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VALUE Building Design Support Tool" CREDIBILITY. "Cultural
by Fitri Madjorno, 2002. There is Influences on Architecture" by
a part in the manuscript where Stephen F. Kenney, 1994. A
the researcher did a demonstration of how culture
verification, validation, and test influences architectural form
of the building material. The was conducted through the
process of verification starts by design of a new Roman
checking the knowledge Catholic Church. In addition,
contents and the hierarchy the works of sociologists as
patterns applied in the tool, well as requirements put forth
then analyzing the design- by the Roman Catholic Church
decision making of the tool. The will be used to describe the
validity was done by detecting cultural values and needs of
whether the system contains the users to the structure. The
incompleteness or researcher used a variety of
inconsistencies. stakeholders to cross-check
data and interpretations.
TY Design and Construction in Culture in Promoting
Thailand" by Thana Architectural Identity" by
Uthaippattrakoon, 2015. Ten Sheida Ettehad, et al., 2014.
species of bamboos were The researchers made clear in
selected to test in this study, the manuscript that they
regarding their physical and considered a global
mechanical properties. This ten perspective. Meaning, even if
species ensured generalizability the study was based in Israel,
– the researcher proved her if we are to use it, it is still
findings in the study in other reliable even if we are in the
circumstances, in this case, in Philippines.
other species.
Y Performance of Bamboo Issues in Architecture - Case
Structures" by Bhavna Sharma, Study of Esan in Edo State -
2010. Investigation of various Nigeria" by J.E. Ahianba, 2009.
test methods was explored by Aside from the questionnaires
the researcher to determine the gathered by the researcher, he
factors related to bamboo also used video recorders to
material properties and capture the whole interaction.
particularly splitting failure in This way, he can track the
bamboo culms. And these inconsistency of the data if
varying test methods resulted ever it happens.

"Evaluation Alternative Building Material for of the Relationship Between Urban Ethiopia" by Bewketu Z. This thesis has Architecture and its Effects on shown bamboo’s potential as Design Quality Improvement" an alternative building material by Gholamali Hessam and El- that could alleviate the high Din Sotoue. landscape. Culture and Traditional Kassa. there was no room for opinions by the researcher. The cost of housing in urban conclusion presented in the Ethiopia. "Bamboo: An CONFIRMABILITY. 2009. to consistend findings. They also used integrated into the urban triangulation relating culture. . 2016. research. The proposed bamboo study was more of the framed structure can be easily assumptions of the assembled and seamlessly researchers. NEUTRALITY OBJECTIVITY. rendering the manuscript to be fully objective. And since this was a architecture and design quality quantitative and fully scientific improvement. Thus.