The Ideal Classroom 635 project gave us the opportunity to develop our ideal
classroom. This project was developed to think about how we want our
classroom when we are a teacher. How instructional design would help
support the needs of our students. In my ideal classroom the students are
diverse through ethnicities and socio-economic status. Though it is diverse
my classroom does has a high degree of at risk students. My classroom has
a high degree of at risk students because my passion is helping students
who need extra help, love, and support in and outside of school. My ideal
classroom has plenty of space and innovative furniture ideal for project base
learning and collaboration opportunities. The class would be filled with
technology as another resource to support my student’s growth and
development in the classroom. I would also have a designated space in the
classroom that is closed off, for students to use as a cool down and refocus
area. My ideal classroom was built with the student’s best interest and allow
to maximize my student’s education development in the classroom.
This project was beneficial to put what I have learned throughout my school
career and develop a classroom with the best learning environment for
students. This project made me think critically how I want to develop my
learning environment for students, when I am a licensed teacher. This
project required me to reflect on my own teaching style and what I feel is
important for me to provide the best education opportunities to my students.
For this project I pulled together resources from books read in class, and
additional research I did outside of class to put together my ideal classroom.
I developed this classroom with my student’s best interests trying to create a
space ideal for students to develop and learn in the most optimal
environment regardless of abilities. This project gave me the opportunity to
think critically how I would develop my classroom environment, how I would
set it up, and how it would be ideal for the students. Each aspect of my
classroom has my students in mind what will help them grow and foster
appropriate development regardless of the student’s personal struggle.
Teacher Standards
Standard #3: The teacher understands how students differ in their
approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are
adapted to diverse learners. In this project I addressed standard 3 by
providing space and resources to adapt to different learners. My class was
filled with technology that can be used by students for support in class,
making education fun and engaging. In this project my classroom has plenty
of space for students to collaborate and work together as well as time to set

up peer tutoring as a resource for certain students. I have incorporated
different aspects in the classroom that would be ideal for different students
to learn. I would have a co-teacher model to utilize different teaching styles
to support students who need more support and challenge students who
excel beyond the lesson. The co-teaching style will provide more resources
and support for every child regardless of need. I modeled this standard in
my project my implement different aspect of my classroom that have been
proven to increase student engagement and enhance education experiences.
Standard #6: The teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal,
and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration,
and supportive interaction in the classroom. I address this standard by
providing technology to assist my student in their class work and as a
resource to build connections to lesson being taught in the classroom. In this
project I developed a class that fostered active learning by implementing
project based learning, where students will learn while they are completing
the activities. I support collaboration amongst students through the use of a
genius bar. Which involves peer tutoring with the use of white board counters
for student to write and collaborate ideas in a fun way. The furniture is set
up for easy collaboration between students to foster active inquiry and
engagement in their lessons.
CEC Standards

Standard 3: Individual Learning Differences. In this project I address
standard #3 by suppling my classroom with abundance of to support a
variety of needs. I supplied my classroom with enough technology to
support every student individual needs. The technology would include
tablets, Smartboards, and chrome books for every student to use. The
tablets with be filled with apps to help increase their skills and learn new
skills. They will also be used for other means of communicating and
completing classroom activities. The Chromebook would assist the children in
more in-depth projects, or research, and online programs that develops with
the student’s needs. Smartboard’s increase student engagement by
interacting with the technology during the lesson. In this project I also
utilized innovative furniture that would support learning differences. The
furniture is moveable with soft plastic for more comfort. The flexibility of the
chairs allow the child to fidget as needed, but with less distractions of
actually getting out of their chair. Here is also a designated sections for peer
tutoring moments for the students to work out any problems they may have.
This is an extra resource for a student to learn in a different context. In this
project I decided I wanted to utilize the co-teaching model. This also is
reflective in my ability to fulfill standard 3 by provide another avenue for a
student to learn in a way that is best for that child.

Standard 5: Learning Environments and Social Interactions. In this project I
displayed standard 5 by developing an environment that supports social
interactions as well as learning. There are numerous places for the student
to interact with each other in a positive way. The environment uses the
genius bar table for writable collaboration, and media that support the
students collaborating on project through the use of presentation apps. Peer
tutoring is another aspect I incorporated into my ideal classroom that helps
support student interaction and foster social development. Having an
inclusive learning environment helps support students need for social
interaction and bringing together learning and peer interactions support
students’ needs beyond intellectual development.

Alverno Abilities

Integrative Interaction: In this activity I displayed the integrative
interactions by designing a class that tries to assist all students regardless of
abilities. I have resources set up in the classroom to assist student who need
help regulating emotions. In this project I create a designated room with in
the classroom to support students with regulating emotions without having
to be remove from the classroom. I have assisted technology resources set
up in the classroom to support student’s abilities to communicate and
complete in class assignments or note taking. I celebrate diversity and in
this project have set up a classroom with diverse group of students. I feel
diversity is important with students development through exposure to
students of different ethnicities and socio economic status. In this lesson I
have implemented the co-teaching model. Two staff members will be in the
classroom teaching simultaneously. This shows respect amongst diversity in
teaching styles and support the student’s ability to learn from multiple
resources. In this project have used different styles of learning and ways of
communicating to build student exposure to new learning techniques and
styles, showing respect for everyone’s differences.

Educational Framework
The educational framework that encompassed this project was the theory of
Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences. The classroom is filled with
students who all learn differently. Gardener’s framework of multiple
intelligences identifies different learners and their strengths. I developed my
ideal classroom encompasses every learner styles and uses their strengths.
My classroom has different aspects and teaching styles to develop learners.
Visual learners will be amused by the windows and posters on the walls,
along with the engaging lessons with the use of technology. Kinesthetic
learners will have the ability to move and touch with flexible innovative
furniture to allow wiggle room with student. The use of tablets will allow
kinesthetic learners to touch, drag, and manipulate object to enhance their
learning. Musical learners have the Chromebook, tablets, and smart board
which all produce sounds, display videos, and keep students engage through
sounds. The classroom ha ability for collaboration supporting the
interpersonal learners, who learn through interactions with their peers and
environments. Intrapersonal learners who enjoy being by themselves with
minimal interaction. I will incorporate a reading corner for those who are
self-sufficient, a relaxation destination for students who need time to
themselves for regulating emotions. There are also the logical learners who
learn by solving problems. These learners have different apps, or lessons to
keep them engaged in the lesson. The genius bar would be a great benefit
to help the work out their problems. To enhance the multiple intelligences
there will be a co-teaching model to enhance the student’s exposure to the
lesson in multiple formats.