Republic of the Philippines )
City of Dipolog ) s.s


I, EVAN MORGIA, of legal age, filipino, single and resident of Santa Isabel, Dipolog
City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say;

1.) What is your present occupation?
I am employed by Marivic Banga, as store keeper of the Ukay-ukay store located at T.
Claudio St. Dipolog City
2.) How long have you been employed as store keeper?
About nine months
3.) Do you have any companions aside from yourself:
None, I am alone
4.) Do you remember where were you particularly in the morning at about eleven forty?
I was setting in a small display table with Warren Patangan of any subject under
the sum
5.) Who is this Warren B. Patangan?
He is a close friend of mine because he usually sits at the store to watch the car owners
entering the parking lot administered by Atty. Roque Patangan in order to collect parking
6.) Now while conversing with Warren Patangan, did you observe any unusual incident?
7.) What is that unusual incident about the respondent come to us outside the store about a
meter infront of us passing the roadside toward the direction of the bagsakan
What he do next?!
He asked us maliciously unlawfully in arrogant manner in tagalog “ Anong ginagawa
ninyo dito?”, to which i replied “ Parking fee”, because i already anticipated that whoever
comes to us will pay parking fee. He then again asked in tagalog “Anong ginagawa
ninyo dito?”, We did not answer because I was surprise with his question. He again
ordered us in tagalog “Taas kamay!”, and he told us that in vernacular “Pulis ako!”, and
in a blatant show of force, intimidated us by half pulling tucked in his waist a .45 caliber
pistol, and Warren this time pointed to the parking lot as “This is our Lot” ” sa amin ang
loteng ito”. So he got mad and angry and ordered Warren B. Patangan, to disrobe his
hooded jacket. Then he turned his attention to me and told me “Ikaw!” meaning you, so i

what did you feel? I was shocked. Can you identify and recognize the respondent in this case? Yes!. retired NAPOLCOM as he was about to go his whole bodyto show that I am armless. feel humiliated and embarass because there are many churchgoers who focused their attention to us. “akala ko riding in tandem kayo”. and Warren shook his hands to calm and oppose him. And he asked again what is my surname and i answered Patangan. he is the one . Roque Patangan. he got into his car and left On your part. He then worked about 1 foot then asked Warren what is the name of your father?. Is that all what happened? After Warren shook. got pale and shaking with fear. Warren answered Atty. Warren further repeated pointing the whole parking lot and telling respondent as this is our “Land”.