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Theresa’s Youth Choir

Song Leader’s Workshop

January 21, 2017

Day plan

10:30 – Arrival, settle down, set up

10:45 – Opening prayer, welcome

10:45 – 11:00 – Warm up activity

11:00 – Role, Responsibilities and Qualities of a Good Song Leader/Cantor

11:30 – 12:00 – Learning videos

Vocalization –vowels

Mum sound


Diaphragm Singing -

How to sing on pitch

How to sing with a cold

12:00 – Lunch (45 mins)

12:45 - 1:00 Game/icebreaker

1:00- 1:15 – Importance of Daily Music Ritual

1:15-1:30 Learning videos (part 2)

Hitting High Notes -

Hitting Low notes -

Microphone usage

Expanding your vocal range -

Diction – Filipino Accent


Standard guide during song leading

1:30-2:00 PM Individual performance

must be a part of what we offer the people who come to be fed. The best food in the world can become unpalatable if presented nervously. This is a task of great responsibility. through his or her genuine prayerfulness and engaging manner. the way they authentically pray the music--all this works to either encourage of discourage the participation of the assembly. in-authentically. arrogantly. The cantor. and. our vulnerability. or without genuine love. our welcome to the assembly. and our strength--in short. It is essential that everything about the cantor speak “engagement!”The way he or she approaches the place from which they minister. Responsibilities and Qualities of a Good Song Leader/Cantor The cantor is the catalytic link between the latent power and prayer of the music. impersonally. the way they gesture the participation of the people in the pews. ask around for resolutions for 2017 Closing message Closing prayer Picture picture Home Sweet Home Role. singing our prayer with the intent of eliciting the prayer of the people to whom we are ministering. as we would want with any meal that is a nourishing experience on all levels. with uncertainty. In a deep sense. we are LEADING the prayer. unconfidently. is the link between what the musicians are offering as a foundation for structured prayer. we cantors are feeding people. and the receptivity of the assembly to be moved by that power to an authentic response. and we cannot engage the spirits of the people in the pews if we are glued to the music and focusing on that instead of communicating with the people. our cheerfulness. is critical. Our challenge as cantors is to make . our full humanity. our comfort with the music. As cantors.2:00 – 2:15 Instructions/plan for 2017 2:15-2:45 Preparations for final activity: 2:45 – 3:00 Group performance 3:00-3:15 Feedback from everybody. and what the assembly contributes to the building of the Liturgy. not to be taken lightly. not READING it. our ease with our leadership. Thorough knowledge of the music so that there can be constant eye contact with the assembly. We cantors are communicating with the assembly.

Harmonize. George to approve.Carlo g. Always. Responsibility for songs selection . Supporting when not leading a.George 3. Christmas. Seeks to learn more and improve oneself 9. Come closer to the congregation b. 8 months. August . Receptive to feedback 8. September . February – Line b. George will take care of special occasions – Lent. April .Strong personal relationship with the Lord 1. May – Jhocef e.George d. always in tune and in sync with the instrumentalist 3.Marlon k.Fe f. Comfortable with the microphone 7. Easter a. June . Confident 5.sure that the nourishment of music and scripture so powerfully available in Liturgy truly reach the hearts and souls that come to be fed each Sunday. if necessary . October . Dual song leaders going forward – Cantor line up 1st Lin 2nd set e Marlon set Marlon Fhe Christi Len Christian an Olga Olg a Carlo Carlo Line Fhe Jhocef Jhocef Len 2. Sings from the heart 10. Engaging to the congregation 4. March .George c.Len j. Good diction 6. November . December .assign each month to each song leader.Olga h. Prepares ahead of time 2. July . Advent.Christian i. Qualities of a good cantor 1.

youtube. 8. Your voice will show when your heart is racing. Blue Sunday Supplemental Song Book). Don’t shout or speak too fast 10. Take a few deep breaths before singing. Always check the schedule sent to you earlier so you can plan and learn the songs on your own in advance. Sing louder Sources for Hymn selection: National Pastoral Musicians website: http://www. If you are not familiar with the tune. Example: http://www. page ___ of your (Red Worship book. If lesser melody support. There are a lot of youtube links out there which can help you. inform George ahead of time (mobile 537 7760) 3. page _ _ _ Offertory: . 6.html Sunday readings STYC Song leaders : Tips and Reminders avoid excessive drinking or eating on Saturday which may strain your 4. Green Catholic Book of Worship. 13. Always come to practice early at 4:30. 12.merriam-webster. Avoid unnecessary shouting. c.npm. This will help you increase your confidence in singing any new songs rather than scrambling to learn a new song a few days before your schedule. Please all rise and join the choir in singing our Entrance Hymn. 7. 11. Make it a habit to listen to music (especially liturgical music) a few minutes each day to train your ear. It’s hard to sing on a full stomach so if possible avoid having heavy lunch or snacks if you are scheduled on any Sunday. If you know you are scheduled for song leader during Sunday.Don’t stop learning. care of your voice. Learn proper way of breathing.cfm Guide to pronunciation  https://www. 2. always make an effort to familiarize by listening to the youtube links or recordings provided by George at least 5 times or until you are confident with your singing 9. General tip when announcing songs during mass: speak softly but clearly. Vocalize before coming to church. loud singing and heavy drinking especially a few days before your Sunday schedule. (title of Song). If you will be late or couldn’t make it. if you’re nervous or not confident with the song.Use the below as a guide when announcing songs during the mass Entrance: Good evening.Bear in mind and imagine God using you as His mouth to speak to His congregation during the mass. Read the song lyrics beforehand to internalize the content and be able to translate the message through your song. sing in unison d.

After the recessional hymn you can say a little greeting such as “Have a blessed Sunday everyone” for ordinary Sundays or Happy Easter Everyone or whatever suits the occasion. on page ___ of the (Red Worship book. (title of Song).For our offertory hymn. please join the choir in singing __________ found on page ____ of the (Red Worship book. Blue Sunday Supplemental Song Book). Green Catholic Book of Worship. Green Catholic Book of Worship. page _ _ _ Recessional: Normally Father Joe asks the congregation to stand and will just ask you of the song title. . please join the choir in singing ________. page _ Communion: For our Communion hymn. Blue Sunday Supplemental Song Book). so just say the title and begin singing. (title of Song).