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Mini Lesson Plan EDU 536 (Based on SIOP Model) #5

Lesson Plan Title: Communication Games

Name: Kyle Perry Date: 3/27/17
Grade Level: 9th

ELD Objectives: What do you want students to be able to do as ELA Language Standards for Grade Level
a result of this lesson? Include academic language and vocabulary Compare the point of view of two or more authors for how
objectives. Objectives must be measurable. they treat the same or similar topics, including which
ELD Language Objective: details they include and emphasize in their respective
Students will be able to communicate the rules of accounts.
the game to each other.
ELD Content Objective: ELA Content Standards for Grade Level
Students will learn the difference between 10.4.3 Explain imperialism from the perspective of the
Imperialism and Capitalism. colonizers and the colonized and the varied immediate and
Cog. Taxonomy/DOK Levels: 2-3 long-term responses by the people under colonial rule.

ELD Standards (2014) that apply

Materials Key Academic Vocabulary Research Based Learning Strategies
Imperialism Worksheet imperialism (provide text chapters/reference)
Set of Dice racism
Modern World History Textbook Social Darwinism Chapter 23 Page 151- 154
Berlin Conference
Boer War

Pre-Assessment: How will you determine Motivation Strategy: How will you catch Real World Connection: How are learning
prior knowledge? attention of students and focus their minds goals relevant to students’ lives?
I will be asking them baseline questions on the learning goals? Understanding the differences between the
that connect to the activity they are about Most of the time when you mention different styles of economy can be
to perform. that you are doing a game that is beneficial as they get older because they
competitive they are immediately will know the strengths and weaknesses of
our own style of economy and others.
engaged. I then would have to make
sure I use this time wisely while I have
all their attention and ask them
questions that would be the most

All strategies will be research based and from one of Students: Practice and Application
the texts. Please provide reference for each. Note meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice
and application, feedback in each of the three areas below.
Teacher: Presentation/ Learning Activities (Strategy
(includes language and content objectives, comprehensible
input, strategies , interaction, feedback. Use bullet points in
each of the three areas below. Collaborative (engagement with others)
Students will have to talk with each other to figure out the
Collaborative (engagement with others) best strategy to win and who is rolling the dice each round.
The students are split into teams so that they are work with
their team to try and defeat the other teams to conquer Interpretative (comprehension and analysis of
more territories. written and spoken texts)
Interpretative (comprehension and analysis of There is a large list of African continents they will have to
written and spoken texts) read and discuss if they want conquer or not with their
There is a large list of African continents they will have to team.
read and discuss if they want conquer or not with their
team. Productive (creation of oral presentations and
Productive (creation of oral presentations and written texts)
written texts) When they write each country on the paper and which
When they write each country on the paper and which country loses and wins.
country loses and wins.

Review and Assessment: What specific assessment tools Student Reflection: How will you provide for student
are being used? reflection on learning?
At the end of the chapter I give them a quiz to make sure I will give them an opportunity at the end of class or the
they understand what is being taught. end of the activity to see what they learned and what they
enjoyed about the lesson.

Teacher Reflection Extension:
What do you anticipate to be a problem for specific Based on data/evidence, what are the next steps for
students? future lessons? Provide evidence for your answer.

 ELD Objective Explaining the process of Imperialism to reinforce the
Some students still will not get involved even though this ideas and characteristics.
is a fun game. My challenge is making sure that all
students are involved.
 Content Objective
Having enough time to complete the activity fully will be a
big-time problem because you can’t waste too much time
on this that it will dip into other lessons.

What theory or theorists would most strongly
support use of this strategy?

Motivation Research Article: Add growth mindset
to your reflection.

1. What part of your lesson prompted students to
move into a growth mindset toward learning 2nd
These students are able to hear many different students
speaking their second language which will lead to more social
skills and tenses.
2. Why do you think this particular activity/or
learning task prompted a GM?
Because there minds are stimulated because of competition
and rolling dice.
3. Mention students by name and describe specific
demonstrations of growth for language
Jose learned a lot by interacting with his team.
4. How will you let students know they have
developed more GRIT / GM in learning a new
Make sure to celebrate their accomplishments so they know
to repeat them.

5. What changes overall have you seen in your
class that indicate that a Growth Mindset has
been supported and expanded to this point in
the semester?
The results from their quizzes and tests have improved.
6. What did not work that you will change for next
Finding ways to shorten this or get more kids a
country to be involved.

7. Next steps based on analysis of this lesson:

Attach copy of student work