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Dom Simone

Mr. Harkins

March 22, 2017

US History 11

Major Winters

Throughout the series, Band of Brothers, the character who I believe had the most

prominent role in leadership and responsibility was Major Winters. There are multiple instances

throughout the series where Major Winters stands out among the rest of the characters. During

the films, Major Winters displayed a great deal of authority, skill, and comradeship. He was not

only dedicated to making himself better, but he was also focused on the success of his men.

There are many examples throughout the series where Major Winters exhibits excellent

leadership skills. An example of this is when Major Winters took command after Sobel’s

inadequacies ultimately drove him out of command. Major Winters took on a leadership role and

successfully gained the respect of his men. Rather than being a dictator to his battalion on the

battle field, Winters was a role model. He led his battalion by example and embodied the true

meaning of a leader. Another example of Winter’s exceptional character is when he rose in

ranking very fast. He rose in ranks as a result of his estimable performance on the battlefield. As

a result of multiple challenges, the army needed people to rise up and take control. Major

Winter’s was a great person to take on that challenge. Even though he acquired a high position of

authority, he decided that he still wanted to fight in the war with his men. This shows Major

Winter’s morals and his dedication to the army and his men. Major Winter’s treated his men like

his own family and put aside his authorities status to build a trust worthy and comfortable

environment for his men.

Throughout the series there are multiple instances where Major Winters displayed great

skills and respectable morals. He was a leader on and off the battlefield, and for that reason I

respect him the most.