Name 21st Century Technology Standards, Self-Assessment & Personal Goals

Goal Leading monthly “tech” PD meetings for grade level teachers; showcasing a new
app or program each time; demonstrating how teachers can integrate tech into

Plan Technologies : Kahoot, Padlet, Pic Collage, Digital Storytelling, Educreations/Show
Me, SeeSaw digital portfolios, Front Rowed, comic strip-makers, Google
Classroom & blogging, Hour of Code

Timeline 2017-2018 school year

Progress Monthly post PD : Teacher feedback/self-reflection via Google surveys/forms,
Monitoring classroom observations, one-on-one tutoring sessions, admin feedback from

Success I will provide the teachers with small “gifts” after they have successfully integrated
Celebration “tech” of the month on a consistent basis. Some examples are $5 Starbucks gift
cards, Expo markers in neon colors, iTunes gift cards, popcorn party.

Brief I have been integrating technology with my students for many years. I spent five years in a
Reflection 1:1 Ipad environment, and three years ago became certified by my school district as a
Blended/Online Learning Instructor. The following is an excerpt from a letter of
recommendation written by my former Technology Coach, for the position of Technology
Integration Specialist at a local middle school.

“Rachel has been able to incorporate technology appropriately in order to establish a typically active,
often collaborative, frequently creative and constructive learning environment. She makes a concerted
effort every day to create a culture of learning in which every student has an opportunity to engage in
worthwhile and rewarding learning experiences through the use of technology. She has her students
upload to their THREE RING digital portfolio on a regular basis to showcase their work. I could go on
about specific instances - suffice it to say that her students seamlessly employ technology daily in the
classroom to show understanding of content and to expand their knowledge.

Rachel’s enthusiasm and passion for integrating technology engages others and brings excitement to
the learning process for all. She is extremely dedicated and patient in assisting her students as well
as colleagues to effectively apply technology as a tool for learning. I have recently had several of our
staff come and talk to me about how much they admire and respect Rachel’s abilities and knowledge
about using technology in her classroom.

As a learner, Rachel fully understands that unless she is constantly learning and improving her own
skills and abilities, she cannot effectively impart the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for her to
be an effective teacher. “

I am confident in my abilities to work with students and lead teachers in using technology in
a classroom setting. The school I am currently at has been slowly adding devices for use by
grade levels, and we are currently 4:1 in primary grades and 2:1 in intermediate. To best
serve our students, our teachers need to become far more adept at integrating technology,
outside of standardized test prep and typing a report. I am in a position to provide the
knowledge, expertise, and training for the staff.

Self- 1) 21st Century Skills & Pedagogical Technological Content Knowledge- Highly
Assessment Knowledgeable

2) Educational Technology Issues and Trends- Highly Knowledgeable

3) ISTE Standards and 21st Century Student Outcomes- Highly Knowledgeable

4) Lesson Development/ Design with Technology- Highly Knowledgeable

5) Internet Research, Technological Literacy, and Digital Citizenship- Highly

6) Information Management, Digital Content, and Online Interactive Learning-
Highly Knowledgeable

7) Problem Solving with Software, Apps, and Learning Games- Highly

8) Communication and Collaboration with Social Media- Highly Knowledgeable

9) Differentiating Instruction and Universal Design- Highly Knowledgeable

10) Involving Students in Learning Assessments- Highly Knowledgeable

11) Teacher Leadership in Technology Integration- Highly Knowledgeable

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