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GE Healthcare

CardioSoft Diagnostic System
Power and versatility to adapt to your facility’s needs

CardioSoft* Diagnostic System transforms your laptop/PC or computer network into
an advanced diagnostic system to easily acquire, analyze, store and transport
resting ECG, stress tests, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry measurements.
• CardioSoft Diagnostic System can operate in a Citrix® or traditional environment
with data security measures to control access and privileges
• CardioSoft Diagnostic System Networking connects your workstations to a LAN
for enhanced access and improved workflow
• CardioSoft Web enables remote access to reports from virtually anywhere
• Multi-level security privileges and unique password assignments support system
integrity and protect patient data
• Client floating licenses with auto time-out and log-ins optimize system usage,
while increasing the security of your server
• Database synchronization allows off-line or remote device use with auto data
merge upon reconnection

CS Server

CardioSoft CardioSoft CardioSoft CardioSoft CardioSoft CardioSoft
Web ECG Stress Spirometry ABP Client

View procedure CAM-14 Ergometer/Treadmill Spirometer BP cuff View procedure
data and results & CAM-14 data, edit and review

Windows. Serial RS232 for each device using this interface type Operating system Windows XP/Professional SP3. network interface card (recommended). SD card. Excel. 12SL. Box 900. Microsoft. Inc. www. installed or supported by GE Healthcare GE Healthcare ©2012 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. GE Monogram. *GE. GE Direct United Kingdom: +44 (0)800 0329201 or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or MAC and MUSE are trademarks of General Electric Company.Computer specifications Microprocessor Minimum: “Pentium 4 Class” Processor 1. Printer HP P3015dn (printer not available for purchase from GE Healthcare in all regions. GE Healthcare. and Windows Server are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation. Confirm availability with your local GE representative) Additional software for export functionality Microsoft® Word and Excel® (optional) Networking LAN Wireless: 802. HP LaserJet is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.6 GHz (Windows XP Professional). General Electric Company reserves the right to make P. Word. Finland changes in specifications and features shown herein. CD-RW. with SP1). 4 GB of free memory SW installation CD-ROM drive Pointer Mouse Graphics adapter Minimum: SVGA 1024 x 768 Recommended: SXGA 1280 x 1024 Interfaces Minimum: 2 USB ports.O. a division of General Electric Company. Windows 7 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit. FIN-00031 GE. CASE. “Pentium 4 Class” Processor 2 GHz (Windows 7 Professional) RAM Minimum: 512 MB (Windows XP Professional). Marquette. 1 GB (Windows 7 Professional) Hard drive Minimum: 20 GB (depending on number of tests to save). Citrix is a trademark of Citrix Systems. EMEA DOC1047259 05/12 .11G (optional) TCP/IP interface Citrix® Citrix application software not sold.gehealthcare. CardioSoft.