LING MEI TENG. PN. During the workshop. FARIZA ISMAIL COMPETITION : EDIBLE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION 2012 (FUTURE CITY) DATE : 6APRIL 2012 TIME : 0300-0530 VANUE : SABAH TRADE CENTRE REPORT Before joining this competition. students learn the way of making the highest building by using edible materials such as biscuits. corn and so on.TEACHER INCHARGE : PN. . JURIANY HO& PN. 4 students attended the edible workshop at PAM Sabah Chapter. Damai on 24March 2012. They are also brief on the rules regulation.


On 7 April 2011 (Good Friday). This year also. Likas.Other group did not won any prize by all of the students participate in this competition got the certificate. students came to school early (6.00. Students arrived Sabah Trade Centre about 1. The money will be claimed from school (refer to treasurer report). At 4. the judging was opened to the public and all students can see the expression on the face of each judge. during Holly Thursday (school holiday).30am at school with the teacher. This year we are quite lucky because all of the structure arrived Sabah Trade Centre safely. 2nd prize. There is one thing that we felt very proud because the 1st prize. 3 teachers helps to send the edible structure to Sabah Trade Centre.00pm. Ling Mei Teng). The students who are interested can try again next year. the results were announced on the stage. Fariza Ismail and myself (Pn. organized by Pam Sabah Chapter at Sabah Trade Centre.30pm. 3 groups of students consists of 15 students had participated the Edible Architecture Competition. We want to thank to our principal who always give mentally support to us in this competition. however it is not enough and one of the group’s budget increased until RM150. We also grateful to see the afford of the students and willing to spend their time and even money to participate this competition. One of the group did the structure until 1. students came back school to do the model city at school. Early in the morning on 7 April 2011. at 3. Juriany Ho. but at least they tried their best. . Each entries had to pay RM10 registration fee. the competition was very challenging because most of the school made the structure very good and beautiful. The budget for each group is about RM50. From 20 over school participated in this competition. Erreca Georgetin. Although not all of the team get the prize. The food and drinks were provided to all students only by PAM. Students and teachers become more nervous than the year before. The group that won the third prize was “1 Malaysia City” by Alexandra John Haris. the competition area was closed. 3rd prize and 2 consolation prizes were won by school in Penampang area. Pn. They are Pn. Paul Cyril and Fanella Elvie. On the 5 April.30am) and all the group managed to finish the edible structure on time at 12.30pm. Vanessha Masungki.00pm.30pm. This really made the atmosphere become more interesting. 3 more consolation prizes were won by SM Chung Shin Sabah. Students were allowed to refine their structure until 2. We hope that our school can put our name on the competition cup next year. We were very happy because we had won Sabah Institute of Arts which is a collage this year. our school managed to get third prize comprised of RM800. This year we were not buying plywood because we got the plywood from KH. All the participants got the certificates. This year. The competition is held every year.This year the regulation was very strict because only 2 students can do the final touch up and teacher are not allowed to go into the competition area.

Report Written by. _______________ (LING MEI TENG) Guru Pembimbing dan Pengiring Edibel Architecture Competition 2012 SMK Bahang .