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“The Heart, Spirit, and Skills of God’s Musicians to Enhance Worship”




8:30 Gathering / Worship

9:00 Introduction Talk

9:30 Talk 1: Worship in CFC

10:15 Talk 2: The Heart and Spirit of God’s Musicians

11:00 Activity 1 – Group Sharing

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Worship

1:15 Activity 2 - Team Building

1:45 Talk 3: Organizing CFC’s Music Ministry

2:30 Open Forum for questions

2:45 Talk 4: Harmony in the Music Ministry

3:15 Activity 3 - Skills Workshop

4:30 Mini Praisefest (3 fast songs)

5:00 End


Encourage the participants to bring their musical instruments for the skills workshop. The most experienced and the one with authority among the music ministries is encouraged to take the lead in organizing this workshop. 5. It aims to achieve the following: a. to establish the right culture and practices in the Music Ministry c. In service meetings. 3 . to remind the seasoned music ministries of basic principles in leading God’s people through music. There should be a connectivity and commonality in the different music ministries across the various family ministries. This workshop will unite these groups and will lead them to a common understanding about God’s gift of music to our community. 6. to have the proper attitude and focus as a music minister b. to give insights and tips to newly formed music ministries on how to strive for excellence as God’s musicians e. You may invite chapter or unit leaders to this workshop so they may have a better appreciation for the ministry and its principles. logistics/set-up team and designated music ministry. Service Team Guidelines I. This activity is open to CFC and all its family ministries. 2. II. Choose a suitable venue with good acoustics and comfortable seating to maximize the impact of the workshop. 4. Choose speakers who have the posture of humility and obedience rather than only those with a high level of musical skills. 7. 3. to emphasize on the importance of worship in our life and mission. Registration team. Choose a Team Leader. General Objectives: The Music Ministry Workshop is an activity to guide our members of the way Couples for Christ and its family ministries approach worship and music ministry. Preparation: 1. discussion group leaders. always be centered on the Lord and ask Him to lead you to a Spirit- filled workshop. d.

“Animal Sounds. After forming the groups. Discussion Starters: 1. Disperse all of the members in the vicinity blindfolded. 3. the individual members will now be blindfolded using their handkerchiefs or the service team can provide a black cloth. Materials needed: Cloth or Handkerchiefs for Blindfold 1. This Activity is given before the talk 2. The group sharing will encourage the atmosphere of humility and openness. The first one to form the group will win the game. If time permits let the group sing their chosen song. When the participants are already dispersed. 7. The participants will be grouped (5-10 members in a group). or Only by Grace Activity 2: (Option 1) The Voice of One Calling… This activity is a variation of the popular team building game. Each group will choose a praise song that they will be using later (make sure that songs are not duplicated. 4 . Activity Guidelines Activity 1: Group Sharing The talk will highlight the proper posture or attitude of a Music Ministry member. Process the experience by asking how they felt and what they have learned. What are the things that I need to improve to become a better Music Ministry member? Reflection Song: Create in me a clean heart.III. 8. Limiting the number of members to four will help you manage the time well. Each group has their own unique song).” This game is for the session “Organizing the Music Ministry” and is to be given before the talk. 4. 6. they will now try to form their groups by singing their group song and listening to the voice of the other members. Why do I serve in the Music Ministry? 2. Give them a minute to sing the song together as a group to practice 5. Wait for the others to find their team mates. You may group them into four (4).

to each other as Christians then as musicians. Listening involves the heart. We listen first to the Lord. 1. Then make a demonstration on how it can be used and how it should not be used. The percussion leader teaches some basic beats for each division. Ask the participants to present all the instruments they brought for the workshop.) 3. bring as many as 6 gallon mineral water jugs. 5 . 4. hearing involves the brain. Identifying Different Instruments: 1. observe if the participant was able to use it properly. Talent is necessary but attitude and pastoral maturity are also important. Ask the participant to demonstrate how to use the instrument if it is not Key lessons to stress: As a team. 3. Key lessons to stress: Recognize Talents and Organize Them – We have to find those who can contribute to the music ministry and organize them properly. 2. If there are many participants. Each division practices. It will be interesting for the participants. Serving in the music ministry is fun but it also entails discipline and cooperation. You may refer to this link for guidance: http://www. 2. Percussion leader directs the flow of the Prepare enough percussion instruments for the participants. We have to follow God’s rhythm or else we will be disunited. (Option 2) Water Jug Percussion team Building This is a fun activity and a good icebreaker. You must be able to choose a good percussionist with a good plan to bring everyone to the proper rhythm pattern. Listen – As members of the music ministry its important that we not only hear but more importantly we also listen. we should play the same beat. Activity 3: Skills Workshop Outline (Guide for the speaker) A. Give some tips if necessary. (Note: If the speaker is knowledgeable of the said instrument.

Ex: Refiner’s Fire. 4. 1. (Eg. Ex: Grateful 3. Give some tips on how to turn a very simple song into something that can enhance the worship experience (in other words. to make it better sounding). 6 . 1. Observe how they gave the song their own musical treatment. Have them play a song. Playing as a team. Playing less. Get a volunteer keyboardist and ask him/her to play a song. B. Playing as a Worship Band.) D. (It’s better if from different areas) Composition: 1 Acoustic Guitarist 2 Electric Guitarists 1 Bassist 1 or 2 Keyboardists 1 Drummer 8 Singers (4 female & 4 male) Percussionists if there’s any 2. Are they doing different things or are they just duplicating each other?) 2. (Note: Observe how they play. Give some tips on what guitarist 1 and guitarist 2 can do that can complement one another. Guitarist 1 can play on the lower frets while Guitarist 2 can play on the higher frets with a capo) C. (Musical Arrangement) 1. Get two (2) guitarists from among the participants and have them play a song. Get volunteers from among the participants. Ex: Grateful (Give some tips on how to keep it simple but interesting.

Introduction: We are here to understand the basic principles of serving in the music ministry. Biblical Origin of Music Ministry Music started with God through eternity. b. strengthening our personal relationship with Him. d. • Job 38:4-7 "While the morning stars sang in chorus and all the sons of God shouted for joy. The music ministry plays a vital role in having a vibrant community. for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. Thus. to whom the songs are sung. then we can rephrase this passage: “Rejoice always. we pray twice!” And rightly so. Because in singing. Augustine said. we not only utter words but we express our prayer using a melody. sing to the Lord without ceasing…” II. e. • If singing to the Lord is praying. the assembly of worshippers who participate in the singing in turn are drawn to HIM. “When we sing. The Blessing of Music a. God loves music. f. It would be dry and lacking in expression. c.” . in everything give thanks.INTRODUCTION Talk: The CFC Music Ministry Note: This talk is ideally given by a CFC top leader in the area. Music also inspires people and may also evangelize other people outside the community. 1Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always. He loves to hear us sing to Him. Music is a special way that we reach out and communicate to God. I. In our life as a community in CFC. Imagine the households and the assemblies without the element of music. music will always be a part of our basic expression of our love for God." 7 . St. Let us now come to understand the significance of the service that God has given you through your talents. pray without ceasing. And as this music is pleasing to God. Music is really a gift from God to allow man to fully express himself.

Organizing the CFC Music Ministry 4. V. 23:2-5. ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name.30-31. not to be served. He is eighth in line from Adam and is said to be "the ancestor of all who play the lyre and the pipe. but to serve (Matthew 20:28). 20:20-30) IV. (1Chr 9:33. The Heart and Spirit of God’s Musician 3. 2Chr5:12-14. 15:16. What is a music ministry? • Music Ministry is a team of talented and service-oriented individuals who serve God through singing and playing of instruments. • As early as Genesis 4:21 there was Jubal whose name means "sound"." • In King David's time we see organized singers and musicians (Levites) ministered day and night in the tabernacle and later in the temple. and the skills of God’s musicians to enhance worship. • The music ministry directly supports the worship leader in bringing the community to worship God through songs of praise and worship. meaning "to serve as a slave. the spirit .27. Harmony in the Music Ministry 8 . The talks include: 1. • It is formed to serve God first. then to serve in the CFC assemblies and even in our own parishes as choir for the Eucharistic Celebration In the following talks. Jesus provided the model for Christian ministry—He came." • In the New Testament. Worship in CFC 2. we will present to you the heart. 16:4-6. What is a ministry? • "Ministry" is from the Greek word diakoneo. meaning "to serve" or douleuo.

I. True worship cannot be forced upon a person. What is Worship? a. d. Worship is meant to express our relationship with God. Worship is from the root word worthship or “worthy of worship”. Let us build the music ministry to its full potential by realizing the basics of worship. Our worship to God is based on who he is. Worship in CFC Talk 1 of the Music Ministry Workshop Objectives: 1. It can be defined as the highest honor. Relational - right worship is founded upon a right relationship with God and not on techniques focused on producing a certain type of experience. “You shall have no other gods before Me” Exodus 20:3 c. Why do we Worship? Two Very Important Aspects of Worship: a. his holiness. To have a clear understanding of our worship life in CFC. shown. He loves us. repentant and obedient heart. Expressive - worship is something expressed. Worship displays awe. Worship is the main reason why we form the music ministry. given. forgives us. As Christians. respect and recognition given to anyone or anything. b. respect and submission. b. Introduction It is essential to embrace the importance of worship to fully understand the role of the Music Ministry. praise. 2. his steadfast love and compassion and what he has done for us. To appreciate the essence of worship and anchor the music ministry to its core purpose. It should come from a submissive. It is God who initiates worship. honor and devotion. saves us. we do not worship anyone or anything except the One True God. Thus worship is being aware of God’s Presence and giving our response to His Presence II. It is to express a heart. his greatness. provides for us. the mind and will that is yielded to 9 . God is our father and we are his sons and daughters. God is our king and we owe him honor and respect and our full loyalty and obedience. his glory.

we must worship God and God alone. • During Worship. • Worship is to be done in a spirit of awe. an inner conviction of a love of God. seeking to serve." a. We desire for everyone to give a full musical expression to the Lord according to what is in their heart. In Spirit. God." The outward must flow from the inside. our gratitude through thanksgiving our repentance through confession our dependence through supplication our submission through total surrender our commitment through obedience b. To bow is to be humble in the Presence of God. In Truth. Romans 12:1 "offer your bodies as a living sacrifice. and now is. "But the hour is coming. His qualities and works. when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. and obey him. holy and pleasing to God. therefore we must worship Him according to His Word (The Scriptures). IV. for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. and attentiveness. honor. How should we worship our God? Jesus says in John 4:23-24. Scripture tell us that as creatures of the Creator. your spiritual worship. Since God is Spirit. we express to God our adoration through praise. reverence. Our worship must always conform to the teachings in Scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church. “O come. 10 . Scripture tells us to “bow down and worship the Lord”. let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker” Psalm 95:6 We worship God because of who He is – His nature and character. God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Word of God is truth. we must worship Him in spirit.

a. clapping. by the mercies of God. candles • Silence - being still and listening to God • Prophecies. Bible. kneeling. to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice. A basic worship pattern is important as this will put order in the sequence and flow of the worship segments. which is your spiritual service of worship. Unless a basic pattern in worship is followed. • "But why do you call me Lord. • Praise and worship songs (3 songs: 2 fast and 1 slow) with spontaneous praising. Elements of a full charismatic worship in CFC. raising hands. Visions • Healing • External actions like standing. • Praising and singing in the Spirit (separate workshop on praising in tongues. A typical worship at the start of a CFC gathering includes the following • Gathering song - This signals the assembly to settle down and allow the Spirit to move and draw all to a posture of worship • Exhortation of Leader- Encouraging words from the worship leader to set the atmosphere of worship. acceptable to God. dancing b. not more than 5 minutes. it will be difficult for the people to open and surrender themselves to the prodding and leading of the Holy Spirit. It should be short. define briefly what praising and singing in tongues is as distinguished from speaking in tongues) • Silence followed by inspired readings or prophecy and revelations 11 . The Elements of Charismatic Worship • Music and singing • Prayers • Scripture Readings • Offering of Gifts • Affirmation of Faith • Responses from the community (Amens) • Symbols – Cross. We cannot worship the Lord if we do things contrary to His commands. “Therefore I urge you.” Romans 12:1 • Being acceptable to God is obeying His commands and doing His will. Lord. In CFC we follow a Worship Pattern. and do not do the things which I say?" Luke 6:46 V. brethren.

Hail Mary. If in a corporate worship or big gathering. Types of worship gatherings: • Household Meeting • Chapter Prayer Assembly (see Corporate Worship in Annex for full guidelines) • Sector Assembly • Mission Core Gathering • Teaching Night • Praisefest VI. 12 . Let us sing. He deserves our all. We fully surrender in worshipping Him. so God may reveal His message in the intimacy of worship. Being part of the Music Ministry we are given this wonderful opportunity to be instruments of bringing God’s people closer to Him. dance. and jump in praise for His glorious presence. • Prayers. We raise our hands in awe and reverence of His greatness. When we worship we are reminded of God’s greatness. We lift up our hearts and souls to God who understands us more than we can ever understand ourselves. Giving our all in worship Let us be passionate in worshipping God. If in a household. the worship leader prays a general prayer and ends with a structured prayer. Conclusion: Worship is important in the life and mission of CFC and its family ministries. We practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit. there are thanksgiving and lifting up of concerns of the worshippers and ending in a structured prayer like Our Father. c. and Glory Be.

But what is it that distinctly identifies God’s Musicians from other musicians? a. c. God’s Musician is first and foremost a Christian a. To establish the importance of having the right attitude and posture as God’s musician 2. How is God’s Musician different from ordinary musicians Musicians abound within our midst. through the Music Ministry. b. We do not seek approval of people. 13 . obedience and patience in serving God through the Music Ministry I. More important than being musicians. Be aware that the music ministry is a powerful ministry. II. that’s why it is the target of the evil one. God’s Musician is NOT a performer entertaining the assembly. God’s musician acknowledges that all his/her talents are God-given. Satan’s objective is to make us proud and make us ineffective. Do not give any opening to the devil. God’s musician is generous with his talent. his time and even his treasure. We must continue to strive to live as authentic Christians because we now serve God as His minister. b. charity. To emphasize the need for the Christian virtues like humility. The Heart and Spirit of God’s Musician Talk 2 of the Music Ministry Workshop Objectives: 1. Psalm 33:3 says “Sing to God a new song. the members of the CFC music ministry are Christians. God’s musician further develops his talents and skills to be more effective in bringing people to experience God.” c. We are already beautiful in God’s eyes. skillfully play with joyful chant.

transportation for service. and investment in musical equipment.” Matthew 15:8 God intimately listens He hears and penetrates the purity of our heart’s intentions. On top of tithing. “'This people honor me with their lips. the music min members may require contributions for food for practices. personal holiness takes priority than improving talents and skills. Being a member of the Music Ministry requires a lot of time for rehearsals and service. our thanksgiving. The Music Ministry is God-centered a. For God’s musician. Our God is a loving Father who is always interested in His children. d. God’s musician is NOT self-centered with a personal agenda (like seeking fame and self-satisfaction). One must not hide his talents because he is shy or unwilling to commit to serve God. Not the music. our deepest 14 . Time. Talent. e. but their hearts are far from me. But He does not look at the technical aspect of the music. He looks at our hearts. They are the first to arrive at the venue for set-up and sound check and the last to leave to pack up the sound system. He must be willing to teach and pass on his knowledge and skills by training other brothers and sisters. III. but the Creator of Music God is our audience. Treasure. He attentively hears our praise.

In the music ministry. I will spit you out of my mouth” Revelations 3:16 3. Remember that we cannot be lukewarm in our faith. if we ourselves do not repent. making ourselves 15 . “Blessed are the pure in heart. because you are lukewarm.’ let us approach with sincere heart” Hebrews 10:21-22. hatred. and fear. IV. “So. Turn away from wrongdoing and anything that leads you to wrongdoing. Is your heart loving? Serving in the music ministry flows from our love for God and neighbor We must have unconditional love especially for other members in the music ministry. what we mean and what we try to pour out to Him. Loving means accepting even those who are difficult to love Loving is our willingness to provide assistance. God is the source of all graces Never give in to the temptation to think that you have become what you are because of your own efforts. 2. Is your heart pure? Ask the Lord to remove the impurities in your heart like hurts. what we are. resentments. for they shall see God” Matthew 5:8 4. Is your heart repentant? We cannot lead people to repent and turn to God. envy. prayer. The Heart of God’s musician Matthew 22:37 “love God with all your heart” 1. one of the most dangerous sin is pride. Is your heart sincere? We should examine ourselves and honestly ask ourselves why are we serving in the Music Ministry “Since we have ‘a great priest over the house of God. neither hot nor cold.

Handle conflicts in a Christian manner. Put relationships (love of God and neighbor) above our desires and above our tasks. That means being teachable. 3. like missing a note or playing a wrong chord. and selfless. c. Sometimes it’s also God’s way of telling us not to be proud and not to rely on our own strength. 2. Conflicts arise even in the music ministry. we must be trusting. Never fall into the devil’s trap of starting to blame each other. We must not boast of our talents. Start and end each service with a prayer. thirsting for righteousness. The right spirit refers to the right posture that the Lord commended in His sermon on the Mount: humble in spirit. the musical director. 16 . bringing back all the glory to God. peacemaking. What does it mean to be in the right spirit. to be in the right spirit we must be meek and humble. means we are to obey the people whom God has empowered to lead us. always refocus. For a Music minister. the glory belongs to God. If things don’t turn out well during worship. If people thank you and honor you for your good service. there will be disagreements. To be in the right spirit. V. the music ministry head. we can help distribute food) Loving neighbor may mean welcoming newcomers to our ministry. From time to time. Remember. Do not rob him of His glory. b. learn from the mistake and commit to do better next time. completely available to all who are in need (ex: not enough service team in the CLP. (See Matthew 5:3-10) 1. meek. merciful. That includes the worship leader. To be in the right spirit we must be obedient to God’s will! It follows that to be obedient to God. The Right Spirit of God’s musician “Put a new and right spirit within me!” – Psalm 51. open to correction and open to change. a.

a. 2. We practice and prepare well. but in the end we surrender everything to God’s love and mercy. nothing can stop it.” Psalm 95:1-2 Conclusion 1. and leading a worship. we must have a clean heart and a right spirit. Be willing to give up your role if someone better comes along or to give others a chance to serve. Why do I serve in the Music Ministry? 2. including musical style. Serve with joy in your hearts. playing. 5. To be in the right spirit is to be joyful always The Lord loves a cheerful giver. it has no place in the music ministry. We must allow the Spirit to move freely in our ministry. joyfully sing out our psalms. (Acts 5:38-39) 4. What are the things that I have to improve to become a better Music Ministry member? Reflection Song: Create in me a clean heart. The Holy Spirit is our guide in everything we do in the music ministry- our singing . or Only by Grace 17 . striving for excellence. b. let us sing joyfully to the LORD. cry out to the rock of our salvation. To be in the right spirit we must be willing to sacrifice a. Everything must truly be Spirit-led. If it is the work of the Spirit. REFLECTION QUESTION: 1. Watch your artistic temper. We must detach ourselves from our personal ideas and preferences. Let us greet him with a song of praise. If we are to draw people to God’s presence. “Come. composing.

18 .

The musical director – With good technical knowledge of music. c. WHO (The People in the Music Ministry and their Roles) a. 19 . Technical: To provide good quality music that will help create an environment of worship. arrangements. Organizing CFC’s music ministry Talk 3 of the Music Ministry Workshop Objectives: 1. drums. (with a section leader or choirmaster in a big group) d.g. support group: secretariat (e. 2. To orient the participants of the role of each Music Ministry member. b. He acts as overall coordinator.. keyboard) e. The singers – talent in singing. food. The instrumentalists – talent in playing instruments (guitars.g. prepares scores. photocopying). and technical training for the musicians.. b. The music ministry head: Not necessarily the most musically talented. Spiritual: The music ministry is there to support the worship leader and submits to the leadings of the Holy Spirit on the worship leader. etc. The Music Ministry also opens people’s hearts to receive the Holy Spirit. service-oriented. c. Pastoral: The CFC music ministry is also a venue for spiritual growth of its members II. mixing. WHY (The Objectives) a. leads by example. The audio and video technical support – in charge of the sound system. safekeeping and maintenance of the music min equipment f. and obedient to elders. text brigade). information dissemination (e. To have guidelines in setting up the music ministry I.

c. and technical team. make sure each person is aware of his/her role. ii. Membership to the music ministry can be by invitation or can be open to all who have musical talents and skills necessary to take on roles mentioned above. and set house rules. instrumentalists. The music ministry should as a team have regular retreats. For big groups. One must examine his/her intentions and pray for guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit 2. (Example: During rehearsals. He should consult the pastoral head of the individual to determine if the brother/sister is ready to take the role. Organize your singers according to voices (soprano. before and after an event) b. 1. HOW (Organizing the music ministry) a. Discernment of the individual i. Prayer a. 3. everyone must be attentive to the musical director. The music ministry head prays for the individual wishing to join the music ministry. bible studies and rehearsal camps. tenor and bass). Always pray together (before and after rehearsals. This builds unity and spirituality of the members. Once organized. d. Attend your household meetings and assemblies regularly c. e. 20 . Assign instrumentalists and back ups. Discernment of pastoral head of the area is also needed. subdivide group into: choir. Auditions may be conducted and is optional. Discernment of the music ministry head i. teachings. The 4 P’s for a successful music ministry: 1. All cellphones must be turned off. It is important to discern if a brother or sister is being called by God to the music ministry.III. Set regular practice dates. section leaders. alto. b.

especially for praisefests. e. Playing for God alone a. Always review old songs and learn new songs each practice day. b. A good music ministry must be effective but not attracting attention to themselves. Take God away and the music ministry becomes simply a band performing for themselves and for the audience. Avoid idle time. g. Remember. Pastoral Care for Music Ministry members a. d. Practices should be productive and must start and end on time. c. Regular practice allows you to be cohesive as a team. d. You must be able to draw the community to praise and worship God. f. Practice regularly on your own. Always remind yourself that the music ministry is there for God and God alone. Regular practices are important- at least twice a month for about 4 hours each rehearsal. no practice-no service except if the absence is for a valid reason. The general rule should be. Practice with the worship leaders. 21 . Be attentive and focused to the promptings of the Spirit (through the worship leader during worship) c. the people will always assume that you are singing it correctly. It is ideal during worship that you focus less on the technical and focus more on God. The music ministry head must be able to discern and suggest the pastoral needs of his members and relay them to his/her pastoral head.2. 3. since you are the music ministry. Make sure that the songs are sung according to the original music score. Practice a. b. instead of seeing you. Make your practices an opportunity to worship the Lord. In a way he must be invisible to the audience. 4. Do not create distractions that will put people’s focus on yourself. This also saves time of learning songs during group rehearsals. they are seeing God in you. Enhance your skills.

You are there to please God and not man d. the music ministry must remain in the venue to listen to all the talks and teachings. In what area can you best use your skills and talent to enhance your music ministry? 3. b. inviting good speakers to sustain the spiritual growth of members. b. c. Conduct regular music min talks. Discern whether you are being called to the music ministry. 2. Is there anybody you want to invite to the music ministry? 22 . c. Conclusion Organizing the Music Ministry is not a simple task. Do not recruit members simply on the basis of talents. There is a tendency to be engrossed in the music and forget about God. Discourage members from leaving the venue and coming back only for the closing song. Reflection Questions: 1. Watch out for following pitfalls: a. Make sure that all members of the music ministry have households and attend all teachings required. There is always the temptation to perform rather than to worship. We must not rely on our own strength but allow the Holy Spirit to move freely. The objective of the ministry is to help people participate in the worship and not to make them just stop and listen to good music. Always keep your focus. After the opening worship. d.

Our God is a god of order and excellence When playing for God. and they praised Yahweh 'for his faithful love is everlasting'- then the Temple was filled with the cloud of the glory of Yahweh" 2 Chronicles 5:13 a. Tips for Harmony in the Music Ministry Here are some tips and guidelines that may help us become excellent musicians for the Lord. To share tips or knowledge in the musical and technical aspects of leading Christian music. Harmony in the Music Ministry Talk 4 of the Music Ministry Workshop Objectives: 1. I. We want to avoid distractions that may draw their attention from God towards the music ministry. to the accompaniment of trumpets. To let the participants understand the importance of being in harmony to help enhance the worship experience. each instrument should be doing something different but complementing each other. Harmony in our Praise - there must be harmony in everything we do as Christians. The melody line should stand out because that is what the congregation will sing. The sound should result to harmonious music setting an environment for worship. "and the harmony between trumpeters and singers was such that only one melody could be heard as they praised and gave thanks to Yahweh -- and the singing began. we give our best. We want to be able to lead the worshippers closer to God. A music ministry in good harmony will help achieve this goal. The second voice should not be too loud. cymbals and musical instruments. 2. and that includes harmony in praising God • Harmony of voices - Each person may be singing a different voice. • Harmony of sound -- there may be several instruments playing together. 23 . it is important that each voice sings the precise note in the arrangement. II.

ex. Harmony of Voices - composed of the following • Lead Singer(s) • Back up Singers • Choir • Choir Master/ Arranger/ Vocal coach c. Like in the hand rule. hand dexterity will be limited. Exodus 15 is normally keyboard driven. The same principle applies to improving your sound as a music ministry. If all your fingers had the same length. it will be hard to grip an object. each instrumentalist has his own role. Without your forefinger it's not easy to write. Ex: Without a thumb. each giving space to the other and not trying to out-dominate one another. and the right tempo. right beat. with the right phrasing. No one singing out of tune. God is enough is commonly a guitar-driven song. • Unity of Sound - all in tune. Improving the Musicality The Hand Rule - each hand has five fingers. This is achieved by practicing regularly. • Sound mix - a good music ministry must be complemented with a good sound system and a good sound technician. This will guide the musicians in determining which instrument will be dominant for a particular song. b. Harmony of Sounds • Acoustic Guitarist • Bassist • Keyboardist • Drummer • Electric Guitars (Lead & Rhythm) • Musical Director III. • Try playing less . • Unity of Voices - all the singers must sing in tune. each finger has a different size and shape. or out of beat. right accents and expression. each finger has a specific role. simple is beautiful - Decide whether a song is guitar driven or keyboard driven. 24 .

A. it will sound better if you play in the middle register. you can play any song using easy to play chords like G. If you're a keyboard or acoustic guitar player. the keyboardist will have to give some of these roles. E. It allows them to play at different registers thus enriching the sound of the band and preventing redundant sound. It is even advisable to discuss this during rehearsals. the lead guitar normally the high register tones. D and C and changing the key by moving the capo up or down the guitar fret board. that is the bass. It is also useful if there are 2 or more guitarists. Forming a letter C with your hand can mean going back to the chorus part. • Bassist and drummer are partners in praise - Very often. Leave the bass to the bassist and don't play any lead part when the lead guitarist is doing his part. Again you are a team. 25 . • Develop clear signals - normally a closed fist would mean go to the ending of the song. Ex. Normally. • Keyboardist should not play the bass part if there’s a bassist in the group - There is a tendency for keyboard players (especially those with classical music background or those used to playing alone) to play all the parts of the music. § Try playing on different register than the others - Ex. the lead and the rhythm part. • Learn to use the capo - Playing the guitar becomes easy if you can learn to use the capo. meaning 2 or more guitarist playing and doing the same thing. God is the strength of my heart can be played fast. Develop easy hand signals so that the instrumentalists and singers are always on the same page • Give space – based on the musical arrangement of a song. • Different treatment of song - sometimes the worship leader will ask the band to play a particular song in a different way. It is advisable that the two musicians stay close together or at least have visual and audio contact. When playing with a band. the bass guitar player and the drummer set the groove especially when playing fast songs. • Learn to use effects - this allows the musician to create different sounds that are appropriate to the song being played. know where your part is. A bass player takes care of the low register tones. but can also be played slow. Don't compete with each other.

• Cover all zones - as a music ministry you are ministering to the congregation. Support him all the way 26 . Tips for Singers • Singers should know type of microphone - There are different types: uni- directional. • Always do a sound check - this minimizes problems during actual worship which can sometimes be distracting to the congregation • For big events have a tech rider. • Planning is always essential. The rule is if you cannot hear the other singers. • Listen to each other. Try to minimize this. • Always support the worship leader. Again unity of sound means sounding as one. The worship leader is anointed. then you are probably singing too loud or too close to the microphone. Allow the Spirit to work through him. IV. • Adjust the degree of vibrato - Singers who sing with too much vibrato will stand out. condenser microphones. Plan as if everything depends on you but at the same time. which is rare in praise and worship. Learn to use and adjust to each type. pray to God because everything depends on Him. Exception is when you're singing a solo part. For big groups it is advisable that you discuss among yourselves which area of the congregation you will minister too. • Intro and extro - This gives you a certain level of confidence in starting and ending a song. don’t override him. wireless.

Prayer of the Lord’s Musician May we play for God Not simply with instruments Made by human hands. But with the melodious instrument Of our human existence Proceed to Skills Workshop 27 . • Be conscious of promptings from worship leader • Dynamics (loud . advanced or high tech the set-up is. at least know the first few lines so you can effectively lead the people. However. • Know your limits as a singer - What is your vocal range and what areas still have to be improved? Learn to listen to yourself. what is crucial is the harmony within the relationship of the team and the harmony of our relationship with the Lord. accents) - You should not sing loud all the time. this must not be overdone as it may blur the message of the song and may be confusing to the congregation. • Be sure of first line - It is always ideal to memorize lyrics. It is good to occasionally sing spontaneous fill ins in between verses and melody lines with the purpose of enhancing the worship experience. soft. But the minimum is. • As a singer don’t abuse your freedom of expression - . No matter how simple. Do not sing on top of each other. It is nice to express your feelings by putting emotion to the song Conclusion: Harmony is important to be able to encourage more people to worship God intimately.

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