Colonialism vs Globalization

Thesis statement: what are the similarities and difference Colonialism and
Globalization in Asia and pros and cons

Colonialism and Globalization are a way to connect to another country their
both have similarities ways to approach also they share same thinking like politics
and economics my essay going to focus in Asia and look into their process how they
do it also similarities and differences of this two processes.

Colonialism is the establishment of settler colonies. Also is a political and
economic control over an area by nation, easier words to define is to invade another
country to gain it our self. Globalization is a process of interaction or integration
between the people or others, that is driven by international trade and investment,
or easier way to define is to get relationship between country by trade markets. But
both have similarities. For example, they both have an interaction between people,
both populate the area, economic control over an area, an expansion of an area
been political or economical. Another example They also have differences such as In
globalization the expansion refers to marketing and trading, while colonization the
expansion refer to a political or economical part, also Globalization does not require
need fundamental things like political, culture and society on a word basis. A city
obtains new rules and a new management of the country, and in colonization, you
establish settler colonies and in globalization is the integration and interaction with
people. Like in 1511 that Portuguese came to Thailand to do trade and sharing
culture and religions Event in the past that is colonization is like India got controlled
by the British, and the era that Europeans colonize in many regions most famous
are two most powerful country French and England. Some of the country choose to
use this way because like after WW England and France are on the winner side of
the war and they use this to gain territory in weaker country because they have
resources power and it’s a lot quicker process than slowly gain relationship by
trades( this method mostly used by stronger to weaker country). Globalization, for
example, the events such as America and Cuba they trade tobacco, trade between
a country like goods and slaves. This is mostly used by a smaller country to gain
relationship either bigger or same country it requires a lot more time to gain to a
certain level to equal with colonization but it's easier because you trade with the
country you want to have a relationship with. But sometimes other countries use
both Colonialism and globalization because it gains more advantage or it helps to
get out of risky situations, like for example open door policy. That United States
made to make china open door to trade to the western that its pressure so China
will have an equal trade to all country, this involves both politics in like making
policy and connect to other country and marketing in the trading process. About
pros and cons first about colonization. Colonization will the homeland and people
who got colonize are more advance because they get control of the resources
material. Now on the cons side I think colonization have cons more than pros I think
it’s a selfish way to gain resources and power, because of civil rights and human
rights than you going to step over people that are living country that you colonized,
Like Japan and Korea that Japan didn’t care about how people in Korea feels. Japan
just force labor burn down theirs home farms in 1910. Colonization can cause
internal conflict too like Civil war between citizen in their home country wants to get
rid of the colonizer country like Thailand and Burma that have wars for many
hundreds of years because of Burma tried to take over Thailand not only it causes
life also it cause the beautiful infrastructure get destroye rather than stay and let
the older generations see how beautiful it is .

Now is for globalization pros is Free trade is supposed to reduce barriers such
as tariffs, value added taxes, subsidies, and other barriers between nations. Other
positive things is globalization represents free trade which promotes global
economic growth; creates jobs, makes companies more competitive, and lowers
prices for consumers.

Now we see about cons of globalization. The general complaint about
globalization is that it has made the rich richer while making the non-rich poorer, for
example people work in factory will lost jobs because this kind of jobs will
transferred to other country that is less advance to cut cost. Multinational
corporations are accused of social injustice, unfair working conditions (including
slave labor wages, living and working conditions), as well as lack of concern for
environment, mismanagement of natural resources, and ecological damage.