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Faculty and Class : Engineering, MPK English

1. Title of the Article : Hypocrisy and Blurring Women’s Bodies on TV
2. Author : Mario Rustan
3. The Reason Why I choose this Article
I was interested to read this article by reading the title “Hypocrisy and Blurring Women’s
Bodies on TV”. Actually, I have ever heard about blurring women’s bodies on TV that
became viral topic recently. However, I want to know more about the issue from the author’s
point of view as well as to understand the author’s explanation about hypocrisy on TV in this
4. The explanation what the article is about
Today, many Indonesians think that the censorship on TV by blurring is quite annoying. KPI
and KPAI claimed the right to blur women's bodies is fully in the hand of TV stations and
many countries do censorship by blurring too. The writer think KPI is more concern about
morality issue instead of its original task to warn tycoon-politician owners of television
channels who use their stations to broadcast all their propaganda and to ensure television
channels give space for local programs. Automatic censorship also happened in social media
such as facebook and instagram, but it is easier to figure them out than KPI. Censorship
policy especially in Indonesia must be evaluated since it is running on a platform of
5. Writer’s Message in writing this Article
The writer suggests the local TV stations to increase their local content’s quality, so that it
will be interesting and cover Indonesia’s diversity. TV channels are better to use their time to
improve their news programs, talk shows, and local content, than editing cartoons and
movies. It is actually okay to do blurring as long as it does not distract or annoy the
audiences. KPI have to be clear in playing their role, not only focus on morality issue such as
blurring women's bodies on TV. It is important for KPI to declare clearly the rights and
limitations for TV channels, so they will not do something without any clear reason.
6. My personal Comment as a conclusion of my article review

Censorship is important.I agree with the author statement in this article that censorship by blurring is annoying. sometimes it will disrupt the story (when we watch a movie). . but I just think the blurring done by the TV channels lately is too much. KPI should play their original role to increase the TV channels’ content quality. moreover. I experienced myself that it is disgusting to see too much blur on TV screen.