Understanding by Design Lesson Plan

Title of Unit Goods and Services Grade Level 2nd Grade
Curriculum English 45 minutes
Time Frame
Developed By Brigette Southern
Stage 1: Identify Desired Results
Content Standards
Georgia Standards of Excellence
ELAGSE2RI1: Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and
how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text

SS2E2 The student will identify ways in which goods and services are allocated (by
price; majority rule; contests; force; sharing; lottery; command; first-come, first
served; personal characteristics; and others).
Overarching Understanding Essential Questions

Students will understand how to ask and Overarching Questions:
answer questions to understand an
informational text. How do I use research skills to find
Use text features to help understand
informational text. Topical Questions:

Use a variety of sources to gather What are goods?
information. What are services?
What is the difference between goods and
Related Misconceptions services?

 Services are people such as
teachers, doctors, etc.
 Books and Google is the best way
to acquire information

Knowledge Skills
Students will know… Students will be able to…

 How to research using Galileo  Identify goods
 The components of an ebook  Identify services
 Pulling facts from a text  Differentiate between goods and

Stage 2: Assessment Evidence
Performance Task Description
Goal Students will be able to access Galileo including articles and
eBooks and work in a group to find information using this.
Students will take on the role of the researchers and collaborate
with their peers
Audience 2nd Grade Students
Students will conduct the research in the media center with
school-provided laptop computers
Product/ Students will work in a group to conduct research.
AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

1.1.1 Follow an inquiry based process in seeking knowledge in
curricular subjects, and make the real world connection for using
this process in own life.
1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new
1.1.3 Develop and refine a range of questions to frame the
search for new understanding.
1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer
1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing
information and pursuing inquiry.
1.1.9 Collaborate with others to broaden and deepen
2.1.2 Organize knowledge so that it is useful.
2.1.4 Use technology and other information tools to analyze and
organize information.
2.1.5 Collaborate with others to exchange ideas, develop new
understandings, make decisions, and solve problems

3.1.4 Use technology and other information tools to organize and
display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can
view, use, and assess.
3.1.6 Use information and technology ethically and responsibly

4.1.1 Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth
4.3.1 Participate in the social exchange of ideas, both
electronically and in person.

Stage 3: Learning Plan
Where are your Students have not been introduced to goods and services
students headed? so far in the year.
Where have they Students are comfortable with technology usage but are
been? How will you not familiar with the online resources provided by the
make sure the media center.
students know where
they are going?
How will you hook Teacher will show students some examples of goods and
students at the services.
beginning of the unit?
What events will help Students will explore the features of an eBook.
students experience Students are already familiar with basic computer
and explore the big knowledge.
idea and questions in Media Specialist will guide students in the access of
the unit? How will you eBooks.
equip them with
needed skills and
How will you cause Students will write down a list of goods and services. We
students to reflect and will share as a whole group and discuss their lists.
rethink? How will you
guide them in
rehearsing, revising,
and refining their
How will you help Students must support their findings with evidence from
students to exhibit the text.
and self-evaluate their
growing skills,
knowledge, and
throughout the unit?
How will you tailor and Media specialists will call on students that may not be
otherwise personalize asking/answering questions to ensure participation from
the learning plan to ALL students. Media specialist will circulate as students
optimize the work as well as group students according to ability level
engagement and to ensure all students are engaged and held accountable.
effectiveness of ALL
students, without
compromising the
goals of the unit?
How will you organize 1. Discuss difference between goods and services
and sequence the 2. Show students photographs of different goods and
learning activities to services
optimize the 3. Model use of Galileo to access eBooks
engagement and 4. Students will find examples of goods and services.
achievement of ALL

From: Wiggins, Grant and J. Mc Tighe. (1998). Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision
and Curriculum Development.