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LOC No. : J3/ELEC/EHVC/024 Ref. No.

: LSPA13-S120
User / Customer : Reliance Industries Page No. : 1 of 3
Project Title : 220kV RIL Jamnagar 3 Project
Contractor : LS Cable & System
Document Title :

220kV XLPE Power Cable Accessory

0 Feb.24,2014 For Approval W.J.LEE S.H.SON K.S.KIM
Rev. No. Date Descriptions Prepared By Reviewed By Approved By

e. : 2 of 3 1. 2. Descriptions Drawing No. 4. Construction and Material Construction and dimensions of accessories are shown in the attached drawings. No. 5. Tests The following tests shall be performed prior to shipment at manufacture’s work. size. description. and each wooden box shall be marked with particulars of accessories. : LSPA13-S120 Rev. etc. Reference Drawings Item No. 6. gross and net weights. Reference Standards ■ IEC 62067 : Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages above 150kV(Um=170kV) up to 500kV(Um=550kV) – Test methods and requirements 3. quantity. No. 1 LINK BOX FOR EARTHING (1-1 WAY) UEEBE1Q002 2 LINK BOX FOR EARTHING (3-1 WAY) UEEBE3Q002 3 LINK BOX WITH SVL (1-1 WAY) UEEBS1Q002 4 LINK BOX FOR CROSS-BONDING (3-1 WAY) UEEBX3Q001 5 LINK BOX FOR EARTHING WITH SVL (3-1 WAY) UEEBM3Q002 . Scope This specification covers accessories for power cable. : 0 Page No. Packing All accessories shall be covered with strong wooden box.1 Routine tests Appearance & Construction test. i. 4. 4.2 Sample tests Dimensions test (One Sample). Ref.

2 Rubber Components Stress cone and joint sleeve components. Assuming the ambient temperature of the warehouse between 0 ℃ and 35 ℃. Even if the epoxy resin components are not exposed to air directly. No. shall be kept away from direct sunrays. two years shall be guaranteed unless it is explicitly stated. No.1 General All materials shall be stored in a dry warehouse protected from the sunrays. 7. Storage instruction for cable accessories 7.2 Guaranteed Period For the other items which are not shown in the table below. The direct sunrays affect the original nature of rubber. Ref. Room temperature shall be controlled less than 35℃ and humidity also shall be less controlled than 50%. the following storage time could be guaranteed: Material Usable period after date of production Metal parts 5 years or more Porcelain/Composite Insulator 5 years or more Epoxy components 5 years Silicone rubber sleeve 5 years Heat shrinkable tubes 2 years Stress relief cone (EPR/Silicone) 5 years Gasket/O-ring 5 years Tapes & Putties 2 years Silicone grease 2 years Insulating oil 2 years Waterproof compound 3 years . : 3 of 3 7. 7. in particular tapes and putties.2. Cases must be laid on a flat without loads over them. 7. : 0 Page No. 7. an under vacuum heating treatment (90℃ for 48 hours) must be carried out before the installation of the component. : LSPA13-S120 Rev. vacuum heating treatment is recommended before installation. which are rubber components as main insulators.2.3 Storage Time Some components. could have a decay of physical characteristics due to storage time and ambient temperature.1 Epoxy Resin Components Epoxy resin components could absorb moisture if the components are exposed to air directly for long time.