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TH.AJARAN 2015/2016
13. 1) She could have drowned if a dove up a nearby tree had
I. Choose The Right Answer not seen her.
Text For Number 1-8 2) To reach the spring, she had to climb up a blade of grass.
3) After walking around for some time, she came to a spring
Once there were two thin goats. Both of them were hungry, they 4) While making her way up, she slipped and fell into water
were tied together with brown rope. They wanted to eat the green 5) One hot day, an ant was searching for some water.
leaves from the separated bushes. One bush on the left and the other The good arrangement of a story is .....
was on the right. a. 5-3-2-4-1
The goats thought they could do everything on their own. However, b. 5-2-3-1-4
the rope was short. They tried and tried but they could not reach the c. 5-1-2-3-4
bushes. They were sad. d. 5-1-4-3-2
Then, the goats decided to work together. First, they ate the leaves Complete the following dialogue to answer questions 14-16.
on the right. Then, they ate the leaves on the left. The leaves were very Ivan : What did you do last weekend?
delicious. The goats were happy. Rehan: (14) ....
1. Where did the story happen? Ivan : Did you enjoy it?
a. At a zoo c. In the jungle Rehan: Not at all
b. On a mountain d. At the bushes Ivan : (15) . . .
2. What did the goats want to eat? Rehan: It rained all the time. It was windy and very cold.
a. A brown roof c. Green leaves Ivan : (16) . . .
b. Bushes d. Trees 14. a. I went swimming. c. I will go with you.
3. Why were the goats sad? b. I like it very much d. It was interesting.
a. Because they were hungry 15. a. Where? c. How?
b. Because they could not reach the leaves b. When? d. Why?
c. Because the rope was too short 16. a. I disagree. c. That’s too bad.
d. Because they thought they could do everything b. That’s awesome d. Yes, of course you can .
4. How did the goats finally reach the bushes? 17. He ...... the movie with his friends last night.
a. By working together a. watch c. watching
b. By cutting the rope d.watched
c. By trying to reach the bushes 18. They ...... a lot of books yesterday.
d. By doing everything on their own a. Bring c. Brought
5. What kind of text is above? b. Bringing d. Brings
a. Narrative c. Procedure 19. X : Dion is the clever student. Don’t you think so?
b. Recount d. Descriptive Y : .... He always get a good score.
6. What is the purpose of the text? a. I’m not sure c. You are right
a. To tell a true story b. That’s wrong d. I really don’t think so.
b. To entertain the readers 20. A : What is your opinion about internet?
c. To describe some animals B : I think it’s very useful.
d. To show how the goats’ life The underlined sentence is the expression of....
7. What is the generic structure of the text? a. Asking for help c. Giving help
a. Orientation-Series of events-Reorientation b. Asking for opinion d. Giving opinion
b. Identification-Description
c. Orientation-Complication-Resolution II. Essay
d. Aim-Materials-Steps 1. Change into correct past form.
8. “They were sad”. The opposite of the underlined word is.... (+) My father worked very hard yesterday.
a. Happy c. Big (-) .....
b. Smart d. Small (?) ....
9. Nendy : Can you help me to bring this book?
Aldo : Yes, of course. 2. Reaarange these following sentences into a good dialogue.
Ratna : Thank you very much.
The underlined sentence is the expression of....
Ratna : Could you give me the dictionary, please?
a. Request c. Agreement Shane: Do you need any help?
b. Permission d. Invitation Shane: All right. Here you are.
10. Nia : Would you pass me the salt, please?
Andre : ....Here you are Change the verbs in the bracket into past tense.
a. Help yourself c. No way 3. They ...(play) football in the yard yesterday.
b. Of course d. Be sure 4. She ...(write) an essay last night.
11. Alex : What do you think of this building?
Sandy : .... It looks fragile. 5. Arrange these sentences into narrative text
a. I think this building is very old a. Finally, he came back to the hare but it had run away.
b. I think it is new b. Then, he saw a hare sleeping under a tree.
c. I think it is beautiful c. Once, a lion had been hunting for days without catching
d. I think it is very dirty anything.
12. Jhon : You look busy with that work. May I help you? d. After a long chase, the lion failed.
Daisy : .... I must do it on my own. e. He was about to catch the hare when a fine young deer
a. Thank you, I would. c. Yes, please. trotted by.
b. No, thank you d. That would be very nice f. He turned and chased the deer.

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