I. E. P.

“Pedro Paulet”

About the story. Read pages 27- 31 and circle the correct answers:

1 _____________had become careless again and he was often away from_________________.
a Oblonsky – house
b Oblonsky – home
c Oblonsky – Moscow

2 It don’t want you to feel ________for ________, Kitty said ____________
a sorry – me - quickly
b sorry – him – Dolly
c sorry – me – quick

3 ______________Vronsky. Did Levin speak to you? ____________... ?
a Never Mind – did he
b Never Mind – didn’t he
c Never Mind of– did he

4 Dolly put her _________round her __________, but she said ________________
a Arms – sister –anything
b Arms – sister– nothing
c Arms – sister– something

5 _______persuaded her ___________ to stay with her for a ____________
a Dolly – brother –time
b Kitty – sister– anytime
c Dolly – sister– time

6 He began to________ the balls and __________that ______ enjoy
a Attend – dinner-parties – Anna
b Attend – dinner-parties – Stiva
c Attend – dinner – Kitty

7 I ______ that I am not becoming _________
a hope – sad
b hope – happy
c hope – ridiculous

8 _________,everyone was _______about __________
a Very soon – talking – Vronsky and Anna
b Very soon – talk – Vronsky and Stiva

Completa los espacios en blanco con las palabras del recuadro. Investiga y anota en tu cuaderno: a) ¿Cuándo se promulgó la primera Constitución del Perú? _________________________________________________________________ b) ¿Cuándo y en qué gobierno se promulgó la Constitución con mayor vigencia? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ c) ¿Cuál es la Constitución que otorgó el derecho al voto o sufragio a la mujer? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ d) ¿ Cuántos artículos y títulos tiene la actual Constitución del Perú? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ e) ¿Con qué otros nombres se le conocen a nuestra Constitución? . some ______ later. Ley . Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” TAREA 1. Vronsky took her…- a Left – hour b Leave – time c Left – hours. P. I.basarse .gobierno .leyes La ___________________ es considerada la _________ de ____________ o Norma ________________ Suprema en la cual deben ______________ todas las demás ______________ que emita el _____________________.Constitución Política .Jurídica . c Very soon – talking – Vronsky and Dolly 9 When Anna herself _______. 2.normas . E.

E. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I. E. E. E. E. P. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I. P. P._________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ I. P. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I. P. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” . Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I.

P. E. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I. P. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” .I. E. E. Bilingüe “Pedro Paulet” I. P.