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Kokulan Vanniyasingam | Total Quality Management

March 28, 2017

1. Lotion Bottle
Detection: Some of the lotion bottle (pictured below) comes with dispenser pumps. The
issue here is the pump not getting all of the lotion content inside the bottle which can be
quite wasteful. I believe this happens because the bottle stands perpendicular and there is
no upward movement available for the lotion at the bottom, and the pump is unable to
pump the lotion at the bottom

Pic 1 (Bad Design) Pic 2 (Better Design)

Prevention: This is a form of service quality issue. I recommend a new design of the
bottle. Instead of having a pump I would suggest a flat top so the placement of bottle can
be upside down on dressing table and that will eliminate the problem

2. Carpet floor
Detection: Carpet flooring is most common in homes and buildings. If not installed
correctly, with the right amount of precision and proper techniques then it may end up
looking a bit shabby and can cause accidents. Recent visit to an office building I noticed
the carpet on the floor was not properly installed, as seen in the picture below, causing

Pic 3-Shabby carpet floor Pic 4 (Properly installed carpet in my room)

Prevention: The installation was purely a mistake during the installation process. This
could have been happened because of using bad or wrong tools, gluing too quickly or

taking wrong dimensions. This issue could've been easily prevented if the carpenter had
good amount of training along with proper tools.

3. Improper lifting
Detection: In common people are not aware of proper lifting technique and we seem to
ignore the guidance. This can lead to many short and long term health problems including
common back pain problem.

Pic 5 – Improper way vs proper way of lifting

Prevention: First of all evaluating the weight, getting assistance if needed, using
mechanical lifting equipment’s along with proper lifting technique can improve this
processing much safer and as a result many health problems can be addressed without a
doctor’s visit.

4. Sitting Posture
Detection: many of us are not aware of proper sitting posture and as a result, we often
commit into having a bad sitting posture day to day. Poor posture can lead to many health
problems including muscle weakness. Having a good posture is very important as it helps
maintain our health and efficiency.

Pic 6 Bad posture vs good posture

Prevention: adjusting the chair properly, rest feet on the floor, support the back with
cushion. Pay close attention to muscle soreness, stiffness around the neck and shoulders
area and if it occurs meaning our sitting posture is out of form.

5. Phone screen issues

Detection: I had accidently dropped my Phone and it fell down on a cement floor. The
impact of this accident leads to cracks on the phone screen. Though the phone was
functional the screen was not in good looking shape and not safe to use. These phones are
very slippery so we as users have to be very careful and gentle with these types of
products and on the other hand, repair cost is almost close to getting a new phone.

Pic 7

Prevention: These types of products can be protected by using proper protection. For
example, tempered glass screen protector can protect and save the phone. Moreover,
proper size of the protecting case should also be selected by the user; sometimes loose
cases cannot protect the device properly. In addition, the phone manufacture can offer
better quality products by using material to prevent cracks or scratches.

6. Overheating cell phone battery

Detection: I recently had bad experience with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, luckily my phone
did not caught up on fire however I had gone through the hassle of returning the phone to

the manufacture due to the recall. Samsung smartphones have an internal heating
problem upon heavy usage. This is known to cause battery life to reduce. It also led
phone to shut down completely. As a consumer, I would avoid this branded product and
go with other brands which have high battery life.

Pic 8

Prevention: Smarts phones are essential nowadays. We use our smartphone for
everything includes, checking mail, call, texting, playing games, pay bill and etc. since
these phone are used heavily the designers and manufacturers must produce phones,
which are compatible to work under heavy usage conditions. The organization should
take preventive actions before releasing the phones to the market.

7. Littering on street/beach

Detection: Littering is a serious problem to the environment. Though littering is
prohibited by law, we still happen to see debris on street/beach. Though, there are laws
and a system for proper garbage disposal, people dispose of garbage without regard to
where it is being dumped or whether any articles can be recycled. For example, plastic
bottles are not biodegradable and can stay on for longer period of time. People mainly
litter because of ignorance and lack of knowledge about environmental effects due to
their actions. Littering can lead to spreading of diseases and unhealthy environmental

Pic 9 (Littering on beach) Pic 10 (Littering on street)

Prevention: Understanding the causes and effects of littering helps us to make
environmentally responsible decisions with waste. People must be educated and aware of
the effects of littering on environment. This can be done by many advertisements on
different Medias. Also, placing/posting warning signs and placing innovative garbage
bins (pic 12) can eliminate the problems. In addition, offenders must be punished so that
can be a learning lesson. Moreover, Recycling should also be implemented to reduce the
carbon footprint.

Pic 11 (Warning sign) Pic 12 (Innovative way of disposable system)

8. Driving with snow on top

Detection: There are few drivers don’t obey the traffic laws when they are behind the
wheel and that can be very dangerous. There are many activities performed by drivers
which are against the law. Some of these activities are; eating or drinking, adjusting the
radio or changing CDs, answering or talking on a mobile phone, reading or texting while

driving. Most recently after the heavy snow storm I have come across few vehicles on the
road with snow on top. By law, snow must be removed before getting on the road because
that can cause serious problems. Click on the link below to view the video, from
YouTube posted by sky news, about consequences of driving with snow.

Video: click

Prevention: Drivers need to be aware of the outcomes of driving with snow on top.
Ignorance is the main reason for this action. Before start driving drivers must make sure
all snow are removed and vehicle is cleaned. Remove anything that blocks your view of
the road. In addition mandatory defensive driving courses can educate drivers.

9. Failure to sign out form email account when using public computer
Detection: Internet is essential and it is a must need technology in in today’s world. Most
of us use internet every day for many purposes but there are equal amount of advantages
and disadvantages. At least, people should have some basic knowledge of how to use
them in public places. Recent visit to a local library, I have noticed someone failed to log
out of his/her personal email account on a computer. Leaving personal email account log
in can cause many problems as it may have valuable information such as phone numbers,
home address, financial details, family photos and etc. When people forget to log out of
their private accounts, they are probably putting their lives at risk. Having all their
personal information available to strangers might put them and their family in danger.

Pic 13

Prevention: People must be aware of using the internet and accessing email since they
use it for many different reasons. They need to educate themselves better when it comes
to technologies. Also, they must be aware of the outcomes of their silly mistakes. There
are numerous basic help offered to people with limited knowledge so they should be open
to ask for help. Moreover, it is their responsibility to protect themselves from strangers so
they have to make sure to log out of from all of their personal accounts when accessing
public resources.

10. Failure to follow medical advice and drug overdose

Detection: Patients are advised and prescribed medication due to the nature of their
illness but some time they are failed to follow and comply with instructions. For example,
overdose which can be accidental or intentional and that can cause serious health
problems, including death. Another good example I personally encountered was when my
dad had lower back pain, he was advised to limit his activities and relax more. But, my
dad at many occasion failed to keep up with doctors’ advice. Though, he was fine
afterwards, I look at this as a failure of process which could have gone badly.

Prevention: follow doctor's advice. Don't go over recommended dosage. Know when to
stop medication. Understand the effects of overdose or not complying with given
instructions by medical professionals. Also, stick with plans and seek more medical
advice if anything gets worse.

11. Using non compatible containers in Microwave
Detection: Food is essential and having tasty food is ultimate goal. However, if wrong
containers are used when warming up food in microwave can spoil the taste and pose

health risk. Often at work and some household I have seen heavy use no compatible
containers in microwave. There are certain materials not compatible for microwaves. For
example, some plastic containers contain chemicals that may get into food when it’s
heated. Also, aluminum foil, paper bag, foam trays/plates or cups and more materials are
not safe to use in microwave.

Pic 14

Prevention: When shopping for containers one must consider the quality product rather
than the cost. There are many microwaves friendly or microwave safe containers, even in
plastic, so people need to pay more attention to the label to see if the container is
microwave friendly. Also, some manufactures fail to have proper label on the containers.
If manufactures add proper information on label regarding their product, some of the
problems can be eliminated easily.

12. Expiration date on egg carton

Detection: Some food last longer and some don’t. The expiration date on each food
product informs the consumers whether they can be consumed or not. For example, per
USDA regulations shell eggs carton must contain packaging date (Julian date format),
plant number and expiration or best by date as listed on picture 16 below. However,
human error at production, processing, quality control or supply chain may lead the egg
carton reach the end customers, like myself, without required(needed) information on the
carton as in picture 15.

Pic 15 Pic 16

Prevention: This is clearly human ignorance at various departments, including at
supermarkets. Employees work at food processing plant must be educated and given all
instruction and information clearly. Also, employees at the supermarkets must have
proper training on stacking and they should be asked to pay extra attention since they are
most likely the ones handle the product at last before customers purchase it. Employees
can be encouraged to find errors by offering recognition for their efforts.

Social Networking
The average company investing in food waste reduction will see a
fourteen fold return on their investments and half will see substantially
more, says a new report.

Summary: This article briefs about a research, called champions 1.23, which was
contacted by a coalition of executives from government, corporations, universities and
civil society farmers union. The study was contacted in 17 different countries and
gathered data from 700 different companies and 1200 business sites. With the focus on
reducing food waste by 2030 at the retail and consumer level, reduces losses along
production and supply chain including post-harvest losses, research finds that 99% of
sites showed positive financial outcome companies. Further, article explains about how
UK government invested in food waste campaign to save tons of money in return.

Kokulan Vanniyasingam: From government or corporate point of view this is a great
research done by the champions’ team. Reducing food waste from post-harvesting to
consumer level should be practiced and implemented for greater outcomes. From a
government point of view cost will be reduced at different stages and the impact on
environment will be positive since there will be lesser amount of gas emission. From
corporate perspective it is a huge win-win situation since they invest less and get more on
return. This research will motivate more companies to invest on reducing food waste, if
they never thought of this avenue. Corporation or government or even an individual can
be successful, if goals are identified and procedures are followed correctly for the right

How the Terrorists Won — Part 2, the Economy

Summary: This article talks about how U.S government, especially republican political
party, likes to implement less tax cuts for super rich and corporation and decrease
corporate regulation with increasing military spending would affect the U.S economy.
Moreover, it talks in details about how U.S government has allocated more money on
defense relative to other expenditures such as education, science, energy, healthcare,
transportation and so on. Also, it compares military budget to other nations and pin point
that U.S government has spent more money on war. Further, this article argues that
spending more money on war, which will never end, will weaken the U.S economy and
hurt Middle class and poor people since there is less allocated to other sectors.

Kokulan Vanniyaisngam: This article clearly explains about what is happening in
contemporary society. I accept the fact that tax cut for super rich and corporate is not
going to improve the economy or the quality of life. Also, corporate deregulation will do
more harm to the society, for example, if EPA or FDA loosens some of their regulations
the quality of life will certainly be affected. However, I disagree with the view on
military spending. I know the war is not going to end anytime soon but we have to defend
our nation from attacks so the only possible way to do by having enough fund for defense
and military expenditures. This article compares the military spending to other nations,
that is fine, but how many of those countries are vulnerable to attack every moment? If
there is no fear of attack or no need to upgrade military then there is no need to spend
more money on defense. We have recently seen many cyber-attacks cooperated by other
nations so we have to have manpower and resource to fight back from any types attacks
at any given time. There is only one possible way to achieve it by allocating right amount
of money to military and defense.

GoDaddy revokes nearly 9,000 SSL certificates issued without proper validation

Summary: GoDaddy validated many domains, because of a bug in their system. This was
the result of change in in the routine code recently. The certificate authorities’ domain
validation system used to access an applicant's file on their web server via HTTP or
HTTPS. Upon the advent of the bug, the system ignored the HTTP status code and
validated domain names even if the file was missing from the server. Consequently,
GoDaddy had to revoke 9000 SSL certificates.

Suchandra Das: The method of file-based domain control validation might allow
attackers to obtain certificates for domains that they don't own. Since, this issue was
pointed out by Microsoft; more regulations should be put on certificate issuance.
Hopefully, the new rules put forth by CA forum will help prevent this kind of abuse in

Kokulan Vanniyasingam: First of all how is possible for not knowing for such a long
period of times? There are many concerns over this; are there any other flaws in their
system? How about other registry systems? Are they safe? If it takes 10 months to fix this
bug there could have been more domains obtained falsely. I hope there will be much
secured method to validate certificate for each domain in the future.

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