Before I tell about my hope and my dream I would like to introduce my
self, My name’s Aisyah. I was born in Purworejo, Center Java on September 29 th
1998. Now I’m 18 years old. I came from Bekasi,West Java. But now I live at
Bambu River street. I’m first children in my family. My parents are Ngadiso and
Ngadini. My father works as an employee in one of the Astra company, while my
mother as a house wife. I have one sister and one brother. My sister is 14 years
old named Fatimah Az-Zahra and my brother named Hudzaifah Jihady Hanif. My
sister is second grade of Junior high school and my brother is first grade of
elementary school. Now I’m study in Polytechnic Manufacture Astra and I take
major Plantation Crop and Processing Engineering.

Before I tell about my hope for buy a car and the reason why I choose it, I
will tell about my hobby. My hobby is changing, I like watching a movie, watching
a television and I like traveling too. When I have a free time, I go to some place
with my Family by two motorcycle. And by two motorcycle makes our not
comfortable because we start not at one vehicle. And because that, my father
think’s for buy a car. In 2014 something that we want is a achieved.

From there, there is an urge from inside of me to buy it by my self. It is not
easy to buy it, but it is possible to buy it.